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  1. FIFA World Ranking

    I wrote a long post and now it is lost... As for the theme of the topic: I think we will probably rise a bit. Dont forget we drew Croatia in the second game, and theyre around 18th position. For the same reason, our loss in Zagreb wont affect our position very much.
  2. FIFA World Ranking

    The Golden Age of Greek football was 2004-2014. Perhaps there will be a second golden age, time can tell.
  3. FIFA World Ranking

    So, its essentially a Daniil (Dellas/Ouzounidis)/Iordanescu (Skibbe) choice. Good midfielders are at the moment nowhere (except Zeca + Fortounis). Talent pool is small. Quality of the squad is worse than at any time between 2003 and 2014. AND we will have a trainer who is less clever/experienced than Rehhagel or Santos was. Lesser players + lesser coach will take us back in the Dark Ages. I pray that I may be in the wrong.
  4. Lazaros was fairly useless against Gibraltar defence, Gianniotas is a bench warmer for a LaLiga2 club, Tachtsidis is average at this level (international games), Pelkas is inexperienced. There is only Fortounis. As I said before, our main problem is that we should build a solid midfield out of basically crap players. Mediocrities everywhere as one can see. This applies to the wingers too. Mantalos is another Ninis, and unfortunately Gianniotas is only a Fetfa 2.0. We know where the originals play now. Bakasetas a very average player. Only Zeca and Fortounis are some good. If we would sign a Greek coach, everything will be over. Daniil era will return. I dont know whether EPO will have even so much sense (one doesnt need very much) to sign a foreign coach who understands our brand of football. (I aint even sure that this brand still exists and it havent expired with the departure of Karagounis/Santos/Katsouranis.)
  5. Zeca in Samaris' place who was worse than invisible.
  6. To explain the absence of Siovas is getting harder and harder.
  7. We must face it: our Golden Generation was the 2004-2014 team. Especially our midfielders are far far worse than key players of our All Stars Team, Zagorakis, Basinas, Giannakopoulos, Karagounis, and Tsiartas. Katsouranis was the last one among them. Now we have glittering mediocrities (Samaris Tachtsidis Christodoulopoulos Mantalos + Ninis Kolovos) and hard-working nobodies (Maniatis Tziolis Bouchalakis + Petsos). We should reactivate Katsouranis and Karagounis (I know it isnt possible, but the team must have leaders who have authority because either of their achievements/experiences or their abilities). Among our players of today, only Sokratis Papastathopoulos has the qualities of a leader. Those F***heads who didnt give Santos in 2014 the greater salary he wanted are among the main culprits. With that great coach at the helm, we would have somehow continued to overachieve like before 2014. One cannot win games without winning the midfield (as perhaps tantra said before the game), and since 2010-11 we did this with basically crap players. How Santos was capable of such a feat like two second rounds with Katsouranis & Karagounis who were actually mummies in 2014 and with the likes of Maniatis, Ninis, Holebas, Kone, Samaris etc. etc. thats beyond me.
  8. It should have been like this: Karnezis - Retsos, K. Papadopoulos, Papastathopoulos, Tzavellas - Tachtsidis/Maniatis/Tziolis, Fortounis, Zeca - Christodoulopoulos/Bakasetas/Pelkas, Mitroglou, Stafylidis. Our trusted 4-3-3 would have worked, even if Lazaros/Bakasetas/Pelkas would have been almost certainly invisible. We should have been more offensive, and Samaris shouldnt have been there at all. Even Kourbelis would have been better.
  9. A disaster, we have gone downhill since the first Belgium game. There the NT was in control until the red card. Then at home Skibbe tried with an extra-defensive tactics, and now even with five (or six? or were Maniatis and Stafylidis wingers?) backs. We should have played like against Belgium away, with counterattacks, not the park-the-bus nonsense. Boxou was right before the game: if one sits only back there defensive live will be broken. And now there was almost no line. I am sad for I was for overall defensive tactics but it was overdone now and this backfired. Karnezis gave away a stupid penalty, after that he was OK, had three or four fine saves. Maniatis was horrible, Retsos should have been RB and Maniatis DM (alongside Zeca), Papadopoulos and Papastathopoulos were not that bad, the latter was arguably our best player. Tzavellas was slightly better than Maniatis or Stafylidis but had a very average game. Stafylidis made a laughable fault. Samaris was crap, one of his worst performances. Zeca put up a decent fight, played with heart & passion, he was one of our better outfield players. Tziolis was the usual grey and mediocre defensive midfielder. Fortounis was not that bad, gave an assist, and delivered another great corner at the end. Mitroglou at least tried, he was far from his top form. Retsos had an acceptable second half performance, Tachtsidis could not be worse than Samaris, Bakasetas was sometimes painful to watch.
  10. We will start with four center backs if Gazzetta's information is correct. Starting XI can be like this: Karnezis - Torosidis/Retsos, K. Papadopoulos, Papastathopoulos, Tzavellas - Maniatis, Stafylidis - Zeka, Tziolis/Samaris - Fortounis - Mitroglou. http://www.gazzetta.gr/prokrimatika-mundial-2018/article/1158936/i-skepsi-gia-maniati-extrem-kai-foyl-amyntiki-thorakisi
  11. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Well said Skank, this is a national team and not a talent developing center. They should play for their respective clubs regularly before they get call ups. Five years ago, Triantafyllopoulos, Iliadis, Katidis, Vellios, Diamantakos etc. were the promising players, like Limnios, Lamprou, Koulouris are now. Everybody can see where the aforementioned play now. Ages ago these talented kids were called Masmanidis (does anyone remember him? he was a youth team player in Germany), Koutsianikoulis, Fetfatzidis, Lampropoulos etc. So-called talented footballers often do not have a great career in Greece. Retsos plays at 19 for a Bundesliga team, everywhere in the world you can see youngsters are starters for famous clubs, he is the only real Greek talent now. There may be late bloomers (Holebas was one, and arguably Karnezis too), but these guys who are skilled and "look promising" while being on loan at 23 are probably new versions of Mavrias, Athanasiadis & co., what would mean they will never be useful at international level.
  12. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Stafylidis is injured (it is a wound), he can do only roadwork, he cant train with Augsburg teammates. I dont know when he will return. Maniatis was injured too, on 25 October in a Turkish Cup game, something was torn perhaps in his knee, possibly he will be okay before the first leg, they said he will be out for 2 weeks (that was the reason of his absence on the last matchday). Lykogiannis played full game for Sturm Graz (they won 2-0), Petsos played only 2 minutes against Admira Wacker Moedling (Rapid won 1-0). There are many injuries but there is a chance that several players (Torosidis Manolas Stafylidis Maniatis Donis etc.) will be okay before the first game.
  13. Giorgos Samaras - Real Zaragoza

    Samaras remained on the bench on Saturday as they won 3-0 against Gaziantepsor. He played so far on 5 matches, scored zero goals. (Sifakis didnt play at all since the start of the season). Btw the title should be Giorgos Samaras - Samsunspor.