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  1. Nice info; I can say that Δώνης is undervalued; Σάμαρης overvalued.
  2. Future Players Of The National Team

    We will never find a player that busts his ass all over the field like Zeka does. Again, having watched Villafanez, he is a decent player; actually I can say that he is a mix of Furtounis & Mandalos but not really better (faster than Mandalos, can play on the wing as Fortounis but not that fast, good control and some skill). His main issue is that he does not score; actually me manages to misses all the chances he gets; this is a big thing for an offensive player. He can help of the bench.
  3. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    Ο αποχαιρετισμός του Ζέκα(vid) http://www.gazzetta.gr/article/1133049/o-apohairetismos-toy-zekavid
  4. I have not watched the replay but more than one people say that this was Samaris fault. He was the one supposed to mark the Belgian player.
  5. Overall very good performance from our team. A couple of observations: Donis has quality not seen in NT in years. He can take one-one other players and not look lost. Donis & Mitroglou (when fit) should start up front no matter what. Stafilidis is a great player. He should also start (LB or MF). When playing a better team, Zeka should always start; he is the one other than stafilidis that can play the whole side; plus he is our faster and best one-one defender (see Carasco in this match). Fortounis >>> Manralos; showed quality. Mandalos as RF/RM does not cut it. For all of you blaming Tsiolis, name a player that can play (in this system) better DM. Siopis is too short (for what Skibe wants). Kourbelis (that I like) on a good day would play about the same; Zeka & Samaris are not pure 6; what are the alternatives. May be Tatchisidis?
  6. As for Tsiolis: I have to give him his due; he plays well on his specific rule; take headers and make long passes and let Zeka pressure. It seems that Sikble likes the Zeka/Tsiolis due; they have been good so far. Donis is the bast so far; can Fortounis and Mantalos match his play? This is the issue.
  7. PAO in Europe 2017-18

    I watched the game and read all comments and analysis from the Greek media/radio. On the actual game, things are simple: The first 2 goals originated, IMO, from 2 very difficult to defend crosses. They where at the perfect place (not to close to the goalie) and from an angle that make it easier to the offensive player the moves forward than the defender that goes the other way. The real issue is that (as an analyst said); PAO allowed space and time to the Spanish players to make the crosses from right-side and just outside to the box. This is where quality makes a difference; a quality player would make the perfect cross. Now many said that in the first goal, our goalie, Vlahodimos, should have come out and get the cross. Well this is the issue for every Greek goalkeeper (may be except Anestis?). Vlahodimos is a serviceable goalie, good reflexes and does not make silly mistakes;. However, he never comes out of the box (like Tsorvas & Karnezis). So, this is too match to expect. One may expect that the CB's would get the headesr, but given the cross and the quality of the Bilbao striker, it also may be too much to expect. Now the third goal, is direct result of the Xatzigiovannis wrongly back pass and the quality of the Wiiliams. Here Moledo failed to stop him and he won a penalty (not sure if it was a real penalty, but I am the only on to see it this way;). BTW and I am in the minority here, Modelo while is superb in superleage (where talent is low and there are many crosses ), he is not very agile to make the difference is the European games. Even last year I believe he did not play that great. At the very least me must be paired with a different player than Koutroubis. Zeka and Loud were great. Bilbao coach said that Zeka was fantastic. Loud on the other hand is quietly becoming a very good payer. While not great, he is solid across the board (can also play LB) with the big plus that he can drible into the box and most importantly finish. The moves he made in the goal (control, move into the box and corner strike) not many strikers in super league can do (especially if you count how fast he made them).
  8. Bilbao coach after today's Europa leagues game: Ο Παναθηναϊκός έχει σημαντικούς παίκτες. Έπαιξε πολύ καλά και επαναλαμβάνω ότι ο Ζέκα είναι φανταστικός παίκτης Good to see that he is starting to get some recognition. Today he was very very good.
  9. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Mandalos is a nice player but when both at their best Fortounis is better. Given that Mitroglou with all his strengths is slow, Fortounis speed makes him a better choice for NT. The problem is that Giannotas and Klonaridis that are fast, are not good for starters. Granted I have not watched Giannotas the last 2 years but i doubt he changed much. Poise and offensive quality (e.g, Donis) shows even in one game.
  10. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Great point! Tsiolis vs Bosnia illustrates this point. He had him in the right role and played well. The more tools he has the better it will be.
  11. There is no logic for Lazaros not selected over Bakasetas. I guess everyone that watched any AEK game can see this. Klonaridis has some shortcomings (average ball skills and injury prone), he is nor starter material. However he can selectively help due to speed and his ability to score. Despite his miss chances vs PAOK in kypello, he gets the right place and scores. I guess that his goals/game stats would show this (and he never scores via penalties). From the PAOK games I have seen Pelkas is a nice player.
  12. I am quoting my self on a post I made before the before the Belgium game. The reason is to show that I know what I an talking about. I want to add a couple of points. 1) Yes he is my favorite player. So forgive this long post. 2) I am surprised that he had not generated interest for other teams before he renewed his last contract with PAO (his contract is 400k per year). If Benfika paid for Samaris 10M how come none ever tried to sign Zeka as free agent for say 500k (like Paok or team from Belgium or Turkey). Even Katse & Johansen (AEK) had generated more buzz at some time. He can run twice as fast as each of them. 3) At ethiki he has a more restricted role than the one he plays at PAO. He is focused to stay in his space (midfield) and mark, pressure and move the move forward. I hope that this make it easier on his passing. In the Bosnia game he never made a wrong pass. Even the pass to Mitrolgou in the box (that was stopped by the defense was not bad). At PAO he has more if a free range, does everything DM, RM or LM, up down the wing and moves or caries the ball forward. He pressures upfront as well as being the last defender in many situations. Sometimes he has to much on his plate and it shows. 4) He can play the whole right wing; For example he could have played Mandalos position in Bonsia game and do quite well as apart from the fact that he can steal the ball (he is super in this), he is comfortable with the ball (passing but not bribing) outside the box. 5) I remember watching him in his early days at PAO running full speed even at the end of games, game after game. It was something that never seen before. Actually, I can say that has slow down a bit this year. 6) I challenge everyone to watch all games he has played against Olympiakos in Superleague all the years he has been in Greece. Apart for this years game in Karaiskaki (where he played injured) he was pretty much one of the best players on the pitch. I remember the goal he score where he run half the field along Quincy (and a young torsidis could not catch up to him); the assist to the bold Argentinian guy we had playing striker; this years dominant performance in leforos derby. Basically, Sikbe had a reason that he wanted him. And to his credit, in an interview he even said that this year Zeka had not be playing as good as the previous one (that is also true). 7) It is obvious to me that Kourbelis is a very good player; NT material no doubt. He is a better Tsiolis.
  13. Also agree, apart from Karnezis that had an good game, and the usual Manolas Sokratis, Zeka and Stafilidis played the best. As a PAO fun and a Zeka supporter, I was not surprised a bit; he is way underrated even within PAO. I was laughing when people compare him to Maniatis & Tsiolis (that btw, had an OK game). Stafilidis was a beast; fast, aggressive, good crossing everything. He is on his way to be the best Greek Player. Bakasetas, Mandalos played poorly and Fortounis very average. Mitro had no service; Basically we play we defense, Tsolis & Zeka.
  14. Game is on https://www.foxsportsgo.com/ but will get shown at 5:00PM eastern time. I close the radio and watch it then.
  15. I assume that Skibbe watched AEK this season (so that he pickup Bakasetas). Then the question is: does he really thinks that Bakasetas played better than Lazaros.