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  1. VfB Stuttgart, probably promoted in Bundesliga 1. next season, are looking to buy Taxiarchis Fountas from Rapid Wien.
  2. Lazio eyeing Bakasetas from Alanyaspor. 10 goals 5 assists this season, mainly as a second striker in Turkish Super Lig. His value went from 500,000 to 5 million in this slightly more than half season (pro coronavirus era). 10x the value he was bought from AEK Athens. Also Sebastian Vasiliadis, the guy who was called the last time in the NT ,Born and Raised in Germany, is eyed from Midtable teams in Bundesliga like Gladbach and Schalke. German fans tell me he had a huge impact in Paderborn being promoted and still makes good and decent appearances with the , pretty much relegated, team. Napoli and like 10 more clubs are interested in Tsimikas. Olympiakos won't sell low coz they don't need to, after selling Podence this season. If he leaves this year he is definately going to a team that can pay 15+ mills, so probably a big team.
  3. None of these players have the calibre of our usual Defenders. I don't know why he is trying alchemy in the only line that we have obvious talent. Make big talks with Sokratis Manolas Siovas for their return. Like real big talk. Integrate Retsos, Hatzidiakos, Mavropanos (Dude is like the fly in the milk pou leme kiolas in 2. Bundesliga). Leftback with Stafylidis (also can be used as CB also I'd rather not) Tsimikas and Giannoulis/Koutris we are fine. Right back is a question with Retsos being the #1 option in my opinion. Bakakis because we literally have noone else. Midfielders like Kourbelis , Siopis should be obvious starters with their appearances. Sebastian Vasiliadis is a question but according to Germans he was one of the main reasons Paderborn promoted to 1. Bundesliga. Might be nice to see if he ends up somewhere better this summer when they demote. Slowly reestablish Zeka who doesn't have much time left with this NT. I am okay with Galanopoulos but I really think Siopis plays in a quite harder league and doing amazing appearances, so I'd rather have him despite him not being much of a help in transition. Rotation with Bouchalakis seems necessary. Fortounis our only trully decent 10. Wingers like Limnios , Donis, Masouras, Chatzigiovanis, Lamprou are alright. Bakasetas is a waste at the wings. Either play him CF (where he is also a waste) or Second Striker/AttackingMidf. Pavlidis has shown the best results in the striker position but trully we are way too poor in that position. I can't be 100% hopefull for this lad yet. Another player who seems to be scoring me to tsouvali is exAEK player Taxiarchis Fountas. Koulouris should also be included because I haven't lost hope to that guy yet. Vlachodimos, Dioudis, and some other goalie. There we are. The only players who have trully shown something over the years.
  4. Sokratis is the reason Olympiakos qualified. He was marking El Arabi with his eyes.
  5. Best teams from each Pot: 1st Greece (by far in my opinion) 2nd Kosovo 3rd Slovenia 4th Kazakhstan (they play in Artificial so it will be hard for everyone) Personally I would rather avoid all of the mentioned above. But even if we have all of these teams against us, we are literally capable of gathering 18/18 points from this shitfest where every semi decent team of League C is already in League B.
  6. Limnios and Giannoulis off and you guys are out of the championship. They re literally worth more than 50% of your offensive performance. I can see you making a deal to sell them in the summer if the offers are too good.
  7. What makes you think Lamprou is not disciplined enough mate? His stints at Iraklis and Panionios showed that he is far more than capable of handling this league. His stint at Fortuna Sittard proved he can be better than this villager's league. I will agree with Fereira. You have way too many attacking orientated midfielders/wingers right now, especially with vierinha returning to these positions. Limnios, Vierinha, Biseswar, Pelkas, Jaba, Lamprou, Stoch, El Kaddouri You can't really rotate these 8 players properly, especially in only 2 competitions. Also I really don't understand why on earth did Ergys Kace get loaned out for Esiti to stay in the roster. Very heavy body for a team that wants to play such fast football. Clearly managerial tranasfer.
  8. I know that Retsos has his own thread but there is a talk about Kitsiou here. Retsos spends most of his time at RB at Leverkusen. I think he should be our RB since Bakakis ain;t cutting it. At least versus better opposition where we need to be more cautious and need better defensive players.
  9. 2 matches won against Finland and Bosnia and you people are already saying Hatzidiakos is better than Sokratis? Ease up guys you re gonna get disappointed. Sokratis literally saved the team with his speech and you guys are hating him for it.
  10. Bakasetas at 2nd Striker clearly works especially for his team.
  11. I know bro. Just saying that it's quite hard for him to follow up the position vs a targetman and a solid attacking team in total.
  12. As good as Stafy was, he is 10x good at LB. Put him at CB vs teams like Liechtenstein and Armenia and everything is fine. Put him vs Solid opposition with decent Targetmen like Suarez, Lukaku, Firmino and he ll be joked on. Hatzidiakos is also short, 1,81 , for CB. What the coach did was to put 2 CBs who re good with their feet and can create play from the back vs small teams and it worked wonders. That does not work for every opposition. Manolas and Sokratis are needed as long as they have a talk with EPO and the team wants them back.
  13. We haven't had 3 wins in a row since 2015. That means something. No matter uninterested or not. Apart from that, team has been underperforming and they proved it. Manolas and MAYBE Sokratis need to come back. Sokratis burst over saying that SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE actually brought change. He cares for the team and he has been with it in 2 WCs and a Euro. Ιf it is enough to make our NT step up and qualify for something soon, that's not sure. Sokratis belongs there though.
  14. I ve not been here ages. I ve seen all the matches. New coach brought what was needed, winner mentality. There were always players. Remember when I told u guys stafylidis was gonna be captain someday? Didn't expect him to be a captain as a CB tho.
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