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  1. A start and a full 90 for him, as he made his debut in a thumping 4-0 win for Bayer against Freiburg
  2. Tasos Donis - OGC Nice ◄ Juventus

    started his first match of the season and played 67 mins as stuttgart beat wolfsburg 1-0. He apparently had an effort that hit the post around the 13th minute
  3. SL–R3: Apollon Smyrnis - PAOK (11 Sep 17, 19:30 EEST)

    Do you think maybe that whoever hired him should have asked him about his pre-season program? Ans done their due diligence on his regime? Or do you think we just should have steered clear of hiring someone who hadn't coached a notable european team since 2012 and his last job was in the Chinese second division? I'm not saying he didn't have to go, if players were indeed unfit, then there was a lack of professionalism either from the coach/staff or the players. Poor off-field decision to hire him in the first place. It's not just this example that's got me worked up, I've watched the same thing happen over and over again. We saw last season when a coach was allowed to see out the season and was backed what we can do. Yes the season ended poorly but last season was our best in years. It's like how many times can you burn your hand and keep touching the iron? A step in the right direction was not accepting Michel resignation. They've gone with Lucescu now? fine again im not thrilled with it, but stick with him. There shouldn't even be a discussion on his future until the end of this season. But we all know a couple more bad results and he'll be on his way too. It's just not the way forward, and its frustrating to watch the club make the SAME mistakes over and over again
  4. SL–R3: Apollon Smyrnis - PAOK (11 Sep 17, 19:30 EEST)

    @Bananas I agree it's too soon to judge a new coach, just as it was probably too soon to sack our first manager this season. Now I'm sure someone will come at me with some articles written saying the pre-season training was poor and he had to go blah blah blah. The same excuses that seem to rear their head every time someone new is in charge and for one reason or another is disliked. Let me say, I wasn't happy with the signing of Stanojevic, but PAOK made the decision so you have to stick with him and give him a chance, not sack him because he lost a friendly and send our season into a spin. The difference with Ivic and Lucescu, is that Ivic was untried we didn't know what he was capable of. Lucescu has shown the way he gets results is packing the midfield and frustrating the opposition. That doesn't fly at paok, you need to be able to beat teams like xanthi and apollon who do those very things to us. Is he capable of playing football and implementing tactics that will see us have some success? Time will tell, but my contention is we have been doomed to fail this season, by poor off-filed management (in a footballing sense) As I said earlier, I hope i'm proven wrong and we turn it around, lord knows we have bought in the quality to do so, but with off-field instability it makes it that much harder.
  5. SL–R3: Apollon Smyrnis - PAOK (11 Sep 17, 19:30 EEST)

    wow, the merry go round will continue. We are another draw or 2 away from sacking another coach and continuing this charade. Very disappointing result, but the writing has been on the wall since the pre-season, maybe even before then.... Happy to be proven wrong but i've seen this movie before and know how it ends
  6. Bosnia still has to serve its ban, they played Cyprus and Gibraltar away in the last round of matches. And the match v Belgium is being played in Sarajevo, not in Zenica where they usually play their home matches.
  7. Road To Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Doesn't sound too bad tbh and doesn't sound too far fetched either. Georgia will not be an easy beat for Wales away, so the Georgians may help us out. As you say argy, its gonna be real tight and go down to the wire, first things first though, we need to take care of ourselves before any of this is possible
  8. Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2017

    Even if Warda hadn't been loaned out, he's not on the same level as Biseswar. Would be a hugely stupid decision to let him go. Lord forbid we have some depth with El Kaddouri and Biseswar. Pelkas is what he is, can be okay, can show glimpses of brilliance but ultimately lacks consistency. Hang on to Diego
  9. that is literally a nightmare, Greece needing to chase goals to qualify
  10. PAOK Friendly Games

    just tuned in, 17 mins and we are 2-0 down......
  11. for those saying fortounis was poor, I lost count of how many times he picked up the ball, turned and waited for an option and there was no movement. He then has to go back sideways or backwards and frustration grows. Don't get me wrong he wasn't great but there were another 7-8 players who were also very poor.
  12. cyprus have taken the lead, they are showing heart, what a turn around!
  13. this is by far one of the most frustrating games ive watched in a while, no will or urgency what so ever
  14. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    well then closing the deal on Zambrano becomes even more important, if that deal falls through, surely we would hang on to pouggoras for cover?
  15. my god vellios, off balance, impossible angle and on your left...... HT 0-0. Need to get fortouni and doni linking up more, they like by far our most likely to create anything. Not opposed to taking Tzioli for maybe taxi. Good and bad news Bosnia leads cyprus 0-2 at the half, so we just have to grab a goal and win this. Good news is Witsel got sent off and won't be playing against us come Sunday