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  1. Thanks - I saw that site but you need a fan id number and an AMKA number. Called ticketmaster on Saturday and they said I would need to reach out to Olympiacos directly. Had to send them a note, see what they say.
  2. Will be in Greece the week of the game, does anyone know where I can buy tickets? Would it be safe to bring my 9 yr old son?
  3. While it is true most of us were hopefully leading up to the Italy game, we were quickly disappointed. The loss themselves are not what did it, it is his lack of tactical awareness. How does a head coach have a three week camp and not talk about the opponent? How he plans to play a slow cb at left back when he never played that position before against our toughest opponent. How the player told him that he didn't feel comfortable? Did they not practice this formation? This is why the tide turned against him.
  4. They need time and some consistency. Anastasiadis was good in building moral however he didn't know how to prepare for games. To have a three week camp and not scout Italy at all is crazy. To not know what formation to play and change it right before kick off is insane.
  5. Not sure what to think - the Italians were upset at him bc their u21 is stacked, they expected more..
  6. There are rumors that Biagio (the u21 Italian coach) is being looked at. He just resigned from the u21.
  7. Their defense should be solid, he hasn't played with anyone this good as his partner...
  8. I thought Karnezis maybe heading out to another Seria A team - but he did just renew with them...
  9. I just read that Nikopolidis may be joining a Super league 2 team, he wants to coach full time...
  10. He is considered one of their top players. A Portuguese friend of mine raves about him, how he single handedly kept them in some games...
  11. He also mentioned the price. He is trying to include a player swap to offset the cost, Roma want the cash.
  12. I think Benfica is going to sell him, looking for a profit. They are also linked to the backup goalie from Barca, can't see them spending 20 million on a gk and then having Vlaho on the bench...
  13. I think Sok said what he did because his concerns were not being addressed elsewhere. Apparently, they were initially frustrated with the hire and they did make it known. Working for someone that you do not respect is not a good thing for anyone. Explain to me how they can have a camp for two weeks and not know anything about how Italy/Armenia were going to play.
  14. The only thing I worry about Postecoglou is that he likes to play attacking football and we don't have the players for that. The last time someone tried that was with Ranieri and we all know how that turned out. I don't blame the senior players for acting the way they did, they are professionals, being unprepared for a big game in not acceptable. Asking Siovas to play left back 1 hr before that game when he never played that position is crazy.
  15. Nikopolidis stepped down - does anyone know why?
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