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  1. No it was from Dhmera group, when you ask for a receipt, that info is required. Have a look for yourself, speaking of pornhub one of my all time faves:
  2. The website is not so user friendly, I put in my country which is not Greece, and they still had mandatory fields like AFM and some other info that only Greek citizens have, so I was not able to buy a one time subscription for this weeks derby.
  3. Όλα δείχνουν… 4-3-3 με Άρσεναλ
  4. Στην ενδεκάδα των κορυφαίων ρούκι του Τσάμπιονς Λιγκ ο Τσιμίκας
  5. he is class, and a big game player.
  6. The club has seen better days.
  7. 17 year old 2pac on education 16:45
  8. I think he was, but I don't get what he is to be blamed for exactly, Bakasetas was not playing like he is now at AEK.....
  9. Heard he had issues chasing women.
  10. Spot on, if he could finish even 1/4 of his chances he would be at a top ten club I think. Everything else he does very well except his finish, I think this year he has improved though on that a bit.
  11. Rumors of Podence to Wolves being a done deal for 28 million euros.
  12. Δικηγόρος Σαββίδη: «Πρέπει να καταρρίψουμε έναν μύθο, ο ΠΑΟΚ δεν ανήκει στον Ιβάν Σαββίδη»
  13. The planet will heal itself again long after humans end up making it unlivable for ourselves and our future generation(s)..
  14. 2019 Was the Second-Hottest Year Ever Recorded
  15. Two decades! My days...a couple of good old boys.
  16. Tzatziki

    Ismael Blanco

    Στην Αθήνα για το Αιγάλεω ο Μπλάνκο
  17. PAO needs a real deal owner before anything else...AEK and the league going to benefit immensely from a proper home, it has been a long and frustrating ordeal but the dream for all AEK fans is getting so close now, its going to be a huge deal.
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