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  1. They stole the tittle from us last year, we need to go in their and smack 4 past them and sit back and watch them fight after the match, while we march on to the tittle via the pitch!!
  2. This Oliviera signing is crazy for me, Porto player CL player, 7m value on transfermarket.
  3. Personally im happy with elkhaoddrui leaving. Two players im happy to see go are hatcheridi and ellhadouri
  4. I agree with shakov, his been good for paok! Scored important goals too. Swiderski looks a good pick up, if we do the deal...
  5. From a relative quite, relaxed winter transfer season. Tis p******s ginetai last few days! I hope PAOK makes the correct decisions whatever happens!
  6. Im not upset if we dont sign anyone this winter transfer season. Its been made clear we have giannoulis coming back in the summer, we have resigned crespo, pasha and varela, we have plenty of players on loan that we need to work out what we are doing with and our squad is definately deep enough to take out the championship, clearing the dead wood now would make our life easier in the summer period. Like elkaddouri needs to go, moulen needs to go, it would be good to sell henrique if possible and if we get lucky and move out hatcheridi well be laughing.
  7. Closing our tickets next week dutch eagle!
  8. Biseswar is our second best attacking player behind prijovic! How we dont play him in europe is beyond me.
  9. Would love to see PaSH lineup! Want to see akpom with pirjovic and biseswar and warda both need to start!!
  10. Are we betting against our own team? Odds were like $6 for Bate to win, like come on it just doesnt make any sense.......we are 5 times better than BATE and we losing 1-3? This Europa League campaign has bee very strange to me
  11. If Lambrou can come back and do a pelkas with zaba and limnios only getting stronger we will look much better next season!
  12. Kitsiou must start and so should mauricio! We need to win well here to put Europe behind us and keep moving forward
  13. Great win today, and we match on determined to lift this super league trophy!!
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