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  1. We should have taken Klaus on a 1 day loan from PAS so he can celebrate as well (Obviously I know that's not possible)...He may have lost his form and not be fit for PAOK anymore, but he IS PAOK for sure.
  2. Crespo and Paschalakis are due for goals....lol
  3. I'd probably start with Sakhova and Oliveira and then get Misic on early if possible. That guy looks promising and should be getting some time.
  4. His buyout is $20 million (IIRC) .... if he's gone and that money gets reinvested EARLY. I mean the day tranfser window opens, then it'll be good.
  5. I think we're solid in the striker position. Akpom and Swidersky are really good. Not to mention we have so many other guys ppicking up the slack. I don't see us having much trouble in this match.
  6. The article states that the results so far in Super LEague will count though.
  7. Not sure having jaba and biseswar in there is a good move...time will tell.
  8. Just due to injury....I'd rather he get rest. I think Limnios is more than capable of getting the job done.
  9. My lineup: ----------------------Paschalakis---------------------- Matos-----Varella-----Crespo-----Vieirinha ----------------Mauricio-----Sakhov---------------- Limnios------------Oliveira------------Henrique ---------------------------Akpom------------------------- A few days ago there was an interview with Pacha and Vieirinha and Adelino joked about wanting to be put on as a winger....I thing Giannoulis is more than capable of taking on LB, and moving Vieirinha up. I'm not sure this is the match we want to do it though. I would honestly consider sitting Vieirinha out, to get some rest and maybe have him come one later in the match if needed but I know he won't allow that to happen. He wants to play. It's great having a leader who gives it all for the jersey.
  10. Olympiakos is down 1-0 to lamia and missed a penalty XAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXA
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