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  1. Tzatziki

    It's titled after what Oly fans say to all the klamena nounia every May :tup:
  2. Based on what? Last time we spanked them pretty good. :huh:
  3. Tzatziki

    Rival Teams

    except for your own post of course, che my ass :tdown: warned
  4. Tzatziki

    Rival Teams

    You worry about your self, we'll take care of the stuff in here- Mods
  5. 2001-2002 Alekos Alexandris 19 Olympiacos Demis Nikolaidis 17 AEK Athens Vassilis Tsiartas 16 AEK Athens https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_top_goalscorers_in_Superleague_Greece_by_season
  6. By-product of the economic crisis maybe?
  7. One whole page and not one actual post about the match, mission accomplished klamena nounia! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzrLw1NuP0A
  8. The final list of possible opponents:
  9. Floriginal if your kafenio team ever qualifies for CL then talk. Until then keep on blaming Marinaki, the refs, EPO, Kontoni and whomever else for that sad excuse of a bunch of talentless assclowns your tsamba manga tiger calls a soccer team.
  10. 9 points from this group is not bad, the sad thing is we had them in our Kastro and we could not get a result and that is what most fans were not expecting, we have beaten a lot of big teams in Karaiskaki before.
  11. The one year we missed out on CL Marinaki actually made some good signings like Riera. Any more gems of wisdom?
  12. You're setting yourself up for disappointment, Marinaki is not Pateras, Vgenopouls etc. he is here for the foreseeable future, and even if we do happen to not get the CL money we will still be ok. Besides his deep pockets the club is financially stable on its own under his leadership.
  13. I would need to brush up on my ancient history for that Lamioti.
  14. Or we might have beat them like we did in England, could go either way any given night.
  15. We made it past Christmas two years ago actually. Can any of you miseroi even remember your last Champions League win? Was Pana97 even born yet?
  16. Enjoy it, in the spirit of this holiday season it is always nice to bring some cheer to those who are less fortunate :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. Arsenal really are not that good, you are right about that. I mean they are 2 points behind Leicester...in second place :lol: Keep dropping those knowledge bombs on us Socrates.
  18. It was nice to see the fans cheer off Joel when he was subbed at the end, the kid played his socks off for us back then and against us tonight as well. Great player. Will never forget that golara in our Man U win. Wenger on Campbell post game:
  19. I'm just glad we avoided the european powerhouse called Qabala TBH. :lol:
  20. Campbell and the frenchman ruined us. Too bad, on to the Europa Leauge. Roberto really has surprised me this year with some soft goals, really not like him. For the xanoumovazeles, enjoy this win, lord knows moments like these are few and far between for you klammena nounia. :tup:
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