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  1. Some sites even reporting its a done deal (regarding Stoch)
  2. As long as they get to training camp on time, I don't care honestly....just the non stop reports are starting to get annoying.
  3. All the outgoing players are pretty much done deals (Koulouris, El Kaddouri, Canas, Sakhov) but there's no incoming. All we see every day is The BAM is coming, the BAM is coming!!! ......and no BAM
  4. I think we keep 30% of resale rights.
  5. Charisis just signed with Atromitos...not sure the terms
  6. IS there any talent in the midfield position in the academies that may also get called up?
  7. So as of right now we have (correct me if Im wrong): ---------------------------------------------------------Akpom/Swiderski-------------------------------------------------------- Lambrou/Henrique---------------------------Biseswar/Pelkas-----------------------------------Limnios/Jaba ----------------------------------------------Mauricio/Misic----------Wernbloom/Canas-------------------------------- Giannoulis/Vieirinha-----------Ingason/Crespo---------Varella----------------------------------Matos/Soares -------------------------------------------------------------------Paschalakis------------------------------------------------------------ As far as necessities I'd say we need another CB, 2 midfielders (of top quality) and dump Misic and Canas (Sale or Loadns), A striker, but only if he's of top quality, and that's it really. Maybe another winger but, again, only if it's a top quality that much better than who we currently have.
  8. PAOK TV just released the highlight reel for Lambrou.... The kid is GOOD. He plays LW, but can also play on the right. He has speed, dribble, a great header and good crosses. I think him and Jaba with Akpom up front and Biseswar or Pelkas in the 10 position are gonna terrorize defenses next season. If we DO get 2 top shelf midfielders I think we'll be in really good shape. Hopefully Mauricio is in good form next season, and it seems Wernbloom is on the fast track back, but with his age and type of injury, I wouldn't count on his finishing a season without significant time lost to re-injuries. We need 2 BAM quality signings at midfield.
  9. I think Giannouli's showed great potential, and knowing he's most likely to start, he can get heavy reps in pre season. Also, let's not forget Ingason....he's a solid player I think and again, with a full preseason workout he can easily slide into a starting postion and move Crespo over to LB which has been done numerous times. If we have 3 solid midfielders, it may take some of the pressure off the LB position from being too involved offensively. Also, I thing I read that our new signing Soares has played LB in addition to his traditional RB position. These are all things that will be worked out in training.
  10. Jaba isn't a lock...especially after his performances in the 2nd half of the season. Extremely unimpressive.
  11. Oliveira didn't show anything to justify the price tag. I think Players like Sakhov and Canas should be deep bench players if we want to improve our quality. Misic and Wernbloom we barely even saw anything from them due to injury and the fact that Oliveira came in so there were so many options. I wouldn't be going into any European games with great confidence with our current squad. We need improvements and fast. Varella earned his name BEAST in the LEague, but in European games against quality competition he was anything but. I think Ingasson will surprise us this year as well. Koulouris proved he can be a killer in the league/cup matches but lets not forget that he is a Prijo style player where the entire team has to work for him to get goals....unlike Akpom and even Swidersi, to a degree, who has a much better dribble/control/awareness on the pitch. We need a RB of European caliber, Matos is just not it anymore. He was a great player and can still contribute a lot in the League, but he's not cut out for CL of EL matches anymore. Jaba shows signs of greatness early on in the season but quickly fizzled out in the 2nd half.
  12. Ismael Silva seems to be a done deal according to multiple reports
  13. Documentary about Akpom, pretty good watch:
  14. Word on the street is that they're going to pretty much be seeling every . young talent on the squad to much bigger clubs.l . Hopefully we catch them while they are in shambles.
  15. Wernbloom will be 33 this June, and coming off a significant injury...I would curb my expectations of what we'll get out of him. Most likely another injury, and see ya later.
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