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  1. same Dean. I was really surprised too at how good Zeca has been for us. I mean scoring against Belgium + just being a total engine.
  2. NT Friendly Games

    sorry boydes. Exoume kapos omadara sto toronto omos. won the mls lol.
  3. NT Friendly Games

    australian league is worse arguebly than saudi league lol.
  4. Future Players Of The National Team

    just discovered this guy playing fifa with my buddies today.. Valentino Lazaro plays for hertha berlin in german bundesliga. He's Greek/Angolan but has been capped by Austria already so not sure if we can now. He's extremely pacey winger and only 21 with great potential. Would be useful on the wings for us https://sofifa.com/player/211147
  5. NT Friendly Games

    Zeca as a RB would have been better than RM I think. Zeca should be played his natural position though CDM. Retsos looked good as a full back. He's not super pacey or creative but he has decent passing from the wings and he's not really big and bulky (yet) as a CB generally should be.
  6. NT Friendly Games

    our best looking players imo are Bakasetas, Kone, Samaris, Tachtsidis, Karnezis, Tziolis LOL.
  7. i think tzavellas is solid (at least for depth). tziolis and maniatis are done though for sure.
  8. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    anyone a paok fan? seems like pelkas is scoring a lot... is he as good rw as he is cam? we're desperate for wingers
  9. yeah we need to get wins under our belts. We lost to luxenbourg in a friendly, that's not cool.
  10. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I think Bakakis should be next in line for Toro at RB position. I think Toro has one good campaign left in him though. Bouchalakis should probably be involved if Samaris is still struggling to get game time.
  11. I don't think Donis is good for striker. he's all fury and fire but can't finish. look at his wiki. he barely has any goals for his apperances. he should be like a RW/RF maybe second striker. Kinda like how Salpingidis was but Salps scored goals. bakasetas will and can score more than kone or donis. He's a bit of a flop for NT but might be able to turn it up. especially if AEK wins the league which will be tough now that Oly got Mirallas.
  12. this game I think he played LM. I think he'd be best as a second striker. Seems like a similar player to Kone. Mitro is apparently getting like no time in france...
  13. bakasetas with a fifa in form 78 well deserved crazy good game for him. FK goal post drawing a penalty a very nice assist. he was all over the pitch in the 4-1 win.
  14. 2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    oooo it's in addition to regular qualifying. thought it was to replace regular qualifying. I can live with that lol.
  15. 2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    doable but tough. what about leagues A and B?
  16. giannou isn't looking so bad now lol.
  17. Mitro's playing style is like the Greek Ibra. Strength / Shooting / Positioning. This type of striker is good up till 35ish. So I think we're good for a while. I don't think we'll get someone at Mitroglou's quality for a while but we have a bunch of decent ones. I really liked Klaus when he was in form. I don't know how and why he faded away.
  18. Giorgos Samaras - Real Zaragoza

    wow I forgot about aris as a club. they gotta get back in the superleague. they were pretty good in the 2000s
  19. 2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    how many teams from league c can qualify for the final tourny?
  20. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I think we need 2 cdm's against stronger competition and deep laying tachtsidis would be better and he's left footed. Kone still has a lot to prove to be selected over Mantalos and Laz. Laz I think would be better than Pelka on the wing and play Donis on RW. totally forgot about Laz in my lineup Mitroglou Laz Mantalos Donis Samaris Zeca Staf Sokratis Manolas Torosidis Karnezis Fortounis is pretty outta form so I might leave him out for now. Though he'll rise up again fo sho. Samaris need to get back into shape. Maybe downgrading to a less competitive team. Samaris, Fortounis being out of form during the campaign was a big loss for us. Even though I'm a Pao fan, Pao is now a mid table Greek team so I'm not even sure if we should consider anyone from PAO now... eg) Kourbelis, Kolovetsios, Villafanez. Though Mantalos was selected even when AEK was second division. Good eye too Ranieri.
  21. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Mitroglou Fortounis Mantalos Donis Samaris Zeca Staf Sokratis Manolas Torosidis Karnezis might be solid too provided everyone is in form. Fortounis plays LW for olympikos sometimes. I think Fortounis LW Mantalos CAM is better than Fortounis CAM and Mantalos RW. In addition Donis can play RW as a natural position.
  22. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    fortounis and pelkas are not wingers. Laz in current form I agree. Gianniotas I don't agree. Fetfa at least played about 22 games a season for oly and enough to draw attention to go to italy. Gianniotas couldn't break into starting 11 at all. Gianniotas was in good form at Apoel though.
  23. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    pretty sure fetfa is getting paid 10x more than he would in europe. berg and witsel are both in their prime. Berg had one of his best seasons before he left. he def has a lazy tinge but you can't really make pro football if you're lazy... though there def is different work rates. eg) zeca is an engine. fetfa assisted against barca playing for al-falafel. class is class.
  24. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    still think fetfa should be in the picture. axel wixel starts for BELGIUM playing club in China and Berg for SWEDEN (that qualified over italy. ) playing club football in arabia imagine fetfa and donis on the wings. ladies and gentlemen we'd have a midfield. at least we have laz but we don't have the depth in winger position to be picky about fetfa. laz,donis, fetfa, gianniotas should be our main wingers pelkas and villafanez I think could also do a good job on the wing. chatzigiovannis up and coming possible winger.