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  1. Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2017

    So what happens if Prijovic actually signs up with another team? What are the consequences?
  2. Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2017

    I cant remember, was Klaus sold or is he on loan?
  3. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    Wanted to ask a question about fines/fan bans relating to flares... Has it always been illegal to light flares during matches? I feel like it has become more of an issue lately than it's ever been. Are we the only team they are coming down hard on? I thought flares and Greek football go hand in hand?
  4. Talk about stupidity... i remember being on a flight from Kalamata to Thessaloniki and having someone on the ground pointing a laser on the plane as we were coming in to land.
  5. Savvidis Jnr just posted an insta story about avoiding a pyro show to avoid fines..? "Mono xartakia kai fwni!! Nikh xwris timwries!"
  6. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    they really believe in the coach.... Savvidis is constantly showing their support for him on Instagram. Is this all a facade, or are they seeing something in him that we cant??
  7. Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2017

    what the reason for the financial hole?? Did we bite off more than we can chew, and go over budget?
  8. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    I'm still baffled by Ivic's departure (as im sure everybody else is) Seriously though, what happened? He hasn't left for another team. From what i can see, he hasn't taken a job anywhere else... Was it a money issue? it appeared as though he had everyone's backing while he was coach.
  9. Transfer News and Rumors - Summer 2017

    What did he do? can you update me please
  10. http://www.paokfc.gr/nea/megale-paok-i-dynami-sou/
  11. Tudor is killing us with his s%$#! formations
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=16&v=A8ydIZ-5Bhw
  13. Transfer News And Rumors - Summer 2015

    Hahahahaha farken oath mate!
  14. Transfer News And Rumors - Summer 2015

    Tzabellas the next sheep to follow Vryzas to verioa
  15. Transfer News And Rumors - Summer 2015

    just touching on what blackhawk said, i also believe Ivan's son Giorgios has a pretty big role within the management team which is also behind many of the directional changes at the club as of late.