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  1. Good points, though I think now Tziolis wasnt that bad as (almost) everybody said. His second half performance vs Hungary was acceptable. Same goes for his first half against Finland. After the injury of Papastathopoulos he became invisible, but in that second half several players were abysmal. I dont say he should be capped, Im just saying he tried to do his best, well, he was average but wasnt worse than Bakasetas (who played out of position, but he has been so incredibly lazy, slow, and thoughtless when playing for the NT). You are right about Mantalos. Ive always said since 2014 "this guy is overhyped and shouldnt be in the squad". He is essentially a Ninis 2.0: he has now won 30+ cap although he has been almost always mediocre and on several occasions our worst player on the pitch. Tziolis, Tzavellas kicked out, Vlachodimos and Koutris added - these are indeed positive changes. And yes, probably we would have won the group with Anastasiadis.
  2. Bakasetas is a poster boy haha. I guess EPO wants more women in the stadiums. You would remember how some of the players looked like in the Golden Age (Charisteas or Avraam for example). Especially Karagounis at times looked like nothing on earth.
  3. I have a good feeling about this game. We can manage it, perhaps even score a second.
  4. La Mendel

    2018-2019 Champions League

    This is hopeless, teams in this group are too strong for AEK. AEK is clearly as weak as they seemed to be against Vidi, Celtic and the likes. A Jimenez type coach could perhaps do something, but as long as Ouzounidis is their coach I guess they wont win a single game in the Champions League.
  5. La Mendel

    NT Coaches

    On second thought I also think Anastasiadis will be better than Skibbe was. He is a strict and demanding coach and will want to see a disciplined team. He wont tolerate lazy guys on the pitch. Probably what the Ethniki needs now is a coach of the Anastasiadis type. Rehhagel and Santos were also no-nonsense men. Otto was a control freak and under Santos players were more disciplined than since 2014 theyve EVER been. Nice guys like Skibbe Iordanescu Ranieri are not for the Greek NT I guess.
  6. La Mendel

    NT Coaches

    Haha I am so funny because I am glad Skibbe eventually got the sack #letsstarttheparty #swag #yolo #thisisgoingtobeperhapsanevengreaterdisaster
  7. La Mendel

    NT Coaches

    We need Malezas
  8. La Mendel

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    Icelands head trainer was Lagerbäck. During his tenure they reached the World Cup playoff in 2013 and qualified to Euro 2016. The Finnish golden generation was IMO Litmanen Hyypiä Forssell Jääskeläinen and Co (2004-2006) but they achieved nothing. Perhaps Finland can repeat the performance of Northern Ireland between 2014-2016 tho. Finnish head coach Kanerva was in 2015 only a caretaker manager. They sacked their former head coach Paatelainen, and didnt find a new coach yet. His statistics were quite good then (3 wins, one against us in Athens, 2 draws zero losses). Then they had a Swedish coach who couldnt win a single game (out of thirteen). In 2016 Kanerva was appointed again, and he has already 10 wins beside 5 draws and only four losses. He may achieve something with this team, you are right. But Im afraid they will qualify via Nations League if they will.
  9. La Mendel

    NT Coaches

    The money could be found presumably under the mattresses of Grammenos and his ilk.
  10. La Mendel

    NT Coaches

    Yes, Leonardo Jardim would be great! He was coach of Olympiacos so he knows Greek football rather well. Also he adopts usually a defensive style that would fit us.
  11. La Mendel

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    A very small chance. Torontoblue is right, Finland isnt good enough to do that.
  12. La Mendel

    NT Coaches

    Unfortunately Agonasport says Skibbe will apparently receive one more chance from Grammenos: http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/reports-suggest-skibbe-could-receive-final-chance
  13. La Mendel

    NT Coaches

    Guys I know its irrelevant but a hilarious incident happened today. I googled the word "Skibbe" cos I wanted to see whether he had gotten the sack or not and a title of an article really freaked me out: "Skibbe gets 30-day continuance". However, it was about some town supervisor who had to appear before the court "on a felony drunk-driving charge".
  14. La Mendel

    NT Coaches

    As you said Villas-Boas is not a cheap trainer. I think they want somebody in the line of Iordanescu Daniil Markarian Tsanas and Co.
  15. La Mendel

    NT Coaches

    I hope in reality they have a better candidate than those mentioned in the press.