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  1. SL–R12: Panionios - PAOK (26 Nov 17, 15:00 EET)

    Forget the protahlima. When you cannoy beat panionios no reason to talk about the protathlima full stop
  2. SL–R12: Panionios - PAOK (26 Nov 17, 15:00 EET)

    Next three games for us starting tonight are crucial. A win here at all costs! Would love to see if we could start to git the form we did this time last year, heres for hoping lets see.
  3. SL–R10: AEK - PAOK (05 Nov 17, 19:30 EET)

    Lucesco has to go. For me our squad, team budget is way higher than AEK's we lost to Olympiacos in Kairaskaki, we now lost to AEK in OAKA. Why do we deserve the tittle? I cannot see a happy end her
  4. SL–R10: AEK - PAOK (05 Nov 17, 19:30 EET)

    If we win this game i see us winnibg the tittle, if we drae its all on for everyone, if we lose no tittle boys! Big big game
  5. Ita finally time for a xsespama on the lamiotes!
  6. Lucescou to go? I mean so far hes been knocked out of europe. Drawn twice in league and we have nor shown any signs of decent football at all. Tbh he talks tough in press confrences but he now has 3 games in a row made the wrong substitutes and no signs of imporvement yet we have by far the best squad in Greece. This is tough, we had a golden chance to be equal first blown today against a team that is pretty poor and we had 2 weeks to prepare for todays game!!
  7. PAOK in Europe 2017-2018

    Some points for you JVC to point out you have NFI 1) aek has half the budget of PAOK 2) the 2 highest salaries in Greece belong 1 each to Olympiacos and PAOK and im waiting to hear final numbers as the budgets of the gayros and paok dont seem to be to far away from each other. Within 10%. 3) now club brugge is our of Europe will this affect their transfer prospects or will the wages they offer their targets be the real indicator?
  8. PAOK in Europe 2017-2018

    Looks like your post was off the point. Savvidis is not i need of the european monies aek and pao need and it was a blessing for us with the signings we made!! Now we can focus on winning the league!
  9. Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2017

    Personally I am over the europa league loss, yeap im cheap lol the signings we made this year we have never made in our history. At the end of last season if you said we would sign the players we have no one would of believed it, we would of started kavouria, logia etc etc. So now its all on lucescou all the players are now at his disposal for victories so lets see if the next few games we can start the turn around.
  10. PAOK in Europe 2017-2018

    Today im trying to be positive and saying this might be a blessing as now the players can put their full energy into winning this league that we so desperately want to win. I was also analyzing the signings we made 3 years ago, 4 years ago, 5 years ago etc and back then we were excited if a players value was 1m on transfermarket now we dont touch players under 3m our player budget is the biggest in our history. Also i see to agree with lucescou our players lack fitness and after the 70th minute were running on an empty tank, so hopefully in the next 2 weeks this can be improved.
  11. Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2017

    For 5 consecutive years our squad has improved in quality. What do you have to say about that Yiankos?
  12. Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2017

    Man we lost in europe banbing your wife and bathrooms hahahah wtf leave those jokes to raptopoulos
  13. Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2017

    Woah how ungrateful you all are tbh i am in shock. No pride, no culture and some really gutless digs. Savvidis saved our team from the fate of aek, iraklis, aris of 3rd division, paid all our debts when all of greece was against him, improved our training facilities, improved our youth with financial investment and brought us some respect financially in Europe whereby we can attrack decent players and some mistakes and you guys all start shooting. Im guttered no europe all year just corrept boring GSL yet im not going to turn on savidis. Turn on the journalists who stay quiet never report problems then we lose a game and all of a sudden theu knew all along the problems.... whu wants kolka, toskitsis etc blaming these backroom guys prior to euro exit? Why didnt they interview ivic? Now after a loss they knew it all along??? We have no excuse now but to win the league and pressure should be on Savvidi to make 2 big name signings now to overcome this embarrasing and seriously damaging europa league exit. Not telling him to leave!
  14. Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2017

    I cannot blame savvidis. If it was not for him where would be know. Im gutted and furious but i cannot blame him.