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  1. If we hit the 22,000 desired mark and with a 30% increase in price, PAOK is looking good €€ wise
  2. League is still a shambles. While PAOK has improved, I think the rest of the league is much worse than it was 3-4 years ago
  3. You forgot El Khadourri in the top squad list.
  4. That's assuming Giannoulis is a hit! I for some reason don't feel like he's spot is cemented. I mean,I know Giorgio has come out and said he is the starting left back until Veirinhia is back, but he's performances for me where not that pleasing. I hope a preseason with the team can help him gel!. But after vieirinhia's performance this season at left back it's hard to move him, so I do feel a starting left midfield winger is a must sign on for us.
  5. I think he (jaba) will shine this season and if he falters, I see Limnios ready to pounce. Healthy competition on the right side! Just something special on the left is needed, it would be nice if Henrique was sold, and ElKhadouri for that matter, I do feel we could do with a better left winger for first option.
  6. Having Limnios as a back up right wing and Lambrou as a back up left wing is pretty solid! The right wing is Sorted with Jaba what will happen on the left side?
  7. He's the organiser, he loved it!
  8. We had our first ever Sydney Paok fan catch up last night at Mega Gyros in Surry Hills, anyone ever in Sydney, head down Taso from Kalamaria is a Champion and the food is spectacular. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2738142339545520&id=582883611738081
  9. We seem to be rolling on forward with a good rhythm!
  10. Hi Guys, on Sunday 9th June at 6.30pm, we will ne hosting a sydney PAOK fan get together. So far 20 people have confirmed attendance @ a paok fan owned gyradiko at Surry Hills. If anyone knows any PAOK fans in Sydney please invite them. We just want to get as many paok fans in one place at one time in Sydney to eat a.gyro and get to say Hi! More details on this page: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2714977598528661&id=582883611738081
  11. They stole the tittle from us last year, we need to go in their and smack 4 past them and sit back and watch them fight after the match, while we march on to the tittle via the pitch!!
  12. This Oliviera signing is crazy for me, Porto player CL player, 7m value on transfermarket.
  13. Personally im happy with elkhaoddrui leaving. Two players im happy to see go are hatcheridi and ellhadouri
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