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  1. Doxa

    PAO vs OSFP

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  2. Doxa

    PAO vs OSFP

    Kontonis is our friend. I think this will have big big consequenses proberly B ethniki we are talking about for PAO. In any other country they would be excluded from all competitions but in Greece B ethniki is the best they will get according to many sources (even pro PAO sources).
  3. Doxa

    PAO vs OSFP

    :nono: [mod edit; post deleted]
  4. Doxa

    PAO vs OSFP

    Animals! They destroy Greek football!!! Always the same people..
  5. Doxa

    PAO vs OSFP

    These low lifes pieces of shi.t already already started heavy fight with the police. Honestly how can you support that team if you have a normal working brain? They take every excuse to complain and to fight! What a disgrace are these junks|!
  6. Whats the obessesion with this guy? He wants to live in New York and this team will pay him more then a MLS team. In Europe nobody rates the MLS so nobody cares if he plays in a MLS or a 2nd League team in the USA. Leave the guy alone.
  7. Sure Greeko, but they don't need him, they have such good players, that they play in Europe and are still title contenders. NOT.
  8. Balanta was one of the 10 names mentioned during the summer regarding a new central defender. Eventually for what ever reason we bought Da Costa who looked impressive in the beginning of the season, but after his injury he is pretty shaky. For what ever other reason omws, Botia seems to have improved big time from what he showed last year.
  9. Ofcourse PAO don't need Petsos. They are doing so good now with all those top-class foreign midfielders. Abeid is such a big talent. Thats why Newcastle let him go for 10 euro's after being begged all summer long by Anfrangouzos. Wanna bet you don't even know who Petsos is? Or do you watch the Austrian league every weekend?
  10. It's impossible to stop the refugees. If we guard islands likes Lesbos and Kos, they will chose other Islands to come. Come on, they rist going from Libia to Italy, you think they won't chose another Island if we close of the routes to Kos and Lesbos? Thats gonna cost so much money. Left government, right government.... who ever rules... It's impossible to guard this and so expensive. Greece is not a small country like skopja. They can close that border with a fence it's easy. For all of yous everything is so easy on paper. You don't have a sense of reality. USA and their friends Great Britain and Germany created this s%$#!. Let them handle it. Refugees wont stay with us anyway.
  11. Doxa

    PAO vs OSFP

    They threathened to throw out Essien if he's not fit for this game. Now they say he is actually gonna play but the guy is not even fit. They told him if you don't play we will tear your contract apart and you won't get a penny. This is really a disgrace. This is Melisanidis style!!! I feel for the guy.
  12. It's true they both play on the left I just can't imagine they would throw out Durmaz ater what he is showing this season so far. I was expecting him to be put on the CL list for the knock outs. If Mirallas comes we would have an highly populated front court. From all of them I dislike Seba most till now. Others would say Hernani. Still don't expect us to sign Mirallas.
  13. Stupid commies. Now that the skopjan border is closed, the refugees won't go by another route. No they wont go trough albania or bulgaria sure they wont do that no no. F***in leftist commies have no brains!!! All the refugees will stay in Greece now! No other way then the skopjan border! F*** YOU COMMUNIST PIGS.
  14. We don't need Hungarians to protect our borders. They wont be allowed in. We have Greek army if needed. We won't protect our borders, refugees wont stay, not our problem. We real Greeks protect our country for 1000's or years against many enemies and now we gonna need hungarians border guards? XAXAXAXAXAXAXA.
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