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  1. Rockafeller Skank

    NT Friendly Games

    Tachtsidis lack of talent aint a problem. His vision for through balls and his tower body would make him a decent regista at 6. A creative defensive midfielder. His laziness is the problem. He could be the new Katsouranis if he wanted but he forgot how to run and at his 27 looks like Katsourani at his 33. If a team can trust him and revive him by training him with ergometrics and running with proper breathing Samaris - Tacthsidis Zeka in a 4-3-3 compliments well. Samaris is a mobile defensive midfielder and Zeka is a pace baby who never quits and can help in transition. Tachtsidis is a toweri n the midfield winning high balls and his transition game is lit as f*ck. 3-4 years ago I'd tell you we got a hell of a midfield and with Mitroglou and this defence we re looking to close the gap between us and the big teams. Right now I am just hoping someone else gets produced like Galanopoulos Siopis or I can't see any hope.
  2. So you were okay with starting 9 newbies in all other 9 positions but not in the CBs ? That's a Clown Argument. Those 2 weren't the reason we lost. Giannoulis who had a full season with Atromitos made a weird challenge. He could literally outpace the guy and defend from front. Risvanis also f*cked up big time at the first goal I think? As for Tachtsidis and Tziolis I agree with you but since I do not see a clear solution to "when they gonna get out of the NT" Im honestly bored of spamming that I want them out. Hopefully Skibbe dethrones Tziolis.
  3. Most of you are acting like Malakes to be fair. You ve been begging Skibbe to take your favorite wonderkid from Greek Super League and when he took them all and put them in a starting 11 telling them to play ball against the worst side of the WC and they were on par with them (score not related) you re crying that Skibbe f*cked up again? Does that make any sense? If they played well and won 1-0 2-0 2-1 you would be in this forum saying "See stupid Skibbe ? I said so , (Player Named Xfrom SuperLeague) is a lot better than (Player selected by Skibbe in the campaign) and he should be used more." Get over it we re right now aiming to be in the 24 teams of the Euro It's not that much difficult when you see the likes of Albania, Hungary , and Ireland qualifying for the last edition. We re gonna need a few years (or a lot) to be back to World Cup R-16 material.
  4. Agreed but te rest of their squad was just starters.
  5. I honestly do not understand the fuss. Last 3 friendlies I saw a very decent team defensively. 2-0 defeat to Saudi Arabia was forced. A meme if you like. So that they give a feeling that teams tha qualified to the WC are worthy of doing so. You re in a friendly , already losing 1-0 and that ref decides to give a straight red. In my opinion ? It wasn't a red, hard decision though but it wasn't a foul either. By giving a red card to a team you re doing harm to both of them. Saudi Arabia wanted to test stuff pre World Cup and they didn't get the chance to because they played against a team with one less player. We had 2 woodworks and their keeper did a splendid save if I remember. Overally we literally played our C and D teams if you exclude Pelkas and Bakakis I think. Even with 10 men we were actually looking even with that trash team. As for the Previous friendlies. Vs Egypt we weren't even threatened and Switzerland match should ve been a draw based on chances. They were playing their A side , as were we. My concern for the upcomming Nations League (which btw is pretty fast - at least the Groupstage - starts September finishes November) is Finland. I think Hungary, despite going to the Euros are done. Finland seems to be having a great run the last couple of years and could cause trouble in the Group. Estonia will easily be a factor of the Winner since they dont sell their selves that much. Can't see them finish above last though. Any new about possible transfers? I really want to see Kourbelis Lambropoulos Pelkas Siopis and maybe some youngers like Lamprou , Masouras, Limnios , Koulouris get playtime and be tested abroad. Kourbelis and Pelkas seem the most possible for a transfer in a better team. Siopis could be too but he was injued half the season and maybe still is.
  6. Rockafeller Skank

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    He was 18 man. And he had 3 seasons with 70 games with Kaiserlautern both in 1st and 2nd bundes. EDIT: As for his attitude I am actually on his favor. He is regarded as probably the best offensive Greek player right now and easily the best 10 in the Greek League, and Olympiakos instead of building around him just keeps selling and selling becoming a smaller club season by season, also refusing to sell Fortounis becuase he is their captain. I would stop being interested as well seeing that my ambitions do not combine with Olympiakos.
  7. Rockafeller Skank

    Transfer Talk

    Yeah that's what I said. He actually stopped being one once he moved to Paok where he got a more defensive role. By just creating one goal in a meaningless friendly against probably a defense far worse than even Estonia doesn't prove much to me. With Aek Bakakis is good but he won't have the career of Toro sadly. He is far inferior to Torosidis at his 26. Toro offensive attributes are still very good but defensively hes mediocre. As long as the defensive mechanism of the team works very well, we can actually "sacrifice" the fullback to a more open role. This is why Stafylidis and Tzavellas fit the team. Stafylidis is a more offensive style player while Tzavellas has tsampouka and prioritizes his defence. Based on who we play Skibbe has used both. Lykogiannis is also a bit more offensively minded. We ll be fine in LB . RB is an issue but we ll make do. The pain is as I said elsewhere.
  8. Rockafeller Skank

    Transfer Talk

    We are honestly not missing a defensive midfielder who can't create in the NT. We got Zeka for that. We really need a winger to come out (Limnios, Lamprou, Masouras) and step up his game as well as Fortounis and Pelkas transfering to more competitive leagues to step up their game as well. Highly possible that both of our AMs will wave goodbye to the GSL since they both have had excellent seasons as well as more than a handful of teams asking for em. A box to box like karagounis is also somethign we lack and neither Siopis nor Galanopoulos or Kourbelis are it. For those unfamiliar with the term: a box to box midfielder is someone who can take the ball from the defense, and carry/hold it past opposission so that the offensive players are all positioned better to receive and create a chance. Unironically the only midfielder we have active or upcomming for the NT right now who is (was actually) a box to box is Tziolis. At the beginning of his career at PAO/Panionios you will see him keep ball and help offensively a lot. Makes you wonder doesn;t it? Our defensive mechanism works fine for now. Torosidis will soon be a huge loss but we will still find someone who is as good as he is defensively. His aggressive attacking full-back attributes are the ones that will be missed.
  9. Rockafeller Skank

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    His replacements I mentioned from the Greek League are having bigger impact in their respective team's gameplay. Lazaros really barely scores.
  10. Rockafeller Skank

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I see no reason why Lazaros should be anywhere close in the NT. The next big tournament is in 2020 with him being 33 then. No point to bring someone in who will end up possibly creating a huge gap once he retires. Our attacking mids/wingers should be noone else ther than Pelkas Fortounis Donis Mantalos for now, Lazaros Lamprou Masouras and Limnios are the only greek wingers who are getting a decent amount of playtime. Everyone has been talking about Pelkas statistics . 9 goals and 9 assits in 29 matches and 1,800 minutes of playtime. But Lamprou with 8 goals and 5 assists in 31 matches/2100 minutes with a much weaker team probably ain't nothing either. Limnios is having a poor season but the fact that paok decided to keep him and he has been a regular sub I have huge hopes for him coz I ve seen him play last season. Masouras is already 24 he has never been a statistics beast but he s been having some crucial goals. Overal honestly if none of these guys (Lamprou, Limnios, Masouras) make the big stepup. We ll be looking at false hopes.
  11. Rockafeller Skank

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I do not get all the fuss about some players of Atromitos /Asteras and I think your memory is not decent at all lads. Superleague is overall weakened. That is obvious from the European results. Teams like Atromitos and Panionios have obviously stepped up their game but the League is weakened. Honestly apart from Siopis, Pelkas , Paschalakis and Lamprou/Masouras I find noone else who should even be looked into from the GSL currently to become a regural pick of the NT. Limnios and Douvikas too young for now. The rest are already fully developed and past their peak. Many promising CB but honestly why bother? Sokratis Manolas Retsos Mavropanos Kyriakos will all be above them in preference. Friendlies line up that I would love: Paschalakis Bakakis Hatzidiakos Mavropanos Tsimikas Siopis Galanopoulos Masouras Pelkas Lamprou Mitroglou/Karelis
  12. Rockafeller Skank

    Who Will Replace Mitroglou After He Retires?

    Don't tell me now Bakasetas is good because he played 1 match. C'mon. Guy seems clueless most of the time with the NT. Doesn't have a killer dribble, a killer shot , lots of football intelligence and vision like Tachtsidis. He has nothing compared to Mantalos Fortounis Donis even Lamprou and Masouras seem better options than him. I - the no 1 hater of Fetfatzidis the fat dwarf - would even put him above Bakasetas in the preference. He needs to work hard because his team is full of offenders. He just had a good season with Asteras probably to move to a better team and that was it for him.
  13. Rockafeller Skank

    Transfer Talk

    Mavropanos has been with Pas Giannina since 2016 and he had limited to none playtime last season. Olympiakos couldn't have checked him out when he was on the bench all the time. Olympiakos in fact DID move for him and there were papers saying he is moving to Olympiakos but I'm pretty sure 2 million for a 20yo centerback when you already paid 7mill for Engels was a no go for Olympiakos. For Arsenal instead 2 million is like those transfers Olympiakos makes from village teams for 300-500 thousands. Since Wegner depsite being a tactical meme, Wegner has actually developed lots of players who came in the team at such age and who currently play all over Premier League. However I would not even try to compare Mavropanos with Hatzidiakos and Nikolaou. We all remember non Olympiakos saying Manolas is not very good and that Siovas injury was a killer for the Greek NT before the Mundial. Look at Manolas now. We also all remember Kyriakos Papadopoulos expecting him to be an elite sooner or later and look at him now again. He has surpassed his injury problems due to some good Greek Physio teams (read an article about it about how he was "reborn") but his playstyle became sloppy. We don't know what's gonna happen in 2-3 years. And trying to predict it in an anonymous forum is honestly a waste of time. There are too many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Playtime, injuries, player's lust, player's hard work, coach relationship, even lucky circumstances. Our defence with players all over he good leagues in good ages seems settled for at least another 10 years. The problem lies elsewhere.
  14. Rockafeller Skank

    Who Will Replace Mitroglou After He Retires?

    Nah Koutris currently is very bad defensively. His offensive attributes are splendid though which I suppose means with a proper coach( not the circus my team Olympiakos is under currently) and with maturity comming with the years could be a decent LB. The reason I picked Kitsiou instead of Koutris? Lol maybe coz Kitsiou is a Right back and I think we can't get away with it by having 2 Left Backs against a decent opposition. Meme teams like Liechtenstein, even the likes of Romania, we can probably handle a badly footed LB in the RB position but I think there will come a time when we need to play with the likes of a Belgium or England :) at least let's have a player who knows the position.
  15. Rockafeller Skank

    Transfer Talk

    I can't see a reason why Paok would leave his captain go with huge chances of winning a championship. Summer maybe but right now neither Aek nor Oly or Paok would even consider letting a starter/key sub player go.