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  1. Lots of GK names being thrown around linked to us, I'm thinking this can only mean that there is a high probability of Sa being bought by a club from a better league in the next few months. I was also thinking, with the whole mess everyone is in due to the worldwide epidemic, this may in a way be a blessing in disguise for us. Perhaps, clubs will be spending less, meaning we will sell have our team and need to start from scratch again. If this is the case, I think next season would be one of the best we have even seen...fingers crossed. Ανακοίνωσε Κρίστινσον στον Ολυμπιακό η ΑΕΛ As things are now, Omar is still unsigned, Tsimikas has a lot of interest, same for Semedo and a bit for Cisse. That is just the back line! In the middle Camara has been on fire, and Guilherme has had a great season clubs have shown interest in both. El Arabi of course with the strikerate he is at is also going to have an offer or two for sure.
  2. I wonder who she will vote for... Same woman, same hat, different episode.
  3. The Weeknd Donates $500K to COVID-19 Relief in Scarborough
  4. Just passed Ilija Ivic on the list of Top goal scorer in one season.
  5. Alefa with Johan Cruyff 1978
  6. Νοκ-άουτ και για ΑΕΚ ο Βαλμπουενά! H αποστολή: Σα, Αλέν, Τζολάκης, Ελαμπντελαουί, Γκασπάρ, Τοροσίδης, Παπαδόπουλος, Σεμέδο, Μπα, Σισέ, Τσιμίκας, Καφού, Καμαρά, Μπουχαλάκης, Γκιγέρμε, Ραντζέλοβιτς, Μασούρας, Λοβέρα, Μπρούνο, Φορτούνης, Χασάν, Ελ Αραμπί.
  7. A large part are supporting the POtuS purely for financial reasons (benefit). The travelling freak show of tweets and press conferences just bonus entertainment.
  8. Your point with the statues is irrelevant to what we are discussing. The analogy is not even a little comparable. As for your spectrum, the center has been pushed to the right step by step year by year since Reagan. How exactly have we "suddenly" like you say swung right? I just dont see that, but I am all years and would love to see what you are referring to specifically as this radical left shift on the spectrum. If anything the opposite is true.... Austerity (right) Trump (right) ALt right (nazis) Xenophobia ant islam anti immigration, white lives matter too, blue lives matter, wealth inequality, deregulation (right right right) At what point in your life (dunno your age but I assume you were born in the 70s or 80s) was it acceptable to openly be a white supremacist or a neo nazi? This is a huge shift to the extreme right I would say.
  9. Thats a shame, Aris def could use the money, any Greek team really could not easily turn down just about 2 mill euros, but it sucks to see the player go to such an underwhelming competition, it was fun to see him at Aris, and at least he was in a almost relative league, nobody watches the UAE league and nobody gives a damn.
  10. As for universities, young people are always left, and they should be left, because that is the ideal, the right is for when you get older and sell out, and you wanna keep more of your income and maintain the status quo.
  11. THe extreme right and extreme left are not equivalent. The proof is in your own post. Yuo refer to the radical left by showing hte example of your "triggered leftist". One wacko, the alt right has think tanks, mouth pieces, websites, media, recognizable names are simply just much more organized and mobilized. Why would anyone want to take down any of these greek statues, your argument is nonsensical. I did not see the video, but im assuming the statue in question is some old dead white guy who owned slaves? If that is true then his statue should be taken down. Why should we celebrate that ?
  12. Is some ways yes, 2+2=4 that is true. But in life, things are more nuanced and not always black or white. In many cases there is not only one truth in my opinion. Everyone's own experience and point of view has an effect on what they see to be true. Some things are simply not scientifically measurable or explicitly proven, many things are subjective or relative. You seem to be smart enough I think to come up with a scenario or two where the truth is not always so cut and dry, and there might be more than just one. Thanks for agreeing to tone it down, it is in the interest of keeping a good discourse going and not having things go pear shaped or turning to bird bath conversation. It will be more fun for everyone here if we can argue our points in good faith and good content.
  13. There are fruits of every kind. For sure there are radical lefties, but people use the term radical left as if there is a counter to the alt right movement. This is false. And it used by people to legitimize the neo nazis in an attempt to normalize them and make people forget or not see that they are simply neo nazis under a new branding. Exactly how Haliburton changed their name or a business that declares bankruptcy only to reopen under a new name. There are left wing nuts for sure, but there is no radical left as it is being made to seem, like organized groups. Black lives matter is not radical, it is so fundamental or elementary that the fact that it is needed or even discussed in 2020 makes me disgusted with how little progress we have made as a species.
  14. Alefa cut Charisteas balls off right away.... Charisteas: Epidis exo epipedo kai .... Alefa: "TIPOTA den exeis!" that part kills me every time.
  15. Everyone is pushing their own truth, you cant claim the moral high ground by being a bully, tone it down and stick to the issues don't need to call people out. RESPECT each other please and each others right to disagree or have an opinion that you do not agree with. Otherwise the flow of conversation will degenerate.
  16. Tantra who do you see as the radical left in the US? And what actions and outcome(s) do you refer to? I am just trying to see what you mean, because I hear talk of a radical left, but I never know who the radical lefties are, can you kindly shed some light file?
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