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  1. El Kaddouri in for Mauricio... I think Lamprou for Bise will be the last sub
  2. That would make it better, BUT I would prefer going into the playoffs the standalone points leader so we dont' hear about how Savvidis manufactured the playoff system again because he knew we couldn't beat them in the regular season...or some of te other nonsense that comes from the south side.
  3. My preferred lineup would be: --------------------------Paschalakis------------------------ --Matos------Ingason------Varella-----Gianoulis-- ---------------Misic--------------Mauricio------------------- Limnios----------------Pelkas-------------Vieirinha --------------------------Akpom-------------------------------
  4. If we can't win this match, we don't deserve a Championship this year.
  5. Lamia up 0-1 in Karaiskaki....Oly needs two to advance.
  6. I agree....I think we'll see Swinterski and Lamprou come on fairly early. You have to think the coach wants to ride the momentum of those 2 players.
  7. Benching Swinterski seems like a bad choice....this is a good game to potentially help boost his confidence even more.
  8. My koumbaro who is an Aris fan didn't call me for Christmas, New Years or his Goddaughters birthday this year. But he DID call when Aris beat PAOK. That's the biggest holiday for a skouliki.
  9. ...just when I thought we were friends. Well, I guess I'll be the bigger person (In character...physically you got me by a lot) and wish you a great Christmas and a New Year full of happiness and prosperity, and more ill feelings about some imaginary attack I made on you.
  10. I kinda home we are 1 or 2 points being OSFP at the end of the season, and then take the Championship in the playoffs. That way they'll get rid of them again, lol.
  11. Do we know what the structure of the playoffs will be?
  12. I think he'll start El Kaddouri over Stoch, and then sub him out fairly early. I don't know what it is about the guy, but coaches love him. Lucescu and Ferreira both seemed to prefer him. He's had some great games, but he is super inconsistent
  13. I think it's $5M Euros for Esiti & Douglas combined
  14. The way Jaba has been playing, I'm surprised we don't give Jaba and money to Sporting. Jaba + $1M + Year supply of Bougatsa
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