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  1. Ancient Greek History

    very true and good post. Their state of mind was something else Feels funny that half the world is treading backwards and the other half towards the sweetest condition.
  2. alefanto is a clown a comedian " Γίγαντα Μαρινάκη κάνε το μπαμ με Αλέφαντο να πέσουν και τα τσιμέντα στο Καραϊσκάκη " unfortunately ...some of his comments on skibbe and samaris have been bang on
  3. Trump Presidency

    https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/929511061954297857 Classic
  4. so ... to be honest ... i don't REALLY know, bur how present is tsanas nowadays anyhow ??????????
  5. i can't believe i'm saying this...but alefantos is right. skibbe and epo F'ed us
  6. let's take ALL the NT;s in this world. on how many of ALL the NT's in god's world does Tziolara get an automatic start?
  7. 100% when alefanto outcoaches the skibbster GAMATA OLA
  8. there are no serious academies. It’s all garbage Like everything else in Greece, it’s who will cash in first. Kick the Can down the road and no player development. when it comes to Player development, there are many shadow organizations that make decisions, have the right contacts and cash in quickly
  9. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Notice how fourtounis has dropped since chori left.
  10. Ancient Greek History

    Agreed. Especially on the humanism as is depicted in the art.