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  1. I think Alanya has a plan to become consistent midtable - Europa spot hunter. I read about it somewhere. It's a newly promoted team (3-4 years or something). I think it's a good move.
  2. he is just ranking player preferences not rating their game vs Italy. Love this guy he is funny to watch but he has no idea.
  3. They had 3 or 4 shots on target when the score was 3-0. They played well and efficiently in the first half. 2nd half with the score 3-0 of course, who would wanna risk an unintended injury when the 3 points are already in their pockets. Also fair play
  4. Took me 3 days to decide to write. The positives: Harmless defeat. Even if it ended 3-0 or 1-0 we would ve lost yesterday. Italy was on a good day. I hope they just decided to throw the match away because the managerial mistakaes were too many to not notice. Even someone like y 70 year old father was like what is he doing?
  5. Terrible Lineup. Sokratis at 34 as a RB sounds like an invitation for wingers to dribble . Mavrias who? Kolovos who? 5 in the back bro 😄 There is a big difference to 3 or 5. You put some pace babbies on the wings to make sure the wingers don't have free space. Although I agree, I'd rather go 4-5-1 than anything else.
  6. Torosidis wan a splendid player and one of the few Greeks who had a successfull career for so long. He was good at defending in his youth and he had attributes that looked more of a wings midfielder than a defender. His pace and back tracking was always on point until he reached his limit after 30. Koutris doesn't have this career yet to make anyone trust him that he will be able to stop an opponent with his week foot. Also, you are slightly wrong to begin with. Torosidis did it kat anagkh in Roma. He was also used as a Centerback in Bologna.
  7. Play a wrong foot defender and see the opposite winger just party on his side. Kotsiras will be there if noone else can.
  8. Mathematically speaking if we unironically find a way to get a narrow win vs Italy, The fact that pjanic plays vs them could be beneficial. If the Bosnians also take a result (draw would be perfect for us) vs the Italians this would get us miles ahead from both meaning that winning matches vs Minnows would see us enough to qualify. That's all speculations. For now let's be realistic. 1 goal defeat is an okay result and a draw is a point Bosnia has to fight twice as hard than us to earn.
  9. Kolovos looked good in turkey match as well but you guys are too hard to decide on someone's quality over a goal. Kolovos will be a sub again coz Fortounis is miles ahead on his good day. We were missing a lot of players from the starting lineup Donis, Zeka , Vlachodimos, Sokratis, Manolas, Siovas, Stafylidis (2nd half he played of course) 7 players who will most possibly be starters in 4 days. If you also add Kourbelis in the midfield coz he played CB and injured Mitroglou, we were missing 9 out of the starting 11 when we conceded. We need 3-5-2 Vlachodimos Manolas Sokratis Siovas Zeka(RM) - Kourbelis - Samaris - Stafylidis(LM) Fortounis Donis - Koulouris/Masouras
  10. Realistically, the fact that we lost, and with no hands down is a good thing. It was a harmless defeat that shows that some of these players are not ready. I think some of our key players like Koutris, Fortounis, Samaris Kourbelis were at low tempo not playing too rough so they don't get injured for the upcomming important matches. Siopis has huge mistake in first goal (he should be the one on Under pressuring to not allow so much open space for goal) and Samaris has 100% blame for the 2nd goal. Apart from that we used like 3 or 4 players who are not CBs as CBs. Cannot judge. Kourbelis as CB is not as good as we d want him to be, especially vs a team like Italy. Siopis seems too little for now. Looks like a super sub of player who will be used after 65 when we re winning/having favorable result to use the fact that he can run up and down whole field to pressure the opposition and not allow them to find easy shots. Koulouris was as active as he could but there was no service at all. If it was Mitroglou you guys would be crying how much he sucks and that we should try someone else. Even Aguero would struggle with the Greek midfield service. Fortounis especially was not even trying, I can't believe he was that bad. 4-4-2 didn't work in our favor offensively. 3-6-1 the team looked better.
  11. No I did not, because I believe that the only thing these guys want right now, when comming to my small hometown Nafplio, is relaxation and discrete behaviour. It's funny however, that I actually understood it's Stafy because of his tattoos, haha.
  12. I am at my hometown , Nafplio, eating my first Souvlaki after 6 months in Lithuania around 12:30 today and guess who passes by checking for a table. Stafylidis. So I guess the guys have vacation right now.
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