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  1. That's why I think it would be better to drop the league to even fewer teams, 14 causes too many problems, it means a 28 match league, and it means that they need to crap out 2 more games due to the contracts, and most attempts to introduce playoff the title race cause too many extra matches, if both teams where to play both home and away, you could have the top 5 competing in the playoffs, but then that would take the chance of number 6 and 7 to potentiality entering Europa league. So perhaps the solution is to drop the teams even and have everyone play each other 4 times. With 12 teams, we have 44 games, and with 10, 36 games. But the quality of the league would be better, there would be more interesting matches, fuller stadiums, more revenue etc, and no playoff system to complicate things. Right now 14 team league is a weird mid ground, where many solutions just don't quite work out right. This is an old article from 2017 about a greek league with 10 teams: https://www.contra.gr/Soccer/Hellas/Superleague/super-league-me-10-omades-kai-4-guroys.4501085.html
  2. If there's going to be a playoff system, everyone should take place, including number one, so 1-7. This ain't a bad idea, that would just ensure that the best team actually wins the league and not the team that had the best record against teams like OFI, but still wouldn't quite eliminate the problem of this weak teams being there. But no s%$#! like one team plays only home games, and the other way, like what the F*** is this s%$#!? And 5 rounds? That's ridiculous? Just let the 14 leagues play itself out, and at the end have an extra few games. Generally speaking, 14 teams are really hard to deal with, if you want everyone to have the same chance (home and away), you end up with a 50 match league. However I would still prefer a simpler 10 team league where everyone plays each other 4 times, with no playoffs, like in Switzerland, Greece doesn't quite have the number of teams that can remain competitive. And that system woul alienate most of these "filler content" teams.
  3. Paok needs to invest in some better midfielders for champions league; need some more "glue", faster, skilled players with more vision. I dunno if Oliviera fits that bill, we need players that can constantly create chances from the midfield.
  4. Oh..... if only you knew... Greek teams will need to start spending more soon too. Overwise greek top talents will be getting poached by other teams.
  5. I like how Tsipiras and his cronies are the sources of all evil, yet all these systems existed before them. Same s%$#! happened with Nea Democratia , and Pasok and their cronies. So don't be happy that the government is changing, you're just going back to the people who caused this mess originally.
  6. What is he waiting for? For Tsispras to gift Panathinaikos 19 million? If the guy really cared for Panathinaikos he would have paid it off himself, but no he even made the fans re-paint paint the stands. If he really knew what was better he would have sold it off too, I don't believe that both the Asian and both Giannakopoulos and were not serious about acquiring the team, I believe that Alazoufos is just too arrogant and proud to sell it off, delaying everything until the other person loses interest. Or he simply doesn't want to sell Panathinaikos as he might have long term profit oriented motivations. He doesn't want to sell and he's trying to portray himself as messiah whos trying to save Panathinaikos.
  7. Olympiakos further reducing the budget for transfers: https://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/superleague/article/578884/xamilonei-metagrafiko-mpatzet-toy-olympiakoy Not what I would imagine they should do, especially since Olympiakos scouts have been doing a poor job lately. Seems like its strategy based on the fact that they think their squad is good enough and just needs a few adjustments, without even considering that the competition might spend big. Or that they just gave up, or that Marinakis would rather take care of his new premier league team.
  8. Not according to the rules, we ain't allowed to do that. I think the loopholes are sponsorships and aksizi kefaleou.
  9. Well, you can't just buy players anymore because your owner has money, UEFA will knock at your door and say you're out the next two years even if you qualify. It's definitely not as simple as that.
  10. Or he could pull off a Warda, and waste his talent. Savidis wants to build a team and If the coach says he's vital he will stay unless the clause is hit.
  11. It's a great idea, it will bring more revenue to these smaller teams, and actually, help improve the level of football throughout Europe.
  12. I heard that UEFA is creating a 3rd tier league, for teams like Aris, so they don't feel left out.
  13. 12 million ain't what it used to be...
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