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  1. Rockafeller Skank

    Transfer Talk

    Agreed on Koulouris. But it cant be a coincidence he keeps scoring with a midtable team. He is some all around striker . Not good with his head but can score headers. This team needs a targetman. Last time donis was used as CF we didnt know what to do (was vs Hunns I think the 2-1 loss). Also, Tachtsidis eyed by Lecce (serieb) and trabzonspor. Koulouris every youth coach loved him. He got something in him. Maybe not worth it on the eye but everyone likes him. He proves he has the thirst to make a career. The fact that he is not believed that much in paok is good. He is working.
  2. Rockafeller Skank

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Im just more realistic guys. This team has mentality issues (obviously) and Sokratis is not as he was 4 years ago. Settle it. Stats speak for themselves. We got scored nothing 4 years go compared to what this team concedes now. New coach would better get a new scheme with lots ofCBs coz we really got goodones Team will go down more certain for themselves now for sure. This Group is unironically a blessing. Teams like Russia, Croatia, Germany in pot 2 were avoided. What type of mentality exactly SHOULD I have (unironically) with this team's latest results (its currently 4 years the team is underperforming with a decent run in 2018 WC).
  3. Rockafeller Skank

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Mitroglou never ran anyways so he can keep playing till 35. He is already past 35 in footballer years based on his athleticism.
  4. Rockafeller Skank

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Best line up is this Manolas Sokratis Retsos Torosidis - Kourbelis - Stafylidis/Koutris Zeka Fortounis Mitroglou Donis 3-5-2 get past anything else for now. EDIT: I just saw that Dean posted the same lineups with only Torosidis (he is still a game changer at Olympiakos tho so I give him +1 year at least) and 3rd CB different. Nibbas Im honestly telling you you need to enjoy watching the NT more than being obsessed with it making it. Right now we re in no position to ask. Their limit is finishing 3rd.
  5. Rockafeller Skank

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Does he really get the job done when we get scored 2 from Finns, Hunns, 1 from Estonia? I am really not so sure anymore. 2014 qualyfing was 12 goals for and 4 against (3 in our only loss in that campaign and one meme penalty from latvia). Right now we get scored 6 vs terrible teams like these and you people don't get it yet. The best hting to do is to quit this team for a few years till it bounces. Although I am also hoping for a surprise as well in the qualifiers.
  6. Rockafeller Skank

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Yes Sokratis is declining. Still good though you can't blame him for everything on such an Arsenal Defence. Team finishing 4th is gonna be a huge accomplishment with Aubemeyang and Lacazzette showing up once every month. Center forward Aubameyang touched the ball 10 times last day and 6 were free kicks. Torreira didn't show up yesterday and he sold the ball in at least 3 goals out of 5. I still like Sokratis. With the NT at least, he is producing. And Retsos has already been included in the team so his starting spot won't come late. As for Lamprou. People who followed the Panathinaikos Academies knew him since he was 15. He played as striker there tho. Anyways. He got a future ahead of him. Masouras , Lamprou, Siopis were all key factors for Panionios being competitive last year and the year before. Paok imho made a mistake to not keep Lamprou and keep Warda. But they re both excellent players for Greece level if you ask me. As for chatzigiovanis and Bouzoukis, their playing talks for themselves.
  7. Rockafeller Skank

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Your comment is probably the only one that's demanding an answer. Lazaros was s%$#!. The end. Let's take a look at his career with the NT. I ll start with the goals: 1 vs Fkin Lithuania. Fetfa was s%$#!. The end. He was all about pace and dribble and fancy. He couldn't make a move at open space. Lamprou can. Limnios can. He can't You lot (me included) were the ones bashing Santos for not kicking "useless slow" Katsouranis and players like Vydra,Lymperopoulos,Tziolis from the team and suddently someone being at his 32-32 with a finished career that never really peaked any more than the average Big Greek team player, is someone we should hang on to? Where the f is Christodoulopoulos now? At Oly. Olympiakos literally paied him for 2 matches at Europe where he was MVP and I haven't heard him since. And we all know Martins is gonna finish the season without him, since they are already moving for a new winger. Fetfatzidis has been s%$#! for Olympiakos and his finishing has not been any better from when he was a youth prospect. Lamprou, Limnios , Masouras should be given a chance. Waiting for them to take it at 30 is no good.
  8. Rockafeller Skank

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    People still talking about Lazaros at his 32. You guys forget too easily. Christodoulopoulos has been s%$#! for us. Even Fetfatzidis has been performing better than him with the NT. He was mediocre last season. He is s%$#! now. He only has 2 years left. Get the f*ck over him it's not your ex to be so obsessed with him. We have decent keepers. Decent CBs currently and promising youngs on their positions. DecentLBs(Stafy,Koutris probably the duo we continue with) We have a good defensive 6 in Kourbelis(if only he wasn't injured all the time) Promising 8 in Galanopoulos Our best player is Fortounis and is probably a very good 10 wastinghis time with olympiakos. Strikers in Mitroglou,Koulouris. Donis can stand as SS/ winger. Whole Pao team promising as f*ck. Why you tryna to predict the future tho? After the 2-0 loss to finland I realised that it's too unhealthy to follow the NT obssesively. We re on our down and that takes time. I am not expecting us to qualify from this group. Finishing 3rd is realistic. Team needs a turnover in mentality that's our bigger issue we could stomp the Bosnians on a good day and definately can get a couple of points from uninterested Italy.
  9. Rockafeller Skank

    Transfer Talk

    Koulouris is good.
  10. Rockafeller Skank

    Transfer Talk

    Koutris eyed by premier League clubs : Fuhlam , Everton, Newcastle, Benfica Koulouris eyed by Sporting Lisbon and Watford Bouzoukis eyed by both Milan clubs Looks like agood year and maybe our offensive players get experience in bigger leagues.We needed that a lot.
  11. Imagine a Poland Czech Republic Finland Greece Group we can take 2 draws to Poland and win all others.
  12. Pot 1 :Switzelrland, Poland, Netherlands possibly Pot 2: Ukraine, Russia, Iceland, Wales, Cz Republic, Bosnia aint unbeatable either, so is Austria Pot 3: Finland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Bulgaira , Scotland It's not as sad as you make it look like. I dont believe we should be here but there are also teams that shouldnt be higher htan us as well.
  13. I agree. I think we need to focus on upcomming talent though. I want to see proper wingers on the wings, but the U-21 has the smae dates the SENIOR nt HAS. Lazaros Lamprou, Tsimikas, Limnios, Hatzidiakos are all the future of this team and trust me , once the u21 gets disqualified in 1-2 days, they re gonna start getting called up.
  14. We have been so unlucky in this run honestly I believe Karma owes us a good draw. Retsos and Donis were injured in all matches. Skibbe fcked up by putting Tzavellas vs the Finns but Sokratis got injured. Manolas if I remember corectly was injured in 3 out of 6 matches (today is the 4th). Maybe we can make it in the Qualifiers but otherwise start building for the 2022. Edit: Not to mention Stafylidis who is my favorite player and Kourbelis always getting injured for the 2nd matches of each international break. Nikopolidis taking the youngsters in U-21 for the qualifying hasn't helped as well. Bad season.
  15. I don't have low expectations. We cant play minors and westruggled in the Santos era as well. I remember that 1-0 narrow win vs Liechtenstein. We can't open closed defences. And when we don't we panic and open behind. We never could play teams that park it against us. We do better vs better opposition. I think my posts here still exist. I said win 3 games at home and 2 draws away I ll be happy. Expected to win Estonia twice. The draws didn;t come.