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  1. LMFAO😂 when we drew Croatia I was like one of the few who said this was the worst team to draw and Italy would have been the best for us. Now Italy doesn't it make it and you all say we should have played Italy. Lol makes me 😂.
  2. You wanna see change goggle the youth systems of the clubs sporting, Benfica and Porto. Goggle soccer city which is in Portugal for the youth. It's crazy what a country like Greece has done and is now reaping the benefits. Have qualified consistently since 96. Never missing out. going to semis, finalist and winning it. Producing amazing youth teams
  3. I'm not attacking you Boxou just saying that we won't qualify for a long time. 2016 had 24 teams. It's going to be the same for 2020 only 24 teams. 20 teams qualify directly from the qualifying groups. Greece will be screwed because we keep slipping in the rankings end up in a really hard group. So you can probably cancel that out. This nations league will give 4 spots. We will have access to one spot being in group C. But really after today what are our chances realistically? there has to be change. It's not easy but money needs to be invested in the youth. Infrastructure, development, clubs need to step up with that too. Look at Portugal, the USA, even Germany. Good examples of doing something right. We are done. It's going to get worse. If no changes happen we will ended up always in pot 4 or 5. No hope
  4. Hahahaha 2016 was easy too but what happened that year? Sorry Boxou no argument😜 Get use to it bro we won't qualify for a long time unless big changes are made
  5. Another tournament no Greece. Summer will be painful lol Get use to it boys and girls. Because 2003-2014 was a golden age. Especially Portugal 04 and to a lesser extent but still amazing Brazil14. We won't qualify again for a long time. It's going to be like the 80's and 90's. Maybe worse lol we keep going down in the rankings, our FA is corrupt, our clubs are broke with no proper youth facilities. When we won in 2004 I thought this was it. We had reached the big time. Things were going to change. Investment, infrastructure. But nothing. F*** em
  6. Anyone in Ontario can watch the match on sportsnet world (370 on Rogers in Toronto) at 2:45pm.
  7. Watching today's game and realizing that the whole soccer world except greece was right when they all said everyone wants Greece in the draw. All the other games have been so close and all teams still have a chance. Today's game going into half time 0-0. FML Greece really stinks. Can't believe we lost 4-1. We are the only ones without a chance lol
  8. Sorry Skank but that's where Greek football is headed. Its now 2 tournaments we have missed in a row( this upcoming summer is going to hurt watching the World Cup and no Greece). It's going to get harder for us. I see a very bleak future for Greek soccer. We need changes in the whole FA. Money invested in infrastructure and youth. Right now it's so corrupt it's f%#^. One only has to look to Portugal who cleaned house in the mid 80's invested in youth and infrastructure. Look at them now. Once like Greece who never Qualified but now regular qualifying since Euro96, only missing out on 98. Im not sure about stats but I remember them going to 3 semis, 1 finalist, 2 quarterfinals and winning 1 title. Thats what Greece needs
  9. I will be honest unless we will win 3-0 or more to get us through. I don't want to win this game 1-0 ,2-0, 2-1 because it will tear my heart out thinking if only we we could have come home with 0-0. that will be the hardest to stomach.
  10. 3-0 would be bigger than what we did in 04. A 2nd miracle. But croatia won't sit back on 4-1. They know Greece has to come out offensively from the start. They will use that to counter attack a thin back line and hope to score a goal or 2. I think they don't care if they lose. As long as they keep the aggregate in their favour losing won't matter. Do I think Greece can score 3 goals? Yes I do. But Croatia will have the advantage of Greece's exposed back line. we gifted Croatia 4 goals. Even with the one away goal we have it's to much. This tie is over.
  11. Greece will come out in the attack. Croatia will score first, Greece will pull one back. Greece will score a 2nd but Croatia will score another. I see a 2-2. Its to late. Losing 4-1 in our first game gives us no realistic chance. Anyone who thinks Greece will win 3-0 must be smoking the good stuff. It's going to end up a tie or Croatia will win.
  12. I love some of the faith you guys have. But reality is we keep going backwards. Not qualifying for the Euros last time was bad but it worse now. We now missed 2 major tournaments in a row. Last Time that happened was before 2004. We remember the dark ages of the national team. That's where it's headed. I don't think we will qualify again for a long long time. Mark my words. There needs to be big changes in Greek soccer. And no I don't believe we will come back from 4-1. Mission in possible. We will come out attacking but that will leave us wide open for them to pop in a few. It's over. The fat lady has sung for Greece. Yesterday my Italian, Portuguese and Spanish friends just kept laughing about the Greek team and saying now the world really knows we are only a fluke team winning the Euros but not changing anything. FML lol
  13. The writing was in the stars. We failed to qualify for the easiest Euros in 2016. That should have been a warning. We finished 2nd which looks like they did awesome. But Couldn't beat Bosnia couldn't beat Estonia in their 2nd game. We keep dropping down the rankings. We are in Group C of League of Nations. I'm surprised any of you actually thought we would even scare Croatia lol It's all down hill from here. We won't ever qualify for another tournament unless big changes are done in Greek soccer. Next summer is going to be hard watching the WC with no Greece. But we better get use to it. This is why we are a laughing stock in soccer. Cant believe that only 13 yrs ago we were kings of Europe. Seems like it didn't really happen lol
  14. hahaha your dreaming. But I like that dream. But won't happen
  15. Road To Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Was the worst team of the 4 to get. I would have been happy with Italy instead.