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  1. Olympiakos should also be relagated since Marinakis owns Nova and half teams are on Nova's pay roll, so he could easily blackmail them and their would be no proof that he actually did.
  2. The ref is a really good ref, he takes his time but atleast he won't be blamed for crap all.
  3. I would still say our actual central midfield is weak, look at how paok midfield is chocked against Europeans teams, or stronger greek teams. Our central midfield cant really keep the ball.
  4. This game was in general piss poor from both teams, it was no game of football, It was just a poor showing of kicking, elbowing and tripping.
  5. Savidis put in an extra 15 mill didn't he, which financial fair play is apparently ok with? Plus we have the revenue from Paok TV?
  6. This felt like last years Olympiakos vs Paok, similar stuff, except that today we might had been able to score a 2nd goal in the first half, if our players played with a cleaner mind. Defence wise Paok has seemingly improved even though Giannoulis though, decided to chop the guy down even though he was obviously gonna pass towards an marked player. This was horrible football from both teams tbf, it felt like both teams players where focused on trying to beat the sh!t out of each other instead of actually playing ball. Piss poor mentality.
  7. I think the only way players leave is if someone buys a player with no potential or someone who doesn't really play. Limnios not going anywhere, Gianoulis the same (I cant imagine a Greek player really wanting to play in Turkey), Swiderski too, unless someone pays their buyout close.
  8. Its not about something comming out.... but just the idea of potentially being sued would make people think twice about actions like these.
  9. Facebook also would easily pay more then NOVA. Their into buying sport rights lately.
  10. Paok is moving to have its paok TV app included in TVs. I think they reached an agreement with LG, so it's only a matter of time still they get their apps included in more tv sets. Meaning that paok TV becomes more accessable.
  11. Or sue Olympiakos or the coach for damages related to his faking. The potential loss of revenue due to an easier champions League qualifying path. 😆
  12. You can't say anything when you potentially gonna need to depend on Olympiakos, sorry I meant Nova's pay-role next year.
  13. Just a stupid bluff, anyone with a mind can see that if Olympiakos does that, it would have to give up on the European Money. I'm pretty sure that Marinakis too would prefer getting some extra money in his pocket rather then being butt-hurt about not getting 1st place in the league.
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