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  1. I'm fully Greek by the way!! I was born in Athens and was there till I was 7, and my family are all still there!! So I would ask you to stop making direct insulting comments and I'm offended by your words!
  2. Greek football needs to go die in a fire! What we need to understand is that there are rich teams then there are poor teams then there's 1000 km of dog poo then there's us! Klaus would not getting into a second division team in England
  3. ChiPao13 even with having the ref on our side we could not have won tonight! And what name have you left?! Did panathinkos win the champions league? Was I in a coma when you guys won it? What happened son? Marinakis has always been a crook! But he's a funny guy that's why I like him....thinks he's going to run the world the fat slob! The guys running your teams are just a bunch of cowards and let him do what he wants!
  4. And can you demolish that stadium of yours please.......it looks like a floating toilet
  5. Pana have not won a match since 2010! And all Greek teams should be banned because there ran by crooks, and you fail to understand because you have not watched a game of football in your life
  6. Pana97 you are a joke to think that you know anything about football! Come to England lad and I will take you to go see a real game of football
  7. If you look back through the forum at my posts around that time I was actually calling for all Greek teams to be banned! Because all the teams are run by con men who don't know anything about football! Are we are all stupid to think that the players our clubs bring in are any good
  8. Greek teams are crap! I wish we could of all been banned for that Joke of a Greek cup trouble, then we could of set sorting Greek football as a priority! Simply not good enough!
  9. Meli showing balls?! Yeah and marinakis is a model citizen! Original Sydney you are turning into a comedy show!
  10. Regardless of if he was overreacting or not, the public can not react like that, you can not raid the pitch or throw things from the stands, I can't believe some of you in here are trying to justify this, and that goes for every Greek team even Olympiakos who have maranakis who should have been arrested by now, and it's a disgrace
  11. Original Sydney every time I log on you are causing trouble.......Jesus you were playing in the second division not so long ago because of the violence, didn't your fans take over the aek training centre and stop your team from training?! And meli is a joke sat there on his high horse while the people of aek suffer!
  12. Greek football should be given the red card
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