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  1. When you hire security and they hit opposing fans, the federation is responsible. Also, I thought some of the security were actually police officers. Anyway, putting that aside, your input as a Bosnian fan is appreciated as being able to get a different perspective is always helpful. We may not agree but we can share our thoughts respectfully.
  2. FIFA World Ranking

    Remember - they don't put us anywhere, we put ourselves. It's a mathematical formula weighted on a combination of opposition/matches from the last 4 years/type of matches. There is no subjectivity involved.
  3. What Jersey it Is?

    http://footballkitsdesign.blogspot.com/2009/09/olympiacos-piraeus-fantasy-kits.html Looks like the one you mentioned....
  4. They panicked. They went down 1-0 within the first few minutes and tried to even it up by sending more attackers. They got caught on the counter as a result.
  5. The ironic part is that the Bosnian federation thought this was too stiff and made an appeal to FIFA.
  6. The FIFA Appeal Committee has decided to reject the appeal lodged by the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and confirmed the sanctions imposed on 20 July 2017 by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee in relation to the incidents which occurred during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ qualifying match between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Greece on 9 June 2017. The FIFA Appeal Committee concluded that a ban on playing the next match of the preliminary competition of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ in the stadium in which the aforementioned incidents occurred, coupled with a fine amounting to CHF 30,000 and a warning, was appropriate given the circumstances of the case and the disciplinary record of the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's a stadium ban not a fan ban.
  7. All we can do is play the last two games, we win them both and we got a good shot in making it through which was always the plan at the beginning of the campaign (to drop less points than Bosnia). Regarding the Estonia tie, it happens. Small teams put up big results some times, it happens. France got tied by Luxemburg the other day. Say what you want, but their third string team should have beat them by a few goals. Against Estonia, we dominated that game except we couldn't score. It happens. Against Belgium, we were arguably the better team throughout the match. We should have at least had a tie. For many who predicted a blow out, this was an excellent game. We played well, pressed them and held them in check. I truly believe if we had Mitro, we win both games. He is on another level from our other CFs/Strikers. Donis proved in these last two matches that he deserves to play and should be a mainstay on the wing for the foreseeable future (at 21 yrs old). Our CBs are great, gk is good, even Tzavellas has shown to play well in his role. We need more creativity in the midfield but hopefully someone can step up and fill that role. Another winger and a true dekari and Greece can be a top 10-15 team. I may sound overly optimistic, but we have improved immensely over the last campaign. We may even be better than the 2014 team that made the quarters at the last WC.
  8. Future Players Of The National Team

    He has had a lot of selection issues due to injury and lack of fitness. As much as I don't care for Tziolis, he probably felt he needed experience in the middle, continuity. As for getting as many youth players in, that doesn't work either. Remember Ranieri, he tried a million different players and we got the worst results possible. We need consistency with a little rotation.
  9. It also impressed me that he was signing the national anthem, at least trying to. He wants to be in the team, he tries hard and gives it his best. Nothing else you can ask for.
  10. You can also say that we should have lost against Bosnia the first time. I believe Mitroglou was ruled out and the reason Kyriakos was taken out was because he picked up an injury, doubtful for Sunday.
  11. The showing today was not pathetic, we had a bad game...We had opportunities to score and didn't. You make it sound like they played us off the pitch. I agree we should have won but their goalie played great and made the saves that he needed to make. We did not have any teeth today but you can't attribute that all to Skibbe. Outside of Tziolis, you can't fault him for Vellios/Retsos playing. We do not have an in form striker. We do not look anything near 2016.
  12. We are not an attacking team, they had 10 men behind the ball. We missed Mitroglou and to a certain extent Torosidis...Tziolis didn't do anything today and neither did any of our strikers. Donis/Fortounis looked good, so did Stafylidis (for the time he was on)....No one else seemed dangerous. Hard to rate our CBs, they did their job and Estonia never seemed threatening...
  13. Orestis Karnezis - Watford F.c.

    They loaned him out to play this young Italian gk, who along with the Milan gk - is considered one of Italy's top prospects...