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  1. NT Coaches

    Allegedly Bernd Schuster is one of the candidates. I wouldnt mind a German head coach, he would instill perhaps a little discipline and organization into the team.
  2. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    A very good article: Fernando Santos, we miss you. "Santos' four principles for victory: organization, concentration, passion and trust." There is a total lack of these at the Ethniki now. http://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/euro/euro-2016/article/111667/fernanto-santos-mas-leipeis
  3. Kostas Tsanas

    A little more realistic analysis from Tsanas than yesterday. "We should have a base and have players that have a strong personality", he said, and added, "We will qualify for the Mundial if we have the elements that launched us in the past." He is right: "The manager to come should understand our players' style." He mentions again, however, that Greece (ranked 44th) managed to held the World Rank No. 7. Romania at bay, and thinks nobody questioned Ranieris decision to call up Mantalos and Diamantakos. http://www.sdna.gr/news-english/article/111568/tsanas-troubled-greek-national-team
  4. There were injured players but that doesnt explain however why was Mantalos played as a starter. Kone after a week with a club would have been better. Tziolis - a player much more useful than Mantalos - could have played too but he was overlooked by the big name clown.
  5. Versus Croatia Karagounis was only 34, Katsouranis 32. In 2013 vs Bosnia they were two years older, over 30 two extra years can mean a lot, several players retire before 36 or even 34. I think that explains the declining performance, they were getting older and older. There was in 2013 a game versus Liechtenstein which was horrible (though we won). Santos had no better midfielders, that why Katsouranis played as a starter until he was 35 and Tachtsidis and the likes were mostly benched (under Santos Tachtsidis and until the WC Samaris were behind Tziolis in the hierarchy - that means theyre not good). I think we could have beaten Finland and the Faroe Islands 1-0 with long balls and 2 DMs, perhaps Hungary or Northern Ireland too. We could have had many problems because of the transition and the lower quality of the younger midfielders, but in that system we should have been to qualify. Norway and Albania (!) will earn probably a playoff spot. The last sentence is true. Unfortunately there is no successor of Karagounis or Katsouranis, this is partly the reason the team plays how it plays.
  6. Holebas seemed really good and built attacks, but versus a stronger team than Finland we could have had problems because of him being out of position. I can imagine Tsanas will be surprised vs Romania. Fetfatzidis is inconsistent, sometimes he was good as vs Hungary, but he had some mediocre matches too. I dont mention Ninis (ofc hes better than Fountas & Co., but that isnt much).
  7. The teams you mention won against us as Greece used to won. ~ 40-45% of the possession, defense, counterattacks. Sounds stupid, but yesterday in a sense Finland was Ethniki.
  8. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Stability I think. And he is among the better midfielders we have. He isnt an excellent DM, at international level max a useful player, but who should we call up as a midfielder, Pogba?
  9. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    1. I would say (as for the keepers and defenders, those who was called up now are OK): Midfielders: Maniatis, Tziolis, Kone, Fortounis, Petsos (?), K. Papadopoulos as a DM, Samaris & Tachtsidis (for the moment as a squad player). At a pinch even Makos, just not Klonaridis, Kolovos and the likes. Attackers: Mitroglou, Samaras (only if he has a club), Salpingidis (?, only if he has a club), Fetfatzidis (as a squad player). Christodoulopoulos? Perhaps Karelis? More question marks. 2. At the Euro none of them played as a centre back, Dellas and Kapsis were the centre backs.
  10. Katsouranis said the same thing a few days ago. If the appropriate formula is known, why should not we use it?
  11. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I hope everybody sees (except perhaps aek66 and the likes) that Fetfatzidis, Samaris, Tachtsidis, Karelis, Aravidis, Fountas, Kolovos etc. are s%$#! and for the moment most of them shouldnt called up. Perhaps later they will be able to play a certain role in a defensive match strategy, but even that isnt certain. Even players like Avraam Papadopoulos, Spyropoulos or Patsazoglou were much more useful than they and contributed more.
  12. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Did Katsouranis or Basinas or both of them play a centre back in 2004? So much for your competence. :lol:
  13. If only we can... He has a good job, makes great work in Portugal I bet he will be there until 2018 WC (at least).
  14. We should establish a good defense to remain competitive at all (2 DMs, defensive overall strategy). All the other things should come after that.
  15. Tsanas was sad because of the loss, but spoke about positive signs and said: "We have lost, but we can be optimistic." http://ethnikiomada.vodafone.gr/tsanas-xasame-alla-mporoume-na-eimaste-aisiodoksoi/ http://www.sports8.gr/article.42653-Tsanas-Para-tin-itta-eimaste-aisiodoxoi.html We should prompt find a competent trainer.