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  1. Emotional writing style...on Fridays...if in the mood for it....coming straight from the heart! Eheheh
  2. Die at 3’, buried at 9', breathe again at 10', come back to life at 12’. Insane start. Emotion at limit with Pelkas...3-2! What a desarming delight! Surviving at the end. Globally, poor again, but we felt the hunger, the passion, the nerve! Toumba, a volcano erupting…unceasing support. So special. Like no other. No real confidence and a lot of work to do. But still alive for the second leg!
  3. Understand not to risk with Matos, out of position, at the center. Go with two center backs. But Ingason had a very poor performance with Pana away (Super League, 0-2) and quite intermittent in other matches. Understand also to go with almost all in their "natural" role. Just do not like Pelkas start from right even if he will cut in to the center. Would prefer to have him from the left. And Zivkovic out of the squad? Rotation in the Cup? Let's see if we can at least activate fluid transitions and to improve pass accuracy. Tight lines when defending. Toumba, vibrant soul! To be our vulcanic fortress. And become unsurpassed again.
  4. Agreed. Matos as centre back will give speed but it will be risky in terms of positioning and equilibrium . Also easily attracted....and end up out of place. Don't know Mihaj. No other real options. Midfield needs to help and be solid and "compacted". (Nervous) countdown...
  5. And Abel needs to wake himself up. We should done much better with these players. Persist in trying to bring tactical hybridity is potentiating errors, accidents and a lot of spaces conceded. Try to consolidate a simpler but consistent approach.
  6. Totally agree with you Bananas. But please not for next season. I've already posted about the poor performance and tactics. With no tangible improvements. I really do not believe him. Obviously he should finish this season, but it will be painful if he remains.
  7. Old poor past. We should look to the present/future. Abel is too "pseudo". Too much time to see any improvement in the team. And it doesn't happen.
  8. Abel, Abel....is it possible to get worse?!
  9. I prefer Sporting or other club to come here and pay to hire him for next season! Patetic Silas (today the elimination against Basaksehir is historical!) will leave. That would allow us to try better. Lucescu's return is quite unrealistic, but there will have to be other options.
  10. Really?! Is this not enough?! Seriously, I cannot believe if we will not be able to attract and bring any better.
  11. We are in February. Without Europe. As a team, we are still very poor. I've never believed him. But now, realistically, there is no better option for the rest of the season. I do not believe in any consistent improvement of our global performance. Hope on the individual. Go with the pure emotion.
  12. That would obviously help. But what we really need is a better coach. Almost all players would play the double. He should never have come but there was no time to antecipate and bring better...Take care of next season...Now.
  13. Abel...what a inability... Really still this poor at this stage of the season? This is nothing...Horrible, depressing. Non-sense long balls, centers at random. No inside connections. Huge distances inter and intra-lines, a lot of inaccuracies, fatalize accidents. My warning, my fear at the beginning of the season. Even worse reality, now. But apparently he follows unscathed?! Another big game, another fail to win. A volcano Toumba deserves better... Lucescu should never had left. I would love him to come back. To try to reach the groups in Champions! Miss him a lot.
  14. @pash IMO, the poor defensive performance it’s a consequence of his ambitious but not solidified approach. Already seen at Braga. He doesn't adapt to the squad. The players must adjust to his idea. The same old story. Propose variability with memorized movements but loosing surprise effect. Many doubts if this will be just a question of time, a question of players’s adaptation/sync. Want to defend/attack in different systems. A clear 4-4-2 when defending without ball, but in possession shift to a 3-4-3. Some players out of position, and then, team losing compaction, losing shape, a lot of spaces appearing and conceded in the center. He wants tactical complexity but fails to consolidate the simplest. In Portugal, last season, although Braga has shown really good performances, they have suffered too much in several matches. Discontinuity. Lower the individual quality he has in the team, higher the number of errors. He neither protects intrinsic inaccuracies nor minimizes "natural" accidents. What really surprises me a lot is how PAOK is suffering against "poor" teams like Aris, Panathinaikos. At Toumba! We all know the low level of Greek SL but he needs to look, understand and adjust to what he really has in the squad.
  15. @Yiankos I've tried google translation but it is not the same thing, and certainly we do not capture some details. Can you post this is in english? It seems very interesting.
  16. Yes, not native, as you, I suppose. We can always loose part of our gist when translated, and we should try to improve. But, the substance, the content is what really matters. Write elegantly but using an empty style is a pity.
  17. @Athens4 I'm from Lisbon, Portugal, but I'm a FC Porto fan. In 90's when I visited Thessaloniki, I was disturbingly seduced by Toumba's atmosphere and since then I'm addicted to PAOK!
  18. I support you Yiankos. With Abel we have memorized football. He complicates the simple. He is in Greece. He is in PAOK. He should adapt himself to the quality we have and the quality we don't have in the squad. Trying to bring complexity/hybridity (want to start from defense with ball in a 3x4x3, Matos going down, then defending without ball in a 4x4x2) he is potentiating accidents. Coming and going, spreading and retracting, losing shape, opening spaces. Unavoidable comparison (worse) against the Lucescu's simple-practice consistency. Bad repetition. Team very spaced and exposed, hyperbolizing individual errors that always arise. I know him well from Braga. Nervous and anxious heart. Lack of more tactical intelligence.
  19. Thanks Blackhawk. Seeing Toumba with Gate 4 empty is quite "disturbing". Despite the violence, they are part of PAOK's "soul". Its "voice" is needed to shout out loud.
  20. Ok. Thanks. But why they were banned? It's not difficult to understand but when and against which team?
  21. When this league is expected to start? When? And why not yet started? Only for TV contracts?
  22. No one today in north curved stand (Gate 4 and Gate 4A)?!! Why?
  23. Hi everyone, I'm a portuguese fan of greek soccer in general. The best supporters in the world! Do you know where I can download the full match Veria-PAOK? And also other matches from Superleague? I'm not finding any one of this season in Kapaki site. I'm really desperately to "feel" the energy, passion of fanatic fans, and tactics! Thanks a lot.
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