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  1. We are being linked with Fabio Coentrao, the Portuguese left back formerly of Real Madrid. He is 31 now and a free agent, He obviously used to be a good player, not sure how he goes these days. He played 21 times for Rio Ave last season in Portugal so you have to figure that Ferreira has a good idea of what shape he's in.
  2. Mantalos and Pelkas provide some depth as a dekari, but they don't have the quality of Fortounis. What little hopes we had of turning around this qualifying campaign just took another blow.
  3. The current when is yet to be fired, EPO either taking their time trying to find a manager that fits their cheap budget or are going to stick Angelo
  4. Very disappointing by Stefano. Watched some of the match, he was quite poor, struggled to return Fabbiano's serve. Fabbiano is very short and his serve is quite slow by ATP standards so it was puzzling. He's had a poor month on grass, not sure why, it should be one of his better surfaces. He still needs consistency, still work to do. As you said Dutch, he'll drop a few places since he was defending points from the 4th round last year. Hopefully Maria can go on a run, her side of the draw is quite open.
  5. I guess it's good we got our first choice. 2 full seasons at Braga he finished 4th both seasons with them. Solid result. His first season in charge he managed to get Braga to the round of 32 in the Europa league before being knocked out by Marseille (who made the final that season) This season they were bundled out in the the third qualifying round. He's young, which is a positive, won't be a dinosaur set in his ways. All in all it's a big ask, taking over a ready made squad that's already signed 4 or so players this transfer window, walking into a pre-season that you've had no say in designing, and Champions league qualifiers just 6 weeks away. We do have a lot of friendlies, hopefully they are enough and he gets to know the squad over the next month and a half.
  6. Wow, I'm shocked. The last thing I expected find out waking up this morning. First of all thank you to Razvan, he came and proved many of us (myself included) wrong. He got to us to the top of Greek football again something we had only dreamed of for so many years. Because of the season he just had, he'll forever be a PAOK legend, so thank you Razvan for that you've been fantastic. As for the timing of this, he really has F***ed us here. 2 days out from leaving for Holland the whole pre-season has been planned around him and his assistants now they're gone. Whoever takes over is going to be up against it from day one, taking over a preseason he's had no control of organizing. Trying to get a squad onside who, may or may not be sh1tty about their championship winning coach walking out. What had helped us be successful over the past 2 seasons was continuity, the core of the squad was the same for 3 seasons and the coach for 2, we saw the results. Hopefully this doesn't take us back to the days of a coaching merry-go-round. PAE are in a tough spot now, Lucescu really has left us with sh1te in our lap
  7. Mihaj and Meliopoulos have officially been announced by the club, both on 4 year contracts. Interesting to see whether they are part of the squad for the upcoming season or if they are loaned out. Can see Mihaj being the 4th choice center back now that Malezas, Chatziisais and Mihojevic are on their way out. Meliopoulos will probably depend on how many players we sign for central midfield.
  8. Yep, apparently Standard Liege tried to re-negotiate his wage at the last minute and the transfer, for now at least has hit the skids. There's a good chance he'll be reporting for the first day of pre-season on Wednesday
  9. Football has changed. You can no longer just sit deep and counter those days are gone. Teams like Armenia press high up the pitch and make it hard for you to move the ball from the back. How many turnovers did we see in the first 20 mins of the game? We move the ball slowly anyway, so the Armenian press made it near impossible for us to get out of our own half at times. It's like the Greek players had never seen a press before. Greece had done something similar to the Italians at times before we went 1-0 down and then it all feel apart (ironically we were left so open because we had pressed so high and won the ball back in a dangerous spot) I will agree it is strange we look so openly defensively, teams just cut through us. Probably a little tactical, midfield not shielding the defense adequately and perhaps the players trying to get a certain manager fired.
  10. It feels like this Silva saga has gone on forever. I believe the sticking point was between him and PAOK over the personal terms of his contract ($$) as apparently we had agreed to a fee with Akhmat Grozny for a while. Also perhaps, unsurprisingly Olivieria is staying put at Porto and won't be part of our squad for the next season. Maybe that was also holding up the Silva deal, they were waiting for official word on Olivieria
  11. I read it's going to be a free transfer.
  12. EPO took a risk on a journey man of a coach who tactically wasn't up to the level 4-5 years ago when he was at the helm at PAOK. He has a history of clashing with personalities and it's happened again. He has to go, even if EPO back him in and leave Sokratis and Manolas out he's lost the dressing room now. Those players are huge in the dressing rooms, they have all their teammates ears. Sacking him won't help us qualify though, it's just about done. Need a minor miracle from here. Who ever comes in must be someone who is respected by the players and won't lose them at the first hurdle (easier said than done) Not like there's going to be a cue of quality coaches waiting to take over this job.
  13. @Alphonse It's very frustrating. Multiple people were calling out for weeks here about Zeca staying in the middle. It's simple best players stay in their strongest positions. I'm not gonna play Manolas as a striker and Sokratis as a winger.
  14. Many good points stated. I'll add one thing, all you fifa warriors who scream and cry for 5 at the back, we've seen the result across two games. We don't have wing backs and midfielders to play this system, just because we have 3 good center backs doesn't mean we should shoe horn them all into the same 11. The system and tactics were clearly wrong. I'll just clarify too, those saying we need a big win against Armenia are wrong. UEFA competitions has always used head to head record as their main tie-breaker. So we could have lost 10-0 to Italy and it wouldn't really matter unless we end up tied for points with them. Beat Armenia with half a goal who cares, just win. I live in constant fear of a player mutiny especially after a result like that and if that's the case they roll over in the game against Armenia and bye-bye Euro 2020
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