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  1. paokarag4

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Indeed it was pao. We were deducted 6 points from that seasons playoffs. I guess not technically an away game given it's considered a neutral venue
  2. Jesus Christ you'd think we were down 4-0 based on these comments. Just because you change manager doesn't mean your team automatically learns to play fluid attacking football. It wasn't pretty but we have a lead. It's what the Ethniki was best at for a decade! It can be better but so far so good imo. More goals there to take but finland have some pace up top and will be (and have been in the 1st half) dangerous on the counter
  3. Looks like Siovas is coming on to replace Manolas who hasn't shaked off his ankle injury
  4. it was kourmbeli just ran into a wall of 3 Finnish players. He hasn't looked confident on the ball in the first 10mins
  5. That chance is a good example of what can be provided when Mantalos, Pelkas and fortounis are in the same XI they can all play with the ball at their feet and are clever in the final 3rd. Obviously not being natural wide players is the downside. Mitro maybe should've done better with the early chance but on his opposite foot was always going to be difficult
  6. The tie-breaking criteria for all Uefa competitions the Nations league included is the head to head record. So us beating Finland 3-0 would give us a better head to head record and if we were to draw level with them on points on the last match day we would come first based on that record. If we were to beat them 2-0 it would get a little complicated. Basically it would come down to goal difference because we would be tied in all other tiebreaking criteria's. Which are Superior goal difference in matches played among the teams in question; Higher number of goals scored in the matches played among the teams in question; Higher number of goals scored away from home in the matches played among the teams in question;
  7. paokarag4

    NT Coaches

    For anyone interested Novasports are going stream Anastasiadis first press conference. It starts in about 25 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MTt8bX8izc
  8. paokarag4

    SL–R10: PAOK - Panaitolikos (11-Nov-18, 17:15 EET)

    Given as an own goal, it did look like one not that it matters
  9. paokarag4

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Atromitos with 2 goals in the 88th min and right on the 90 (Kolouris) have beaten AEK 0-2. A Draw would have been a great result for us but if we can take care of business tonight we'll be 9 points clear of AEK. Is Atromitos the real deal? Are they a serious contender? I think we all kind of expect them to drop off at some point like they did last season but they are a very well run club with a very good manager. After the international break they host Olympiakos, will be a huge game.
  10. paokarag4

    SL–R10: PAOK - Panaitolikos (11-Nov-18, 17:15 EET)

    Starting XI -------------Pasxalakis Kitsiou-----Varela---Crespo---Tosca --------------Canas--------Shkahov Limnios------Pelkas--------------Biseswar ---------------Prijo Bench: Rey, Khacheridi, Wernbloom, Maurico, Jaba, El Kaddouri and Akpom Not thrilled with Shakhov getting the start but I guess Maurico coming back from his injury was never going to start. That bench is on some good $$$
  11. paokarag4

    SL–R10: PAOK - Panaitolikos (11-Nov-18, 17:15 EET)

    Looks like Kitsiou will get his shot at redemption as he's been included in the squad. Karelis, Warda and Malezas left out. Ρέι , Πασχαλάκη , Τόσκα , Κίτσιου , Βαρέλα , Κρέσπο , Χατσερίδη ,Μαουρίσιο , Σάκχοφ , Βέρνμπλουμ , Κάνιας , Μπίσεσβαρ , Πέλκα , ΕλΚαντουρί , Ζαμπά , Λημνιό , Πρίγιοβιτς και Ακπόμ .
  12. Interested to see how the senior players in the squad respond to Angelos as manager. He is a very polarising person, I feel they'll either love him or hate him no in between. Hopefully it's the former and we can end the nations league on a high and go into Euro 2020 qualifying with a full head of steam.
  13. paokarag4

    EL–GS-R4: Vidi FC - PAOK (08-Nov-18, 19:55 EET)

    I was thinking the same about Lucescu's lack of European experience. But as you say we played well in the CL qualifiers but playing these sort of teams is different all together compared with your Basel's, Spartak's etc. Teams you can sit back and counter against, Vidi we had to go and break down and for whatever reason we couldn't do it over 2 games. Hell we didn't create a clear cut chance over 180 minutes.
  14. paokarag4

    EL–GS-R4: Vidi FC - PAOK (08-Nov-18, 19:55 EET)

    Big blow with no Vieirinha, we saw in the home game against Vidi Tosca just doesn't cut it as an attacking full back. If we get the first goal i think we'll be okay. If we concede first it'll be another tough night of trying to break down a stubborn defence. Might be worth considering starting Warda down the left to compensate for Tosca's lack of attacking ability, although I doubt that'll happen