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  1. Who Will Replace Mitroglou After He Retires?

    Don't tell me now Bakasetas is good because he played 1 match. C'mon. Guy seems clueless most of the time with the NT. Doesn't have a killer dribble, a killer shot , lots of football intelligence and vision like Tachtsidis. He has nothing compared to Mantalos Fortounis Donis even Lamprou and Masouras seem better options than him. I - the no 1 hater of Fetfatzidis the fat dwarf - would even put him above Bakasetas in the preference. He needs to work hard because his team is full of offenders. He just had a good season with Asteras probably to move to a better team and that was it for him.
  2. Transfer Talk

    Mavropanos has been with Pas Giannina since 2016 and he had limited to none playtime last season. Olympiakos couldn't have checked him out when he was on the bench all the time. Olympiakos in fact DID move for him and there were papers saying he is moving to Olympiakos but I'm pretty sure 2 million for a 20yo centerback when you already paid 7mill for Engels was a no go for Olympiakos. For Arsenal instead 2 million is like those transfers Olympiakos makes from village teams for 300-500 thousands. Since Wegner depsite being a tactical meme, Wegner has actually developed lots of players who came in the team at such age and who currently play all over Premier League. However I would not even try to compare Mavropanos with Hatzidiakos and Nikolaou. We all remember non Olympiakos saying Manolas is not very good and that Siovas injury was a killer for the Greek NT before the Mundial. Look at Manolas now. We also all remember Kyriakos Papadopoulos expecting him to be an elite sooner or later and look at him now again. He has surpassed his injury problems due to some good Greek Physio teams (read an article about it about how he was "reborn") but his playstyle became sloppy. We don't know what's gonna happen in 2-3 years. And trying to predict it in an anonymous forum is honestly a waste of time. There are too many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Playtime, injuries, player's lust, player's hard work, coach relationship, even lucky circumstances. Our defence with players all over he good leagues in good ages seems settled for at least another 10 years. The problem lies elsewhere.
  3. Who Will Replace Mitroglou After He Retires?

    Nah Koutris currently is very bad defensively. His offensive attributes are splendid though which I suppose means with a proper coach( not the circus my team Olympiakos is under currently) and with maturity comming with the years could be a decent LB. The reason I picked Kitsiou instead of Koutris? Lol maybe coz Kitsiou is a Right back and I think we can't get away with it by having 2 Left Backs against a decent opposition. Meme teams like Liechtenstein, even the likes of Romania, we can probably handle a badly footed LB in the RB position but I think there will come a time when we need to play with the likes of a Belgium or England :) at least let's have a player who knows the position.
  4. Transfer Talk

    I can't see a reason why Paok would leave his captain go with huge chances of winning a championship. Summer maybe but right now neither Aek nor Oly or Paok would even consider letting a starter/key sub player go.
  5. Who Will Replace Mitroglou After He Retires?

    No. Papadopoulos has downgraded a lot. His movements and defensive "solutions" are not trustworthy and it was easily noticable by the other defensive players in the first Croatia game. Sokratis was yelling at him all the time. Papadopoulos is a solid back up and nothing more for a team that wishes to qualify for big tournaments. For 3 Centerbacks, go for Retsos and hope/see how Hatzidiakos and this Mavropanos kid develop. Stafylidis LWB we re set for quite some years. I think he has a career ahead of him and can probably be a star in a mediocre big League team. Fiorentina is interested in him and I think Augsburg is unfair to him becz he wanted a transfer in the summer. Unlucky in my opinion coz the Augsburg Left Back German kid is also performing a lot currently. We ve seen others step up out of backtracks in their career and I believe he has the lust to do so. Karnezis is a good keeper but if until our next official matches he gets minimum to none playtime i'd rather have the Paok Paschalakis dude or Anestis. Noone else right now worthy but a lot of things can change till the next time. Kapino by many of my friends who are well aware of their sayings is considered a Ευρωπαικων Προδιαγραφών με καριέρα μπροστά του keeper. Gianniotis also decent but hasn't been tested outside Greece. I will not say anything about the Keeper coz as I said we have a lot of time till our next matches. Torosidis Right Back is a mistake. He has no more than 2 years for him. Either put a LB (because we have quite a few) with a left foot of I dont know. Put Papadopoulos there and just attack from the Left? Depends on the opponent I suppose. Torosidis needs to start but we definately want a few players to try and "steal" his spot. Kitsiou is the one who comes to mind although not so young Kourbelis definately an upgrade from anyone used. Tall guy and has some mobility. Not much of a pacey dude but definately mroe movable than Tziolis. Tziolis had a secure a safe pass I agree but I don't think that's enough to hold the midfield with such a lack of mobility. I would go for something like this in the friendlies Kapino Retsos Sokratis Manolas Kitsiou - Kourbelis - Siopis - Stafylidis Fortounis Karelis - Donis Charisis definatley needs to be checked. Galanopoulos and Overall After so many months I still stand my ground. Skibbe did not make so many "criminal" mistakes as people consider him to have done. We ve never really had 3 above decent strikers since 2004 in our expense so not fielding 2 of them for some "not his position" winger seems awkward to me. This even plays to our strengths because it's quite the defensive scheme imho.
  6. Transfer Talk

    http://www.corrieredellosport.it/news/stadio/calciomercato/2018/01/04-36486811/calciomercato_fiorentina_il_greco_stafylidis_per_la_fascia_sinistra/ Ι ve been seeing this about Stafylidis and Fiorentina for 6 days. I only found 1 Greek article on 6/1/2018 and after that nothing. Hopefully he ends up going in Italy and be loaned in some other Italian team because he desperately needs a few minutes. His lack of gameplay was visible in the last few games of the NT. He still is however, the best we got in a 4-2-3-1
  7. Kostas Mitroglou ‒ Olympique de Marseille

    I dont know why the whole fuss about him from the fans. It's not his fault he is static. The Marseille ownership failed miserably in his situation by buying a static φορ περιοχής που λέμε και στο χωριό μου while the whole last season and preseason was with Germaine and Njie who are both the type of striker that can run for a ball in space. Whole team doesn't know how to play with him, it;s not only him not producing for f*ck sake. These are the things that will make his confidence fall with the fans and his teammates mumbling about him. We knew he finds it difficult to adapt (Fuhlam/Benfica) It took him time to settle in Benfica if any1 remembers. But waiting to buy a player who misses the whole preseason and ends up doing nothing should not be a surprise for them. I think he ll be given his chances maybe next season or maybe after January trainings. EDIT: about the teammate backstabing him and saying bad things about Mitroglou they re all literally whos. Their team is not as good as they/we thought and they re looking for the easy excuse. From the current Roster only 2 players have appeared in a World Cup. One is Mandanda in 2010 when France didn't make it past the Groupstages( he didn't EVEN play 1 min) and the other one was Luiz Gustavo who was eating sh!t from the Brazilians for the mediocre to bad performances in the WC 2014. Calling a World Cup attender who has won so many titles with Benfica ( I know I know , Portugal has no team like PSG but cmon Marseille arent even finishing 2nd or 3rd) a bad quality player is literally unthinkable.
  8. Who Will Replace Mitroglou After He Retires?

    16 in 58 for Mitroglou to be exact Based on the other top scorers for the Greek NT, he actually is eye popping 3rd.Gekas 24 in 74 matches 2nd.Charisteas 25 in 88 matches 1st.Anastopoulos 29 in 78 matches I think he ll go 2nd in rati and surpass both Gekas and Charisteaso but he ll definately score more than Anastopoulos as well. But considering that football has changed in thecurrent era and defence is a lot more organized than it was 35 years ago, I'd say he s much better. He needs 8 goals in 16 matches to surpass Gekas' goals / matches ratio . He needs 9 goals in 20 matches to go past Charisteas or he needs 13 in 20 matches to surpass Anastopoulos. They dont really sound very hard knowing in his next 20 matches he ll face teams from Pot 6 and pot 5 4 times in total. The playstyle of the NT however is hurting our strikers. If a goal comes from a corner the team will try to just defend the 1-0 lead and it doesn't allow the strikers easily to finish the match. Of course that had been an issue since 2002.
  9. Pantelis Hatzidiakos ‒ AZ Alkmaar

    18 million now is probably the price of Sokratis back then when goign to Milan or Werder. Mbappe and Neymar reaching 200+ mill but Honest opinion, they re not even gonna be close to what Ronaldo is. The money are nothing currently. Teams are spending too much. He sure looks like he ll be an elite CB though.
  10. Who Will Replace Mitroglou After He Retires?

    Karelis is a very talented striker and if you look at his stats they might actually be on par withMitroglou ones when he was playing in the Greek League. Playing for a far worse than Oly team and 83 appearances with 29 goals alongside Berg while Oly was playing with 1 striker. No wonder he got a good move in Belgium. Genk I do not really rate that league much more than the Greek one but it sure has more quality in the 2nd->5th positions than the Greek League does. The other teams are the typical Greek Village teams. I think Karelis finding form right now is a top priority and that Karelis alongside Donis will have us "set" for good. They re nothing close to Mitroglou but In my opinion they re mobile which can change the way the team plays. Fast game with through balls. I think if we qualify for Euro we have a chance of doing great there. The close future seems nice with our core of players still being active and in decent age and promising 19-21 youths existing. I don't remember in the close past so many younglings like the ones abroad and the ones in Oly, Aek , Paok existing. Add the fact that there is interest from good leagues in players of Astears,Atromitos,Panionios,Pas Giannina. The future does seem bright. However they do tend to disappoint. EDIT: By the way the younglings im talking about are Retsos,Donis from abroad and Galanopoulos, Kourbelis(well not so youngling but sure doing great in a dead team), Pelkas,Lamprou,Douvikas,Siopis. All these players are under 24 and most of them are in positions we re hurt, Central midfielders, defensice midfielders, and wingers - Douvikas mostly plays on the wings. There are other players under 24 too who im not mentioning but im mostly talking about players that heven't settled yet with the NT. I do not believe Retsos and Donis havent settled yet either, despite making cameos in the previous campaign's 2nd half.
  11. Pantelis Hatzidiakos ‒ AZ Alkmaar

    He ll probably be a regular call up soon enough. Alkmaar are having their best season since they last joined the CL in 2010. They won the league then too. I do not rate the Netherlands League any more than the Greek one anymore. At least the top 10 teams we have in total are better than theirs. Ajax and Eindhoven are probably slightly better than Olympiakos , Aek , Paok but the rest teams are nothing very significant. Reminder that Ajagun was a regular when he was loaned there from Pao, and he was having like 30 minutes/month in the GSL. However, seeing players like Tsimikas and Hantzidiakos at this age be regulars in that league is probably good because big teams buy promising teens from this League like crazy. Reminder that Manolas first game with the NT was at the age of 22+ and Pantelis is still only 20. Sokratis was first called up at 20 and Retsos at 19 and I expect to Retsos nothing less than a similar career to Sokratis.
  12. Transfer Talk

    Leeds is a good destination for Lykogiannis. Reminder that Stafylidis had a year in Championship as well where he picked interest from Bundesliga. I think for pacey physical players (and Lykogiannis is a decent physically fit fullback no matter what people in this forums say) Championship is great. Honestly right now I don't see any real Greek talent in positions we lack ( attacking midfielders- wingers) apart from Pelkas so Fortounis no matter where/if he plays will be a regular. Thank god the next official matches are in 2019. We have time to prep.
  13. Transfer Talk

    The only possible transfers happening in January are Pao players. Olympiakos doesnt have the championship settled so I cant see anyone leaving like Fortounis or whoever. Also I suppose a few loanies might come back since some players didn't make any impact.
  14. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Ι agre that Skibbe takes a blame in this. But he should also take credit for taking a team that did one win in 10 games vs much easier opponents to making one that only lost 1 official. I also agree that we have much better midfielders but something tells me we have players who are not selected by Skibbe. As I said. Future looks promising. All top teams (have to include Panionios since its their 3rd year doing splendid) Pao , Aek , Panionios , Paok , Oly have a few players that are really worthy attention.
  15. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    The players are shitte? Tzavellas played excellently vs Belgium and vs the Bosnians twice. Karnezis has been splendid whole campaign. Kyriakos is being praised as our 3rd best option and he wasn't there at the 1-2. Pick your words wisely if everyone is shitte then why are we on this forums saying we could be in the WC? The players are fine and the coach did fine overal in teh campaign. A few additions are needed to do the extra step. Some proper wingers and 2 completely new holding midfields are the only thing we are missing. Based on your logic Olympiakos losing to atromitos means he shouldn't be in champions League Barcelona drawing to Oly shouldnt be called favorite to win anything. Milan drawing to Aek means Serie A is nothing better than Greek SL. All these assumptions were made just based on 1 match. Thing is , if Croatia and Greece played together 100 times, the rest 99 I doubt they would end with us losing with a score similar to 4-1. Badmatches happen. The whole world has been having bad matches against us and we ve been cocky about it as Greek NT fans saying " u didnt deserve to surpass us". Look at Russia - Greece 0-1 in 2012. Maybe even at Greece - Slovakia in the 2014 qualifiers, and the Slovakia - Greece one.