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  1. i remember some brainwashed "friends" of ours telling us sandy hook was a false flag straw man arguments trumpism the 2nd amendment stories m*****es ....... whoever believes in that s%$#! ..... is exactly that ... s%$#! death is happening ..... and we are making excuses for the NRA ..... KARMA ... open your eyes your forefathers did not know how to spell ...... less ask them to think .it's 2018 ..... you don't need a militia, nor guns this poor child Mr Orfanos ..Telemachus...... survived las vegas and did not make it out last night. what are the chances? i hope the greekness strikes a nerve and a beautiful name like Telemachus .......is the wake up call. look at that mother, and have some empathy of her mourning IDIOTS!!!! https://twitter.com/ABC7Veronica/status/1060671145660141568
  2. tantra129

    NT Coaches

    fackin skibbe the skumbbeg
  3. tantra129

    NT Coaches

    i read he is going for major overhaul
  4. tantra129

    NT Coaches

    can't believe epo renewed this bozo in the first place
  5. How can tziolis do a one touch pass when his first touch always went to the opposite team?
  6. i'm all for possession football but ....i'm 100% sure we broke a record today for passes to our keeper insane
  7. I’m curious to see tziolaras pass completion stats
  8. I’ve said it before. Tziolis is a fireable offence
  9. Tziolis is a disaster. Destroys any tempo. Bakasetas decision making is horrible. Probably because tziolis is ruining the flow.