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  1. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I dont get the whole fuss about our CBs being played as 6. I mena you re all crying that we need someone creative and moreup going and cry when Tziolis / Samaris / Maniatis are the combo, and suddently, you remember that our CBs can play defensive mid as well and you are begging to see them there. It's a no. With the defense like ours and Zeca making sure one player can't do much (De Bruyne and Pjanic some examples), and being a literally hero in the Kobenhavn team, he is a no brainer to start as the main 6. Samaris can now go forward and be a box to box since he can pass well and press. Noone else is allowed to steal a spot from them. Our defence was our main attribute since Otto Rehagel. Decent teams that go for the win against us ALWAYS get punished. Romania 2014? Ivory Coast 2014? Belgium 2017? Ukraine 2010? Croatia 2012? We re gonna score Cyprus a couple of goals to call it a day and see who we get in the play offs. I expect Bosnia to draw Belgium to be fair. As for the call ups. From the previous 4-5 call ups, Id want Oikonomou , Diamantakos , Vellios(yeah even me his last supporter doesnt think he deserves a spot anymore)out and Siovas, Lazaros, Pelkas in.
  2. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    all 4 teams are currently in an era with lots of Greek players who find playtime Aek pillars like experienced Mantalos, Christodoulopoulos and the youth of Galanopoulos, Tzanetopoulos , Bakakis(considering he is kinda "new" after his big injury absence) Paok has lots of subs that are usually used as subs. Pelkas, Limnios and Koulouris. All 3 of them look promising. Off loaned players Charisis and Kitsiou at Belgium also having the season of their lives. Olympiakos just sold Retsos and Manthatis,Androutsos,Siopis who have been offloaned seem to have something. Vouros was loaned to C.L. Apoel and Vergos in a Hungarian A-League team. Tsimikas loaned to WillemII seems kinda interesting. Panathinaikos has some Greeks who had playtime from the beginning of hte season like Chatzigiovanis, Kolovetsios , Kourbelis but im not sure if the first two are gonna keep seeing playtime with the new additions. Overall I think our possible talents are being utilized better than 2-3 years ago. Usually you d see Olympiakos Loan players to Levadiakos and Panionios at best , who would both be fighting for Relegation, while right now we have players in Belgium Liga, Apoel , Eredivisie. Aek stepping up and having high chances to qualify from the Group of Europa with a core of Greek players gives joy. Overall future seems good. My current line up against Cyprus would be a 3-5-2 and you can all hate me as much as you want. Karnezis Manolas - Sokratis - Kyriakos Torosidis - Samaris - Zeca - Stafylidis Fortounis Mitroglou - Donis This does it for me. Subs Mantalos in for Fortounis Christodoulopoulos in for Donis , or the vise versa. Maybe Donis comming late when opponent defence is tired works better. Tzavellas in for Stafylidis if score allows it. A more defensiveminded back who can tighten the defence more.
  3. Tasos Donis - OGC Nice ◄ Juventus

    We gotta update the title of this thread to say future savior of NT.
  4. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Look man no offense but Id rather have Christodoulopoulos and Gianniotas as wingers than Fetfatzidis. Reason?I got two a) your link has a video. Look at that goal. Do you believe the K15 of Olympiakos concedes this goal? Scrappy lucky goal. b) The defences of Saudi Arabia are the ones that make Tziolis look like a capitano. Suddently someone who plays for Saudi Arabia is good, but the other one is "taking a spot" in the Greek National team. Gianniotas plays in Segunda liga this season but last season was a key success to APOEL having an awesome European run for their standarts. Everyone loved him and im pretty sure that Olympiakos just had him way too overpriced for a team like APOEL to be able to buy him. He scored a goal last match 16september. He got subbed in at 77, he scored at 80. Lazaros on the other hand seems to have stepped up his game. Im only interested on the big games of GSL -vs pao panathinaikos olympiakos panionios(these two seasons is playing a better and more appealing footy than anyone)- but he was also the main reason why they progressed to uefa Europa League and won Rijeca away, much easier than Olympiakos did. Fetfatzidis really is playing amateur tier football and the goal that you posted is just proof of this.
  5. Cyprus vs. Greece ( 7 October 2017, GSP Stadium, Nicosia )

    Wanna try reverse thinking? Gilli is obviously no reporter so he doesn't have in-field permission. He is not a member of our federation, player ,staff or headstaff. He is not a member of your federation, just a friend of Bazdarevic. So, he can be not counted anything less than a fan. If there were fans inside the playground of your stadium hitting our players, doesn't this incident justify a couple of behind-closed-doors matches? Honestly I dont know what the definition of formality and rules is in Bosnia, but UEFA does not allow anyone in the field who should not be there. The "I am a friend of the coach" honestly doesn't work in a no-pub league match to get past security. This guy is there , either he is a member of your federation (being either paid from the Federation or Bazdarevic himself) or he is a fan. Pick what suits you more, but your federation has even the minimum responsibility for what happened, considering that they left him be in there.
  6. Cyprus vs. Greece ( 7 October 2017, GSP Stadium, Nicosia )

    Eh. What do you expect him to say? Put the FA under the pressure of a possible bigger punishment? Nevermind if you re not interested to actually read what im saying just let it go.
  7. Cyprus vs. Greece ( 7 October 2017, GSP Stadium, Nicosia )

    Clueless poster. https://www.transfermarkt.com/stephane-gilli/profil/trainer/5750 Gilli is part of your Federation and part of Bazdarevic coaching team. Period. Most if not all coaches (example Bazdarevic) have a coaching team - coaching stuff that follows them wherever they go. Most of the assistant coaches and coaching stuff is appointed from the head coach himself. And most of them are also paid from the head coach's salary. Their money from the team include a portion that goes to the coaching stuff. This is exactly the case here. This Gilli dude follows Bazdarevic everywhere, and since Bazdarevic signed with Bosnia, although he is not paid directly from your Federation, he is under it. Clueless as f*ck bro.
  8. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    All the Greeks currently worthy of a call up in my opinion: Goalkeepers : Karnezis , Kapino , Gianniotis ,Paschalakis, Kyriakidis. * Defenders: Sokratis, Manolas, Tzavellas , Papadopoulos , Retsos , Stafylidis , Cholebas** , Torosidis , Bakakis , Midfielders: Samaris , Zeca , Tachtsidis , Siopis , Galanopoulos , Androutsos, Kourbelis , Tziolis*** , Bouchalakis Forwards: Fortounis, Mantalos ,Christodoulopoulos, Fetfatzidis, Mitroglou , Donis, Karelis Prospects:Lazaros Lamprou, Giakoumakis, Mourgos, Masouras,Koutris, Lykogiannis, Manthatis *No Lamprou. This guy was bought from Ajax and I was like wow, yet he is not even in their first team bench, he plays with the reserves youth squad, no way anyone calls him up at this stage of his career **Would be nice if he wasn't such a douche , hanging the team for just one coach. But since we dont have him thank goodness Stafylidis stepped up. ***Stop crying over Tziolis his experience with the team is needed. He was first called up 10 years ago, he is the last from the generation that produced only success. We need his experience. Of course he doesn't have to start. But he is needed to be there. All the other players are gonna be fillers. Vellios just there to fill the spot of a 2nd holding striker behind Mitroglou. Diamantakos there to be the 4th, Koutroubis there to just fill spots and literally find have enough players for a training διπλό. Ninis and Kone are done for. They are over. Delete them from your memory. Fetfatzidis/Lazaros still of an age to possibly rejoin the NT if asked.
  9. Cyprus vs. Greece ( 7 October 2017, GSP Stadium, Nicosia )

    Just consider the B side Tielemans,Defour,Mirallas,Benteke,Batsuayi,Thorgan Hazard. Bosnia needs a win so they re gonna open up. Their defence sucks so they re gonna concede once. Then they gonna open up more and end up with 4-5. The only reason we played Belgium in a pretty balanced way twice, was because we have a defense that's capable of nulifying most organized attacks. Bosnia realistically can't, and neither can they score heaps of goals against the decent B defence of Belgium.
  10. Cyprus vs. Greece ( 7 October 2017, GSP Stadium, Nicosia )

    Why would the fans be punished (or the team) for something which had nothing to do with them Wrong. A representative of your federation physically hit a represetnative of our federation. It actually HAD to do with them. A game behind closed doors means not only that your team has no atmosphere to back them up, but also that your federation loses a portion of their income from that match. It seems as a fair punishment. Videos show Bazdarevic actually talking to Manolas with an aggressive/intimidating voice. Is he not a representative of your team/Federation as well? You are literally clueless about how organizations work, if you think no punishment should exist. any greater punishment would be comical Again wrong. A bigger fine or a match behind closed doors, for reasons explained before in this post, seems more reasonable and realistic. If I remember correctly your cops and fans were attacking the Greek side as well. I guess if UEFA had decent footage of it(and not just pictures of Cops blocking the pathway not allowing our fans to go out) It would be comical to do something about it right? I mean you can't be wrong and biased can you? Jesus. I mean Jesus, if you just wanna come here and make a fool of yourself you could just say that Besic is good after his only start whole season Everton lost to Atalanta 3-0. Greece got off without any punishment for their antics in November so why are you so outraged? Our national anthem talks about people sacrificing themselves to not become the pawns of a conqueror, and about the bones of Greeks who fought and died in order for this country to be what it is today. Your fans booing our Anthem in 2013 shows disrespect (of course our fans did it back too next match because this is footy) so does a banner about the Serbian bloodlust. Why you keep spamming it like it's something different? We dont like you, you dont like us get over it. I don't remember anyong punching any of your manlets in the face, so how exactly is a "brutal yet successfull(considering the butthurt it created)fan bantz" related with a "Federeation employee punch in da face and remove a tooth of a 1,60 smurf" or even close? What they teach u in Bosnian school? F*CKIN LOLOLOLEN MY BROSNIAN. There is no global conspiracy against your football federation. Noone said that. Everyone in international forums (non Greeks if you dont mind) said that there is just a UEFA extra care torwards the Bosnian Federation. for drawing a swastika on the pitch vs Italy, Croatia got a 2 match closed doors suspension and a point deduction, so there is no conspiracy. You just mentioned the problem yourself. No matter what the Swastiga represents, in that match it was just a form of speech. A political view. Croat ultras wanna be nazis and racist? Let them f*ckin be. They re just ridiculing themselves in front of the whole world and making a bad name for themselves. You gonna try to call me neo nazi go ahead, it just proves how unable to understand my statement you are. Anyways, UEFA somehow thought that, a federation member punching an opponent in the face after the match is over --mind you the reason is because he didnt want Bazdarevic to stop swearing to Manolas and he didn't wanna stop Dzeko from fighting Manolas just because he wanted to, but no Option C :Kick a manlet in the face and have him stay awake for the tooth fairy, seemed the best one-- is more acceptable and less punishable behaviour than publishing your political views and your intolerance torwards other races. Both are reprehensible, but its another thing what happens between the member federations of UEFA, which UEFA has the authorities to punish, and what happens from the fans, who - with a non violent yet unacceptable neo nazi behaviour - honestly apart from showing the Swastiga, did nothing hostile You ve probably seen i ve bolded all these definitions Federation member/employee/representative. This just to make you understand why punishing a Federation for Gilli's act is justified. Good night mios amigo. Im high af although im pretty sure its obvious.
  11. Cyprus vs. Greece ( 7 October 2017, GSP Stadium, Nicosia )

    Just an interesting fact. Of Cyprus 10 points in the Group 6 are from beating Gibraltar twice. at the 2nd placed teams ranking Cyprus would have 4 points and a GD of -7. Cyprus are mathematically out if they even draw us, and they are officially realistically out right now because no way they score 11 goals in their last two games. The only reason I can find for Cyprus to fight for a win is to just claim higher elo spot(s). After their win vs Bosnia I expect them to be motivated to "PUSH FOR THE WIN*. And we both know that our team doesnt struggle vs open teams hoping for a win but from teams that park the bus more than us. One more thing Id like to Mention: Oldest players in the squad vs Belgium/Estonia: Karnezis/Torosidis/Tziolis at 32. We ve developped a pretty decent squad agewise.
  12. why didnt u post this when Bosnia generated chance after chance against us in Athens, but yet they failed to win us? You only see this based on what suits you. We lost 2 points vs Estonia when Bosnia lost 3 to Cyprus. We could have lost 1 point vs Bosnia and having this campaign ended from matchday 6.
  13. The odds are equal to Sweden/Netherlands and Ireland. Ireland is in deeper shitte if thye finish 2nd tho.
  14. In the beginning of the draw Gibraltar and Kosovo werent recognized by fifa so the put them afterwards in the qualification. SO two groups (H and I) had 5 teams. With the addition of them teams in the Group all Groups have 6 teams. Apart from this fact I have also heard that the Group 6 teams are unbalanced. It's a different thing playing a team that has professional footballers (like Georgia Kazakhstan heck even Kosovo and Malta) and another thing to play Gibraltar, Liechtenstein and Andora). I am not sure if this is an official criteria for "why is it this way" or just a reasonable yet unofficial statement. We will probably find out in the next world cup qualifiers when all Groups will have equal teams. It is not confusing. It existed and in 2014 and in 2010 where we qualified in both tourneys as 2nd but we were in a too good of a position to bother if we might take the play off spot or not.
  15. Road To Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

    My dear friend do you remember when in 2010 and 2012 we had a midfield of Katsouranis Karagounis Tziolis/Maniatis and people complaining that Katsou and Kara are too old? You wanted Tachtsidis / Kone / Ninis and every random person in there. I even remember discussions about Vlachodimos (the wanna-be- professional winger of B Gallias) deserving a call up. Do you remember after 2014 where Karagounis/Katsouranis sorta retired we had no cohesense in the midfield and lost to teams like Finland/Faroe Islands/Romania? The image of those matches was the same. Apart from 1-2 in the Euro 2016 campaign we looked shitte in all matches and we were actually the worst team. Not resultwise but THE WORST DAMN TEAM on the field vs Faroe Finland Romania and many many more. The reason was simple. We didnt have Karagounis and Katsouranis no more. Maniatis started being benched. Kone lost all motivation for his career and football in general and Tachtsidis proved to be no Katsouranis. You ask for Skibbe to play Tachtsidis? Last time he did it vs Belgium he takes 50% of the blame for the draw because he left us with 10 men for 30+ minutes. But suddently you forgot it. Tziolis did nothing too good vs Belgium but he barely did 1-2 mistakes, fewer than many of our players. He is good at freezing the rhythm and that's why skibbe prefers him. Tachtsidis attributes are his height and his long pass. When we play Gibraltar and need goals or Cyprus he might be used. Zeca was the back of De Bruyne. Skibbe can literally ask him to make an opponent MF player vanish from the field and he will do it. He did it with Pjanic he did it with De Bruyne. Teams like Bosnia who are literally too reliant upon a few names we literally have the advantage based on Karolos Zekas (or maybe Karolos Zekakis,Zekouranis Zekagounis) I will remain to my aspect. It took Skibbe 7 months to take a team from 1win/4draws/7defeats in 12 matches (friendlies counted in the 2014-16 period) to make a team that can draw Belgium and Bosnia. The thing is , even with the bad result of Estonia and Belgium. The team DID DEFINATELY NOT look like the sh!th0le it was under Ranieri Markarian and Tsanas. We dominated the whle game vs Estonia and just lacked that 1-0 goal that we usually scraped. Even if we do not qualify, even if we end up as the 9th team, as long as we finish 2nd in this Group Skibbe has totally transformed them from zero to hero. The only game we looked bad was vs Bosnia home. Rome was not build in a day. A team that missed the Euro finishing last in a Group (a non typical qualification ranking I suppose would be somewhere between 46-53) has now many possibilities to be in UEFA's top 18 for this qualification. You keep asking for a new coach but you never gonna accept the fact that we are no Germany/ France/Italy/ Spain/ England. The only coach in recent days of Greek football that has heard nothing is Ouzounidis. Everyone, reporters and fans, say nothing against him. The only thing you ll listen is "kai ti na kanei aftos re m#$%! me toso xamhlou epipedou paiktes". Bento had the worst roster of Olympiakos in the last 10 years and he literally got us further in Europe than all these seasons. Yet everyone called Bento bad. It's easy to blame Skibbe, because it's easier to replace one person and not 23 as the call ups.