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  1. He is definitely not the type of leader that would make me feel the most safe in trusting that he will consider all the info and act based on the best advice of health care professionals and experts. God help us, it is up to the people to take the appropriate steps to keep one another safe, this guy is dangerous. If you have symptoms self isolate, if you have no real urge to be out and about, enjoy the time to stay in and work on that thing you been putting off, read a book, get your rest and use this time for anything that can make you better/happier/not putting yourself or others at risk. Use facetime if you need to see our pals, skype, wtv... The scary part is for me, that we are just at the start of this problem, if this drags on for more than a month or two things will get very ugly very fast I fear...be safe, be nice to each other and pray (coming from an agnostic).
  2. Interesting little interview of 2018-2019 Greek Invincibles and League Champions, former PAOK coach and current Asian Champions League Winner, about living in Saudi Arabia compared to Greece, he also mentions the reason he decided to leave Thessaloniki (some people not going to like that part I think). Λουτσέσκου: Γι' αυτό έφυγα από τον ΠΑΟΚ " Όταν μου είπαν ότι δεν θα μείνει ούτε ο Σάκχοφ, ούτε ο Κάνιας, τότε ήταν η στιγμή που αποφάσισα πως δεν μπορώ να μείνω στο ΠΑΟΚ."
  3. Lastly one of the most stunning goals for me personally is from Zlatan, I heard he is leaving Milan this summer, would take him in a heartbeat he has not aged at all IMO, and would score as many goals as he wanted here.
  4. Feel free to post your fave Olympiakos goal or video. Giovanni's lobs were unreal, nobody could do it like the Magician.
  5. Stay safe everyone, ride this thing out and check in on your loved ones. Our grandma has issues with asma and she is taking the whole thing way too lightly going out several times a day. We're trying to tell her that we will run her errands (she has 6 grandkids here with cars and ready to help). Hope the crazy old bat gets the message, but she is showing signs of having not a single f**k to spare. Hopefully the internet doesn't crash, if it does it is zombie apocalypse time.
  6. Gotta say this is an excellent start to our transfers, I always thought this guy was a beast of a mid. Κλείδωσε: Αυτός γυρίζει το καλοκαίρι στον Ολυμπιακό
  7. If it's good enough for my yiayia, who am I to argue? Σιόβας: «Σας παρακαλώ να καταλάβετε τη σοβαρότητα του προβλήματος» «Να μείνετε σπίτι! Μη γίνετε όπως στην Ιταλία και όπως εδώ στην Ισπανία. Με στενοχωρεί αυτό που βλέπω στην Ελλάδα, ο κόσμος να πηγαίνει στις παραλίες», δήλωσε ο διεθνής στόπερ της Λεγανές.
  8. Playoffs were always a silly idea to me for football, play offs should only be used as tie breakers for promotion reasons the same way they have traditionally been used in the past.
  9. Here where I am they are doing 2 weeks only...what did South Korea do? I heard they have been among the best countries in dealing with this.
  10. In times like these, when I am trying to make sense of it all, I turn to the wisdom and guidance of entertainers. Don't worry folks see below: Waka Flocka Flame says coronavirus is “fake” and “minorities can’t catch it” What a relief.... BTW where are all my tin foil hat posters? Have they all moved on to more paranoid pastures?
  11. What they ever do to you? Incumbent Presidents almost never lose, it is very rare.
  12. That would suck for Panionios (Greece's oldest team).
  13. Who are you talking about here specifically?
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