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  1. What a F***en robbery! F*** Ajax and F*** the English ref!
  2. What a super achievement! Time for new stadium guys!
  3. Good article for me, I was critical in previous post about how Branco who is responsible for the transfers bad the aggressive attitude when he hasn't done his job..... yet he was ok to for me drop excuses........ https://www.sportime.gr/bloggers/nikos-toskitsis/paok-den-ekane-afto-pou-eprepe-stis-metagrafes/
  4. Take the €€€ We have youth coming up just as good.
  5. Why why why!!! All we want is to play one-year in the rounds of the CL!! I don't understand out of all the club's, we land AJAX are you serious! So upset
  6. I don't agree we are over paying. We actual paying European standards of 2019. Saudi Arabia , UAE, China they are over paying... We pay on par with lower level seria a team's, Dutch teams, Belgian teams etc....
  7. Boston, I think that's an excuse, people will go anywhere for the dollar it has bed proven time and time again. However if a player has a better offer he will not come to Greece as he will take the higher offer...... This people won't come to Greece BS is cause greek clubs won't pay imo
  8. I don't agree, for me the reporters asked the questions we talk about daily. Re Branco , your job is to fill up the squad and you haven't done it and your lecturing us? How are you re? For me, he's under pressure and he's not performing.
  9. I personally found Branco to be rude, aggressive, arrogant and not in control. Like him saying his professional, mate sorry thay doesn't stack up, we are going into a CL battle and you left us naked in CM spot we are playing with Kace for F***s sake, who's fault is that? Ummm it's your fault champ!! So stick you aggressive s%$#! elsewhere
  10. Cracka last couple of days!! Let's hope all the season tickets sell out soon!
  11. Has the squad for the second Dutch leg of the pre season been announced?
  12. Lucesca was the coach who was in charge and bought us the double for 2018/2019 But in this case for season 2019/2020 He has F***ed paok, 2 days before preseason he leaves!!!! F***en joke
  13. If we hit the 22,000 desired mark and with a 30% increase in price, PAOK is looking good €€ wise
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