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  1. Other Greeks Abroad

    Was a nice goal though (@3:50):
  2. Other Greeks Abroad

    Oh please...all coaches that have seen him have cut him, the kid is in tier two Spain and he's not even good enough to get a starters spot there! relaxxxxx js
  3. Where did you read that Argy? Bundesliga website says Kavin Volland was MOM:
  4. Official Super League Game Topic

    With his contract being relatively low, firing him will be easier than usual, I don't see what good it would do though, a new coach at this point would be a step backwards. IMO if you're gonna ax the man it would be best during a break, when the new coach would have a little bit of time to evaluate the squad and make whatever changes he may need to.
  5. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    Makari. What type of money does Dimitri have, I am a bit clueless as to who he is besides the few times he has been in the news for acting like an organized fan.
  6. European matches

    Well done to the whole AEK family.
  7. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    Why would Dimitri come on and leave Alafouzo in place? Makes no sense to me...
  8. When you're down 0-2 in 13 minutes, coaching and tactics go out the window.
  9. Plenty of time, but the team needs to pull a 180. Not easy.
  10. If defense is not our stregnth, by your own words, why would we play to our weakness???
  11. Yes, he left anderlecht a year a go and captained OOstend for a season, but even no2 at our club is a step up any way you cut it. And he will get games, Kapino is a bit injury prone, and it is a long season with 3 competitions.
  12. Not the way I see it. He had a chance (probably last contract of his career) to come to the Greek Champs and win titles and maybe see some European action, its a no brainer. dunno why you say it's bleak....