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  1. There it is. Greece beats a Finland team that didn't care and now we will qualify for the next World Cup. 😂😂😂 Guys we are an embarrassment to the world. Don't even put your shirts on next summer. People will laugh. We are a long way off. Next summer we will again watch from the sidelines. Oh shame on us.
  2. Yeah if we had just finished first we would have had a playoff game for a spot in next summers tournament. Can't believe we screwed that up too.
  3. Kosovo finished first in their group. In group D. They will play in the playoffs in march for one spot for group D. The other 3 spots will come from group A, B,C. This the nations league in talking about.
  4. Sure if your happy in beating Armenia 1-0 and not qualifying for the tournament. So be it. Be are still along way off. Especially the hole we dug. We will flounder around in the low seeds for a while. Not qualifying
  5. No for the World Cup Europe gets 13 spots. So the way they will do it is 10 groups. 10 1st place qualify. They will get the 3 other spots from the nations league. Meaning top 6 that didn't qualify starting from group A working it's self down to group D. Greece is in a pickle. They are group C so might not get playoff no matter how good we do.
  6. Good win. Moving in the right direction. How did we not finish 2nd in this group? Qualification should have happened. Can't believe another tournament we are not there. That's 3 in a row. Next summer will be hard again. At least we will move up a bit. But we are still screwed for next tournament. Europe only gets 13 spots. 10 will be the 1st place teams and 3 will come from nations cup. If we are able to beat Finland we will move up. But we will still probably end up in pot 3 for qualifying. But could still be pot 4. Cant see us toping any group as a 1st place. And for the Nations cup it will be the top 6 starting in group A and working its way down. We are in Group C so that pretty much kills it. Probably Euro 2024 is our best shot at being at another tournament. Unless this goes to s%$#! again. Lol 😂😂
  7. Portugal up 6-0. Ronaldo hat trick. Oh well
  8. Was thinking the same thing. Hopefully it's not a step forward then 3 steps back.
  9. Finally a game we can be proud of. Greece played very well. To bad though it came at the end when we have no chance to qualify. We need wins to move up the rankings
  10. Your dreaming about the World Cup. There's only 13 spots ,10 group winners and plus best 3rd 2nd place and 3 best nations league teams fight for last 3 spots. Greece can forget nations Cup because being in group c. And we will be seeded so lowly that it will be impossible to finish 1st or even one of the 3 best 2nd place. Emphasis should be rebuilding in time for 2024 Euros
  11. im certain we will lose. But I'm praying it's not an embarrassment and we can show some fight. This campaign is over and realistically we don't have a chance for the World Cup because only 13 European teams qualify. Hopefully we can rebuild for the European championship in 2024
  12. They just released the new FIFA rankings and Greece dropped 6 spots to 60. 1 point ahead of Burkino Faso at 61 and 1 point behind Montenegro at 59. LMFAO😂😂 whats happened to us??? Embarrassing 😳
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