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  1. classic ...interview
  2. Personally i do not agree with not starting Socrates and Manolas as per there are no players in Greece better than them in their respective positions (None). I do not agree with using the national team as a testing ground. The other thing is does anybody think that this is even the right coach to try and rebuild the national team. ?
  3. nasl


    There was no shame in losing to Croatia , remember they were runner ups for the world cup ? Also i said he generally but the best players , but either way his results were much better than the others . Keep in mind his results were taking over a side that lost twice to Faroe islands. Lets see what happens against Italy and Bosnia if the same type of lineup gets played.
  4. nasl


    (Skibbe) generally speaking tried to put the best players on the field . He has gotten the best results from the last 6 coaches to date because he understood this. IF this current coach does not understand this the losses will keep coming and he will be gone soon. Frankly not having Mitroglou on the bench in a must win set of games is a joke. Greece needs a real coach who understands what strategy , tactics , and the best player selection we need on the international level.
  5. No excuses for this kind of result Guys so far i have seen (some) questionable selections Also in the press conference it would be nice if the coach took more responsibility for a terrible result . This coach will be gone soon as the next few games most likely we wont get any points I guess even keeping an 8 million dollar striker on the bench to try and score even in the last 15 minutes as a substitute is not a good idea for a team that has problems scoring. Also Zeca should have started
  6. Okay if there is no quality lets just play with 4‑1‑4‑1 with mitroglou as lone striker No joke...just put up a defensive wall
  7. I agree 1000 percent with this comment. But Instead lets scout out all these different players and use qualifiers as a training ground It like we are about to get eliminated and we do not even have mitroglou as a sub available to try and score a late goal. Rehagel sometimes picked players who had no team , other time (i think) he might have had like 5 players from panathaniakos for one game. There are players that could have seen the field like Zeca , and fetzafazidis, mitroglou (if called ), that could have helped in this game
  8. No Mitroglou ? As far as i know he is not injured and hes been transferred recently to PSV Eindhoven . We need to win or lose with our best players on the field
  9. Has become a free agent on : Jul 1, 2019 maybe we will see him back in greece
  10. anybody with a link to a press conference introducing the new coach ?
  11. Yet skibbe got us to a play off for a WC place ultimately losing to the eventual runner up. With Belgium in our group that we almost inflicted their first home loss in years were it not for a send-off. In hindsight they should have stuck with him as they are paying him out anyway along with Anastasiadis and have now hired a lesser couch! EPO is run by monkeys! This poster really makes sense . The reality is that he picked up the team after we had lost twice to the faroes and when this happens your football program is not really going to turn around for a minimum of 5 years. Skibbe gave us some stability and we should have kept him for longer at least through this tournament. Instead we have a revolving door on the field and our coaches as well.
  12. WE used 3 different goalkeepers in 3 games ? Who is to say any of them are even the best goalkeeper in greece Karnezis even sitting on the bench as a 3rd string goalie in napoli is probably better than all 3 of them and has tons of experience with 50 caps. Just put the best players on the field. Same argument can be made for somebody like fetzfazdis and others i am sure. Rehagel who many times got criticized sometimes put on players who were without a club on the field and he said in response that the players have not forgotten how to play.
  13. This team needs some stability in the absolute worst way We seem to have a merry go round of players. If we get scored on its too hard for these players to make comeback
  14. Sotiris scored his ( 4th goal) for his team (02-18-2019) on a goal in the 11th minute ... game ended 4-1 loss
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