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  1. The header he hit was a great shot, with power and directed it in. Anyway, not saying he's the answer but I am saying that he should be in the coach's radar.
  2. I also like the fact that it seems that both teams are starting to respect one another more. Non of the BS that happened the last time out, saw a few pics of the guys taking selfies together. This group will be competitive, the race for the top two spots may go to the last game.
  3. Read an article from a Bosnian reporter - He basically said that Greece came to Bosnia with quite a few of their regular starters and you can see that they were rattled early on. The free kick was scored due to a mistake by Greece not putting on a wall. Once they gathered themselves, you can see their experience (he even used pedigree - knowing how to play in these types of games). The truth is, at this level, anyone can shock another team on their best team. The teams that play together a lot and genuinely have a great team atmosphere have more of a shot than a bunch of hot shots pieced together. Look around, you see upsets all the time. Regarding Liechtenstein, Italy scored 2 penalties against them and they were playing with 10 men for more than 45 minutes. Not saying that Italy didn't deserve the win, but they probably don't score 6 goals on them the next time out. If Greece plays to their strengths, they can make some noise. Either way, their play is so much better than it was in the fall.
  4. At half time, I believe possession was at 45-55 us. To be honest, makes sense since we needed to come back and they had a big lead ( no need to take chances).
  5. Speed kill and we are starting to see that. Imagine if half of those shots we took were closer to the goal. As they develop chemistry and improve, I can see better results. Also we do have more guys to call up. I am liking the new coach and loved his press conference. A Bosnian reporter asked him that he felt that Greece wasn't even on the pitch until the penalty, what were his thoughts. He answered, well, that's his opinion, he's entitled, but if he wants, he can go back and look at the video to see what happened.
  6. I am hoping the coach is learning as well. He seems to be able to make adjustments.
  7. Overall, I really liked the team these two games. Masouras/Siovas/Donis really impressed, something to build on going forward. Wouldn't be surprised to see a three man back line. We can finally have speed to counter with Masouras/Donis and hopefully Lambrou. Vlaho is our keeper for the next 10 years, he will only get better. We took more shots on goal these past two games than we did the entire campaign the last time out. We looked more energetic and hustled, while our finishing is lacking, it will improve.
  8. The one thing I will say about the way they play is that this version of the ethniki def hustles more than the one from the past campaign..
  9. Stopped watching after 20 minutes, started listening on the radio.....afraid to go back on line to watch the end....
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