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  1. NT Friendly Games

    Skibbe should have banged the table, thats true. But EPO could have known Ethniki needs some friendlies. Surely they know a national team used to play friendly games to infuse younger players and try new tactics. I would say both of them are responsible. I wanted to add that imagine what Otto or Santos would have done if EPO wouldnt have organized a single friendly match in a year. Clearly they would have shouted the heads of EPO officials off.
  2. NT Friendly Games

    After we failed to qualify EPO is somehow galvanized into life and they start to organize friendlies for the NT... Good news but we would have needed friendly games in 2017 too! #istillcantbelieve #theonlyNTwithachancetoqualifythatdidntplayafriendlylastyear
  3. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Glad to see there are some reasonable people (Laz, J1078). Yes, ranking is very important in our situation. And the NT shouldnt be an U-23 developing center. The best available players should start. But the head coach should try newcomers. Thats why we need friendly games. Talents shouldnt make their debut during crucial games (cf. Lykogiannis, Kourbelis, Donis). Siopis isnt ripe for the national team NOW. Same goes for Galanopoulos, Manthatis, Androutsos etc. Skibbe should call up Bakakis and Kone. And its a shame we couldnt utilize Maniatis properly. Possibly it was his last international campaign. He is smart and has a high work rate. He should have been employed as a defensive midfielder against Croatia (away) and on other occasions. I cant believe Skibbe benched him in favor of Tziolis. I dont know who could fill his role. He wasnt a very skilled player but could be very useful as a DM as he is considerably faster than Tziolis or Tachtsidis.
  4. European matches

    Ajdarevic scores almost at once (he came off for Galanopoulos one minute ago).
  5. European matches

    Tsyhankov gave them the lead in the fifth minute, if AEK cant at least equalize, the adventure of Greek teams will be possibly over!
  6. European matches

    Dynamo is busy on winning, 1-0 in the 75th minute. Christodoulopoulos came in for Klonaridis and Araujo for Giakoumakis after an hour,
  7. Orestis Karnezis ‒ Watford

    Apparently both of them started in February 2005 in a 2-1 Premier League loss against Manchester United.
  8. Orestis Karnezis ‒ Watford

    I think maybe Chalkias and Skopelitis started together for Portsmouth in 2004.
  9. Orestis Karnezis ‒ Watford

    Karnezis started again as Watford won 4-1 versus Chelsea. He conceded a penalty of Eden Hazard. To Brklyngrk: He wasnt that bad against Croatia. Only the first goal was partly his fault (and partly that of Tzavellas). He was then rendered helpless by his defenders before the second, the third and especially the fourth goal when Stafylidis assisted literally one of the Croatians and he had a string of fine saves. Actually he was one of our better performers IMO.
  10. Michalis Sifakis ‒ Samsunspor

    After starting four times in a row for his club, Sifakis was benched in the last round again (Samsunspor won 2-0 against Manisaspor).
  11. Giorgos Samaras ‒ Samsunspor

    Aaand the new video has become unavailable as well. Sorry for linking all these contents that are constantly fading away.
  12. He scored in a 6-3 win against Metz, thats his third league goal in the season. It was not a difficult task because the net was empty but at least it can boost up his confidence a bit. So far he has scored 3 goals in 11 appearances.
  13. Konstantinos Mavropanos ‒ Arsenal

    I am glad, this is good news.
  14. Giorgos Samaras ‒ Samsunspor

    The video I had linked above has become unavailable (I cannot edit the post any more so I cant delete it). I dont want that anybody miss his assist. It is so rare nowadays that he scores or assists a teammate. :\
  15. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I wanted to add that I like your enthusiasm but Lazaros, Donis, Mantalos and the likes cannot lead us back to the level of the 2004-2014 period. Lazaros couldnt dribble even against Gibraltar. Gianniotas did more in 15 minutes than he in 75 minutes. Donis seems to be nothing special, a talented youth. Mantalos is an average CAM at international level. I guess some of you wont agree but consider this. Lazaros was not much of a threat against Gibraltar (4-0). Donis was arguably more successful as a backup player of Nice than he has been in this season as a starter of Stuttgart. Mantalos plays out of position because Fortounis is better than him as a CAM. Either we pray for the appearance of more young players of a very high quality like Retsos or we try to find an excellent coach again (like Rehhagel and Santos) who has experience and tactical astuteness. Skibbe tries to imitate Rehhagel and wants to copy his blueprint but cannot find the adequate players. Compare his five defenders + 2 defensive midfielders versus Croatia in the first match and the five-men line of Rehhagel versus Ukraine. Clearly he tried to copy Rehhagel's tactics but used the wrong guys/used them in the wrong places, some faults Rehhagel surely wouldnt have committed. And where was the fighting spirit of Ottos team? (In the Ukraine away game we won after a Homeric struggle - think of the injuries of Moras and Pliatsikas, we had only nine wholly healthy players on the pitch at the end yet they persevered!) I thought at first Skibbe is the very thing we needed but now I am not sure of that.