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  1. Warda just posted another video of himself in Toumba, in practice uniform playing around. What IS the actual situation with him? I think he's a great player who could definitely play a role on our team this year, but we all know his personal issues and general bad attitude. The funny thing is, he seems to be very liked by teammates, it's just his attitude towards coaches....I don't know. How many chances can you give him and expect different results. A Shame.
  2. Natkho signed with Partizan. Strange journey his career has taken the last few years.
  3. That's where the problem lies. This WASN'T a match of important to UEFA. It was supposed to be an open and shut match. AJAX was supposed to mop the floor with us, and be done. They didn't really factor in the fact that we were bringing the big dick energy...and weren't going to lay down.
  4. Any idea where I might be able to stream from my phone?
  5. I think we need to come out aggressive. Playing from behind would be near impossible. We need to score first and score early.
  6. If Pelkas and Bise are both out, then who will organize the offense?
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing Biseswar coming on in the 60th minute for Limnios. But I think it's a mistake to keep Pelkas out. I can't see having Augustou playing for either El Kaddouri or Esiti to start.
  8. Early reports are the Ferreira is testing Limnios instead of Biseswar, and Swiderski in the starting lineup. I assume in Pelkas place. Not sure about these moves if true.
  9. Hopefully, they take those mistakes, and let it light a fire in them for the away match. We are usually much better away than home. The key will be for us to score early....if we have to play from behind, it'll be the end of it.
  10. I'm going to burn a copy on DVD, so in 20 years, when I can save money on Viagra, and just watch this. BTW Varella LOVES the word MOTHERF*****R
  11. I have a good feeling about this match. I think the coach has done his homework, and the players are ready to execute. Most of the players on the fields are already familiar with each other and have the memory of being knocked out by Benfica last year. Unfortunately, AJAX is keeping all it's star players for now, and no sale will be finalized until after our matches (from the looks of things), so they are definitely going to fight hard. Should be a great match, hopefully we keep a clean sheet, and maybe squeeze in a goal or two.
  12. I think the lineup should be: -----------------------Akpom-----Pelkas----------------------- Biseswar-------El Khaddouri---Esiti-------------Jaba Giannoulis-------Crespo-------Varella----------Matos ---------------------------Paschalakis--------------------------- I can't imagine it being anything else, unless he decides to go with Limnion instead of Jaba
  13. If we go on to group stages they should renew him, make the buy-out 20 Million and then have the option of taking less. Is there a formula to how much a player has to get paid in relation with his buyout clause? I imagine you can't pay a player 200K a year and set hit buyout to 10 million.
  14. Who knows....either way, if they meet the price, it's out of our hands but, like you mentioned, probably just smoke.
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