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  1. I kinda home we are 1 or 2 points being OSFP at the end of the season, and then take the Championship in the playoffs. That way they'll get rid of them again, lol.
  2. Do we know what the structure of the playoffs will be?
  3. I think he'll start El Kaddouri over Stoch, and then sub him out fairly early. I don't know what it is about the guy, but coaches love him. Lucescu and Ferreira both seemed to prefer him. He's had some great games, but he is super inconsistent
  4. I think it's $5M Euros for Esiti & Douglas combined
  5. The way Jaba has been playing, I'm surprised we don't give Jaba and money to Sporting. Jaba + $1M + Year supply of Bougatsa
  6. In hindsight we should have given him up and an additional few million to keep Sergio Oliveira, if there was truth to those offers.
  7. I have a feeling he'll see some time this week. Jaba has been awful...there's really no excuse at this point.
  8. Luck is for the games against AJAX, Benfica, etc. There should be no luck involved in matches like yesterday and last week. You're the better team, go win the match. PERIOD. Watching the match yesterday, everyone just seemed so out of position. This 4-4-2 experiment is just not working. We don't have the players for that system.
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