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  1. El Arabi was not offside there was wolves defender with leg out he was one.. should have gone to OT. The ref was biased even VARbis not bulletproof. Camara goal was clean. Nonsense!
  2. Wolves played so mediocre how did we lose this game..couldn't finish and looked like league being over didnt help. Sad.
  3. For me Foutonis although still not 100% has to start. I found maybe it was my imagination that valbenua didnt pass ball to him much it was weird chemistry.
  4. if Meriah gets benched we will not cop any goals haha. One serious note he is good player but he needs to stop careless mistakes. I think at home we got this game just have be be careful of counter attack.
  5. For me Meriah is a liability...makes mistakes in big games so his on the ball skills and play dont pay off..
  6. Exactly, looks like he has confidence issue which is a shame as when he is in form I think he is one of our best players.
  7. Hopefully its because he lights up practice not that his agent lights up shcips wallet lol. Anyways results are what counts as long as he starts to get wins he can call whoever he wants.
  8. In Van Ships media conferences he he stated Bakasetas played well... what game was he watching? Anyways getting masouras back and getting donis and mantdolas more time we will see big difference. What's deal with Pelkas?
  9. Masouras not playing joke, bakakis and Bakasetas joke play koutris. Donis should have started and mantolas. Even pelkas is not bad option. Fetfa would be helpful in creating chances... something always stinks with call ups seems like corruption doesnt make sense. Limnios was great.
  10. I don't get why Koutris doesn't get call up.
  11. Why was Valbueba on bench? And why didnt Podence start? Also Meriah makes too many mistakes in defense I would give him a rest..
  12. The fact he did this means he actually has control of this team not EPO so good sign, Obviously I want our two best center backs to play but if they have an attitude problem better give new blood a chance.. we lost to Armenia and copped 3 goals so I'm not worried we should try new players.
  13. But you would think winning means more money for them...
  14. In his interview van Schip is bang on, he knows what he is talking about at least verbally.
  15. Van Schip stated the real problem in one of his interviews " Players play for Greece to visit family" nobody takes this team seriously except a few players and it shows on the pitch, no urgency no heart. The lack of professionalism is ridiculous reminds me of when players from rival teams PAO vs Oly etc wouldn't like each other and would effect result and player selections until Otto came in... I dont trust EPO they are so corrupt in general and the players must know it. That is why players are never developed asits a business... but if we miss enough tournaments maybe we will see a change when they money stops coming in.
  16. I think the mistake was trying to make this team play a possession game when its not possible. Van Schip hasen't been coaching long enough to change the football culture. Also a lot of our players struggle with one touch soccer so its going to take time. I think for us we should have adopted a counter attacking style where we absorb a little pressure and quickly transition as this creates space that we just cant do with our current midfield. Sitting Tsimikas was bad choice as he can create chances on the wing. Also Koulouris had zero ball service so cant blame him... I would have even played Koutris opposite to Tsimikas and see if that would work as Torosides is non factor nowadays. Bottom line Greece is not a place that develops players currently so why are we surprised?
  17. Am I reading correctly I don't see Tsimikas or Koutris in the call ups for this game? Is so I am baffled
  18. I would take Ouzinidis ,with Nikopolidis and Amanatidis as assistant coaches.
  19. I don't subscribe to lack of talent excuse vs teams like Finland and Armenia. You have to adjust your tactics depending on the opposition unless your a world class team, which we are not currently. We don't defend well... and there is no reason for that given we are very deep defensively in my opinion. We have to play to our strengths which is defend well and build on counter...
  20. Ah vre Jimmy we have mobsters running the league and controlling EPO... but that has nothing to do with it we can still have professional federation.... It starts at top players don't have proper environment to play it will effect results, period.
  21. And you wonder why NT is struggling we have criminals running EPO...
  22. I forgot about this found it on Wikipedia.... 2015 Greek football scandal[edit] Main article: 2015 Greek football scandal The 2015 Greek football scandal emerged on 6 April 2015 when prosecutor Aristidis Korreas' 173-page work was revealed. Telephone tapping operated by the National Intelligence Service of Greece since 2011 has played a significant role in the case.[19] According to the prosecutor's conclusion, Olympiacos owner Evangelos Marinakis along with HFF members Theodoros Kouridis and Georgios Sarris, were suspected of directing a criminal organization since 2011. The goal behind their scheme was allegedly to "absolutely control Greek football's fate by the methods of blackmailing and fraud",[20][21][22][23][24][25] exploiting the self-governing ("autonomy") status of national football federations promoted by FIFA and UEFA. In 2016, a temporary administration was placed by FIFA and UEFA due to the scandal. On 28 December 2017 an envelop with a bullet was sent to the new president Evangelos Grammenos.[26] After an attack to a Greek referee (Thanasis Tzilos) in December 2018, the Greek government announced its intension for the creation of a football anti-terrorist unit. According to the Greek Police, the National Intelligence Service and the case file, all the persons involved in the attack were employees of Evangelos Marinakis.[27]
  23. Ioannis Amanatidis is assistant coach at St Gallen in Swiss league maybe he would be good fore assistant coach role?
  24. Socratis and Manolas play for major clubs and are professionals. For them to lose it and say what they have been saying tells you things are bad. If the coach has a negative effect it will affect the player's morale and mentality. EPO is the problem there is a lot of backdoor deals with player selections and there unwillingness to invest in youth development of players etc. That's why you see Croatia produce top players and we do not, it starts at the top. With that being said we are more talented squad than Armenia lets not get delusional here... the score reflected the lack of organization on this team and toxic culture. For things to change it has to start at an EPO level down and when they don't qualify for tournaments and lose out on money maybe they will care. I still remember when Amanatidis quit the team way back for the same reasons... it's not because the players are pre maddonas there is deep corruption here nobody wants to talk about and no coach will fix that...
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