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  1. Hey guys. We have a very good amateur Greek football club here in New York. Give us a follow! https://www.facebook.com/LerosSoccerClub/
  2. HUGE win today over Larissa. 2-1 win with a 93rd minute goal playing with 2 men short!
  3. Zeka has been sold to kopenhagen
  4. I used to read greeksoccer.com panathinaikos forums all the time. I even remember articles posted weekly about Greek soccer on the home page.
  6. Yea bro we are all frustrated.. but I believe freezer stated this somewhere before, we cannot change regimes other season! For once I agree that we should let a specific manager / coach gets some time to implement his system and players
  7. lol xalrose bro. He ain't going anywhere. Hard not to be pissed when we s%$#! away games constantly late but they will get the win
  8. Monday night football in Greece. Doesn't get much better than this
  9. Hey guys anyone know how I can get live Greek tv and games over laptop and iPhone? I had the live Greek tv program years back. I don't mind paying a monthly fee if the streams are good
  10. Wow... and to think he had made a big fuss in those interviews a while back about the corrupt system in Greek sports
  11. I was wondering why they added that part to the name. It sounds stupid... is he boys with marinakis or something ?
  12. Your talking about giannakopoulo?
  13. 2-1 FT. Sloppy game, really hate xanthi
  14. Agree with freezer. These guys are shook can't even make simple passes now
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