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  1. jason

    Preseason training topic

    I hope pre season friendlies is not a sign of things ot come. Lost 4-0 to PSV today.... not good at all
  2. jason

    NT Friendly Games

    Exactly teams that will give this team a test and show where our weakness are.... mind you most teams give us a hard time nowadays..
  3. jason

    Oscar Garcia Junyent - Manager

    Lost to AEK at home..... whose fault is it? I would like to make the coach the whipping boy lol
  4. jason

    Oscar Garcia Junyent - Manager

    Ok. I see his resume still nothing to talk about but results count so lets see what he does and how long he lasts. I hoping for the best and want to be surprised.
  5. jason

    Oscar Garcia Junyent - Manager

    Basically this guy has no experience lol Hopefully he pans out
  6. Can someone explain to me why Ansarifard never gets the start? He can score goals and our last league match scored two off the bench.... Fortounis is playing scared last couple months the guy is shaky not impressed at all ...
  7. I know now its time for coach russian roulette...
  8. This has nothing to do with Lemonis we dont have a team. Marinakis is content with mediocrity so thats what we get. Let's focus on acadamies and stop signing fluff.
  9. This team has no business in the CL....embarrassing
  10. jason

    FIFA World Ranking

    Italy has always been helped by referees, they just chose not to this round lol just ask Juventus... I want Greek coach or at the minimum an assistant Greek coach who is actually a coach not a water boy...
  11. Santos and Karagounis and Katsouranis have nothing to do why we suck now.... its football culture and a losing mentality. Also Greece does not have professional structure for development. Iceland population is 335,025... Croatia 4.29 million. Whats our excuse? Maybe the passion to act like a hooligan at SL games needs to be converted into playing pro football....
  12. The fact that a smaller Balkan country can produce top quality players and play football is embarrassing to us. Like I have said before Croatia has a bad league but there players are good enough to get scouted from a young age... we should have fielded 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 in first leg... we played with such a complex its not even funny...Skibbe says we dont have enough strikers or midfield but it was shaky defense that blew first game and poor midfield choices. I still cant believe we lost this series like we are Moldova lol
  13. For me 4-1 loss in zagreb was skibbe. Forget the whole lack of attacker's line...we ate 4 which is unprecedented for this team....they looked lost.
  14. Croatia will park the bus for first 20 minutes and try to counter so we have to be careful.... We need more crosses in the box from the "wingers" skibbe will play and give mitro some service.... If i think if we get the ball in there box goals will come as I see them scramble quite a bit. For me whoever plays on the wings will make this game for the counter attack and crosses. We need to pressure them just as hard as they pressured us as they had way too much time on ball.