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  1. paokara777

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    it already makes perfect sense to me. I think it;s great, i love the Euro nations league
  2. paokara777

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    It makes sense if you are a smaller footballing nation with almost no chance of qualifying in the traditional method
  3. paokara777

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    good read, very sad what they went through. My Grandfather (who survived 2 wars, both ww2 and the civil war of greece) always told me stories about those hard times. "τι τραβήξαμε" he would say often
  4. Greece win 1-0 TM ® Registered trademark Greece scoreline. You may not use or reproduce this scoreline without defensive play and/or underwhelming attack and without the expressed written consent of Michael Skibbe.
  5. torosidis is in 2010 form lol
  6. this ref letting the boys play. 👌
  7. beautiful cross and header to set that up
  8. Imagine if the Greeks once day refused to stop singing their anthem after the first verse and just kept going like Brazil does.. lol we'd be singing it for an hour
  9. u.s. cable subscribers http://www.espn.com/watch/player?categoryId=5&id=3430141
  10. paokara777

    2018-2019 Champions League

    that would have been a pretty goal if it went in , just over the bar
  11. paokara777

    Trump Presidency

    Alex Jones had some bizarre conspiracy theories lol
  12. paokara777

    CL–PO-L1: Benfica Lisbon - PAOK (21-Aug-18, 22:00 EEST)

    Well, we are 1 result away from CL group stages, so we are a huge leap from where we were not long ago