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  1. Let's not get carried away with him, he is still learning. There is a reason why Manolas is considered one of the best in Europe. Sokratis is also highly valued even as he ages. He looked good but also was partially responsible for that goal. If Dzeko would have played, would he have been able to handle him? Potential is there but needs more time.
  2. Don't want to get carried away but we looked great. For a non-attacking team, 25 shots is pretty great. You can still see that we need a bit more quality in the final third. Having said that, our grit was amazing!! So much hustling, so much energy. I want this to be taken to the next qualifiers. Saying we are better without Sok/Manolas would not be right. We need them but they need to play within his system.
  3. Funny how we did this without our two best players - team first. Not saying that they were the problem but we definitely needed a refresh. Let's see how we do against Armenia away.
  4. Did anyone notice at the end that they all got together to take in the win, they wanted it badly!!
  5. The take away is that we are creating - fetfa did what he had to...
  6. I don't think they are handing us anything, we are just taking it to them. They haven't had any time to regroup. 24 shots for us, 4 for them.
  7. Can't say we are sitting back defending...geez, have never seen us attack so much...
  8. Having said that, we are at least trying, wanting the game. Limnios keeps getting open. Bakasetas hasn't been bad. Giannoulis looks like he needs more time. Hatzi looks good at times, raw on others. Kourbellis has been intercepting everything. Even Staf at CB has looked good.
  9. Let's not forget, both Santos and Rehhagel called up players we were not crazy about. Does anyone remember Vyntra starting in the world cup as a CB, or Tzavellas or a way past his prime Charisteas.
  10. They are hustling and actually keeping the ball...some decent passing as well
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