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  1. just blame jeff bozo and the amazon post
  2. wooooooohooooooooooo MERRY XMAS to ALL even to the bananes ----
  3. tantra129

    Syriza at the Helm

    nice .... great increase in taxes to be collected in the coffers
  4. tantra129

    NT Coaches

    fackin skibbe the skumbbeg
  5. tantra129

    NT Coaches

    i read he is going for major overhaul
  6. tantra129

    NT Coaches

    can't believe epo renewed this bozo in the first place
  7. How can tziolis do a one touch pass when his first touch always went to the opposite team?
  8. i'm all for possession football but ....i'm 100% sure we broke a record today for passes to our keeper insane
  9. I’m curious to see tziolaras pass completion stats
  10. I’ve said it before. Tziolis is a fireable offence
  11. Tziolis is a disaster. Destroys any tempo. Bakasetas decision making is horrible. Probably because tziolis is ruining the flow.
  12. tantra129

    Trump Is Not the Problem, the DNC is

    I’m sure the millions that died at truman’s Hand disagree.
  13. tantra129

    Trump Presidency

    same here ....
  14. didn't we buy s-300's so long ago? probably same reason someone is gonna get rich
  15. tantra129

    Trump Presidency

    sounds like something you say @easter or @xmas
  16. Yes. But you need to protect your nest egg. If you go too close, you are in reach of compromise. Too far, you lose range.