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  1. Tahma

    Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2018

    Wernbloom is an absolute workhorse, I hope he is a good addition for the squad. As mentioned, Canas scares me against skillful teams when he's on the ball...I don't see that composure CDM's need.
  2. Come on Prijo, that was ittttt!!
  3. We need more from Limnios and El Kaddouri.
  4. Make your life easier boythes. http://www.agonasport.com/livegreektv-products/spapaok-20180814
  5. We need some covering around the whole stadium as well as eliminating those pointless running tracks. Hopefully they can create a nice modern design, would love to see our Omatha play in some style.
  6. I loved watching Warda on the ball, I missed having that flair like player on the wing.
  7. You guys should purchase Agonasports, I’ve got it linked up through my Smart TV via an app and currently have Novasports 2HD running on my couch legs up. No hiccups whatsoever.
  8. We can’t settle yet, we saw how easy it was to cop two goals. Must maximize on our lead to help us in the 2nd leg.
  9. This is next level stuff. Glad they’ve got their confidence back.