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  1. Koulouris could be the next Machlas for those who remember him
  2. Who is top scorer in Greece? How the ball goes in doesn't matter...Im not saying Durmisaj may turn out but lets not push aside results. Greece can be a scrappy team and we need goals period.
  3. I still dont' get how Super league top scorer cant crack a spot but lets see what happens.
  4. Why on earth Bakasetas starts instead of donis or kouloris is mind blasting. Also tsimikas is much better than bakakis...
  5. Ya the quality is down...the only reason PAOK is at the top...
  6. I disagree it's not coach. Olympiakos still has most talented team in Greece undeniable but dont produce... they dont defend well as they play too open (coach). Also why he sat fortounis vs lamia at start of game baffles me... play masouras as striker and sit Hassan.
  7. No more Portuguese central player selections... guys bad coach...
  8. Cisse is a liability. Also only now is Pedro seeing how playing Koutris and Tsimikas in the same lineup works... Torosides is getting up there should not be a starter. Masouras should play striker with or without Hassan.
  9. They struggle with teams that pack the back, they cant do one two passes in tight spaces... lucky for us Dynamo sucked on the counter attack.
  10. I dont understand when we are off the ball we dont defend well in numbers... thats the modern game I find we are way to open on the field of play and that is hurting us...
  11. Good to see Tsimakas back in the line up. Almost two nil from fortounis....
  12. That and our defense has been soft, Biseswar goal was soft... what happened to Tsimikas? I liked what he had to offer good dribbler and nice cross. Torosides was bad his age is showing I dont know why he started...
  13. PAOK played the counter attack game and left us open at the back. Also I dont know why when we needed goals we didnt play Masouras... when you play away from home you have to be more cautious I saw us try to force the run of play too much while PAOK just sat back and waited for a mistake
  14. Big win! Why didn't Lazaros sub on for Guerrero?
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