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  1. Jesus is Physio. You seen the job he done with Lazarus? Brought that [email protected]@ back from the ded Panayia is the coach.
  2. Stop commenting bros. If sky is the limit then my line-up is as blue as the sky. Get some 3-5-2 like the one I said or something like this Mr Anastasiades please: Άγιος Ιωάννης ο Βαπτιστής Άγιος Αντώνιος - Άγιος Ελευθέριος - Αγία Μαρίνα Αι - Γιώργης - Αγία Παρασκευή - Άγιος Νεκτάριος - Απόστολος Πέτρος Παναγία η Πορτοκαούσα Άι Νικόλαος - Παίσιος
  3. Toro injured Stafy injured I am telling u aderfia go hard or go home 3-5-2 SMELLS LIKE TIME FAWR SOOM 3 [email protected]@CKING 5 [email protected]@CKING 2 Vlachodimuller Sergio Siovas - Papapapapapasokrates - Kostas the not so injured Manolas Lamprou the quite promising - Portuguese dark skinned dude - Samaris the Reborn - Masouras the sorta promising Fortounis the pretty much all we got with creativity Mitroglou the hot guy - Donis the "I only score vs Bayern" LETS GO BOIZ A SIMPLE 6-0 VS LIECHTENSTEIN AND MAYBE A NARROW 1-0 VS BOSNIA AND WE IN THE EUROS. Simple as... Also does anyone know if I can buy the match from anywhere? I live in Lithuania currently.
  4. A product of Greek football deserves to play for the same National Team. ^ This is the only mentality we need to follow. We really do not have many greek football products who play in different positions other than Centerback so we should take this. Its exactly the same mentality I have for the French and Belgium NTs. All these players learned how to kick a ball at the European country they represent.
  5. I actually Agree that they re not that big yet to need to hurry up with the process of "nationalizing" them, but I ask you this. If they actually end up good and we go hunting on them to join us, then what? They are BOTH products of Greek football, Greek academies, They re both in Greece for over ~20 years (Durmisaj came here when he was 4,5), they both speak Greek. So I am all set for them to get called, even if they don't στεριώσουν with the team. Noone cried about Ninis back then, Holebas either. C'mon. Vlachodimos is not that Greek either but noone is complaining, in fact you were crying for the coaches not picking him.
  6. Lamprou just keep scoring at every match. He isdefinately ready. Chatzigiovanis and Bouzoukis I want to see more of them with a more decent team to decide. Limnios is ready for sure. Id like to see Lamprou - Mitroglou - Limnios and fortounis as attacking midfielder. Quick team but new team. We ll see how it goes. Based on form I think Samaris , Fortounis , Mitroglou (assisted over the weekend and scored previous one), Sokratis, Manolas(probably will be okay on time), Vhachodimos, Zeka, Donis are gonna be the 8/11 starters. Sure call ups probably include Siovas,Torosidis, Koutris. Stafylidis and Retsos are injured and Im sure we would totally need them in our campaign, they would be probably starters. So I think the other 3 spots, Winger and fullbacks are probably gonna be between Lamprou, Limnios for the wings and Koutris,Tsimikas,Torosidis for the fullbacks. If Stafylidis and Retsos are back on time I'd take them instead especially at the match vs Bosnia. Tachtsidis playing well in Serie B. Hopefully his team promotes so he can get back to Serie A level. Id love to see some youth in these call ups. I think Tzavellas, Maniatis,Lampropoulos being out of the picture and Pelkas,Mantalos being injured will open up space for other players to come.
  7. You dont put a Left Back as right back unless you have to. Koutris will not be our Right back. Rrather have Retsos or Bakakis.
  8. I agree actually but the national team has been having fullbacks after the 2004 era who were mediocre at best defensively. Holebas was like Koutris in his youth, offensively too good but mediocre defensively AT BEST. This is exactly the reason why IMHO putting a 3rd CB could be able to unlcok our fullbacks full potential. They have the lungs to track back when needed and they ll have the free choice to move forward and cross or man to man which unironically Koutris is too good at. Our NT's biggest problem is actually the transition. Getting the ball forward quickly. These guys are good offensively and they can definately help with that. It's gonna be like we have 2 extra midfielders on the wings and 2 more options for Fortounis to pass to and not have to go back to take the ball and carry it himself. However, the biggest issue we have to hope is that at least one or two of the guys we have on the wings actually make a career we hope them to make , Lamprou, Limnios, Chatzigiovanis, Bouzoukis. I would be quite devastated if they all ended up Greek Super League flops. Even Koulouris and Donis, we should hope they dont get suddently lost to mediocricy. I believe there is actually a lot of talent which if managed properly (Managers guiding them for a good career and not for some extra cash in their pockets and coaches properly teaching them how to play the damn ball) I can see us back on track with our previous success decade, where we barely missed any major tournament.
  9. Drop Pelkas on the wings and Lazaros in general. Just drop him . 34 year old winger what exactly are we expecting from him? 3-5-2 Vlachodimos Manolas - Sokratis Siovas Retsos - Samaris - Zeka - Stafylidis Fortounis Mitroglou - Donis Can easily sub a CB off if we re hunting a score and change it to 4-2-3-1 Subs/Rotation: GK: Kapino(this guy is honestly a good GK but no playtime, Give him time and he ll show), Karnezis, Paschalakis Fullbacks:Holebas(starter if he comes of course)Koutris, and if they re injured we got Giannoulis/Lykogiannits/Tsimikas. I honestly cant think of a decent Right back. Bakakis has proven to be a borderline flop. Torosidis needs to come as the leader of this team and the guy who s joined 2 Euro cups and 2 World cups with the team. Centerbacks: I think all of our 4 decent and ready CBs are in the lineup. Probably trying to introduce players like Mavropanos,Hatzidiakos, maybe Risvanis and Hatziisaias as well. No point to call mediocre players like Kolovetsios,Oikonomou at their late 20s. Risv and Hatzi are also 25 and still havent shown to be anything too good like Retsos and Manolas proved from their youth. Kyriakos is also an option but he seemed a bit few vs Croatia and Bosnia/Italy are in our Group. Midfield: Well apart from Kourbelis, Galanopoulos and maybe Tachtsidis if he decides to restart his career properly. He is actually performing quite well in Serie B and they re on their way for promotion. He is good when used with quick wingers and a tower in the midfield but he is just another mediocre at best player. Having noone else though makes him look like a luxury. AMFs-Wingers: Pelkas, Masouras,Chatzigiovanis,Bouzoukis, Limnios, Lamprou, and follow Vrousai career coz the others have been here and there for a a couple of years producing consistently. CF: Koulouris This is a group of around 34 players and I wouldnt pick any more at all. Atleast till the end of this season. Some of the youth will probably be introduced now because there is no U-21 qualifiers and they were always called for the matches from Nikopolidis to qualify for U21.
  10. Whoever follows GSL knows Masouras since 2 years ago at Panionios. Same goes for Lamprou kid was tryharding to keep Iraklins on the first division on his own, and last year he was the top scorer of a devastated panionios, after selling every worthy player.
  11. Apart from : Galanopoulos in the midfield Masouras, Lamprou( i ve been talking about him long before he started producing so well in Netherlands, Its not like Im blindfolded from some youth scoring some goals), Limnios on the wings, Maybe Vrousai if he gets chances in bigger teams/leagues. Koutris on the back Koulouris We have noone else to introduce to the team for the next 1,5 year. Hopefully the Sokratis/Manolas duo still stands till the Euros. Torosidis missing will be a huge problem but Retsos can stay there in the matches vs better opponents and he is defensively good. I prefer Stafylidis as a starter his team is doing s%$#! but the fact that immediately after his injury he was given a starter spot and barely misses playing time shows he s worhty of midable bundesliga. Id like a 3-5-2 since our fullbacks are either too good offensively and mediocre on the back( Koutris,Stafylidis- even holebas with his so rumored return) . No proper right back with torosidis actually seeming too little even for Olympiakos back up, so maybe put a winger on the right with lungs and man to man like Limnios. Definately sub him after 60 because he ll be dead. Hope Anastasiadis changes stuff. Even if it doesnt end up as we d like to. I think this team needs a restart. I wouldnt judge him bad if he failed trying to change. I would criticise a lot if he kept the same s%$#! and hoped something changed on its own.
  12. Agreed on Koulouris. But it cant be a coincidence he keeps scoring with a midtable team. He is some all around striker . Not good with his head but can score headers. This team needs a targetman. Last time donis was used as CF we didnt know what to do (was vs Hunns I think the 2-1 loss). Also, Tachtsidis eyed by Lecce (serieb) and trabzonspor. Koulouris every youth coach loved him. He got something in him. Maybe not worth it on the eye but everyone likes him. He proves he has the thirst to make a career. The fact that he is not believed that much in paok is good. He is working.
  13. Im just more realistic guys. This team has mentality issues (obviously) and Sokratis is not as he was 4 years ago. Settle it. Stats speak for themselves. We got scored nothing 4 years go compared to what this team concedes now. New coach would better get a new scheme with lots ofCBs coz we really got goodones Team will go down more certain for themselves now for sure. This Group is unironically a blessing. Teams like Russia, Croatia, Germany in pot 2 were avoided. What type of mentality exactly SHOULD I have (unironically) with this team's latest results (its currently 4 years the team is underperforming with a decent run in 2018 WC).
  14. Mitroglou never ran anyways so he can keep playing till 35. He is already past 35 in footballer years based on his athleticism.
  15. Best line up is this Manolas Sokratis Retsos Torosidis - Kourbelis - Stafylidis/Koutris Zeka Fortounis Mitroglou Donis 3-5-2 get past anything else for now. EDIT: I just saw that Dean posted the same lineups with only Torosidis (he is still a game changer at Olympiakos tho so I give him +1 year at least) and 3rd CB different. Nibbas Im honestly telling you you need to enjoy watching the NT more than being obsessed with it making it. Right now we re in no position to ask. Their limit is finishing 3rd.
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