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  1. Marinakis doesnt like to spend his money on class players like Kokkalis did (Giovanni Karembeu etc.). In earnest, he probably gave up the Champions League long ago as hopeless and he wants to dominate only at home (with alternating success). El Arabi scored at last against Zvezda. It was a long long way to go with players like these (Camara Randjelovic Benzia).
  2. Did he really killed somebody? 😲 I know about the matchfixing case. I think he had been eventually acquitted.
  3. Marinakis helped Olympiacos to win the Super League several times but I think he gave up Champions League from the beginning. If you want to reach a certain stage (QF, SF) you should sign better players than Ba, El Arabi, Guilherme, Gaspar and the likes. I guess he thinks CL is a hopeless case for a Greek team cannot compete with Barcelona, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain. He doesnt want to give out big money; it is enough for him that Olympiacos could dominate at home.
  4. Guys I am an outsider in these things but I think Kokkalis made far better signings. It was not only Giovanni. He tried to build a really strong team that could compete with European powerhouses like Juventus. In 1999, Olympiacos reached the quarter finals of Champions League and they lost to Juventus 2-3 (on aggregate). He signed Rivaldo (Golden Ball winner, world champion), Karembeu (world and European championships, Champions League winner with Real Madrid), Zahovic (played in the Champions League final in 2000), Raul Bravo and a lot of Greek internationals like Giannakopoulos Mavrogenidis Venetidis Patsatzoglou Antzas Nikopolidis. So far, Marinakis has signed only one classy player, Valbuena and even he is not a world class footballer like Rivaldo was.
  5. I also dont think that having Sokratis as a bench warmer would work. I guess Van Schip will figure this somehow out.
  6. Seems logical! I seemed to remember that Van Schip said he knew what Manolas and Sokratis were capable of and he wanted to see the younger options? That could imply he wants to incorporate some way Manolas and Sok in the NT. Now Ive found this article from September 30: https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/vant-schip-counting-on-experienced-trio-for-the-future Especially this excerption: "Initially, eyebrows were raised when Van ‘t Schip’s decision became known, but SDNA subsequently revealed that the 55-year-old phoned Manolas, Papastathopoulos and Samaris to inform them that their absence from his squad is only due to the fact that he wants to see what the young players are capable of. Van ‘t Schip is counting on the trio for future games which have more competitive meaning."
  7. Happy 35th birthday to our center back Avraam! 🎂🍰🎁
  8. Meriah is incredibly error-prone. Avraam is probably too slow for this level and Cisse is still injured. That makes Semedo the one and only reliable center back of Olympiakos.
  9. True but even the second place would be quite enough!
  10. The Armenia and Liechtenstein results wouldnt matter if that old blighter Anastasiadis wouldnt have regarded the Estonia game as a friendly match! Literally a draw would mean we would be in the playoffs. A Greek NT coach is worse than anything, an equivalent to Ranieri.
  11. Guys Im glad we won but this will be hard... I am not sure Schip will be able to steer us to the haven of World Cup 2022. His team played really well but against minnows and average sides. Yes, Finland and Bosnia are average teams. Do you think this attractive team can hold the fort against Germany, Belgium and the likes? If we wont qualify, the next tournament will be in 2024. Schip will got the sack long before that... His successor will be maybe worse than Skibbe, Anastasiadis, Ranieri (rock bottom) and the likes... Our talent pool is limited. Koutris was not included in Olympiacos Champions League squad while Avraam was. Think of that, a 34-year-old Avraam is better according to Martins (who is probably a better coach than Van Schip) than Koutris, a really talented NT player... A bunch of talents like Androutsos, Manthatis and Durmishaj have been loaned out they are not even in the squad at Oly! Vrousai, Vasiliadis Pavlidis are promising but I am not sure whether they will be able to dominate the game like they did now if they will play against Spain or Netherlands. Galanopoulos was really good, I am quite surprised. I cannot see where Zeca will play or whether he will play at all in the future. Kourbelis, Bouchalakis, Bakakis (especially the latter) are not young any more. Possibly they wont develop really. Torosidis is finished. He said he wanted to retire after this season. Stafylidis as a centre back is error prone. And this was only Pukki now. What will he do if he will manmark/defend against Zaniolo, for example? I really hope Manolas and the likes will have some role in the future. TL;DR: 1. Our young players have not been put to a real test yet. 2. Quite possibly we wont participate at a tournament until 2024. That would mean another five years without any real success!
  12. That crazy shitbag Anastasiadis and his crony Lambropoulos did us in against Estonia. If we would have drawn on that occasion our position in the NL playoff would be guaranteed now. We lost the second place to Hungary because of the idiotic experimenting (in an official game) of the old bozo.
  13. A great win. Masouras still cannot finish, but never mind. Ethniki had much more chances than the Armenians. Again: a single point against Estonia at home would see us now through (as for the playoff). Anastasiadis and those who appointed him are to blame.
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