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  1. Warda is off to the Africa cup of nations with Egypt, hopefully he has a decent showing and we can net some good $ for him
  2. A draw would be a fantastic result. Italy are the heavyweights in the group, you don't go into the games with them expecting to get anything, if you can pick up any points it's a bonus. The other 8 games are where qualification will be won and lost. In saying that it doesn't mean we go into the game and roll over, we can get a result off them but we're going to need huge performances from our big name players. Sokratis, Manolas, Fortounis are the 3 you look to in this game to provide leadership and lead you to a positive result. Nothing to lose v Italy, a draw or heck even a win would be amazing but the Armenia game a few days later is the one we can't afford to drop points.
  3. Samaris has finally renewed his contract with Benfica which was expiring at the end of this season. He has signed a 4 year extension, pretty big showing of faith from Benfica giving such a long contract to a player who turns 30 next month. Well done to Samaris for turning his season around and becoming an undisputed starter in the 2nd half of the season in Benfica's charge to the title. They are one game away from clinching it, 2 points clear of Porto with one match to go. https://www.to10.gr/podosfero/europe/634372/episimo-mechri-2023-stin-benfika-o-samaris/
  4. Interesting to see with Bakakis injured and Toro not called up who will get the nod that at right back. Valerianos/Kotsiras haven't been capped and are mid 20's never called up to the ethniki before now (March for Valerianos) Mavrias maybe given the nod, I guess it's something that will be tested in the friendlies beforehand. Sokratis has played right back in the past, perhaps against Italy to be conservative that will be the go, with Manolas partnering Siovas at center back. We will see. Bit of statement of Anastasiadis as well not calling up Torosidis, the "captain" leader, you can see he is a personality in the dressing room. Unless there is an injury we don't know about then I'm guessing he's saying I don't care who you are, if you aren't playing for your club no call up. Hopefully if that's the case it doesn't rock the boat too much and upset some of the senior players. Unfortunately these are the types of things you need to consider when speaking about the Ethniki and Greek football in general.
  5. A goal and assist for him overnight in Stuttgart's 3-0 win over Wolfsburg. The result means with one match to play Stuttgart have avoided automatic relegation and are heading to the relegation play-off against 3rd from Bundesliga 2. He's hit some form at the right time of the season, hopefully he plays a big part in keeping them in the Bundesliga and comes into the key matches for the Ethniki in this form
  6. Amazing, historic season. Well done to everyone players, coaches and heck even the fans for not shooting ourselves in the foot again! We've dreamed about this season for many years and we've finally lived it, Bravo Paokara!!! Extended highlights from old mate mike loupnikis!
  7. No friendlies have been confirmed, it was reported that Angelo wanted to play a few warm up games between the final matchday of the Super league and the game with Italy, as there is 4 weeks in between. Who knows with EPO, we might get one friendly, or 3 or none. We'll have to wait and see.
  8. I'm afraid pash I'm gonna have to fight you up real good after that comment. The reason Biseswar form has dropped off in the last few games is because he's been pushed back out to the wing to accommodate Pelkas. Biseswar offers more as a 10 than Pelkas, just my opinion of course.
  9. Left back is an interesting debate, does he go with the more defensively solid Tosca or the more attacking Giannoulis. I tend to be on the side of caution especially in the a final and I'd be going with Tosca. No way I'd be breaking up Varela-Crespo combo, we lose in 2 positions if Crespo plays at left back. Another mistake IMO would be not playing Biseswar as a dekari. We saw our 2nd half of the season how good we were with him pulling the strings. You want to fit Pelkas in so bad stick him on the wing and let Diego have free run of the pitch playing behind Akpom. Otherwise I'd be starting Limnios and Jaba on the wings.
  10. Panathiniakos of the 63-64 are the only other undefeated team in Greek football history. They won it with a record of 24 wins and 6 draws, compared to our record of 26 wins and 4 draws this season.
  11. I wouldn't say meaningless, it would be special to win the title undefeated becoming only the 2nd team in Greek football history to do so. Something Olympiakos has never managed to do.
  12. The Portuguese press are linking Sporting Lisbon with a move for Lamprou. I for one am excited to see what he has to offer when he returns, he's had a very good season in Holland. I think he only has one year left on his contract after this season so hopefully he is willing to resign and becomes a key part of our squad. https://www.sport24.gr/football/omades/Paok/h-sportingk-afhse-ton-ponse-kai-ekane-prwtoselido-ton-lamproy.5503846.html
  13. OMG if that line isn't one of the the most over used in Greek football transfer rumours I don't know what is.. "βαρυ βιογραφικο" Hopefully it's true and in the Savvidis era it very well could be, but all these fan run sites and insta accounts are just copying each other. They all have the goss but can't reveal the name, it's top notch journalism
  14. So nothing decided in the meeting?? Hahaha what an actual country we have. Apparently there will be another meeting monday.. MONDAY... 5 days before kickoff we won't have a venue, VAR or no VAR and fans or no fans. Axxxx Elladastan
  15. At least he won a league title this season!!
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