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  1. I think Lymbe was the technical director at AEK when he left...
  2. What I do know is that the govn't is trying to stabilize the economy and streamline reforms while dealing with external threats in the eastern med. Unfortunately, sport and politics seem to go together. The government feels that if PAOK is relegated, there will be riots in Saloniki. Same goes if OLY was relegated, there would be riots. To have some calm, there are trying to get ahead of this. I don't like the fact that Sports and Politics are being comingled but in an environment were there are so many pitfalls, soccer should not destroy a country. Just being pragmatic. And while I do agree if PAOK is guilty, they should be relegated, I do not think PAOK would accept the punishment and they would start blaming the other big teams. btw - I support PAO but Greece above all teams.
  3. If PAOK gets relegated, it will cause riots in northern Greece. That is the only reason why the state did what it did.
  4. In his case though, it wasn't his fault for lack of trying. He was/is injury prone. Always hustled and tried.
  5. Saw it the other day, looks like a blue tee with the Greek logo on it...
  6. 3 man back line, when the coach went for attack, he took our Sok and left him in...
  7. Not getting playing time on his division 2 German team- he is moving in the winter break.
  8. Initially I thought Anastasiadis was brilliant. Organizing a camp three weeks in advance before its two biggest fixtures was genius. Imagine spending all that time away and accomplishing nothing. Not having a clear game plan, no scouting (apparently) of the other team, and watching the champions league final instead of watching film on Italy/Armenia. Soc/Manolas play for two of the biggest teams, they must have been so frustrated. I commend him for speaking up, without that, we would not have moved forward. I am sure he made his feelings known before but in order for someone to act, he had to make it public.
  9. If they buy in, great, if not, then they will not play. But to have talents like them two and not call them up would not be smart. I do think Sokratis loves the national team and he spoke up bc he thought the coach was not preparing the team well. Reports that the coach changed formation right before kick-off in the Italy game are ridiculous, especially playing someone out of position who had never practiced there. The player having to speak up and saying he is not comfortable was not a good sign!!!
  10. I think they both got frustrated with our tactics and the lack of hustle with the team. After a while, complacency gets contagious.
  11. They lost in extra time...1-0
  12. Overall, it seems that the first half disaster was necessary in order for us to accept a coach like JVS. To drop players like he did. The way we are playing now, I believe we definitely would have qualified. We may not have the most technical team but we hustle and are fast. Never thought I would use those words together in describing the team.
  13. I think that Giannoulis has locked up a spot after the last few games. Limnios as well. The rest of the spots are up for competition. But I do like the Galo/Kourbelis combo. Same with the Mantalos/Bakasetas/Limnios line.
  14. Mantalos has won me over playing on that side. Limnios is constantly beating his marker. Even Koulouris coming on has made our attack more lively.
  15. I also like how Vlaho knows to pick out Limnios on the right side. He keeps beating his marker.
  16. The goal was a tap in, Bakesetas saved a ball going out by outhustling his defender.
  17. How fast is Limnios - impressed how he caught up to the pass by Vlaho!!
  18. I thought they were making renovations but it typical fashion, they were not ready in time.
  19. I think what JVS is doing is brilliant. He is using the rest of the qualifiers to experiment. He wants to see who can use going forward. For the most part, it has worked.
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