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  1. He has been good. The biggest issue with him, is that he would struggle to score in a brothel with a fist ful of dollars. He does so well at creating time, space and opportunities, and is very good when running at players, but he is not a good finisher.
  2. And the rest! I think we first crossed paths before the turn of the millenium.
  3. 30k is enough for the Greek league. Its all a pissing contest with the numbers anyway. The european games are so few and far between, better off having 25-30 every week rather than sitting in a half empty stadium most of the time (derby's aside).
  4. Thanks Greg. Go Greek TV appears to be comprehensive. It has Novasports HD on it. Does that mean you can watch every game using this package? How do you get Antenna Pacific through Foxtel?
  5. So its clear as mud to me at the moment. https://online.novasports.gr/en/site/allGames Novasports appear to be broadcasting home games for the following teams: AEK Aris Asteras Tripolis Larissa OFI Olympiakos Panathinaikos Panionions OFI This weekend, Olympiakos are travelling to Lamia which means that if I am a subscriber to this service, I cannot watch the game unless I source it via other means. Is that correct? What are people doing here in Australia? I haven't watched a superleague game in years. Thanks to Optus Sports here in Australia, all the european matches are available either live or on demand, so that has been brilliant, but that is solely for Europa league and Champions League. This weekends game is not one that fills me with excitement, but I have had a Greek soccer hiatus for a little while, and am now looking to "get back into it". What do people suggest?
  6. Meriah is a complete liability at international level. He reminds me of Anatolakis. Good for Greece and not good enough in europe, except he is worse defensively and better offensively. He has single handedly cost us 6 points this campaign (red star and Tottenham, and being generous with 6).
  7. We'll see. Since the other forums shut down, Ive been starved of content. How have things been for you Greg? All well? What are you up to these days?
  8. How is it that the two English teams we are facing have sacked their previous under performing coaches and put in coaches who are simply going to take us very seriously and get good results? How unlucky can you get. When playing off against stronger teams you need to face them at their worst, not when they are in recovery. I would rather play Tottenham again now than when we played them the second time. Hopefully Arsenals renaissance will similarly fail.
  9. Is that you Amorge?? Nice to see you again!
  10. Once again, we have been unlucky. Tottenham sacked Pochettino before the second match, and now Arsenal have become a serious side again after sacking Emery. Gamo to spiti tous.
  11. meriah has been an absolute shambels in defense this campaign. His contributions at Red star were appalling. How you miss from inside the 6 yard box at 1-1 and call yourself a proffesional footballer is beyond me.
  12. Thanks for the highlights. Im hoping to visit a little more frequently these days.
  13. Xronia Polla! Merry New year!
  14. I wouldnt worry about the signings just yet. AEK will plod along for now, until the Gipedo is finished, and then they will splash the cash to get the bums on seats. Its standard operating procedures really.
  15. Finally the dark ages of Greek football is finishing. All that is left is for Paok to rejuvenate Toumba and POA to have a go at Leoforos and fix that up too (if its possible).
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