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  1. Geez is that 4 serious knee injuries in just over a year? Mauricio, Vieirinha, Jaba and now Augousto? Don't know if it's bad luck or we are doing something wrong, I guess with knee injuries it's mainly luck. And given 3 of them (I think) happened during games and away from home, I guess there's not much you can do about what type of condition oppositions pitches are in.
  2. Damn it's been so long I completely forgot about all the suspensions to most of our back 4. Gonna be tough no doubt, taking into consideration both teams are coming out of isolation who knows what type of performances will be put in.
  3. Based on how JVS has spoken in recent times I'd say it's looking unlikely they'll return, Sokratis especially given his age. Those 2 lads clearly have egos, not something foreign particularly in Greek football and the Ethniki. Now whether they change their ways and buy into what the NT is trying to build I don't know, I think Manolas is more likely given his age but then again he may just think it's not worth the hassle. It seems quite a few of the public in Greece have turned on them, and have linked our improved performances of late with their absence. Where there is smoke there's fire, they clearly where causing issues but at the same time no one can deny they are quality players who would be welcomed back with open arms if there was an attitude improvement. Unfortunately football isn't about just turning up, playing and going home. There is dynamics in the locker room, team morale senior players with a grudge can potentially poisoning younger generations. As much as I'd like to see it, I can't see them coming back anytime soon.
  4. Siovas has definitely been called up the last few times, he didn't play in the last matches v Armenia and Finland but he was in the squad. He played against Italy back in October. I do agree though, Stafylidis isn't a CB he was exposed against at best average opposition in Finland, I think we can get away with him there against the Armenia's of the world. The only thing that gives me some optimism that JVS knows this is that against Italy (quality opposition) he went with two traditional center backs Siovas and Xatzidiakos. COVID19 will probably mean Xatzidiakos doesn't miss any NT matches and is back to full fitness whenever international football returns.
  5. Wernbloom came on a free transfer. Jaba I think is the record at around a rumoured 4 mil, I've read different things, some say 3 or so and it can go up to 5 with bonuses. Other reports say it was 5 million upfront, I suspect the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Prijovic was by far our most expensive player sold, he went for 10 million. Although we've recently gone to FIFA as Al-Ittihad haven't payed all the installments.
  6. Our under 17's goalkeeper Nikos Botis looks like he's on his way to Inter Milan youth teams. We will retain 20% of his resale value. Good on the kid for getting a move to a big club at such a young age wish him all the best for his career if the move does go through. https://www.sport24.gr/football/omades/Paok/paok-provarei-th-fanela-ths-inter-o-mpoths.5711467.html
  7. It was always going to be messy one way or another. I heard that the French football federation have a rule in place where by if the season cannot be finished for whatever reason the table stands as is. If that is indeed the case then Lyon and co aren't going to have much luck with their lawsuits.
  8. https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/SuperLeague/super-league-1-xamos-sthn-thlediaskepsh-me-marinakh-kai-gkagkatsh.5705353.html Seems like big old Vangeli was beating his chest via video link today calling for our "Russian" owner to be chased out of Greek football. But seriously though how many monitors did they have to set up to get him on screen? BUT SERIOUSLY NOW It's honestly a disgrace, how both clubs act towards each other. It's embarrassing and try explaining to anyone who comes from a civilized country that people behaving like this actually hold positions of power in Greek football. Olympiacos is very transparent and child like in what they are trying to do here, I would be legit curious how many of their fans are on board with them kicking and screaming their way to CAS to get us relegated.
  9. The voting on social media was done to narrow down the nominations to 3 finalists per position it seems. So now you can cast your vote for each position. 3 finalists for the goalkeeper are Glykos, Kresic and Paschalakis https://www.paokfc.gr/nea/20200427-decade-all-stars-2010-20-goalkeeper/ And right back finalists are Matos, Sznauncer and Kitsiou https://www.paokfc.gr/nea/20200428-decade-all-stars-2010-20-right-back-poll/
  10. Is there any possible way that could actually happen? There is no precedent to do this and it is Greece after all. Meanwhile here we wait for all those trails to finish involving Olympiacos. (Pre Covid-19) This thing was decided in no time, by Greek standards.
  11. Interview JVS did with Portuguese newspaper A Bola. He covers a ranger of topics, including his playing career, Coronavirus (obviously), the system he likes to play with the Ethinki as well as discussing Vlaxodimos and Samaris. https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/fan-sip-na-meinw-kairo-sthn-ethnikh-kai-na-afhsw-klhronomia.5701824.html
  12. Bit of fun since there is no football on at the moment and the world is a little depressing. PAOK are running a vote for our best 11 over the last ten years (2010-2020) They have nominees in every position and the way you vote is by jumping on the social media accounts and commenting who you think should be in the eleven. https://www.paokfc.gr/nea/20200411-paok-fc-decade-all-stars/ My XI: ------------------Paschalakis------------------ Matos-----------Varela-----------Crespo------Lino --------------Pablo Garcia------Misic------- Vierinha--------Ivic----------Bieseswar ------------------Prijovic------------ I think it's completely debatable that Contrears gets in at center back, he was a star. I just think that it's hard to break up the Varela-Crespo combo given they anchored our defense during the record breaking season. Biseswar I would rather play as a dekari given he played some quality football there, but he's listed as a left winger. Despite his poor season he's been very good for three years prior. Some might disagree with Ivic but IMO he was a silky player, very good on the ball with a high football IQ. Very good player in a very good PAOK team. To boot the other options at CAM don't exactly inspire me, but that's just my opinion. P.s: Blackhawk if this is better off in another topic rather than a stand alone please feel free to merge it
  13. I would take him back in a heartbeat. But as you say pash, I can't see it happening. By all reports he's been good in Belgium, no reason why another team from there wouldn't pick him up particularly on a free transfer.
  14. I too am a fan of this system. The only issue I have, as I've mentioned before is that it dilutes the derbies. I feel like initially people were opposed to it because the word play-offs implies something to similar to the old play-offs we had. But IMO it's the best system for Greece, 16 teams is too many. Crowds are far too small our teams simply aren't strong enough to carry 16 or more teams in the Superleague in the long term
  15. I'm saying I have no problem with it. These are unprecedented times and it's honestly not going to bother me that we weren't given the chance to run Olympiacos down, I don't think we would be able to anyway. There is no right or wrong here, I'm just saying if that is what happens I won't be one of the fans saying they didn't deserve the title or PAOK was robbed of a chance to reel in their lead.
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