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  1. Ai and Agi: Exciting Or Problematic?

    i agree with him
  2. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    It is official now.
  3. Other News & Transfer Rumours

    great exposure
  4. Trump Presidency

    the ceo's have taken control of the political system. point final. the gaps between the rich and the poor will only deepen. it is not conceivable what you can see in certain parts of the most advanced country in the world. some places are more dangerous than the most uncivilized places on earth. if that is not evidence enough for people to see through the blinders they are wearing, then what is? under similar situations, bigger empires have crumbled before. even though i truly believe, koutsa, strava we will prevail, and the outcome will be a better tomorrow. failure is the ultimate teacher
  5. Problems entering Phantis

    microsoft is the weakest of all of the email providers if you want to bypass this issue, you need to add the email that sends the notifications from @phantis.com to your contacts. That way, you will bypass the SPAM filters.
  6. Trump Presidency

    Enjoy the tax cut. Try to ponder on how much It may cost you in the end.
  7. Movie Thread

    the last jedi arrives in 7 days
  8. Trump Presidency

    apparently ... it just passed
  9. FIFA World Ranking

    actually it IS very bad. poor you. i speak 4, but what difference would that make? is that a measurement of intelligence? the pissing contest is how many languages you speak? is that how you measure success? now go be a good little boy and help the canadian economy grow, I can only imagine how you will achieve that with your great mastery of the language and we'll allow you to call the others........ fools, but one day you will find out the hard way, who the fool really is. enjoy!! #thesecrettotheend
  10. FIFA World Ranking

    a very intelligent person told me once, with enough sugar and fat, you can make s%$#! taste great. I'm starting to feel that this is the case here, right now. today. Mrs La Mendel @La Mendel(I want to make sure i'm not being sexist, i know most of the users on this board are men, but the LA is the singular form of the feminin definite article in French) I will assume you are a lady with great TASTE. Are you into a meal prepared by a chef, or do you prefer a meal prepared by the short order cook? Choose your destiny. Your comments lead me to believe you love the latter. You mentioned you knew I was a coach. Are you a soccer Mom? I can teach your kids how to be better players. I can teach you how to trap a ball or juggle one or many of them for 1000 touches. I can show you what spaces to go on the field and when to avoid doing so. I can put you on a program to help you improve and become the player you are not. I can pull out the X's and O's and show you why you are wrong. But unlike what you are stating, I am not an egoist, and I'm no Fernando Santos. I would never compare myself to the manager of a national team. You are right.I'm just a coach. however........I did happen to follow the NT to the USA and Brazil in 2014 and I witnessed in real time the environment of Santosian mistakes. I saw him smoke. I heard him scream. I saw him bring his players to the cheese buffets. I saw him pull the hairs out of his nose. you did not. Things you never saw on your 86" TV set. The little things that you can't comprehend and the big things that would have made us advance. But it does not matter, because you are a minimalist living in the minimalistic world. Santos delivered this: Only santos can deliver this. And his little minions that believe in his minimalistic ways, still argue against it. Embarrassing and unforgivable. But Mlle Mendel, you think you know the game? Having learned the Otto ways and bringing it to Portugal was guaranteed success, go read my posts about it from 3 years ago. I don't need to ask you what you prefer to eat. You have answered all of this on your own. Because you don't know what a fine meal, prepared by a great chef tastes like. The perfectly fine chopped vegetables, melting in fine herbs and spices, cooked over the perfect temperature, using the best elements to transcend the flavours in. All of the above Soaked in the finest wine, giving the experience of bliss that you can't possibly comprehend. No you .... will take a ball of crap, injected with liquid sugar, deep fried and coated with white IRON enriched poisonous flour, sprinkled with chocolate, and you will call it delicious. enjoy that ball of crap as you have earned it. enjoy your little fake santos.
  11. FIFA World Ranking

    like a beautiful pordi early in the morning, you come here to preach this? go write an blog on how much you have yet to learn. they played like 103d before they won and worse after they won. means nothing. it's simple...if you don't know... you just don't. and you just proved you don't know the game at all. that is your little universe. enjoy it.
  12. FIFA World Ranking

    you don't understand and i'll mimic you lol
  13. FIFA World Ranking

    There is nothing less accurate than the Coca Cola standings If you want to know what is accurate. For a guy living in Toronto, your English is getting gooder and gooder every dayz.
  14. FIFA World Ranking

    Peru had to play New Zealan due to extra cocaine in blood samples Portugal played like they are 103d. The joke is on you.
  15. Another Mass Shooting in the US

    Funny how you volunteer to expose yourself as a fraud.