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  1. Anyone here ever seen this film? I just discovered it and it is freaking epic imo! The full movie is available on youtube if anyone is interested. Also, on the full movie link, the comments are just as epic 🤣
  2. Florida Mother Attempted to Kill Children in Car Crash After Believing She Was Cursed
  3. vs Group B matchday 1 18/09/2019 6:55 pm local time Karaiskakis Stadium Lo Celso to miss the match due to injury 1800 Spurs fans to make the trip to Karaiskaki
  4. We never really had much luck in the group draw, but that is what makes a result all the more sweeter!
  5. Group B FC Bayern Munich Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Olympiacos F.C. Red Star Belgrade
  6. Thank you for the nice words file almand! Good luck to Aris this season also, I hope Ideye is as good for you all as he was for us.
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