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  1. That would exclude the presence of Kourbelis, Kolovetsios, Bouzoukis, Kyriakidis, Fetfatzidis, Siopis, Maniatis and a bunch of players but the majority of them like Kourbelis, Kolovetsios, Dioudis are wholly dispensable. Maniatis is a good defensive midfielder, but perhaps we can do without him.
  2. Maybe this could help now. Stick to Olympiacos/PAOK/AEK/Atromitos players. I dont think others could contribute much. Even some of these are not of much use (think of Bakasetas only, he was an AEK player and has always been hopeless).
  3. Did you see Bakasetas was sold to Alanyaspor (team of Tzavellas)? I hope he wont get a call-up while he is playing for such an average Turkish team.
  4. ???? Are you in earnest? (I guess you are.) If this is true, the man ought to be certified. LOL
  5. That was a very exciting game, for neutral fans, I guess, but not to us. I mean those Vlachodimos saves at the end, the Koulouris header, and his shot. Vlachodimos: conceded three, then made some saves - not unlike Barkas on Saturday (2 out of 5) Mavrias: unreliable as usual (-) Siovas: he was better than against Italy - that doesnt mean much (2) Papastathopoulos: was shaky (2) Koutris: better than Staf, but again, we conceded three (2) Samaris: what was this again (1.5) Fortounis: he is a god, his goal was great, he tried and tried, its a damn shame he has such crappy teammates (4) Zeca: he scored our first goal, was among our better performers (3.5) Masouras: he really tries but has not any particular skills (2.5) Koulouris: thats why he is on the bench when Mitroglou isnt injured (2) Pelkas: a better choice than Bakasetas would have been but then, everybody is (2) Subs: Kotsiras looked incredibly slow and vulnerable, even worse than Mavrias (1.5), Kolovos was nearly invisible (2), Siopis was unlucky (-) (that was a great change though - after it was 1-3, we subbed on a player who scored ONE friggin competitive goal during his entire professional career and he is twenty-five). Our spirit was great but we always concede a lot of goals. The result is a disaster. I guess this was the last game of Anastasiadis. We were not that lukewarm and weak under his tenure as we had been with Skibbe at the helm, but the team was somehow sloppy. We looked lively and even tried to play some attractive attacking football, but without any proper results.
  6. Maybe we are not strong enough to be able to experiment against minnows (think of the Estonia home game).
  7. There are friendly games, we should experiment there IMO.
  8. I hope Anastasiadis sees now that he is useless. He didnt play against Bosnia so I suppose the coach recognized his limitations. 😀
  9. And Kolovos was great. I must admit I never rated him I thought that he was better than Bakasetas but that was all.
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