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  1. PLayer himself is denying the rumors.
  2. That is def not good news....any idea how long he might be out for? Ο Πολωνός Μαρτσίνιακ στο Γουλβς-Ολυμπιακός
  3. Lazaros has been released sadly, I don't like it, how can we justify keeping Toro and Avraam at 35 or older and not keep Lazaros who is 33 and can contribute whenever the club might need him. This and also the decision to keep Avraam and Toro are what Martins wants reportedly, what do I know, the man is doing good work...Best of luck to Lazaro.
  4. Lovera has had a slower start than Randjelovic, I th8nk it is common for south americans when coming to EU. He has been progressing well since his first few appearances though. Did you see his second goal vs Kalamata? It was a beauty of a shot. 25-30 meters out
  5. Hes scored against pao and aek also a few times, paok not sure...
  6. Fortounis is consistent for us in Europe and Greece @Rodos He creates scoring chances for himself and others, and he is good at free kicks also. I don't recall his ego ever being an issue...when was that? In Europe check his stats before being injured last season, he had 5 goals in 12 appearances according to wiki for our 2018-2019 european games. As for the derbies, most of them nowadays are not what we had been used to in years prior. Too much fouling, too much events and happenings off the pitch, a whole lot of anti soccer. And as far as derbies and rivals they are all dead anyway, asides from PAOK who has been parking the bus last few derbies so again, no more 3-2' 4-0, 3-1s, 4-4s. Just nil nil and 1-0 lately from what i can recall. Fortounis is legit, the boy can play and we should keep him. Every coach has played him regardless of system, they play him because they want to win, and the player helps us do that more than most.
  7. I think Randjelovic will be doing big things, the kid has got it I tell you.
  8. @Rodos Is Semedo serving ban for too many yellows? Omar needs to start this one, I hope we don't go with Gaspar. The rest sounds about right, Lovera should get some minutes as should our young Serb winger both of them can be super subs in this game and are capable of an impact.
  9. @Rodos Yes this is supposed to be a done deal, I read that their FA even wants to nationalize him because of their lack of depth at RB and based on how good he played this year. In addition to the cash we should be keeping a % of his future transfer fee. % not disclosed yet.
  10. Welcome @fitbill El-Arabi has been so clutch for us in so many games this year, he even passed Ilija Ivic's record for most goals scored in a season.
  11. I hope not ! Welcome to Phantis Rodos!
  12. Ανυπομονεί για Ολυμπιακό ο Ντάρμπισιρ
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