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  1. Since it might be a while until we see the Ethniki (or any football for that matter) thought some of you guys might enjoy this. I didn't know if there was a better topic to post it in, but it's a friendly of sorts between Samaris and Bakasetas
  2. I think El Kaddouri still has one year left on his contract after this season, I maybe wrong though. I don't think we need to get rid of Jaba, we invested a fair bit of money into him it's far too soon to cut our losses and sell him for cheap. He's only 21, and considering he had a solid enough season last season there is enough there to suggest he can be a good player for us. A poor start to this season and then an injury shouldn't mean we ship him off. Shipping off Wernbloom, Stoch and Mauricio (unless he takes a massive pay cut) will free up plenty of cash. Plus the potential sales of Limnios or Giannoulis (I'd try to keep one if possible)
  3. I can't see everything being void. Too many ramifications for relegation/promotion and of course European spots and the champion. I guess the same teams would be going into Europe as last season (only OFI instead of Atromitos would be different, PAO are still banned from Europe I believe) Crazy times and there is no precedent. This is a problem all over European football and world sport, there is no right or wrong but I just can't see leagues turning around and saying let's act like this season never happened. Obviously their priority is to get back and finish off the games somehow, if that can't happen they'll have to end the season as is and the table remains. There's going to be backlash either way, especially in Greece.
  4. Really hope Vryzas isn't the man to replace Branco, if he is we're just going round and round in circles. We had takes a step in the right direction appointing guys like Arnesen, Lubos and now Branco. Although they had varying levels of success they had connections in the European market and a decent reputation where they could pull some half decent players across. I do agree though our squad needs a big upgrade, everyone has aged and this was evident from last year. I think if Lucescu had stayed we would have been in the mix for the title (not that we weren't up until the last few matchdays, but I think we probably would've lead for much of the season) Razvan got 2 very good seasons out of this squad, he would've squeezed a third IMO. Abel was trying to teach players upwards of 30 a new style and system to play it was always going to be tough.
  5. I actually like this format of the playoffs. In a country like Greece I think it's the right away to go, 36 game season without having 18-20 team in the league which isn't viable for Greece. Play everyone twice then divide the league, makes it tougher to win the title as you play the other top 6 teams again. The only thing that I probably don't like about it, is that it dilutes derbies. Instead of 2 Olympiacos V PAOK we get 4, by the time we get around to game 3/4 it's lost it's edge a little. Obviously broadcasters won't care, as the derbies are the games that pull in the biggest tv audiences.
  6. My position has always been if we've done something wrong punish us. It appears we have been found of some wrong doing so no issues with a punishment being handed out. My issue is, and it's already been mentioned is that the only information and evidence being provided is by Olympiacos media. I read the "unaffiliated" sites and there appears to be nothing concrete. Anyway I'm not a gavro I'm not going to sit here and scream and shout that my team is innocent and it's all a conspiracy against us. We've done something wrong, we can appeal to EPO (I think) and then CAS. If the club believe the punishment is harsh or we are innocent then fine let's appeal it. My only hope is that in future all legal proceedings in Greece are dealt with in this type of time frame and this type of efficiency. Like the ones were Marinakis is charged with corruption and drug trafficking charges (or have those ones been dropped already because the evidence was misplaced? ) But I won't hold my breath.
  7. Season comes down to this IMO. The league is over, we aren't making up 7 points I think even the most passionate PAOK fan can see that. Need a good result here to go to Karaiskakis with a fighting chance. It's going to be tough, they are a good team as we know. Our form is poor (We never really set the world alight this season) not to mention our issue at the heart of our defense. I think Mihaj is the logical choice as he has some senior experience in the Super league and is actually a center back. Who ever gets the nod is being thrown under the bus, either it will be someone playing out of position (Matos) or someone who has hardly seen the pitch this season (Mihaj/Michalidis) If we manage to keep a clean sheet it will be a minor miracle.
  8. Really doesn't seem that long ago we were sitting around 12th-13th. Very important result today, hopefully Olympiacos continues on for the sake of our ranking.
  9. The Netherlands friendly has been confirmed, JVS no doubt using his connections to get us a good test against a very good team. https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/ethnikh-spoydaio-filiko-ton-maio-me-ollandia.5683474.html
  10. I know it appears so, but apparently there is a rule that has been brought in where players can not serve their card bans in the last 2 matches of the season. It forces everyone to sit out this match and be able to play the last 2 not sure if the logic is to stop this type of funny business but it's what I heard on radio. The rule is kind of flawed given we have playoffs and an extra 10 games coming up so not sure why it matters so much. EDIT: Blackhawk provided this quote in another thread explaining it a little better. Πειθαρχικός Κώδικας άρθρο 7, παρ. 4δ «Οι ομάδες δεν έχουν δικαίωμα να δηλώσουν προς έκτιση ποινής τις δύο τελευταίες αγωνιστικές ημέρες του πρωταθλήματος καθώς και τους αγώνες κατάταξης που ακολουθούν (play off, play out)»
  11. I feel we're in for a bumpy ride, I don't think this will be straight forward at all. I do believe we have a goal in us but Panathinaikos will be brimming with confidence given what they did to us at OAKA just a week ago. I feel from kick off they will be pressing and harassing us like crazy. Crowd will be right behind and if they score first it's well and truly going to be on. Keep our heads and when we win the ball we need to be smart, move it quickly to not allow them to press us and exploit the space that PAO will leave as they chase goals. It goes without saying the first goal of the game is crucial.
  12. We aren't the only country going with foreign refs, seems Benfica is having a bit of a Greek moment. https://www.sport24.gr/football/Portugal/h-mpenfika-zhthse-ksenoys-diaithtes-sto-prwtathlhma.5680440.html
  13. Bit of analysis on his year so far, with input from his manager. https://www.sport24.gr/Files/tasos-mpakasetas-etoimos-gia-ektokseysh-kai-pio-plhrhs-apo-pote.5679481.html
  14. I agree, the rule is a joke I haven't heard of another league in the world where you can choose who your suspended against. Edit: Squad announced Pelkas left out, seems he has a knock nothing major. El Kaddouri back for the first time in 2020. Interesting to see if Ferreira goes with Vierinha at full-back or on the wing. Πασχαλάκης , Ζίβκοβιτς , Μάτος , Ροντρίγκο , Βαρέλα , Ίνγκασον , Μιχάι , Γιαννούλης , Βιεϊρίνια , Αουγκούστο , Μαουρίσιο , Μίσιτς , Εσίτι , ΕλΚαντουρί , Μπίσεσβαρ , Λάμπρου , Λημνιός , Σφιντέρσκι , Άκπομ
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