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  1. Their subs will be out to prove something too. This won't be cakewalk for Bosnia. same goes for Greece vs Cyprus.
  2. what a huge gift form cyprus since we will probably not win this game B&H will be kicking themselves
  3. Donis has been impressive! The rest of the midfield and forwards have been lethargic
  4. Sokratis Papastathopoulos - Borussia Dortmund

    Apparently a player is injured! Praying everyone is OK. Another terrorist attack?
  5. Life of Hellenes Abroad

    Background: Both parents born to Greek Australian immigrants, On my dads side they are both Pontic Greeks from Kouzani, on my Mums side her dad was from Florina, Macedonia. Her mum was originally from Constantinopoli and moved to a village right outside Thessaloniki. Did your parent(s) teach you Greek/Do you speak Greek?: Yes, my grandparents did. I also went to Greek school as a kid. Education: Went to school in Australia and then after high school, TAFE (college) then Microsoft and Apple certifications (i got into IT) Friend groups: Since i grew up in Australia most of my friends are from the Wollongong area. I have Greek, FYROM, Spanish, Chilean and almost every other nationality of friends in my circle. I now live in USA (married an American) and so i have some friends here in USA as well. Greek influence in daily life: My Greek heritage influences almost everything about me. Last time in Greece: 2006
  6. 2016-2017 Europa League Games Topic

  7. Alexandros Tziolis - Heart of Midlothian

    Some highlights of the Hearts vs Hamilton game. Beautiful backheel by Tziolis and some nice touches
  8. Kostas Mitroglou - Olympique de Marseille

    what a beautiful goal
  9. Kostas Mitroglou - Olympique de Marseille

    Mitroglou and Samaris both played in the second leg, tough night for them both as they went down 4-0. Apparently Mitroglou got next to no service. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/borussia-dortmund-4-0-benfica-9991079 Flip side Papasthastathopolos had a decent night
  10. SL - R23: PAOK - Olympiakos ( 05 Mar 17, 19:30 EET )

    Wow it was a fingertip save
  11. SL - R23: PAOK - Olympiakos ( 05 Mar 17, 19:30 EET )

    warda hit the bar, nice shot
  12. SL - R23: PAOK - Olympiakos ( 05 Mar 17, 19:30 EET )

    any word on the attendance? Is it sold out?