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  1. Frankly Ajax players didn't deserve to have their hands shaken. They clearly noticed the ref bias and decided to abuse it. You can't blame the Greek players for jumping on the referee either he deserved it. I don't expect Ajax to go far at all this year the way they are playing.
  2. G14 should totally break away and create the own league, it would fail spectacularly when they realise that only a few people actually want to watch other countries same exact teams battle it out.
  3. Under the new proposed changed, from what I gathered it makes national leagues rather useless. Its gonna have a trickle effect their own league, where their league doesn't get any money because, tis always the same teams going in because of their rankings and not league position. So even the big teams with half a brain should see how bad this could be a few years down the line.
  4. Yeah latvia wouldnt even get in under my own format, their league level would be too low to get in directly. 55 leagues, not all will be able to qualify directly. Probably something like the top 15-20, the remaining would be thought over in the playoffs. Your point with the viewership revenue is correct, especially with a small nation team like latvia. Well if the powerhouses clubs want to break away then let them; the way we are heading I wouldn't be suprised if non-powerhouse clubs decided to break away. Maybe it would be better to let the powerhouse break away, have their own little club, while UEFA can scrap the whole farce and start from scratch. The effect would be that suddenly every team in Europe becomes an attractive investment opportunity; no unfair uphill battle to get into champions league. The smaller teams start building their own fan bases and eventually may grow as big. The level of football would be more equal, thus the product more interesting. Which in the long term might make more money. Watching a Champions league where same teams win it every year certainly isn't interesting.
  5. I do honestly think that each country should be limited two two spots in champions league, done. That's how you make champions league fair. Its a league of champions. 1st teams go in automatically 2nd teams play off. This way a few leagues don't hog all the revenue from champions league. Or another option is that no country qualifies automatically and they all have to play through playoffs and each country gets two representatives. So essentially that could equal two games each before the champions league, with some extremely low league teams having to play a few extra games.
  6. Its bullshit, there making it harder and harder for smaller teams to become big. I hope it bites them hard in their ass, and that viewership actually falls further. Champions league was so much more interesting when small teams where able to get to semi-finals and finals, probably the viewership would had been more if the more if it happened more often (aka supporting the black horse). ts an unattractive product? Not a lot of people care about watching another countries team, so making sure these big teams are cemented is not going to help. Another reason they mentioned is that its supposed to help small teams compete? But how exactly, when the big cemented teams are rich beyond measure. I guess we might be facing a basketball like situation where a large amount of Europeans teams go F*** it and create their own international tournament with fairer rules.
  7. Another link: https://www.vipleague.lc/1-paok-vs-ajax-live-streaming
  8. Maybe the coach decided to give him one last chance? No one knows.
  9. Yeah but we gonna lose more money if selling Akpom will be reason why we don't qualify past Ajax. We need to keep him for now, not enough time to find a substitute. I do reckon we'd offer him a better a contract. I consider 10 million meh, we live in a time where average players go for more on the international market.
  10. He doesn't need to score a goal or to have amazing through balls but to me from what I saw from the vids.. he's able to hold the ball.. in the midfield and defense, and our midfield was being chocked even with Oliviera around against low league teams. Those low league teams couldn't punish us especially with Pashalaki guarding us.. but imagine playing against someone stronger in the champions league. Sure we could have a contest who scores more goals but that is not the way to go. So I do think he's better suited to our needs. Of course I do still think that getting another more offensive midfielder wouldn't be a bad idea. Somebody who has a good through ball, stamina and has a good shot too.
  11. I think Esiti; is a better player then Olivera and all the other midfielders we've been looking at, hes the glue we needed between the attack and the defence. Someone who doesn't mindlessly kick the ball away or runs ahead like a mindless chicken. Definitely a positive addition. Cant wait to see our future moves.
  12. Fabio Coentrao got rejected by Porto because of the protest of Porto's fans. Good for him, karma is a bitch.
  13. Basically Ajax reserve team (no main players).
  14. Contreo is full of crap. He's not serious, I doubt this has anything to do with his family, he's just using teams around him as levers, to get the best possible deal. Paok may be his end game or not. I think he might have a toxic mentality. Or maybe he doesn't want to leave his current city and he's porpusly dellaying everything. So I dunno if he's gonna be a possitve addition. Madrid didn't want to keep him, Sporting got rid of him so yeah... There night be something wrong.
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