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  1. Akpom should have 2 goals - he’s getting in great positions though
  2. Paschalakis good to see last game hasn’t affected his confidence ... made some nice blocks already
  3. pame paidia ... don't love Shakov or Kaddouri in the lineup but lets see what happens
  4. Love how Lyratzis wants the ball he’s playing higher than Jaba lol
  5. Outstanding goal ... Andelinho αλάνι
  6. we take 2-3 needless yellows every game, but I think you want your guy going hard to get the 2-0 early and put this to bed
  7. so much technical skill ... and baby fat lol ...but great play
  8. I like what I read about Swiderski but he doesn't sound like a Prijo style target man to me, which means we still have to adjust our playing style a bit. Regardless, as patient as Chuba and Karelis have been and with an adjustment period, I don't see him on the pitch much in these next few weeks. Misic sounds really promising to me and the one I'm much more excited about, particularly because we need the depth. I still want to get Balogiannis some real time on the pitch. We spend all this money on our academy and then never give guys meaningful opportunities to develop with our first team.
  9. jesus what a series of boneheaded moves .. lack of self-awareness
  10. El Khaddouri? Haven't we sent him back to Italy yet? Free transfer I dont even care
  11. another link with little lag in case someone needs it ... LiveTV.sx PAOK
  12. Yeah I don't want to see us acting like OSFP surrounding refs and stuff. Bad call, move on. Don't act like @holes. Paschalakis playing the game of his life. Akpom is fine but we can't play like we do with a target man. We need to keep the ball on the grass, less crossing.
  13. love the third uni's (even if we sort of look like the Dutch national team) - absolutely hate the lineup. I mean, seriously Razvan.
  14. μεγάλη ντροπή σήμερα ... the only thing that matters now is league title, but not with our current form.
  15. It's unbelievable we have 72% ball possession, 85% pass accuracy (vs 56%) and they have MORE SHOTS ON GOAL. Wernbloom-Shakov was a huge mistake and should have been obvious, especially w/out Andelinho who is so important for our chance creation.
  16. Yeah I checked b/c I thought that didn't sound right ... it prob feels that way because you notice how much he sucks every time he's on the pitch Edit: also, Akpom is wasted as an AM ... he has to play up top, and I would be fine with going two strikers when we are down like this ...
  17. he's only started 4 games this season including European competition ...
  18. El Khaddouri and Shakov are both tragically inept today ... Shakov has barely played and has looked lost when he does - I don't understand why he was in the XI to begin with ...
  19. What a disaster ... glad to see Pelka, Akpom and Biseswar warming up ... we need offense immediately and I have no problems with using all 3 subs by the 60' mark
  20. Oxi re ... Shakov-Wernbloom in the middle? Makes me nervous af. Is Canias hurt or just getting a breather?
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