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  1. Was thinking the same thing. Hopefully it's not a step forward then 3 steps back.
  2. Finally a game we can be proud of. Greece played very well. To bad though it came at the end when we have no chance to qualify. We need wins to move up the rankings
  3. Your dreaming about the World Cup. There's only 13 spots ,10 group winners and plus best 3rd 2nd place and 3 best nations league teams fight for last 3 spots. Greece can forget nations Cup because being in group c. And we will be seeded so lowly that it will be impossible to finish 1st or even one of the 3 best 2nd place. Emphasis should be rebuilding in time for 2024 Euros
  4. im certain we will lose. But I'm praying it's not an embarrassment and we can show some fight. This campaign is over and realistically we don't have a chance for the World Cup because only 13 European teams qualify. Hopefully we can rebuild for the European championship in 2024
  5. They just released the new FIFA rankings and Greece dropped 6 spots to 60. 1 point ahead of Burkino Faso at 61 and 1 point behind Montenegro at 59. LMFAO😂😂 whats happened to us??? Embarrassing 😳
  6. That's is correct. Thats is why it was so important to win the group, but if not at least finish 2nd and have a slim hope. Greece finishing 3rd pretty much wrote themselves off. They will take the best 2nd place teams first if any of the 1st place teams qualify.
  7. It's true. But the catch is Greece finished 3rd in their group. They are low on the pecking order. The best places teams in 2nd place go, then 3rd place is next.
  8. Nothing will change. The guys running the EPO are corrupt asses who only want to look after themselves💲💲
  9. Next World Cup is a definite no. Only 13 teams from Europ go. Greece ain't one of them. There has to be a overhaul of the whole youth system. The whole youth development has to be looked at and changed. something is broken. my guess is they will never change. It's unbelievable when you look at a country like portugal and for the last 25 yrs have produced some of the best players in the world. I could name like 10 off my head , lol. Joao Felix just went to Atletico for $120 million. Greece needs to copy the blue print.
  10. They should sort out the s%$#! in the EPO. 2022 is definitely out of the question. But 2024 Euro would be a possibility because of the nations league. If we don't screw that up.
  11. But we can forget the nations league to get to the World Cup. Only the top 2 best teams who haven't qualified through the group stages will qualify for the playoffs. Greece has no chance in this because of being in group C. We are to far down the pecking order.
  12. Everyone knows Canada sucks in soccer. Lol what's your point? Lol 😂
  13. This statement is bang on. I'm thinking more like 10 yrs. but next World Cup qualifying is going to be harder. It's not been finalized yet but it looks like it's going to be 10 groups. Only the group winners qualify and the 10 2nd place finishers will join the 2 top teams from the nations league. For a playoff for only 3 teams. Europe only has 13 spots Meaning Greece is in league C so it won't matter if we finish 1st. We are so low in rankings we will never be a top 2. Greece keeps going down in FIFA rankings so next qualifying we will be in pot 5 probably and get a hard group. we won't qualify boys lol
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