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  1. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Ι agre that Skibbe takes a blame in this. But he should also take credit for taking a team that did one win in 10 games vs much easier opponents to making one that only lost 1 official. I also agree that we have much better midfielders but something tells me we have players who are not selected by Skibbe. As I said. Future looks promising. All top teams (have to include Panionios since its their 3rd year doing splendid) Pao , Aek , Panionios , Paok , Oly have a few players that are really worthy attention.
  2. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    The players are shitte? Tzavellas played excellently vs Belgium and vs the Bosnians twice. Karnezis has been splendid whole campaign. Kyriakos is being praised as our 3rd best option and he wasn't there at the 1-2. Pick your words wisely if everyone is shitte then why are we on this forums saying we could be in the WC? The players are fine and the coach did fine overal in teh campaign. A few additions are needed to do the extra step. Some proper wingers and 2 completely new holding midfields are the only thing we are missing. Based on your logic Olympiakos losing to atromitos means he shouldn't be in champions League Barcelona drawing to Oly shouldnt be called favorite to win anything. Milan drawing to Aek means Serie A is nothing better than Greek SL. All these assumptions were made just based on 1 match. Thing is , if Croatia and Greece played together 100 times, the rest 99 I doubt they would end with us losing with a score similar to 4-1. Badmatches happen. The whole world has been having bad matches against us and we ve been cocky about it as Greek NT fans saying " u didnt deserve to surpass us". Look at Russia - Greece 0-1 in 2012. Maybe even at Greece - Slovakia in the 2014 qualifiers, and the Slovakia - Greece one.
  3. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    You can't blame a couple of players when you lose 4-1. Yes Karnezis failed. But Tzavellas back pass was bad too. Yes Stafylidis failed , but Sokratis should be the one on that player there. Yes Maniatis was ruined from Perisic, but 2nd goal Kyriakos was nonexistent. 3rd goal Maniatis as well When half your team made mistakes that lead to goals it's not the players. Team had alread shat themselves before the match even starting. Balkan home stadiums packed are really something evne the big national teams fear. Tziolis Maniatis honestly seem like they should retire and Diamantakos and Vellios should be away from the NT until they prove to be good players. Those along some meme call ups like Kolovetsios?Koutroubis? should be done iwth the NT. The triplet Karnezis, Kapino , Anestis are good goalkeepers. All the defenders were fine, apart from maybe Tzavellas or Lykogiannis who should give their place to a Right back maybe Bakakis. Whats the point of 3 LBs and 1 RB only. Tziolis Maniatis should be gone for Siopis and maybe Galanopoulos. Kourbelis for starter. Lazaros (being old currently) and Diamantakos Vellios could easily be excluded for : Karelis , Donis , Limnios and Lamprou. A tournament in June with a lot of friendlies could actually help to bring some players in the team and stick them for the upcomming qualies. Siopis is already 23 and Lazaros Lamprou will be 20 soon, no point to keep him in the youth NTs forever. As for the latter one for people crying for Lazaros Christodoulopoulos , their stats are not that different Lazaros Christodoulo: 18 matches : 8 goals 2 assists 1.010 minutes of playtime. 3 goals and 2 assists are in a cup game against one of the worst B League teams. Lazaros Lamprou : 16 matches : 4 goals , 3 assists , 1.090 minutes of playtime If you add up also to the fact that Panionis is a team with a budget maybe 1/10th of Aek it makes you wanna hope for this lad. Maybe it's the name Lazaros.
  4. Kostas Mitroglou - Olympique de Marseille

    Did Karagounis look below average too ? Im not asking u based on his career and the NT working well when he was our captain and doing excellently. Im asking you honestly. A greece scoring 12 goals in 10 matches vs Slovakia , Bosnia , Latvia , Lithuania , Liechtenstein ,1 of them being an own goal and 1 of them being a penalty. Did Karagounis seem above average with Greece? No. Now go tell me that Karagounis was not NT material. Go on.
  5. Kostas Mitroglou - Olympique de Marseille

    Dude. Fortounis is Fortounis he is not Messi 80% of our attacking situations you only see 2 max 3 players in the box against a defence of how many ? 4 ? 5? I doubt even Messi can score easily on those situations. Fortounis is talented enough to make the unexpected pass to both Mitroglou and Donis, considering the first is a killer striker but static, while Donis is a pacey dribbling beast with his shooting not to be tested yet. The fact that Leipzig , Besiktas arestill eyeing Fortounis and the fact that Leipzig has sent scouts in 4 games for Frotounis so far (Bercelona home , Croatia home - away , gonna be in Sporting as well) probably speaks for itself. Hopefully once he goes there he decides to up his work rate coz he has the fonds to be a good 10 in a top league. Nothing too legendary to be attached on , but not just a 10 in the puny Greek League.
  6. Kostas Mitroglou - Olympique de Marseille

    You are wrong. Fortounis is worthy in the NT. Im pretty sure Fortounis assisted more than anyone else in the team. In a campaign where we scored more than we previously did. So would Mantalos be if he played a more central position.
  7. Kostas Mitroglou - Olympique de Marseille

    Lets give any past member of the NT a shot because according to u , finishing above bosnia and losing to Croatia means were nonexistent. Fortounis , Mantalos are better players than anything Greece had as attacking midfield since Tsiartas. Karagounis was an 8 in his good years with Ethniki. Ninis and Fetfatzidis could be so much but they desided to be nothing. They don't deserve a call up at all. This Roster , at least 20 of it;'s members are much better than anything we had in the 2008 - 2014 period. Look at the 2010 roster Spyropoulos? Vyndra? Malezas ? Pantelis Kapetanos? Prittas? Who the f* is Prittas? Look at the 2012 roster Fotakis? Makos? Malezas again? a 36 year old Lybe? We have a much better roster. Find me one Left Back as talented as Stafylidis offensively back then. Find me someone to pair with Sokratis, who is as good as Manolas. Find me an attacking midfielder like Fortounis. And someone with the career of Mitroglou. Find me a 6 who literally can run up and down the field like Zeka or a midfielder as mobile as Samaris. The problem. The only problem, is that the worthless teams of 2008 - 2014 had the luck to be pot 1 , pot 2 at worst on some occasions, so even when ending up in play offs, we d play with the likes of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Slovakia , Ukraine , Romania , no better team than those. Add the fact that competition has gone upwards. Where were Belgum , Iceland , Denmark , Sweden, Switzerland 5-6 years ago? Now these teams seem like they re unbeatable. Competition has gone upwards and we just didn't go that way as well. Hope we can make it to the 24 team Euro. Otherwise we ll be a pot 4-5 lock up for maybe the rest of our long lives.
  8. FIFA World Ranking

    I think teams like ours will be pretty fine in Nations League. 20 teams ahead of us I don't think we ll find anyone better than us in the Nations League to be honest. We really need a decent draw because Netherlands , Sweden , Italy , Croatia etc will all possibly be pot 2 teams. We were honestly lucky this time with Bosnia Herzegovina. On the other hand teams like Romania , Serbia , Ireland could be pot 2 as well.
  9. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    You wouldn't put Kourbelis in Samaris position. You would put him in Tziolis one The fact that he is tall as well and much more mobile than Tziolis himself could either do nothing more or completely change the team's ability in transition. An extra player who can help both offence and diffence. Problem is that all of our upcomming players in 6 and 8 positions are defensively orientated. Kourbelis , Galanopoulos, Siopis don't really create from behind like Katsouranis was. Katsou could see a movement before his teammates even considered doing it. But I do believe however that more mobile players will at least upgrade the transition which in my jumble opinion really is Greek NT's main problem since Katsouranis /Karagounis. We didn't concede much this campaign. Defence is fine. Mitroglou is there whenever he has the proper service and Mantalos Fortounis Donis are the most creative/skilled players we ve probably had since 2004. To summarize In the upcomming friendlies Id like to see either a completely new line up from 0. No players we know their level and know they are worthy of wearing the jersey , or a proper line up in the defence , in Offence and changes wherever needed. Considering our "wing" players will be Mantalos Donis and Fortounis Mitroglou will be our main offence. And considering our most worthy defence is Toro - Manolas - Sokratis - Stafylidis with an imminent need of Toro replacement because of a) his getting old b) him being injury prone lately due to age Id like to see a line up with a completely different midfield GK and RB Vlachodimos/Anestis/Kapinos Bakakis - Manolas - Sokratis/Retsos - Stafylidis Galanopoulos/Siopis - Kourbelis Mantalos - Fortounis - Donis Mitroglou If we see a completely different line up from our starters It could go like this Vlachodimos/Anestis/Kapinos Bakakis - Retsos - Siovas/Kyriakos - Katranis Galanopoulos - Siopis - Kourbelis Lamprou - Karelis/Donis - Limnios Maybe try the 4-3-3 because Ive said this 100 times in this specific thread. If you hurt in a position (example the whole damn midfield) you can add an extra player. Fortounis can play Left wing as well anyways and despite not having the pace he sure as hell has a killer cross and can see defence holes. In general I expect a lot of transfers this season from Greek players. Atromitos being undefeated and only conceding 3 goals is gonna get people interested in their key players. Panionios having a 3rd hell of a season in a row is definately gonna make people interested in them as well. If half the : Kourbelis , Glalanopoulos , Siopis , Risvanis , Gianniotis , Lamprou , Limnios , Charisis , Lykogiannis get the attention they should , I don't see why the team doesn't upgrade as a whole.
  10. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I do believe when failure happens changes do as well. If no change at all happen and Skibbe tries again with Maniatis , Vellios , Diamantakos and Tziolis then I ll be sure to say im against him. If changes in the active roster and starting 11 DO happen I believe the team will roll very good under him. Kourbelis is considered to be joining Werder in January and Blachodimos maybe going to benfica. I think these might be the first 2 players to change.
  11. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Alefantos rates the players of the NT and i literally am 100% with him Mostly agree with both the criticism on Skibbe and the players. The "Taxi is tebelis" and "Tzioli just stop responding to the call-ups" literally were on my mind. Skibbe critiscism is strange in my opinion because we simply weren't going for the 3-0. It was obvious we had settled with a decent result against them at our home and not qualifying. I don't think it was only a matter of Skibbe but hte player mentality possibly wasn't on par with a 3-0 result. I sure hope things change with the new campaign. I just hope the draw does not f*ck us up this time.
  12. Firstly for the Skibbe incident : The NT has not qualified for 2 tournaments in a row. The EPO has no money currently. Whoever we bring is not gonna be anything better than Skibbe and obviously with such low paygrade he will also be forced to be part of the "corruption" and the weird callups. Better Skibbe that the players themselves want. Good performance overall. we need completely new players on the 6 , the 8 , both flank wings/midfielders and decent Right back Back up coz Toro is comming to age. I want Skibbe to stay because he is good for the atmosphere and his schemes worked in most of the games. Call ups are an issue but I think EPO would not mention the existence of weird call ups if some weird call ups were forced by them. I just hope Tziolis Maniatis leave the NT. Tzavellas can stay he has had nice games. In the midfielders the only ones from this campaign I'd keep would be Samaris Zeka. Introduction of Kourbelis , Galanopoulos , Siopis , Androutsos needs to be imminent. I'd also like to consider offensive players like Diamantakos , Vellios , Lazaros (due to age) done. Introduction of Donis(already done) Lamprou, Limnios, Gianniotas(already done), Manthatis needs to be imminent. Bakakis becuase we honestly have noone else. We are gonna struggle real time when Torosidis finally retires. Noone will be half as good as him. Half of these players do not deserve the call up yet. But half of the ones already mentioned are no prospects anymore and don't look like developing and fitting the team either. I disagree with Sokratis saying we need to qualify for 2020. I'd rather take a National Team with youths trying to find themselves and develop match after match to a solid NT than try with the same players who are honestly not producing.
  13. Neither has croatia. Croatia has a 4/4 while we have a mere 2/2 Its gonna be a 5/5 for them after tonight with this lineup
  14. Im telling u its gonna be a 3-5-2 with Retsos 3rd CB. Dont listne to the livescore. They are just predictions. Cant think of him putting Zeka on the wings once again.
  15. I read the names of the line up . Forotunis out. I think badly. They say about 4-2-3-1 but It seems to me for a 3-5-2 more Karnezis Manolas Sokratis Retsos Torosidis Tsiolis Tachtsidis Zeka Lazaros Mitroglou Bakasetas I can't say I agree. Not a single bit but whatever.
  16. Orestis Karnezis - Watford F.c.

    Karnezis has stopped penalties both at Getafe and at Udineze. We can blame him all we want but the fact that his career is what it is, with teams all over the top championships I think we re on the wrong here.
  17. I believe it will end in a defeat for you with a result that fits both teams. Us for taking a win over a big side and building psychology for the games to come, proving the night at Zagreb was just a bad night , and you a result that sends you to the world cup. No harm done. I believe your defense is weak to maintain Fortounis and Mitroglou but they are just two players. The rest of the team needs changes and young blood which is really to late to ask for. Congratulations Cro. You ll definately be a side I will be cheering for next summer.
  18. With a midfield missing mobile players like Kourbelis and Samaris I don't think we can pressure anyone. Tziolis is a Κώνος for Modric and Rakitic training. I suppose the only reason Skibbe has him is to have an extra tall dude for the set pieces. With a bit of luck I actually believe we have more chances to convert all our Free Kicks/Corners than actually socring on actual time. Their defensive mechanism seemed useless in the first game. I believe we ll score a few goals. But I also believe they will as well.
  19. http://www.gazzetta.gr/football/superleague/article/1160499/ta-thaymatoyrga-stimena-toy-fortoyni Here is an article about those who say Fortounis has done nothing in this campaign. 2 assists in his last 2 games for the NT. What else can that man do honestly ? I still consider Fortounis and Mitroglou steps above anything else we ve produced Offensively since Tsiartas. But you can't take down 5 decent players with just 2.
  20. I dont know if it sux or not. The fact that we re most likely out already I think will sit on us better after the final blow. Other teams like Northern Ireland an Ireland / Denmark who had decent and doable results in the first leg will probably be a lot more disappointed after the 2nd match if/when they are out than us. We ve had 4 days to let reality kick in.
  21. I don't know if it's forced or not but I have followed almost every player of the NT on instagram. Before the matches they were all posting stories and photos about the match and about Greece NT in general and from Thursday they haven't posted anything at all. It must have been a real blow for most of them as well. It's good to see such emotion. I believe the words of Sokratis and Skibbe that the team has became a team again are valid and not just things the media and the people wanna hear.
  22. No way we field a line up with 2 proper wingers. It's gotta be fake!!!
  23. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Donis - Karelis - Lamprou Siopis - Galanopoulos - Kourbelis Lykogiannis - Retsos - Risvanis - Bakakis Gianniotis Id like to see a friendly with new faces. To know whom we can trust and whom we can not. It's a defensive 4-3-3 with 3 holding mids and the wingers playing a bit down to start the offence.
  24. who the f actually works out both chest and back at the same day? I dont know at what volume you go . Considering u go to play bb afterwards I suppose nothing bulking tier. If I play chest one day I can't sleep face down because I feel it weird. If I play back I can literally only sleep sideways coz back/traps feel sore. It makes me feel violated that u hit both muscle groups at the same day. Im tryna put some cross training/crossfit in the week to start slowly cutting from now. Lots of football doesn't help because I always eat pizza with it (it's a rule).