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  1. The difference today was we were quicker, especially on the wings and we played a lot of one touch football with plenty of 1-2’s into open space. We were here building a rythme, a quick one that is. Very positive. Against a quicker, technical or or more aggressive team, we would not be able to keep up. we made manat mistakes as well, but it was positive. i still can’t understand tziolis in the middle
  2. Skibster tactics put slowest players in the middle and fastest players on the wings i like some of our play, but vs a quality team we would get killed
  3. Can’t do that. That goes against the culture of the nt. You want another captain? Drop toro. You can’t take that away from him and have him see the field.
  4. we're all related my dad was born in ambelakiotissa (up on the left) he grew up in nafpactos, when i look at my 23andme relatives, it's like a bomb went off in the area
  5. tziolis was never a tackler, so he can't break a play he used to have decent ball possession skills, a 10 yard pass and once in a blue moon nice shot from outside the box that was all gone close to a decade ago just the fact that the nt lost 99% of their games he played in should be enough to get rid of him there are better options and NOW is the time to rebuild
  6. skibbe does not see the other teams doing one-two's down the middle of the pitch all day long and the passes tziolara makes to the opponents? unreal
  7. It may look nice, but performance wise the other 2 kill it. With a margin.
  8. The one now is the best ever to wear while you are playing. 2014 comes in second.
  9. i have most of the greek jerseys over the last 25 years the last two nike's are top quality jerseys
  10. are we getting a new jersey this month?
  11. https://twitter.com/alefantos this twitter account is hilarious
  12. never said he does not have flaws :" Like I said before, Trudeau is well educated but to me he comes off as someone who likes to take advantage of a PR opportunity and also someone who likes to play the identity politic game that is so popular on the left." name one person involved in politics (or even in corporate politics for that matter) that does not do what you state right here. i'm just making a market study so that we can use as a benchmark and make an actual comparison it's nice to sit here and say this guy is a touvlo, without being able to back that statement up. so if he is a touvlo what kind of baza are the rest? and hence my comparisons to other leaders
  13. from the feedback i;ve gotten, most people in the world look up to having a PM like justin but let's consider the feedback from Alphonse. a ridiculous joke. regression. thx for the input. darwin = evolution = survival of the fittest who's the Pm of australia again? should i bing it? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA!
  14. i think it's time we tweetbomb skibbe & the epokistan MEME'S WITH :"excuses are for losers ..... winners make things happen"
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