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  1. Tzatziki

    Manolo Jiménez

    Έδωσαν τα χέρια Μελισσανίδης-Χιμένεθ!
  2. Tzatziki

    AEK Transfer Talk

    Αραούχο: «Θέλω να γυρίσω στη Λας Πάλμας»!
  3. Tzatziki

    Official Transfers & Rumors

    Melissanidi is a real tool imo, I think we waited 2-3 years too late to sign him, but considering what a season he had last year, I am pretty optimistic.
  4. Tzatziki

    Champions 2018

    Are you just making up this stuff now? AEK lost not very long a go in Larissa...min lemme oti theloume.
  5. Tzatziki

    A 12 Team Super League?

    I like a smaller league, all the extra play off games though I hate.
  6. Tzatziki

    Champions 2018

    Congrats to the AEK boys, shame that this title was all about everything but the game itself...
  7. Tzatziki

    Official Transfers & Rumors

    Always did like this player...I can't see AEK letting him go though. Φήμες για Ολυμπιακό και Χριστοδουλόπουλο
  8. Tzatziki

    Official Transfers & Rumors

    Έντονο γερμανικό ενδιαφέρον για Νικολάου
  9. Tzatziki

    Pedro Martins

    Pedro Rui da Mota Vieira Martins (born 17 July 1970) is a former Portuguese footballer who played as a defensive midfielder, and is the current coach of Greek club Olympiacos FC. He amassed Primeira Liga totals of 197 matches and nine goals over the course of ten seasons, in representation of Feirense, Vitória de Guimarães, Sporting, Boavista, Santa Clara and Alverca. He added 126/8 in the Segunda Liga, in a 16-year professional career. Martins started working as a manager in 2006, starting out at União de Lamas and going on to spend four years at Marítimo. wiki Έτσι παίζει ο Πέδρο Μαρτίνς
  10. Tzatziki

    Official Transfers & Rumors

    "Προφορική συμφωνία Γαλατάσαράι - Ολυμπιακού για Οτζίτζα και Σεμπά"
  11. Tzatziki

    Official Transfers & Rumors

    Ο Βέλλιος στο πλαίσιο της ελληνοποίησης στον Ολυμπιακό
  12. Tzatziki

    Kostas Manolas ‒ AS Roma

    100 million +
  13. Η Αράχωβα χάθηκε στους καπνούς από το ψήσιμο των αρνιών
  14. Tzatziki

    Official Transfers & Rumors

    «Βλέπουν» Γκούναρσον Ολυμπιακός και ΑΕΚ!