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  1. we need to try and keep possession nothing good happens if Ajax has the ball 60% of the time ... that's essentially how they play defense. Otherwise, they are susceptible
  2. bravo to APOEL they always surprise me tbh - small club big heart
  3. lineup announced - same as the first leg. So much for "surprises"
  4. Not sure if there will be a mobile friendly link - I am still trying to find the new Discord that posts the links r/soccerstreams used to have but in the meantime these two usually have decent options - a few of which usually pan out: https://footybite.com/football/ajax-vs-paok-live-stream/ http://livetv.sx/enx/eventinfo/828454_ajax_paok/
  5. I'm shocked we look so winded ... didn't we train in 40+C weather for two weeks? I know some of it is low morale after the conceding two shitty goals but ...
  6. I'm real impressed with Esiti so far ... not flashy but he shows up where he is needed
  7. I like the substitutions so far ... cheers Abel
  8. we are starting to look tired - Ajax playing two competitive matches already is a nice advantage. they are already starting to push higher
  9. we can't waste great chances this team is too good ...
  10. Oh man I really want to see us get at least 1 more to feel comfortable
  11. http://tsportv4.ucoz.club/sap.html this works too but its in dutch cannot find a good greek or english stream
  12. Thank god Neres isn't playing he would eat Giannoulis' luch ...
  13. i thought r/soccerstreams was shut down - do you know another reddit page with links??
  14. @pash Agree Oliveira fills a huge need as a true 8 and better suited than Augusto next to Omar but I have not seen enough to judge his full skill set. I think when you see this style one of the wide mids drifts inside toward the center of the field - Limnios would be well suited to the role when he plays (imo his future is as a modern attacking RB). The other wide mid gets high and cuts inside to act like a second striker (almost exactly what Biseswar does anyway when he plays as a LM). Pelkas would drop a bit behind them and play the '10' and your fullbacks become your wide midfielders. Assuming Fereira does ANY of this, then it could look similar to Gregg Berhalter's system from the Columbus Crew and now USMNT. This tactical analysis could be pretty close: https://www.massivereport.com/2017/8/23/16191846/tactical-preview-la-galaxy-faces-crew-sc .. If Vierinha comes back 100% he and Matos are perfect for this attacking style. Would work against many teams but I agree, not convinced it works against Ajax.
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