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  1. I have a feeling he'll see some time this week. Jaba has been awful...there's really no excuse at this point.
  2. Luck is for the games against AJAX, Benfica, etc. There should be no luck involved in matches like yesterday and last week. You're the better team, go win the match. PERIOD. Watching the match yesterday, everyone just seemed so out of position. This 4-4-2 experiment is just not working. We don't have the players for that system.
  3. I think Misic and Swiderski should get the start over El KAddouri and PElkas from now on.
  4. Douglas is hurt...basically playing with a man down...no subs left
  5. The whole philosophy of Qualify for Groups THEN we'll spend the big money has bit us in the a$$ 3 years in a row now.
  6. Lampros isn't on the bench....Stoch couldn't be any worse than Pelkas, and would at least get Bise in a better position.
  7. PElkas out, put stoch in....get biseswar in his position.
  8. Well....it's been fun. I don't see us scoring 3 with the parked bus.
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