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  1. hang on tight ... KimdotCom to the rescue and tsipras is hoping for exares
  2. http://www.theguardian.com/business/live/2015/jul/03/greek-debt-crisis-council-of-state-to-rule-on-referendum-live
  3. good to see you guys too... agreed about appearing to give in to a left wing party tsipras played his cards wrong and is dead meat no matter what. it is just a matter of time. you hear people talking about regime change in Greece as if we were N. Korea, Syria or Iraq. it is 2015 and democracy has died. i find it funny how he wants a referendum now, yet he was laughing at Georgie when he discussed that initiative years ago. at least then the bankers were on the hook then, today it's the taxpayers. there are too many conflicts of interests in the EU and Merkel is way too powerful for anyone's good. if they vote yes, the powerful will shove a boot very deep down greece's throat. i think it's time to stand up and say no
  4. ^^ i don't think that is the case, reality has sunk in for everyone in greece, from the 50% anergoi to the papoudes waiting 8 hours to get a pension the issue is, if they vote yes, the european accountants and politicians are going to rape them blind and they will use the result as an excuse for doing so.... :" You voted YES, you wanted to get F***ed" greece put themselves in a corner and their only chance is a NO vote in conjunction with the world's will to make to allow better terms for repayment I see the world is willing to help us, because the global economy can't afford. I do not believe there is ANY chance of Greece getting thrown out of Europe. If there was, it would have happened by now.
  5. I don't like Tsipras or the left side of town that he is from. I was quite against him being elected in the first place. But I will say this.... NO matter WHAT has happened and NO matter HOW we got here, anything other than a BIG NO this Sunday will be a catastrophe for Greece as we once knew it. The game has changed and this is a very critical moment in our history. If a YES wins, Greece is finished.
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