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  1. So paok allready made more then Novas/ERT offer?
  2. We have a horrible defence.... Maybe when our injured players come back it will be a bit better however it's something we need to work on. Goal was correctly disallowed by VAR, however the ERT commentator didn't need to be such a dick about it. It's good that we didn't sit back, depressed and still pressured on for the 3rd goal. However we shouldn't have sat back before anyway, after the 2 goal lead, best defense is attack, especially with this Paok.
  3. Well... https://glavred.info/sport/10103384-oleg-blohin-vozglavit-paok-istochnik.html?fbclid=IwAR0ntuVOyx83mS8p49M01fn2SQPvHqTWpkG3oh7LofzKTDGSe18D3CfaZ_Q You never know if one outlandish rumor could actually be true: Is Paok looking to sack Abel Ferreira?
  4. Wasn't Marinakis banned from having any involvement whatsoever with Greek football?
  5. Seems like AEK is not to pleased about Mariniakis acquiring NOVA, and all signs point to them opening their own online AEK TV, quite a few other teams are considering this as well. In case of VOLO its not surprising, I mean their contract is ridiculous and a few matches against some big teams would bring them more money. It would be something, to watch Marinakis aquire nova with its 300 mill in debt only to realise that no team wants to be under him, just a worthless platform. Sure Marinakis will scream foal. If this becomes widespread accross Europe (Aka teams having their own private online streaming services) then it may very well upset the current oligarchy. Imagine small teams in Europe with a large fan base (due to them simply being in a bigger country) receiving reasonable funding. Wouldn't be surprised if uefa will come up with some sort of unfair FFP rule to stop this.
  6. Well that's it, looks like Branco is staying https://m.sport24.gr/football/omades/Paok/paok-krataei-ton-mpranko-o-savvidhs.5593625.html
  7. Yeah the people who crowd in a house/bar most always did that. We might get one or two extra people doing that, but thats it. So we can't really expect them to pay up. The good news is that the bars cant relly on crappy illegal streams because they just get stuck all the time. So they will be paying for sure.
  8. That number could be higher globally, but what you dont' take into account are the amount of fans that go watch Paoks match in a bar no matter what, what you don't take account are friends, who always watch games at their friends, what you don't take into account are Paok families who most likely will share a TV. Its not everybody duty to pay for this, certainly not a 10 year old kids or a 80 year old grandpa. Its not their duty to go change their watching habbits or pay for something just for the hell of it. So how many unique streams can you possibly get at most? 100,000 youtube averaged for crappy summer friendlies, If youtube streamed a hyped game, how many pure paok fans would stream it?
  9. That's pretty good numbers already, either-way we probably gonna get more money out of that then the new ert deal. Like I said this needs a season ticket to fully set off. As soon as thats done, I'm imagine subs will rocket. I bet a lot of people are holding out due to either laziness or thinking their going to get some sort of deal (as in it would be slightly cheaper to buy a season ticket then to pay for every single game). People ain't exactly made of gold. Also are the tv app/andrioid/ios app even ready yet? The issue of multiple people using one account can be easily solved, just limit the streams, its easy. The technology is available for this. Have a 5 euro per single stream hard limit ( or two 2 streams top) , and that's it. Have a more expensive package for buinsess where you can limit the stream by going elsewhere by using the IP's location. Most important to remember this is a product. Team plays unattractive football less people will be inclined to pay (thats also meaning opponents fans). Also some sort of pregame content, and other post could also help to make it more attractive in general. Maybe also stream the Youth games on it? Or perhaps have some live streams of trainings? Just shooting ideas here. Theres a lot that could be done in general. Perhaps if this becomes more popular you can expand this to more sports too.
  10. Its juat lazyness to be fair and also games vs no-bodypteams aint that attractive, so thats why a package of lets say 80 euros would be better. Theres no issue i just image that more fans would rather have to pay everything upfront then pay per game.
  11. Olympiacos is deffineltety not the same, there seemingly better and they just acquired a few extra signings which we don't know how they will impact the team. Paok on the other hand is shaky, our defence has seemingly fallen asleep in the past few games, which seems to randomly fall asleep, and conceives a easy goal on the counter. Paok has been going on a shoot out vs its opponents, and its not the way to go. Think we still need one or two players. There was a reason why Paok was planning signings before the Ajax games, but decided to wait till after. I hope this doesn't mean we get no new additions.
  12. I bet a large amount of fans want a subscription. I haven't brought a single game due to there being no yearly package
  13. We're not winning this league with our set of players.
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