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  1. WE used 3 different goalkeepers in 3 games ? Who is to say any of them are even the best goalkeeper in greece Karnezis even sitting on the bench as a 3rd string goalie in napoli is probably better than all 3 of them and has tons of experience with 50 caps. Just put the best players on the field. Same argument can be made for somebody like fetzfazdis and others i am sure. Rehagel who many times got criticized sometimes put on players who were without a club on the field and he said in response that the players have not forgotten how to play.
  2. This team needs some stability in the absolute worst way We seem to have a merry go round of players. If we get scored on its too hard for these players to make comeback
  3. Sotiris scored his ( 4th goal) for his team (02-18-2019) on a goal in the 11th minute ... game ended 4-1 loss
  4. Sotiris scored his ( 3rd goal) for his team (02-08-2019) on a pk in the 54th minute ... game ended 2-2 tie...
  5. Playing soccer is a job Its about earning a living nothing more nothing less i have not seen many greek players with his skills over the years
  6. is somebody honestly going to tell me that fetzfazidis and even ninis are not better than most of our players playing today ?
  7. Ninis scored his second goal on 11-- 09--18 in a 1 to 1 tie
  8. THis tournament makes no sense to me. Finland for example because they will have done well in 6 game tournament would get a guarantee to at least make it to the euro playoffs ? Any qualification for playoff or tournament should be at least over 8 games or even 10 games but there is no way teams should get a guaranteed route to the playoffs for doing well over 6 games. This is nonsense .
  9. Ninis signed with HApoel Ashkelon In the 2nd division He scored in his first match on 10-08-2018.
  10. Basically if i understand we need to beat finland 3-0 in greece and also beat estonia and they have to lose their remaining match against hungary Would this be correct ? Because we need to score do any of you guys think Fetfatzidis should start. I still think that Fetfatzidis and also Sotiris ninis are more talented offensively than many players we have in greece at the moment
  11. I think he has had some good performances in Belgium. Difficult situation for him , as per I think he has tried hard for his team. I hope he will find another club quickly.
  12. On December 1, 2016, it reported that Rayo OKC had released all of their players and did not have its majority owners or anyone from the Rayo OKC management representing them at the NASL's board of directors meeting in Atlanta.[8]
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