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  1. ^^ I agree 101%, especially about the NPD and all the rest. I am really against many of his policies as well. The alternative to trump is far worse than just NPD, this is not the democrats of years ago. They have at the same time reached far left and gotten in bed with big business on the right. They are all over the place. It is getting scary. Example getting all the white people that work for the municipality of Seattle to do "special" training, WTF. They actually spent tax payer money to do something so racist? insanity
  2. I have to say that it was a lot better than i expected, keep distance, disinfect all the time. Loss of strength was noticeable but to your point, after a few days the muscles were swelling. Great for the mind.
  3. Our gyms opened last week and THANK GOD for that. I've gone every single day and really feel the difference. This pandemic has done some funny stuff to us all.
  4. since you referenced beyond thunderdome :"we don't need another hero!!!"
  5. i understand your point. maybe demilitarizing the police is a better term? defunding is ridiculous in business, you sometimes solve issues by "throwing" money @ the problem that may be a better approach than what is being proposed here the real issue is the great divide
  6. personally on policies i'm more left leaning, so there is not much debate. my issue is the radical left and the outcome they yield Katina wants to know: do you think the radical left & their actions will help add or subtract votes for the dems?
  7. Former Coach Nikos Alefantos Dies at 81
  8. has anyone used this site? https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  9. and hence the problem how will he take votes away >>OUTSIDE<< the left wing party? biden will be eaten alive by trump 128 characters or less?
  10. it is not a stutter he has lost control of his thoughts and speech on many occasions in public democrats see it too, don't deny it he's a horrible candidate and the rules he is imposing to choose a VP will be the nail in this coffin. guaranteed.
  11. it is not a falsehood. watch his videos. he's not there. he has dementia, it is clear as light the real falsehood is you telling me to choose sides. it has been very well documented that i oppose trump and have supported democrats for decades. this has become an ugly divide based on identity politics and look ... you proved it on by overreacting to me stating a fact, with a choose a side comment ... so immature. the DNC are making a big mistake putting this candidate to go 1v1 vs trump in his state. don't tell me to pick sides.... you are just proving the identity politics issue. in my country i back the left leaning party 100%, you have no right to tell me to choose sides. biden is a bad candidate. bernie stood a better chance. i never once in my life thought a candidate would be worse than Trump..... and then dementia joe shows up. pure insanity.
  12. agreed ... but that is the past BIG BUT here biden clearly has dementia ... how can the DNC make him run vs Trump?
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