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  1. so this is not USA but NZ with some flavour of greek & alot of anti-turk https://www.ekirikas.com/τουρκοφάγος-έγραψε-ο-ύποπτος-ως-δρά/ crazy times ... 50 dead
  2. ranieri appointed his manager @ roma
  3. wooooooohooooooooooo MERRY XMAS to ALL even to the bananes ----
  4. nice .... great increase in taxes to be collected in the coffers
  5. fackin skibbe the skumbbeg
  6. i read he is going for major overhaul
  7. can't believe epo renewed this bozo in the first place
  8. How can tziolis do a one touch pass when his first touch always went to the opposite team?
  9. i'm all for possession football but ....i'm 100% sure we broke a record today for passes to our keeper insane
  10. Tziolis is a disaster. Destroys any tempo. Bakasetas decision making is horrible. Probably because tziolis is ruining the flow.
  11. I’m sure the millions that died at truman’s Hand disagree.
  12. didn't we buy s-300's so long ago? probably same reason someone is gonna get rich
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