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  1. I love how everyone says we are good on paper. Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂 we should be the paper champions of the world 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 listen. We are s%$#!. Our coach is s%$#!. We keep losing to teams that anyone can beat. We keep going down the rankings. We are not qualifying for the 2020 Euros. And next Year when they do the groups for the WC qualification we will be in pot 5. Making it even more unlikely we will qualify. Bringing us even lower on the rankings. Lol this is a chain effect. We are F***ed. We will be on the outside looking in during the summer tournaments. It's going to be decades before we qualify.
  2. It's just going to be a downward trend. By the time this qualification is over we will be down near 60. Only 28 pts separate us from 60th lol 😂 qualifying for the next tournament will be so hard. We will probably be in pot 5
  3. Its over for this campaign. No way we can beat Finland away. I'm sorry but it's the truth. This is not get a new coach and everything is fixed. Greece has never been a football power. We had a chance when we won the Euro 2004. But the money was never invested properly for the future. It was like winning 2004 was all of a sudden a band aid to cover everything bad up. All of sudden everyone was saying we will win the World cup😂😂. Problem is we didn't qualify for 2006 and when we represented Europe at the confederations cup we stunk 😂😂 that should have been a warning that we needed help. But we qualified for a few tournaments and nobody was worried. Now we missed out on the last 2 tournaments and for sure a 3rd. We are 52 in the world rankings. Next qualification we will be probably in pot 5. Do you think we will qualify then too? we can keep changing coaches and pretending everything is ok. But the truth is we are lacking in so many departments especially youth development . why do you think portugal is so good?
  4. We won't beat Finland away. I don't understand how anyone can think that. It's a mess now. The game is like 10 weeks away. This European campaign is over. Be prepared to wait a long long time to ever qualify again. It's going to be Years to fix this mess. We are now 52 in FIFA rankings , 31 in European teams. We will end up probably in pot 5 for next qualification. Then what? Lol 😂 its a chain reaction will take years and years to fix. I don't think we will ever qualify again for at least another 20 yrs.
  5. Your Dreaming if you think we will beat Finland away. Lol Our next game, Finland will put us to the sword and claim 2nd place. There's no hope for us now.
  6. My wife is Portuguese. My father in law explained to me what happened to portugal. They never qualified. In World Cup 66 they finally made it and finished 3rd. Then they never qualified till Euro 84 and world cup 86. In soccer mad country they knew they had to change. So they fired everyone in the federation, invested heavily in training facilities state of the art. Hired the best youth coaches. Got a youth blueprint made up to follow. Also the teams improved their facilities because they new the only way to survive was to produce great young players and sell them. Win situation for them and also the national team. What it produced was youth under 20 World Cup winners in 89 and 91. Plus champions in all age groups. Since qualifying for Euro 96 they have only missed out on the world cup98. That's 11 tournaments qualified for. Well 10 because they were hosts in 04. They have gone to 3 finals winning 2, plus they were semifinalists 5 times in tournaments. This from a country of 11 million people and financial problems like Greece. And they look like qualifying for 2020. This is what Greece need to do. But won't happen. And it's not just portugal. Many countries have done it and its paying off. But there's to much corruption in Greece.
  7. Lol 😂 welcome to the dark ages again. I know I have been there with this team. There is no way no we are qualifying. We are 5 pts behind Finland with a 6 goal average. Armenia is team we are supposed to get 6 pts from?? Wtf. The stadium was empty 😂😂😂 our next game is away to Finland. They will put us to the sword. We are never going to catch 2nd place. We had a perfect opportunity in the nations cup to secure a playoff spot, from the 3rd division of Europe Former Euro champs and we couldn't do that. Lmfao😂😂 some of you think we will qualify? Give me the drugs your on. I want to be in make believe land too. Lol 😂 the writing was on the wall when we didn't qualify for Germany as European champs. Then in 2016 even teams from the 3rd place qualified. We couldn't. Its over. We will not qualify again unless drastic house cleaning in the federation and money put in to youth development. It's over. Don't even try to believe we will qualify. Lol losing to Armenia. Who the F*** loses to Armenia 😂😂😂
  8. We should have kept Santos. He just led portugal to another title. Portugal's 2nd. Portugal are the inaugural winners of the League of Nations cup. Bravo portugal bravo Santos. What could have been if you stayed in Greece.
  9. Wow just saw that Turkey beat France 😲 Turkey has 9 pts from 3 games. Wow
  10. Fact is we dropped 5pts to Finland's 3. If you don't win against Armenia it's over. But I can't see us getting 2nd place. Finland is to strong. That's why the nations cup was our best shot. Look at portugal tomorrow they play in another tournament final. Look at us champs in 2004 and we never built on it. More like chumps. Laughing stock of Europe
  11. How can you all be surprised by this result? Did you really think we would beat Italy? look at that pathetic attendance. Even they knew not to spend money on this s%$#!. Greece is in trouble of qualifying. Finland will grab 2nd. Mark my words. We don't have a team.
  12. If Italy scores one more goal we drop to 4th and Bosnia moves to 3rd on goal difference. This gets funnier by the minute lol 😂
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