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  1. Another Mass Shooting in the US

    Sorry i forgot to address this point, in my opinion the most important one you made. This question is more personal to me, as i have a brother-in-law who is a Marine Corp retired veteran, gun owner/enthusiast and also diagnosed with mental health issues (related to his tenure in the military) he is on anti psychotic drugs, and i have personally on several occasions seen him become physically violent with family members. I believe he is not mentally healthy enough to own guns. I don't want to get deeper into my thoughts about him and his capabilities but i think he is a danger to himself primarily and then to others potentially. I don't know what to do about his case. He would never give up his guns (well, not by choice anyways)
  2. Another Mass Shooting in the US

    "anti-gun doctor? Who doesn't believe anyone should have a gun" If a doctor is anti gun he wouldn't have applied for the government licence to issue official mental health checks. Since he doesn't want to hand them out anyways. The free market solves this., Doctors willing to abide by the laws will apply for the license. So in this way it leans towards more people owning guns than less. "Who appoints which doctors are "certified" to issue these certificates?" The Gov't. Sort of like how the Gov't assigned DMV's to issue drivers licenses. We are in the weeds at this point. Things like this will change until the legislation is enforced correctly. Trial and error. "Some towns won't issue to anyone for any reason, others will issue to whoever" If the requirements are met, then the license is issued. If the requirements are not met and the license is issued by the state or county even though the registered doc says that he has a history of violence, mental health issues, or anything else, and, say, he shoots someone, the person who overturned the doctors recommendation of not allowing them to get a gun license needs to be prosecuted for not obeying the law. This will only happen once until Chief of Police start doing what is right. they implemented a mental health check to this process, and 2 years later a guy who passed that requirement goes on a spree? Then what? I have an alternate crystal ball outcome than yours. They implements health checks and 2 years later spree shootings in the USA are down by 50%. Sure some still happen, but 200 less people are killed in mass shootings, and other non mass shootings. Don't focus on the exception. Focus on the progress. if we stop 2 out of 10 mass shootings, it is NOT a failure. It is a huge success.
  3. Another Mass Shooting in the US

    I agree with everything you said. OK so the problem is not necessarily the law itself, it is the enforcing of the law. This is easier to fix since you don't have to pass a bill to fix this. In the early 2000's the DNA databases of all the police districts were not centralized so if you wanted to check the DNA of a murderer against other databases you had to log into every one in the USA and submit it manually all with different parameters and settings/standards. It was tedious and many criminals were off the hook for a long time till they finally found the correct database, sometimes they just were never found at all. THEN they consolidated the databases into one and all these crimes were solved. One place to compare DNA. One result. Do the same for registered gun owners. Show me your drivers licence and birth certificate and SSN. Type it into the computer database. OK you are not registered, you need a health certificate from a certified doctor. Once you get that you can get a gun licence, be added into the system and buy the gun. Problem fixed. Oh you say a gun shop didn't follow protocol? Fine them and/or close down the store.
  4. Another Mass Shooting in the US

    'Not ever in history was there a bump stock used in a shooting, but NOW they're a problem' That is how the law works. Before 500 people were shot with a gun that had a bump stock, you're right, they weren't a problem. They shouldn't have been approved by the Obama administration though. OK so let's not compare USA to 'countries like Australia'. Since you admit yourself that you are willing to discuss mass/spree shooting and solving the problem, what do you think the problem is and in your opinion how can we solve it? Also, why are gun regulations out of the question? Why can't we change gun laws to help solve this problem? I think that most spree shooters are either prescribed and on medication or have been diagnosed with mental health problems etc. Which is why I will restate my original viewpoint. In New Zealand (omg i didnt say Australia) you can legally purchase FULLY AUTOMATIC weapons. They do not regulate the weapon they regulate the person. Every person needs to have a mental health check and get a gun licence for the kind of gun they aspire to purchase. For instance, a single barrel beak-open shotgun would be a lower tier and easier to acquire licence than say a fully automatic rifle or even a semi auto rifle. This is what i think the USA needs. Yes, people will still get illegal guns and cause shootings. But at least the blood wont be on all your hands for not trying to do something. Right now, people sit back with a soda in one hand, pizza slice in the other, AK47 on their lap, watching churches and schools getting shot up by people with mental illnesses using high powered rifles and saying "damn that's horrible but they aint comin after my gun". In a way the blood is on your hands.
  5. Another Mass Shooting in the US

    Not just Australia. The (almost) rest of the world has more strict gun laws. And the rest of the world doesn't have a Mass Shooting epidemic. USA does. Bump stocks should be banned. Not because there is no other way to hack a gun to make it auto fire.. You can wear down a sear and make it shoot automatically. That's not the point. You don't only outlaw things that are impossible to get otherwise, there is a black market for everything in every country. Regarding liberal circle jerk. What makes this a left right issue?? I am politically right/conservative and I think gun laws need a major major overhaul. I couldn't go fishing in Gatlinburg when i visited there this year because i didn't have a licence. Yet i could walk into Walmart and buy a gun. Even FISHING is regulated more heavily in the USA than guns.
  6. FIFA World Ranking

    It's an extra tournament we get to watch, more competitive football for us And added bonus another (easier?) path to the Euro There is literally zero negatives about this tournament, i'm excited
  7. literally any other team would have been better we drew the hardest team in the pot. Having said that Italy was the close second in the pot but still easier than Croatia
  8. Nothing competitive 'till the UEFA nations league after the WC
  9. Yeah may have been tit for tat. They quietened as the anthem went on. I have it in my mind that some of the elders in the crowd went around whacking the kids booing with pandofles to make them shut up ANYWAYS - My favorite thio married a Croatian and i have massive respect for that family and for all Croatians and literally any other person. Do unto others what you would have them do to you ΚΑΤΑ ΜΑΤΘΑΙΟΝ 7:12 Όλα όσα θέλετε να σας κάνουν οι άλλοι άνθρωποι, αυτά να τους κάνετε κι εσείς· σ’ αυτό συνοψίζονται ο νόμος και οι προφήτες
  10. I just watched the game back for the purpose of listening to the booing. You are right there was some. I started watching the game today towards the end of the Cro. anthem and didnt hear the booing as it had quietened significantly. I noticed during your minute of silence for a player that had died was interrupted by your fans as well. (they started to whistle etc then quietened after a second just before the silence ended) I also found this strange and disrespectful
  11. If i was in the stands and someone started booing during the Croatian anthem near me i would have clean slapped him across his face. Fvkcing disgrace
  12. Skibbe is not the problem, The real problem is our talent pool / depth and our best players from those positions being out in the first leg against Croatia. If the first leg ended 1-1 then we go through today and i believe 1-1 was an achievable score in Croatia will a fully healthy and no suspensions. Actually with Donis in the mix and all our regulars starting i think we win in Croatia
  13. I didn't say the Croats were classy I said it is not classy for our fans to boo the Anthem of another country. NO MATTER WHO WE PLAY