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  1. His set piece deliveries were very good, not that it was a secret it was all over his highlights.
  2. The goal was it was, a quick player had half the field to work with, he beat our CB's for pace it happens. Manolas has clocked the quickest speed in Serie A, the other player was just express quick and finished well. He is one of a few players who play at a decent level in the Liechtenstein squad in the Swiss league with Thun. When you don't bury your chances you leave yourself open to counters that may cost you. Still no excuse but on another day we are 3-0 up and that counter probably never happens and if it does we win 3-1. There are issues no doubt, the good thing is it seems Van't Schip is going to stick around and be given the opportunity to lead us into qualifying next year let's see what he can do and if he's backed by the players, that's the key. They are the ones who call the shots in Greece.
  3. Our players have a serious problem with being pressed. It's unbelievable, it's like they've never experienced it before. Like they've been pulled out of another footballing era and dropped into the modern game. I find it staggering that they expect to be given 5 seconds to control the ball, take a breath, have a look before they turn and then FINALLY turn. It was an issue that we struggled with and cost us against Armenia and we struggled again last night. I expect us to be too good for Liechtenstein regardless of if they press or not but it's something that needs to be addressed moving forward. Although I'm not sure it's something that can necessarily be improved once players reach senior international level.
  4. I think it's fair to say if Fortounis and Donis are playing we probably win that game. Fortounis obviously out of our control but I can't agree with the logic of not calling up Donis. He isn't fit? Neither is Torosidis, they both have played the same mins this seasons a big fat zero. The difference is we sorely lack creativity and especially with Fortounis injured you don't leave Donis out. Hopefully we batter Liechtenstein and Van Schipt is given the rest of this campaign and leads us into World cup 2022 qualifying. Any slip up there and there ever revolving door of managers will likely continue.
  5. Mantalos is far more technically better than Pelkas. Pelkas brings energy and in space he can be dangerous. But he's a classic inbetween player, not quite a dekari, not quite a striker, not a winger. No problems with Mantalos starting at the 10 with Fortounis injured.
  6. Yep he's been struggling since Wimbledon. Rublev is no slouch and was considered one of the up and coming starts a few years back, not sure if injuries have gotten him or what but he has dropped over the last year or 2. Regardless it was a close match
  7. Bananas stop being so Greek and arguing! Next time we should bend down and kiss the feet of our Dutch opponents, they are Dutch after all! Is there anything more honorable than playing against a Dutch giant like Ajax? They can do no wrong! They are Dutch after all! The Dutch have the greatest moral compass in the world and play the best football in the world! I didn't realise the Dutch were so insecure but our Dutch friend here showed me that all Dutch people are whinny little babies who for some reason need their ego stroked. I thought the Dutch were honorable especially the Dutch of Ajax given they've taken a great Greek warrior's name!!
  8. Greek football is well and truly back, VAR solves nothing and a coach has already been sacked
  9. Ahhhh we want to start the D1111ck measuring contest? I'm down! How cold was is at -23 last season Alphonse?
  10. Add Zeljko Kalac for goalkeeper coach kai figame gia Euro 2020
  11. Williem currently leading Fortuna Sittard 3-2 in the 70th min. Pavlidis with 2 of the goals, Vrousai with the other. I would be very surprised if he isn't called up by Van't Schip
  12. LOL talk about not very bright, Greeks as an ethnic group absolutely can be racially discriminated against. What was his joke? @hminkema Illuminate me as to how it was a joke and how you can dictate what people perceive as racist or not.
  13. Let me just clarify all my ref bashing. I think the first 2 pens are fair enough, a different ref might not give the 2nd one (Biseswar handball) but that's football. The third one I feel is harsh, after watching the replays I think it's given on Crespo for pulling at Hunteelar and not on Matos. Now that happens 40 times a game, most of the time it goes unwhistled. Beyond the penalties he did not give one 50-50 our way, everything was going Ajax's way. This builds frustration as the game goes on players are scared to make a challenge because everytime you breathe on Tadic he's rolling around and wins the foul. Anytime an Ajax player hit the deck he would give a foul, but he wasn't giving those both ways, zero consistency in his decisions and he clearly favoured the bigger team in these moments. Yet to see a replay of the last passage of play where we were appealing for the handball on the edge of the box, from what I understand Dutch TV didn't show a replay during the coverage. Curious to see if it was or wasn't.
  14. I'd love to see Ajax in the Europa League group stage. Better yet I hope UEFA send Mr.Pawson to ref a game at Toumba. I'm sure he'll be welcomed with open arms 😊
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