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  1. I would take Ouzinidis ,with Nikopolidis and Amanatidis as assistant coaches.
  2. I don't subscribe to lack of talent excuse vs teams like Finland and Armenia. You have to adjust your tactics depending on the opposition unless your a world class team, which we are not currently. We don't defend well... and there is no reason for that given we are very deep defensively in my opinion. We have to play to our strengths which is defend well and build on counter...
  3. Ah vre Jimmy we have mobsters running the league and controlling EPO... but that has nothing to do with it we can still have professional federation.... It starts at top players don't have proper environment to play it will effect results, period.
  4. And you wonder why NT is struggling we have criminals running EPO...
  5. I forgot about this found it on Wikipedia.... 2015 Greek football scandal[edit] Main article: 2015 Greek football scandal The 2015 Greek football scandal emerged on 6 April 2015 when prosecutor Aristidis Korreas' 173-page work was revealed. Telephone tapping operated by the National Intelligence Service of Greece since 2011 has played a significant role in the case.[19] According to the prosecutor's conclusion, Olympiacos owner Evangelos Marinakis along with HFF members Theodoros Kouridis and Georgios Sarris, were suspected of directing a criminal organization since 2011. The goal behind their scheme was allegedly to "absolutely control Greek football's fate by the methods of blackmailing and fraud",[20][21][22][23][24][25] exploiting the self-governing ("autonomy") status of national football federations promoted by FIFA and UEFA. In 2016, a temporary administration was placed by FIFA and UEFA due to the scandal. On 28 December 2017 an envelop with a bullet was sent to the new president Evangelos Grammenos.[26] After an attack to a Greek referee (Thanasis Tzilos) in December 2018, the Greek government announced its intension for the creation of a football anti-terrorist unit. According to the Greek Police, the National Intelligence Service and the case file, all the persons involved in the attack were employees of Evangelos Marinakis.[27]
  6. Ioannis Amanatidis is assistant coach at St Gallen in Swiss league maybe he would be good fore assistant coach role?
  7. Socratis and Manolas play for major clubs and are professionals. For them to lose it and say what they have been saying tells you things are bad. If the coach has a negative effect it will affect the player's morale and mentality. EPO is the problem there is a lot of backdoor deals with player selections and there unwillingness to invest in youth development of players etc. That's why you see Croatia produce top players and we do not, it starts at the top. With that being said we are more talented squad than Armenia lets not get delusional here... the score reflected the lack of organization on this team and toxic culture. For things to change it has to start at an EPO level down and when they don't qualify for tournaments and lose out on money maybe they will care. I still remember when Amanatidis quit the team way back for the same reasons... it's not because the players are pre maddonas there is deep corruption here nobody wants to talk about and no coach will fix that...
  8. Guys the common problem is EPO. They have always been corrupt that the root of this its money first football if its convenient. We are way better than Armenia we just dont have professional association and its cancerous to team...
  9. Something doesn't add up. I can't digest Armenia is that much more talented squad than ours.... I don't trust EPO and there meddling...
  10. THink about what you just said... almost every shot was a goal... not a good reflection on the team.
  11. Guys, I don't what game you guys were watching but Italy didn't play that well we just played awful... I'd rather lose in a game where our players play in their respective positions than the tinkering we saw out there... EPO conspiracy? lol
  12. Grass roots issue in Greece. Croatia small country bit produces talent and ships them out to bigger leagues. Greece is not professional in its domestic leagues... the fact PAOK dominated this year tells you a story...
  13. We didn't play our best so I dunno what to say... this is pathetic, embarrassing... it's a loser mentality
  14. Pla fortounis in midfield and find a way to include pelkas they are our talent. Kolouris is a must dont get it...also koutris should play even tsimikas get a call up.. this is a joke
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