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  1. speakers were on MAX volume today driving into work pumping PAOK chants and I have not stopped smiling since I walked in! What a fantastic start to the week.
  2. Tahma

    Toumba Stadium

    ARTICLE LINK https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/paok-to-play-at-kaftanzoglio-while-toumba-is-rebuilt
  3. Reports are saying Mauricio has suffered a ruptured ACL, 6 months recovery at least...
  4. So happy to have Giannoulis back in the team, was involved in many opportunities against Pas Giannina.
  5. Overall solid performance considering the circumstances, AEK started off with a lot of pressure then we comfortably settled them down especially after going 0-1 up. Silly cards were being thrown around which lowered our confidence I believe and had us play with a more cautious approach as you should, but Jaba's 2nd yellow was pure laziness. Quite surprised Matos didn't get booked hahaha, he normally is the culprit.
  6. What's everyone's thoughts on Warda leaving? I honestly thought he would've left Greece to somewhere else...quite surprised
  7. What exactly happened to Pontus? I didn't watch the game...
  8. Erghhh, we are huge culprits of those balls slipping through.
  9. Quite surprised about the turn out myself, I guess they’re over our performance in Europe this season lol
  10. Just saw the highlights, Goss is a machine! Love the new jersey they wore too, I hope they make it available online.
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