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  1. Brklyngrk

    Kostas Manolas ‒ AS Roma

    https://toty.uefa.com/?int_ref=article - The want the public to pick the top 11 from a group of 50 they selected...
  2. Brklyngrk

    Kostas Manolas ‒ AS Roma

    Manolas was included in the UEFA top 50 players list...
  3. Brklyngrk

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    I do believe playing Donis will make a huge difference only because of his speed. Defensively, by and large we can agree that we are pretty solid (for the most part). Having a player being able to beat other players with speed will make all the difference.
  4. Brklyngrk

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Zeca is the only current foreigner, Klonaridis has Greek lineage. Zeca though, I do respect. Speaks Greek well and loves the culture.
  5. Brklyngrk

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    This group is comparatively similar to the world cup qualifiers, when we were in a higher pot.
  6. He's out for the remainder of 2018 - two to three months
  7. RETSOS FACES ANOTHER LONG LAY-OFF Panagiotis Retsos faces a long time on the sidelines. The Greece international suffered a muscle and tendon injury in the back of his left thigh playing for Bayer 04 on Thursday night. Retsos was making his first appearance of the season in the Europa League match between the Werkself and Bulgarian champions Ludogorets (1-1). The 20-year-old had just completed a long period of rehabilitation following an injury to his right thigh. The medical section at Bayer 04, in discussion with Retsos, will determine the treatment required now at the start of next week.
  8. Retsos started his first game back from injury, got hurt in the 34th minute and had to be subbed out. Not sure how serious it was...
  9. Brklyngrk

    Jose Holebas ‒ Watford

    Against better opposition, we may actually play better. We have never been a team that was used to having possession and being the one having to attack.
  10. Brklyngrk

    2018-2019 Champions League

    To be fair, AEK have defended well and were competitive in all the matches. Having said that, AEK has looked like the worst team in the group. Management hasn't helped them at all with benching three starters a few days before the CL and never replacing the guys they lost. AEK were also unfortunately in a tough group. Bayern and Ajax look really good. Benfica look ok but AEK should/could have won that game.
  11. Brklyngrk

    Kostas Manolas ‒ AS Roma

    if they buy him and he sits, what's the point? They favor the tandem of Bonucci and Chiellini. Benatia and the young highly rated Rugani barely play and they also have Barzagli. The purchase is the in the anticipation of selling either Benatia or Rugani (they want to leave due to lack of playing time).
  12. We have no speed on this team. Karelis looks sooooooo slow. Toro didn't look half as good as he did against Finland. We dominated the game, as we should have, but no real shots. We have the makings of a good team, but need we need some speed to stretch the other teams out.
  13. The game was similar to other games we played. We had chances but what is clear is that Mantalos/Pelkas can not play on the wings. They just do not get open. I was impressed with Torosidis, after all these years, his crosses were pretty good. Koutris also did a good job. Vlacho didn't have much to do but other than his one intervention when the Finish striker was clear on goal. What I likes about him is that as soon as he got the ball, he was ready to counter but no one was ready to get the ball to start going up the pitch. He would turn right/left, no were to counter. Also, at the end of the game, no sense of urgency, they were playing passes back to the keeper. I must say, Sokratis is the epitome of a captain, he tried and hustled. You can tell he gives it his all.
  14. I think we would need to win our last game as well...
  15. Fetfa is a good technical player, but for a guy as talented on him, he doesn't play consistently enough...