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  1. What is even worse is that I heard the whole league is run by them too, can you imagine!
  2. Must have had a good nights sleep prior to this.
  3. All PAOK fans look the same to me, @Dutch Eagle you're a mensch. Thanks file.
  4. Αποκάλυψη: «Παίζει» η Αθήνα για την τελική φάση του Europa League
  5. Προς 13 Αυγούστου το Γουλβς-Ολυμπιακός
  6. I know this is from ancient times and this poster is probably long gone but, look at this blasphemous ingrate who dares (dared?) to call himself a soccer fan....for shame sir. Someone should wash your mouth with soap for this f-ery.
  7. Henry Onyekuru is a Nigerian player, but he has said that he wants to stay at Galata. Mitroglou I would not mind having back but I'm not so sure he would be Martins signing of choice...The young Belgian striker who we loaned to Adjaccio is supposed to given a shot to make next years team, and Martins really likes Ahmed Hassan. Time will tell...we are going to hear a lot of names until the summer is over, I am looking forward more to the return match with Wolves for now, when the season is done for good then we can fiend over transfer rumors more proper like IMO.
  8. Το μήνυμα παραμονής του Ομάρ και ο Ινσούα Μιραλάς: «Θα ήθελα πολύ να γυρίσω στον Ολυμπιακό»
  9. I was in University as an undergrad like several years a go I worked at the time for a market research company that does a lot of government contracts for a few political parties. Focus groups and surveys, can be easily manipulated or structured in ways that will produce a desired result, it is freaky, even the cadence or inference/tone/emphasis of certain words can influence and F*** with responses its is freaky to witness sometimes. Anyway for these to be looked at as scientific research I think the sample size had to be 1k to generate a result that was considered representative of the whole. Medical research I know about as much as a six year old about, thats why I asked.
  10. Thank for sharing Blackhawk this is huge re alani! 👍
  11. I think 1000 is the number that is needed for the work to be deemed accepted as scientific as far as sample size, do you have experience in this kind of thing?
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