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  1. I'm hoping for win, but my gut feeling is a tie. Cyprus is not just going to lay down. They will come out firing on all cylinders. Bosnia was 2-0 and lost 3-2 to Cyprus.
  2. except the last group. Group I has only 5 teams so it won't affect them. this system is in place because of groups with only 5 teams. Wouldn't be fair to them. The rest of the groups the results against the 6th place team won't count. Gilbraltar won't matter( but still have to win of coure😊)Cyprus is the one that counts especially on the goals scored.
  3. We s%$#! the bed against Estonia. Those 2pts missed are going to come back to haunt us. I believe we will get 2nd. No way Bosnia beat Belgium. but with the way they do the 2nd place most likely we will end up as worst. The only hope we have is group D. Depending on their games today. theres 9 groups but 8 groups have 6 teams. Means that the results against the last place team won't count. So we could smash 30 goals against Gilbratar and it wouldn't matter. At the moment we would be the worst 2nd and no playoffs. Estonia was a big screw up. Those 2 pts damn. Cyprus also won't be easy. We need the 3 pts plus as much goals as possible.
  4. Road To Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

    I like the dream, now can it come true? I don't think so. Belgium will be to much for us. They will finish 1st. They have to much talent. I'm hoping and praying we can at least get 2nd spot then it becomes 50/50. But I really think we will finish 3rd. I'm probably going to get shot for that. But I see no hope. Coach who's lost, players with no passion to put on the shirt. Greece needs to invest in the youth. We need a world class facility, proper youth coaches. Proper youth system.
  5. Get use to this boys and girls. We won't see the NT qualifying for major finals for a long time. The next round of qualifying starts a year from now. We won't qualify for Russia. Only the 1st place qualifies and best 8 2nd place teams in playoff. With this team we are not going anywhere. This is going to get worse. We are going to drop farther down the rankings. It's going to be a nightmare. We need a complete overhaul. It won't happen overnight.
  6. The Greek Economy Thread

    This the problem with Greece, and most Greeks think the same way. This is why the country is F***ed up the way it is.
  7. FIFA World Ranking

    We wil not beat the finns with this team. Sorry. Do you think the players on the national team giver a s%$#! about the crisis? As long as the millions are rolling in and they can take care of their families, i doubt this economic situation will motivate them. There minds will still be in Mykonos. Greece will need many years to recover from this. The Fifa rankings play a big part. When your seeded lower it makes it difficult to qualify for tournaments. Thus sliding down further in the rankings. The economic situation will also affect the kids the most. No proper infrastructure, no proper training, nutrition, coaches, it will set Greece back 20 years for sure. We were in the easiest group, Qualifying assured. We could have moved up in the rankings. But no. It all went backwards. If it wasn't for the economic situation i would say we will bonce back. But not now. Not for a long time.
  8. The Greek Economy Thread

    I take it your American jvc. But i got news for you. Your country will not bail out Greece. The Americans will not step on German toes. There is bigger fish to fry than Greece. Like Russia, the Middle East, China. Do you think the Americans want to anger Germany?? They need the Germans more than they need Greece. LMAO
  9. The Greek Economy Thread

    Tsipras is a motherF***er. Hes to blame for his mickey mouse approach. He ruined Greece in his 7 months in office.
  10. The Greek Economy Thread

    Tsipras, Varoufakis and Syriza are to blame for all of this. Yes of course past Governments started all this. But Syriza came to power with all their lies to the people. They made the people believe they were the saviors of Greece. They would return Greece to all its glory. tell the rich countries to F U. How can the EU trust Greece after all the lies. They dragged this on for so long and even called a referendum. Now Tspiras turns his back on Greece, tells the NO voters to FU instead, and the world is laughing at us. Check message boards from all the news sites. Everyone thinks Greeks are mental cases, lol. WTF. Some of you saying America will come to our rescue. Yeah right. You think the Americans want to anger Germany and it allies? The Americans plate is full with the Middle East, Russia and China. They could less about Greece right now.
  11. The Greek Economy Thread

    LMAO, Tsipras and Syriza get elected on " No more Austerity" "Enough is Enough" " The Greek people have suffered enough". He rejects deal after deal, he even calls a referendum to see what the Greek people want. A big NO is passed, people dancing, drinking , celebrating on the streets. What does he do? He brings the same deal that was offered months ago, back to the table. WTF??? The elderly and sick are suffering, banks are closed, people can't even get to their money. suffering all around. Everyone blaming the wealthy Europeans for all of this. I would say Tsipras is the blame of all of this. He really is a mental case ,a failure. The world world is laughing at Greece now. Who will take this country serious. Its like a person hiding and making excuses to a debt collector when they owe money on a credit card. Making excuse after excuse. My poor Greece.
  12. The Greek Economy Thread

    All this talk. Nothing will change. Tsipras promised the banks opened Tues. Its now Thurs and still closed till Monday, LMAO. Taxes will go up, pensions down, no debt forgiveness. Tsipras will bow to Germany. He has no choice. All those poor souls dancing last sunday after the vote will be in for a shock come this Monday Morning.
  13. FIFA World Ranking

    This is just the start. Its going to get worse. We will be seeded in the lower pots from now on. That won't help the cause. And the Economic situation in Greece will make our soccer infrastructure go to s%$#!. 3rd world style. Its going to be like the 70'and 80's and 90's again. How i remember those decades. LOL
  14. The Greek Economy Thread

    Best post on this thread so far!!