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  1. Would buy it if it didn’t include the faded photo of Toumba. Nicer to look at then wear out...
  2. Slovan Bratislava defeated Besiktas 4-2 this morning...my good friend is fuming.
  3. I purchased the 2-game package and was very impressed with the feed for yesterday's game. The 1080p option is a real BONUS too!
  4. can't believe we got knocked out by these malakes.
  5. Biseswar not really playing his position and keeps getting drawn in, we’ve got Giannoulis running the whole entire left side.
  6. Matos cost us that second goal. Trying to appeal for a stupid foul which the ref didn’t give two f**ks about.
  7. Matos literally just gave that away.
  8. Btw Esiti has been rubbish this game.
  9. Do the away goals still count or have they changed it?
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