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  1. Soldano has been loaned to Boca for 18 months for 500k USD and a 4.5 million dollar buy clause apparently. Ολυμπιακός: Η Μπόκα ανακοίνωσε Σολδάνο Also looks like Androutsos will be joining Atromitos on loan, who was also being chased by Panionios, deal not official yet but being reported as a done deal. Ατρόμητος: Παίρνει τον Ανδρούτσο
  2. On the very same ground. You can find a lot of info here if you like and here as well.
  3. HT 1-0 AEK firmly in the drivers seat, should be a foregone conclusion barring any shockers.
  4. I haven't seen the clubs books...so I dunno, but this year what I do know is that they changed all the seats in the VIP section of Karaiskaki this year, and also changed all the lighting to LED for the pitch. Semedo cost us a few million I think, we also bought Sa, and a couple younger lads. Running a football club is not something you do to turn a profit, the majority lose money and the owners operate the clubs as a hoby or for status or in Greece maybe other reasons like having your own gang of hired goons, political influence, perhaps money laundering....but if anything Marinakis has put in more money than he has taken out of the club believe me.
  5. Η ενδεκάδα του Άρη με Μόλντε Συγκεκριμένα, ο Σάββας Παντελίδης θα παρατάξει τους «κιτρινόμαυρους» με σύστημα 4-2-3-1 και τον Κουέστα στα γκολπόστ, ενώ οι Σούντγκρεν, Ροζ, Δεληζήσης και Κόρχουτ θα καλύψουν τα μετόπιθεν. Ματίγια και Σάσα θα αγωνιστούν στον άξονα, με τους Φετφατζίδη- Ντιγκινί και Λάρσον τριπλέτα, πίσω από τον μοναδικό προωθημένο Ιντέγε. Στον πάγκο των αναπληρωματικών του Άρη θα καθίσουν οι: Εμαν, Ούγκο Σόουζα, Μπάσα, Γιουνές, Μαρτίνες, Τόνσο και Κωνσταντινίδης.
  6. Goal! 1-0 Εκμεταλλευόμενος λάθος στην άμυνα της Κραϊόβα, ο Μάνταλος "αδειάζει" έναν αντίπαλο, αποφεύγει και έναν δεύτερο και με άψογο σουτ στην απέναντι γωνία στέλνει την μπάλα στα δίχτυα!
  7. AEK seems to have gotten off to a positive start, good luck re xanoumia!
  8. The club until this point is guaranteed 10 million euros from having at minimum qualified for the europa league, that is aside form bonuses from future wins and draws in that competition (570k for a win and 190k for a draw). If we manage to qualify for CL that itself pays another 15 million minimum and any results in the groups are extra (2.7 million per win, 900k for a draw). Μίνιμουμ 10 εκατ. ευρώ και τώρα το σεντόνι
  9. Η Μπολόνια σκέφτεται πρόταση 5.000.000 ευρώ για Μπουχαλάκη H Τενερίφη ενδιαφέρεται για Ναουέλ
  10. Sa and Semedo have been called up to Portugal's preliminary squad by coach Fernando Santos for the Euro 2020 qualifiers against Serbia and Lithuania! AEK's Nelson Oliveira has earned a call up as well. Σα, Σεμέδο και Ολιβέιρα στην προεπιλογή της Πορτογαλίας
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