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  1. Brklyngrk

    2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    I thought after the Euros, each winner in every Group level (there are four groups with Group D) will play each other in a knockout style playoff. The winner of that playoff will go to the Euros.
  2. I have been defending Skibbe for awhile now but I think the time has come for a change. He did turn our campaign around after the dreadful European qualifiers, but since Croatia, we have regressed. To be fair, we have had loads of injuries but we seem to struggle making two passes together. After Friday, which we clearly saw that both Bakesetas and Pelkas were not doing well on the wings, he left them both in. He will probably stay until the Nations League is over but after that, we need seriously see who is out there and who can make an actually difference for the team.
  3. Not sure why Lazaro wasn't starting from the beginning...
  4. They are not doing any better than we are, it's just that they are countering well every time we lose the ball (which is often). The only one that hasn't is Tziolis. We are fortunate that our CBs are good and have been blocking out their attacks.
  5. I also think our cbs are faster than our forwards. Tsimakas ran down the side, beats everyone, turns to cross in the middle and Mitroglou is about 10 to 15 yards behind..
  6. Brklyngrk

    U-21 NT (Elpidon)

    San Marino losing 0-4 now as was to be expected and Greece has been playing with 10 men since the 31st minute, red card to a defender. Still winning though 1-0.
  7. Whatever happens, I think our best 11 is slowly coming into place. From these 11, how many would you change? Bakesetas and Kourbellis are the two that you would take out. Tsimakas (was necessary with Staf/Retsos out) could be removed as well but not a priority. Barkas is fine for now, you can make an argument for Giannotis or even Vlacho (Karnezis hasn't been starting) but he is fine.
  8. Announcer - He contributes so little during the game but can score in an instant...
  9. Bakesetas/Tsimakas on the left has been poor, Kourbellis hasn't done that well with his errant passes. Fortounis is not the problem today.
  10. As crap as we have been, we still have been the better side...