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  1. georgelaz

    2018-2019 Europa League

    olympiakos had the more dangerous chances though, about 3. despite betis have huge swaths of possession.
  2. georgelaz

    FIFA World Ranking

    England has always beaten Greece though. While we have gotten results against Belgium and Spain.
  3. georgelaz

    2018-2019 Champions League

    alef sucked so hard. shows how good galanopoulos is though. he was a huge reason why AEK looked good first half
  4. georgelaz

    2018-2019 Champions League

    livaja lopes bakasetas out then in the summer losing lazaros vranjes johanson araujo 7 key players in the squad. AEK a shell of their team last year and missed out on a chance to really build a dystany. possibly because of cheapness/finances
  5. georgelaz

    2018-2019 Champions League

    AEK looking good but need to get shots on target. Ponce all over them but needs to be more clinical. I think Livaja would've at least challenged the keeper.
  6. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Alefantos for me would be ideal. He's passionate about greek soccer. knowledgable. has a proven track record and available. I think he doesn't rate staf tho but he'd get holebas back into the picture and he's not that stubborn. he didn't rate pelkas either but pelkas won him over. we'd also get siovas back into the picture and he also understands that toro is on his last legs. he clearly just understand the game well. skibbe seems more concerned in making sure the camera catches him doing a blue steel pose at the right moment to capture that cougar demographic
  7. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    lol I spit out my water when I read this.
  8. not even strongest point is defense. our strongest point is cb. our fullbacks aren't that great... staf and bakakis I guess but I don't think there's ever been a game where they started. Holebas is our best fullback and is not even in the picture.
  9. georgelaz


    we were spoiled with cisse and then berg. and tbh he was a bit of a dud till he came till us only other striker that I was jelly of from the other clubs was mitroglou circa 2012-2013 oly you could make a case for blanco too I guess tho actually prijovic is very good as well. if fulham didn't get promoted there was a good chance mitrovic would've come to greek league. if pao wasnt a broke joke we could've got him or maybe paok cuz he's partizan. would've been cool if we got dusan tadic. I'm gunna try to sign him as cam to berg in my pao dynasty squad on fifa lol
  10. georgelaz


    you can get a good idea of where a lot players are through sofifa's 'former players' feature https://sofifa.com/team/1884/formerPlayers
  11. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    how? he seemed great there to me. his first touch game elevated a lot. was able to control really hard passes out wide.
  12. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    probably the ideal lineup. just first game he played mantalos and second he played tzavellas aka mr tsabouka. zeca I think was a bit injured that's why he didn't start. wouldn't mind bakakis over toro
  13. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    yeah donis lazaros pelkas are all good on the wings fetfa will likely get back into the action and gianniotas is at aek now too
  14. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    an idea if mitroglou and karelis aren't available is we could also play false 9 as we have the players for it fortounis donis/laz mantalos pelkas kourbelis zeca staf sok manolas bakakis barkas
  15. georgelaz

    Jose Holebas ‒ Watford

    he's pretty at defending when he focuses but he's a risk taker imo. watford even had him play cb a few games.