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  1. Yeah ,PAOK TV should make a paok series on Aggelos going to Agios Oros!
  2. Great work guys, so keen to see How this all plays out. How many subscriptions are from outside of Greece, if 35,000 is only from within Greece?
  3. Should Stoch be given a fair go? Like c'mon Biseswar is not a left wing or left midfielder this m*****es I feel needs to be sorted and put him in the middle. Let Pelka & Biseswar fight it out!
  4. I would love to know how many subscriptions are from Australia and from which cities in Australia. How could we find this out?
  5. They should put a sale rep on the ground go around signing up commercial premises!
  6. What is the deal with Panagiotis Glykos, he has not to my knowledge signed on at another club, is he retiring from football?
  7. Paok friendlies free on YouTube hit over 100,000 didn't they? It's just a pay thing, if it was free I'm sure it would of hit over 100,000 imo
  8. Mate, you just compared one teams squad to another team's tactics.... We still have the best squad in Greece on paper. Just not the best coach!
  9. Just watched the after match press conference. Tsorvazoglou asks a question: "Is their a football explanation as to why every game we cop a goal with the opposition's first attack in the game?" This Abel Ferriara replies I believe in positive energy, if your positive we won't cops goals so be positive and it won't happen. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I think someone needs to slap this guy in across the head
  10. Fair enough, I do get what your saying.
  11. I pay every game no issue, don't get your point Nilaul
  12. Why, AEK is no Bette than last year. Olympiacos is much the same.
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