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  1. paokarag4

    CL–QR2-L1: PAOK - FC Basel (24-Jul-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Biseswar being out is a big blow. I agree with you pash, this injury IMO guarantees Warda will start. Mean while the other flank is still open for the taking Jaba and Lambrou step up and show us what ya got
  2. paokarag4

    2018-2019 Pre Season Training News

    Seeing most of this game has done nothing to convince limnios should be anywhere near the starting XI. His touch is pretty poor and it's always 50-50 when the ball is passed to him if its gonna stick or not. In this 2nd half, he's had numerous 1V1's against a defender and has not beaten anyone. Still a loooong way to go before he's starting material IMO
  3. paokarag4

    2018-2019 Pre Season Training News

    I take anything a Greek journalist says as completely wrong and inaccurate, so looks like he's out for a month 😢 Seriously though, hopefully it's nothing and he's right to go for the first leg v Basel. Such an important player
  4. paokarag4

    2018-2019 Pre Season Training News

    Oh no, Varela down.... Take him off F*** this EDIT: He's just been carried off by the doctors, wasn't putting any weight on his right leg. God I hope it's nothing serious
  5. paokarag4

    Tasos Donis ‒ VfB Stuttgart

    Apparently Stuttgart rejected a 10 million euro offer from an English club for Donis. http://www.contra.gr/Columns/to-evaggelio/article5261985.ece Big season coming up for him, really needs to get some regular minutes and be a starter
  6. paokarag4

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    Could be a load of kaka pash (not the Brazilian maestro)
  7. paokarag4

    2018-2019 Pre Season Training News

    Probably not a huge worry, looked like most of the team that played was a second team/depth players. Not sure about who got subbed on I'd expect tomorrow we'd see a first team play
  8. paokarag4

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    Apparently we are locked in a battle with Olympiakos to sign Flamengo midfielder Willian Arao http://www.contra.gr/Soccer/Hellas/Superleague/metagrafes/paizei-ta-resta-toy-o-paok-gia-goyilian-tha-ta-dei-o-olympiakos.5260998.html
  9. paokarag4

    2018-2019 Pre Season Training News

    pash re that 6-7 scoreline was on penalties 😂 you golden boy you
  10. paokarag4

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    I agree with @Yiankos a good left back is key. I can't help but think Vieirinha has more to offer higher up the pitch as a winger.
  11. paokarag4

    2018-2019 Pre Season Training News

    IMO that's flawed logic if that's why Lucescu isn't going to start Khacheridi. If he has seen some things he hasn't liked, he hasn't clicked with Varela etc then fair enough. But I would've thought games against Basel is exactly the reason Khacheridi was brought in. Loads of experience played in the group stage of the Champions league, knockout stage of the Europa league. haha your boy mysta is in with as good a shot as everyone else to potentially get a start on that wing heading into the Basel games. The other three probably have a slight edge, but as you said all 3 all have their question marks. Is another alternative if El Kaddouri is fit and he slots Pelkas onto the wing? Not that I want 2 no.10's on the wings but just thinking it's maybe another way Lucescu could go if he doesn't trust Limnios/Lambrou/Jaba
  12. paokarag4

    2018-2019 Pre Season Training News

    Basically the same line-up as what we saw at the tail end of last season. Perhaps Jaba to start on the wing? I'm not a fan of Limnios (at least what I saw last season, haven't seen him play this pre-season) He has some work to do before he's starting IMO. Haven't seen much of Jaba/Lamprou but they could potentially be in the running. Another interesting thing to note, Lucescu seems to be favouring Crespo over Khacheridi despite the latter's signing being a "bam". We don't know if that will be the case come the Basel games, or the start of the league season. But for the moment, for whatever reason he's favouring the old firm
  13. paokarag4

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    Yep a little surprised with Henrique. He has bucket loads of attacking talent but he seems to lack the all round side to his game, doesn't play in a system well/track back. I guess this is further proven by the type of teams he has gone to/is about to off head to on loan.
  14. paokarag4

    2018-2019 Pre Season Training News

    Agree Jaba has looked solid, hasn't tried to over do it and is playing the easy pass which at times is the best option. He also seems to have some nice touches EDIT: WOW! what a run and finish by Jaba! beat 3 players, very well done. 1-0
  15. paokarag4

    2018-2019 Pre Season Training News

    Seems El Kaddouri felt some pain in the warm-up and he won't take any part today. Pelkas has taken his place