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  1. Ask fourtounis. Siovas and samaris. Samaris has no business on this team.
  2. they're waiting for panayitsa to make it happen for them
  3. There are plenty of links out there. You might have to follow it in Italian though.
  4. bring kangaroo vaseline and we will have a show!!!!!! heck ..for your password... i'll invite alex jones too.
  5. i'll send you a snowball laced with tsipouro for your password
  6. believe it or not .... Taxi did have great vision, just bad execution. He has a good left, but nowhere close to Tsiartas precision, power nor technique with the ball.
  7. sultanistan https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-27/foreign-investors-are-trapped-in-turkey-days-before-elections?srnd=markets-vp Investors Scramble for Liras as Turkish Swap Rates Touch 1,000% he's on fire It’s Erdogan Against the Markets After JPMorgan Watershed With Turkey in recession, its leaders have taken a starkly anti-market turn. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-27/turkish-markets-what-s-going-on
  8. breed all those players together, they would never come close to tsiarta's vision or left foot...NEVER
  9. "i think they were not focused and therefore could not execute ... after 20 min things started to change the ball started moving" i will elaborate on this: i'm sure this will get corrected, the coach was shocked in post match interview on this topic ... but the way it should have been was someone should go in front of the ball once the foul is committed .... usually the striker or AM .... anyone .... to make them ask for distance ....then as the ref tells the player to move back ... this gives time for the goalie to setup the wall. i did not catch if pjanic asked for distance or not ... and i doubt he did, because the ref would have to whistle before he took the free kick..... it's a new team and i guess they did not have time to assign who is man marking who, and who goes in the wall. being over the ball forcing them to ask for distance are just little tactics that give time to your team to also ....i don't see how you can blame vlaho for the first goal. bad marking in the box. again bad execution. i also think fourtounis created and i liked that in some moments, it clicked with some of the wingers, but this too needs to improve as well. it is an exciting time for the NT and we just need to continue the "theme" and to improve execution by communication, repetition and practice. the team is inexperienced, but the opportunity is here. hopefully the leaders rise up and pass the message the old guard passed to them in 2014 and we get more leaders that will emerge. PAME !!!!
  10. i think they were not focused and therefore could not execute ... after 20 min things started to change the ball started moving
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