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  1. Watching Paok v Volos. Players dont seem to have a clear mind, i hope that due to it being early preseason and having heavy legs, & this is the reason not due to Ferriera not being able to speak clearly and players losing focus when he speaks! As this was evident in the documentary made shown on PAOK TV with all the dressing room footage shown. You could tell players were like wtf this guy on about. Have you heard the way he prenounces character? Like I have no issues with accents but F*** when its so bad the person doesnt know how to say the word, use a translator ffs. He cannot even say PAOK properly! Anyway Schwab looked good, Esiti looked good for me, so did Mihaj & Michailidis! I hooe Jaba can get back to were he was prior to injury. Balogiannis is for an OFH or mid table team no need to have him on squad.
  2. The shock of today's game for me was a how good ElKhadouri was for us!. Biseswar is really not deserving of being on the field.
  3. Well let's see which patata Giorgiara picks in the summer period hahaha. With Giorgios passion & love of PAOK I can deal with one dud signing per year! Lol
  4. What i don't understand...... is why do we leave transfers till June to start talking about and planning. Shouldn't we have the signings we want already selected? I have never worked in a European football club.. But I dont get it.
  5. We have failed in all importsnt games this season. Starting from Europe , then with Aris now to top it off today. We don't look good in terms of squad or in terms of our coach! Changes are needed
  6. Question, i have a paok tv season pass. Woth rights being sold to Australia, will my IP be blocked to PAOK TV?
  7. Why carnt we see Swiderski & Akpom play upgront together in a 4-4-2?
  8. Curios to see opinions on Lambrou after a full start in the GSL last night?
  9. Misic is ours! We paid last year. Im pretty sure, can someone confirm or deny please.
  10. Matos too has not offerred much last couple of months, he should be rested a little. This is not the same Matos we are used too. He is definitely on last legs for us.
  11. Would Koulouris be the striker answer we need? Or the fact he never played for us mean its a step sideways and not forward like we need?
  12. I would love to see Veirienhia at right back a few more times, he looked good today.
  13. This a game lambrou should start in yes do some rotations!
  14. We look like s%$#!, no rhythm, no real solid game plan, we are purely relying on individual players to either make mistakes & lose or best a man and win!. Our squad needs a revamp we need at least 6 ins and outs! & with Abel i don't know what to say...
  15. Like i said pre Christmas, where are our signings? Lambrou will not get you into CL! That miss proves it for me.
  16. For me so far in the first half: * veirienhia at right back looks fantastic! * biseswar cannot run or keep up with the pace of the game * varela & Ignasson are too slow together as a CB pairing * pelkas need to be a Starter no more bench time
  17. Can someone explain where was this team on Sunday? The players are going for it!
  18. Im with Yiankos, and agree we need biseswar to add some experiance to this team that seems to be roaming aimlessly, pelkas & limnios will provide the speed.
  19. I was agreeing with you re
  20. Our team on paper is 5 times better than theirs. Like varela & Ignasson versus Pouggouras & Schenkenfield... How can you compare and it goes on. But i don't have a good feeling about this game on Sunday, a win would shut a lot of people up
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