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  1. paokarag4

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Come on George, none of those guys are fit to carry Alefantos's clip board. Alefantos is the messiah, he has a tv show and screams and punches the desk!! He must know what he's on about!!
  2. paokarag4

    SL–R4: PAOK - AEK (23-Sep-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Is all this stemming from his celebrations V OFI? Had one bad moment v Chelsea where he flapped very badly at a corner(show me a keeper that's played in Greece who hasn't had flaws) but apart from that I thought he was one of our best. If it's a question of his provoking the OFI fans, who knows the m*****es he heard from the stands, he lost his cool it happens all over the world. In Greece it happens more often. Anyways looks like he'll start vs AEK as his hearing has been pushed back to early next week. Must win game this one, but we all know that. Interested to see what Razvan does in the middle of the pitch, whether it's Wernbloom or Canas who partners Maurico. Biseswar to start please
  3. paokarag4

    FIFA World Ranking

    Overall record sits at 2 draws and 7 losses. 0 wins. We've scored 3 goals and conceded 23 in those games. Historically we are awful against the English
  4. paokarag4

    SL–R4: PAOK - AEK (23-Sep-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Refs from overseas for derbies is a great idea. We saw in last years cup final which had 3 red cards and a penalty not one decision was argued by the players. They accepted it and moved on. Has this been enforced by FIFA or did the Superleague commission agree to having foreign refs for derbies?
  5. paokarag4

    EL–GS-R1: PAOK - Chelsea FC (20-Sep-18, 19:55 EEST)

    Optus sport has all the rights for the Champions league and Europa league for us down under
  6. paokarag4

    2018-2019 Greek Cup

    We've been in the group with Aris (had to be) Ergotelis and Aititios Spata. We'll play Aris at Toumba and the other 2 away https://www.paokfc.gr/nea/20180918-o-omilos-tou-kupellou-elladas/
  7. paokarag4

    PAOK Disciplinary News

    Nah nah he's alright, theio savva said so.
  8. paokarag4

    PAOK Disciplinary News

    Pasxalakis could be looking at a ban for his "celebration" after our 2nd goal on Saturday. http://www.novasports.gr/podosfairo/ellada/super-league/article/408011/se-duskoli-thesi-o-pashalakis/
  9. paokarag4

    SL–R3: OFI - PAOK (15-Sep-18, 18:15 EEST)

    His general play wasn't bad pash but I'm sorry if you lose the ball 4-5 times in the spots where he lost it then you've had a bad game. Seemed like it was a directive of OFI as soon as Canas was on the ball 2-3 OFI players were charging at him. I agree with bananas, he was important in his first season but the team has grown since then and he is now a depth player. (or should be) You wanna see Paschalakis really angry re banana? get on that stool and tell him he's hair cut is trash, then you'll see rage
  10. paokarag4

    SL–R3: OFI - PAOK (15-Sep-18, 18:15 EEST)

    Karelis looked good, moved around the front line a lot gave an option outside of the box he needs a bit of time to properly gel but I was impressed. Wernbloom didn't have a huge impact, had one moment where his touch was really bad but I'm putting that down to rust/one of those freak things. Interested to see if and when Pontus works his way into the starting XI. Lucescu we know doesn't like to tinker with the line-up especially when we are winning. But Canas was atrocious yesterday, one of the worst games I've seen him play for us.
  11. paokarag4

    SL–R3: OFI - PAOK (15-Sep-18, 18:15 EEST)

    JABA! 3-1 ! Beautifully worked goal
  12. paokarag4

    Orestis Karnezis ‒ Napoli

    WELL after losing his spot to Ospina for 2 games (In which time Ospina conceded 5 goals) he is starting again tonight at home v Fiorentina. First 20 mins, he made a solid save on a strike from distance. Seems like Mr.Ancelotti keeps changing his mind on who his no.1 is. A solid performance today will go a long way to cementing his spot in the starting XI, at least in the short term
  13. paokarag4

    SL–R3: OFI - PAOK (15-Sep-18, 18:15 EEST)

    Great comeback to turn that around within the half. Early days we were looking sloppy, looked much better after Biseswar equalised. He also grabbed the assist our boy Diego, the man just produces when called upon! Hopefully we go on with this and grab another couple of goals in the 2nd half @pash I think the OFI players were complaining about Paschalkias celebration and that he was egging on the crowd, just normal Greek things you know :)
  14. paokarag4

    SL–R3: OFI - PAOK (15-Sep-18, 18:15 EEST)

    Much needed goal, we have looked far from good Biseswar looks hurt after that goal, hopefully nothing too serious but seems like he's in a bit of pain
  15. paokarag4

    SL–R3: OFI - PAOK (15-Sep-18, 18:15 EEST)

    Canas has given away 3 times already in the first 20 mins and it cost us a goal. Need a lift from everyone atm