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  1. So Gracenote released who will Qualify for this tournament. They crunched numbers, stats, players, stadiums etc etc. They have Greece not qualifying. They have the group as this Italy, Bosnia, Finland, Greece, Armenia , Litchenstein. Lol 😂 Fml. Is this a bad omen already 😂 Gracenote is a Nielsen company that provides in depth game stats for the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and Soccer.
  2. Putting a limit on foreign players is a start but not enough. The whole system in Greece has to change. Money has to be invested in everything at youth level. My wife is Portuguese. We go to Portugal a lot and I have seen first hand because of a relative of hers who is involved with the soccer federation. The youth system it's phenomenal. Just google portuguese youth teams from the U15 to U21 since the mid 80's and you will see what I mean. They are always qualifying and winning trophies at youth level or finishing 2nd place. And this has transferred over to the senior teams. Since 1996 they have only missed out in 1 tournament. The 98 WC. Greece should copy their blueprints.
  3. Come on don't embarrass yourself lol England have done more than Greece. They are regular players on the big stage, usually going into the knockout rounds. There league is the one of the best if not the best. Even if they don't make another final they are always at the show and usually go deep. Sadly can't say that about Greece. ☹️
  4. Actually doesn't work that way. Let's say that scenario came to be. First Greece wouldn't get because of being 3rd. But let's say Greece was 2nd in Nations league. If Finland qualifies their spot goes to best 2nd place Group C not 2nd place of the Finland group.
  5. I agree if you had got group A I think we had a chance at 2nd. Let's not kid ourselves we are in a tough group. Italy, Bosnia and Finland will give us a lot of trouble especially away from home. Throw in Armenia they won't be easy. We couldn't finish 1st in the nations league with such a easy group. I predict we will be 4th here. It will be Italy Bosnia Finland Greece Armenia and last Litchenstein.
  6. This time around I'm just going to watch the qualifiers without any hope of qualifying. Like it was pre 2004. Last 14 yrs has been a rollar coaster ride. It will make life easier. Lol Italy will be first. No way they will screw up this one like they did 2018. After what I saw during the nations league no way we can beat Bosnia or Finland to 2nd place. Even Armenia away will give us trouble. Litechenstein is the only team we will beat twice. Here is the Kick in the teeth. If Finland finish 2nd and Qualify. Their playoff spot goes to Hungary. We couldn't even finish 2nd in that group for the safety blanket. How can we qualify from this??
  7. Of course there is always a chance and hope in anything. I guess just keep believing.
  8. Maybe I'm just pissed at how far this team has fallen. Champs in 2004 to chumps in 2018. Sad
  9. I'm going to watch too. But reading the comments makes me laugh. We finish 3rd in the nations cup but now we will finish 2nd and qualify. Lol
  10. Exactly. Spot on And It didn't matter what group we got it's impossible to qualify from pot 4. No team in ever in the history of qualifiers has qualified from pot 4. Euros and world cup
  11. This team is broke. It won't be fixed in time for the qualifiers. So much work needs to be done. Im sorry to be so negative but you could see the downfall from 2014. Final straw was finishing 3rd in the nations cup. A competition that was so easy for us to finish 1st and get into the playoffs. The 3rd division. The 3rd division let that sink in.
  12. Lol we can't top a group consisting of Finland , Hungary and Estonia but now we will finish 2nd in this group. 😂😂😂 We can dream. But I think it's time to wake up. Do you really think we can beat Italy? Let alone Bosnia and Finland? even Armenia will be tough away. Top teams struggle there. We will be lucky to finish 3rd but with the team we have I think 4th is where we will end up. Qualifying starts in less than 3 months unless Greece has naturalized a group of Brazilians we ain't qualifying lol 😂😂😂
  13. I agree with those who say it doesn't matter who we get tomorrow. we need to win and finish at least 2nd. But really I know how this will turn out. This is not a overnight fix. We just finished 3rd in a group consisting of Finland, Hungary and Estonia. Dose everyone actually believe we will qualify for the Euros? Lol We are in pot 4. It's going to be so hard to finish 2nd. We are no where near the pot 1 or pot 2 teams. Even pot 3 teams are way ahead of us. Guys be prepared to get use to not Qualifying. It's over. The fat lady has sung. We need help big time. We need change. The FA needs to be cleaned out, investment in facilities and youth. I always say look at what portugal did. Greece has to do the same. Yes we won a Euro but it was more luck and playing so defensive that we won. We had some luck in qualifying for some tournaments last 10yrs after 04 because of our rankings due to winning the cup, But it's over. Portugal is playing for another trophy next June.
  14. We are in trouble. At this moment we can't beat anyone. But I would say Switzerland Iceland Slovakia Gibraltar and San Marino. It still driving me nuts that if we had won the group we would have had a playoff spot already. Even 2nd place there was hope of a playoff spot.
  15. Yup it's sad😥. It's nice to have Greece at the party every 2 yrs but the writing was on the wall. The ride was going to be bumpy and eventually go down hill. For me the wake up was way back after we won the Euro 2004. When we didn't qualify for the World Cup in 2006 I realized that it was only a matter of time. 12 yrs later 2016 and we haven't qualified
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