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  1. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    siovas in the team is fine but I'm not sure on his stance as an integral part of the backline. seems like coaches like to add their own unique touch come hell high water. Santos with Holebas/Katsouranis Skibbe with Tzavellas/Donis Rehhagel with Charisteas Alefantos would want Siovas and Holebas and he doesn't rate Staf. Staf definitely needs to be on the squad though.
  2. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    skibbe to get sacked and alefantos NT coach! he'd bring holebas back fo sho. he favours siovas though which is questionable lol
  3. forgive me if this a repost but I could not find his thread so I figured it might have got deleted! he's one of the NT's best players gotta be on the board! anyways wanted to note that he got an assist to De Rossi via a thundrous header saved by Buffon and rebound caught by De Rossi in a 3-1 Roma win against Juventus.
  4. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Karelis Mitroglou Holebas Fortounis/donis Fetfa/Pelkas Tachtsi Zeca Sokratis Manolas Kpaps Karnezis 3-2-3-2 something like this would be good for qualifying campaigns. If we we win all the games against the minnows and not concede points to likes of estonia etc. then play defensively against big teams might be a nice formula. although tachtsi had bad friendlies I think on the left with a dynamic winger like holebas spraying passes on the left lane would be dangerous. Zeca can compensate for the whole that fetfa leaves.
  5. georgelaz

    NT Friendly Games

    predominately muslim. iran is not arab. they're persians and they speak farsi which is closer to Greek than Arabic linguistically as it's an Indo-European language. c'mon now lol. Egyptians aren't arabs either they're Egyptian and had their own language but were conquered by Arabs and took on the language. Before they used Coptic predominately. (Still used in the North where a lot are orthodox Christian)
  6. georgelaz

    Kostas Manolas ‒ AS Roma

    barca probably wish they bought him earlier... he'll probably make a big in the summer after that... teams always wait till last minute when something big like this happens to make big signings.
  7. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    siovas's team beat sevilla actually. When we played with him vs. Romania it was one of our all time best attacking performances too. Not sure how much I can attribute to him tho
  8. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    interesting. I don't believe that though and it's not like olympiakos has been terrible they're just used to getting the title. they're only 1-2 games away from another title. I think the overdid it with the foreigners that don't bleed for the shirt. eg) seba seems like a bit of deadweight but keep playing him cuz of his brazilian pedigree whereas the olympiakos that I was jealous of as a pao fan was circa 2013 = samaris, mitroglou, manolas, holebas, fetfa + foreigners that played with pride = mirallas, dominguez, botia, roberto
  9. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    fortounis is probably our best attacking midfielder though out of form. I would not count him out. he's a key player for olympiakos which hate or love it is a big side. (saying as a panathinaikos supporter) if a few inches were on his side he would have scored 2 goals vs. switzerland. I think he'll be back next season.
  10. yeah apparently he's not in his best form like he was last season.
  11. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Samaris I think if he was in form and starting like he was in 2014-2015 than he would be good. Tachtsidis like Alefantos said might be only good for a team that's better than the opposition. Eg) Olympiakos vs. most superleague teams. he might be perfect that as his through balls and his lack of speed dont make a huge liability.
  12. georgelaz

    Jose Holebas ‒ Watford

    gets an assist + gives away a penalty via handball lol. 2-2 watford
  13. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I'd do something like this rn Mitro/Karelis Donis Fetfa Pelkas zeca Staf Bakakis Sok Mano Ret/Kpaps Karnezis our dm options suck right now except for zeca but we're gifted at CB position so load that up and the extra cb can pick up the slack for the empty dm position. pelka and donis add pace to the wings and fetfa is a wild card at cam. staf and bakakis wingbacks are an extra double threat on the wings and again having 3atb will pick up the slack as these two are not as strong defensively. I'd much rather have holebas in there for staf though.
  14. yeah key attacking figures for us also retired after our last good campaign world cup 2014 gekas, karagounis, samaras (not retired but made himself irrelevant), holebas, kats (even tho he overstayed his welcome)
  15. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    holebas got better at defense before his exit from the NT tho.. he even plays cb for watford sometimes now but that's dead and gone. i think lb position maybe pends on our opposition. against minnows staf for extra attacking threat and against bigger teams maybe retsos?
  16. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    ya and people were saying that bakakis is already too old at 26 and shouldn't start when i was saying we should play him LOL he brings much needed energy on the flank and staf is most definitely our starting lb since holebas is out
  17. karelis, bakakis, staf, laz, and pelkas showed great hunger and urgency that has been lacking in our NT. add those to manolas + sokratis + retsos + zeca and we have a team of majority hustlers.
  18. egypt is mostly a one man team with salah but still a win is a win and we weren't playing a bunch of our stars either
  19. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    after egypt and swiss friendly i'm hoping we see maybe something like this mitroglou Laz fortounis Donis/pelkas kourbelis zeca staf sok man bakakis karnezis
  20. glad we got the W. shows how important form was is. laz, bakakis, karelis, staf and pelkas were the stars for me. the keepers did their thing too. tachtsi shouldn't be starting unfortunately.
  21. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    i think bakasetas has played better this season than kone. he's been great at aek but baka shouldn't be starting over laz. laz has been possibly mvp of superleague here's elephants view on the friendly
  22. georgelaz

    Greece Jersey!

    i love both kits especially the away
  23. here's highlights we did have some really good chances 3-5 of them. Fortounis could have had 2 goals. First outside box shot and second where he skied it in the 6 yard box. Mitroglou lost his footing twice for really good chances too. We also should have got a penalty on Pelkas he got bulldozed off the pitch.