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  1. What happened to the left back, portuguese 24 year old they were talking about?
  2. I like Lamprou, but when we get a Benfica, Ajax and we need to make that big step for once to qualify for CL do you guys think Lampru is rhe guy who is going to do this for us? I just feel we need players who arr at a higher level for our starting 11 if we are going to achieve our goals. In saying this its great to have players fighting for a start and creating competition and well done to Lamprou for scoring.
  3. Guys im tired about hearing about L amprou. We need to win the comp + be ready for CL qualifiers at seasons end. Will focusing on players like Lamprou do this for us?
  4. Maybe Lamprou can be our winter signing
  5. Yiankos do you expect us to win every match 5-1? It's not possible to do that. I isn't understand what role ElKhadouri had played this season or last for you to be he's fan boy
  6. Guys you can Analyze for days all I know is 9/10 paoktzides would be happy as to see El Khadouri go and I am one of 9!. Money could be spend on a player like Giannoulis, you guys keep adding value to the big leagues, but good players exist out their! Look at Prijovic, Swiderski, Matos, Ignasson we never heard of any of them until they came to Paok, let Elkahdouri go back go Italy and leave us alone. For me he has never done anything for us and stresses me out everytime he plays for us!
  7. Important match and important win!. Hopefully we are now prepared for the winter transfer period and we pick up one solid player!
  8. The tax rate dropping to 22% is huge! Hopefully we can make two big signings in the winter/summer transfer period now and start rocking the European boat!
  9. Are we going to make a big transfer in Jan?
  10. I agree about zivkovic, bring back paschalakis!
  11. I think it's been a great first season for PAOK TV and we still have gayros + aek at toumba so more €€€€ coming!
  12. Yeah ,PAOK TV should make a paok series on Aggelos going to Agios Oros!
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