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  1. genuinely impressed by OFI overall though ... they can legit finish top 5
  2. I genuinely feel bad for Lampbrou ... also I don't like how Pelkas and Akpom have become afterthoughts either ... Abel needs more of a rotation and Bise is not on his top form atm
  3. I certainly consider this a success in light of how quickly it was thrown together and how the numbers (before the midway point) are already ahead of what NOVA offered. We don't have any visibility on the operational/overhead cost of this project so far, so I am reserving final judgment. Regardless, with NOVA becoming a part of Alter Ego , PAOK will have zero expectation of receiving a fair TV contract in the coming years. I agree their media/marketing group appears to be the savviest, most progressive division within the club, but they better be formulating a plan to leverage this for next season and beyond. I also wouldn't be upset at all if a group like FuboTV or DAZN decided to enter the market (like they did with Football League a few years ago) and snatch up PAOK and half the league as part of a digital TV package, so long as we got fair compensation in exchange. It would be nice to siphon some clubs from NOVA.
  4. Wow. This is not going over well on Twitter haha
  5. Η αλήθεια είναι δεν αξίζουμε τίποτα περισσότερο σήμερα.Συγχαρητήρια στον Δώνη ήρθε η ομάδα του διαβασμένη
  6. These substitutions seem a little panicked imo - I would rather have seen Augousto sit over one of the wings
  7. LiveTv.sx “browser links” work for me everything below that (twitter.blah blah) you ignore
  8. http://livetv.sx/enx/eventinfo/851749_asteras_paok/ @Dutch Eagle
  9. Nice @pash and the ad revenue changes everything, although I'm totally stunned the cheese lobby has that much cheddar to throw around (ba dum tss)
  10. I think the number was "over $5MM" per https://www.paok24.com/blog/paok24/136433/o-paok-plisiazei-sto-open Also the $5MM was net whereas we have undisclosed expenses - I think Nova claimed $100k cost for each broadcast. Either way, seems far off and maximum 25-35k viewers for PAOK-Aris is a huge, huge setback. No reason to expect even half that for teams like Lamia, Volos, Xanthi, AEL, etc.
  11. I'm discouraged because these numbers are still too low ... By kick off if they can't get at least 50,000 subscribed views for PAOK-Aris then I am really concerned they won't get close to the $6MM they could have gotten from Nova for the year.
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