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  1. Brklyngrk

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    The thing with Portugal is that they have a bigger TV market. They have a huge following in Brazil due to the language and many South Americans playing in Portugal. That is why they can commend more money from TV licensing.
  2. Brklyngrk

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I think the training facility is dependent on the govn't approval which as we know...
  3. Brklyngrk

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Just read that Holebas is contemplating returning to the ethniki. EPO reached out to him and he said he needs to think about it.
  4. Brklyngrk

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    While not a fan of the deal, the truth of the matter is the rest of the world already recognizes them as Macedonia. A deal had to be made. What is difficult is that their government keeps provoking Greece by referring to themselves as Macedonia. If the deal is carried out in its true spirit, then this would be a win and would only strengthen our borders and our standing in the world. If....
  5. Brklyngrk

    Greeks at the Australian Open

    He is almost single handedly raising the profile of tennis in Greece. As he gets better, so will he inspire other kids in Greece to take up the sport. Bravo to him!!
  6. Brklyngrk

    Kostas Manolas ‒ AS Roma

    Rumors that Manchester United want to buy him in the summer, with his release clause at around $36 million, quite a few teams will make a bid. Roma trying to offer him higher wages in exchange of getting rid of the release clause but they haven't agreed yet.
  7. Brklyngrk

    Panagiotis Tachtsidis ‒ U.S. Lecce

    I thought he played in a cup...
  8. Brklyngrk

    Jose Holebas ‒ Watford F.C.

    He has stated he never really fit in the national team, he didn't enjoy his time there. For whatever the reason, he's moved on and so should we.
  9. Brklyngrk

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    I don't believe you need to defend the entire game but we don't have the players to do control the ball and attack. Renieri tried that and we got ripped apart. I believe Greece's strength is still their defense. What we need is some speed on the wings to open up the game when we have a chance to counter. A few players will change the entire complexion.
  10. Brklyngrk

    Kostas Manolas ‒ AS Roma

    https://toty.uefa.com/?int_ref=article - The want the public to pick the top 11 from a group of 50 they selected...
  11. Brklyngrk

    Kostas Manolas ‒ AS Roma

    Manolas was included in the UEFA top 50 players list...
  12. Brklyngrk

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    I do believe playing Donis will make a huge difference only because of his speed. Defensively, by and large we can agree that we are pretty solid (for the most part). Having a player being able to beat other players with speed will make all the difference.
  13. Brklyngrk

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Zeca is the only current foreigner, Klonaridis has Greek lineage. Zeca though, I do respect. Speaks Greek well and loves the culture.
  14. Brklyngrk

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    This group is comparatively similar to the world cup qualifiers, when we were in a higher pot.
  15. He's out for the remainder of 2018 - two to three months