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    Another five years of misery, and Skibbe will look like a miracle worker. He reached the play off, after all, and we know that Croatia reached eventually the WC final.
  2. A lot of people criticized Katsouranis back then and wanted younger players in the squad. Some of them already deleted themselves from this forum but I guess some of their posts could be found even now. Gekas, Vyntra and Tziolis also had their haters but Katsouranis literally was to blame for everything. And of course Santos who always chose his favorite mummies, created a boring defensive team that was painful to watch and thwarted the development of terrific talents like Nines/Tachtsidis/Fetfatzidis etc. etc.
  3. Performance of our guys in this rezili: Barkas 0 - Bakakis 5, Manolas 5.5, Papastathopoulos 6, Tsimikas 5 - Samaris 4, Vrousai 5, Bouchalakis 4.5 (Zeca 5.5) - Masouras 6 (Giannoulis 0), Koulouris 5, Fetfatzidis 5.5 (Pavlidis 4). Another lacklustre production from the Ethniki. Actually, they wernt THAT bad, they created a couple of chances and Sokratis did seem to be frustrated after the equalizer of Liechtenstein. Samaris was very average though, and a sloppy pass by him led to the Salanovic goal. On Van Schip (both games): His starting elevens were mostly quite good yet the coach made strange decisions. Zeca played half an hour in these two games while Bouchalakis Kourbelis Samaris were in the starting XI at least on one occasion. Mitroglou was not called up although he is obviously in good form (2 goals in 2 matches). Also Donis wasnt picked. They scored our goals in the away game against Liechtenstein. Vlachodimos (Benfica keeper) was benched in favor of Barkas. These coaches are literally more stupid than Skibbe. Ange A and Van Schip. This was the FIFTH occasion Vlachodimos sat on the bench out of the last NINE games! Clueless idiotic coaches have chosen the likes of Barkas and Paschalakis (no joke) again and again. One of our best players has served as a backup keeper, this is mind blowing!
  4. Okay I agree with everybody its not the coach, or at least not only him. Dean97: I guess Sokratis wanted to win the game. In the dying minutes, he ran like hell and gave some great passes. As usual, Masouras Bakakis Koulouris and the likes were useless. Sokratis and Zeca couldnt do it alone. Dont you think MITROGLOU would have scored at least ONE goal??? Or even a brace? Dont you think SKIBBE would have called up Mitroglou after he scored two goals in perhaps twenty-five minutes in Eredivisie (not in the "Super" League)?
  5. You are right but I regret too that they hired this coach. His CV is laughable. He was assistant coach of some unglamorous teams... even Skibbe was assistant Voeller at the German national team between 2000-2004 and he was the real coach because Voeller had not a licence. Markarian was successful with Panathinaikos, Ranieri was famous etc. etc. Jong Ajax assistant, Guadalajara, etc. etc. Its hilarious. As if Spain would hire Nioplias as head coach LOL
  6. Yes you are right I guess, everybody is to blame, especially the players. Papastathopoulos did want to score at the end that should be said IMO. And Bakakis couldnt got him LOL what a bunch of idiots...
  7. Sack Van Schip!!!!!!! EPO leaders money is under your pillows and mattresses... Bring it out and hire a proper coach!!!!! Rehhagel wasnt a cheap solution but their choice paid dividends...
  8. Attacking style does mean we get some great displays and proper results. Even Skibbe would have won this game.
  9. Samaris cannot deliver a proper cross... why is he even on the pitch?? Where is Limnios??? Who is Giannoulis?
  10. Samaris is a clown... attacking style of play, eh? Schip can go to hell. Why CAN they score on counter attack? This was our trademark. Score a second goal somehow!!!!! Pls players!!!
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