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  1. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    The coach has done a tremendous job in light of the circumstances. He lost his best players right before the season started. He had to integrate so many players and keep morale high as the threat of relegation has been omnipresent. All things considering, the fact that he is still here is a win!!!
  2. I believe he has said before that he wants to go somewhere where he can win trophies....
  3. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I believe he has been caped already by Austria...
  4. Orestis Karnezis ‒ Watford

    He has played ok with the ethniki outside of the last game against Croatia (which he shouldn't have started being that he hadn't played in months).
  5. Transfer News and Rumors - Winter 2017

    Savidis probably knows that a PAO in the league is better than them not in it. Bayern did the same thing with Dortmund years ago.
  6. 2018-2019 UEFA Nations League C

    So the format is that we need to win our group for promotion. All group winners from the same level (in our case C), will play our knockout style tournament to decide a place in the Euros. Is this correct?
  7. FIFA World Ranking

    The further removed from Euro 2016, the better are coefficient will become (considering we keep doing well)...
  8. NT Friendly Games

    During the international break in March, they lined up Switzerland. There is time for another game during that break and they are trying to line up another team, Egypt being mentioned as a possibility...I thought the game against the Swiss was away and the other friendly would be at home in Saloniki...
  9. I think he was referring to the context that he is not playing....
  10. Transfer Talk

    The scout that signed him was Dortmund's top scout and has scouted the Greek league extensively, he signed another young Greek kid for Dortmund last year.
  11. Playing today, scored the 1st goal.....
  12. FIFA World Ranking

    The best players may play in Europe but the money is definitely spread out.....
  13. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I liked Santos original idea of putting together a B team which would play friendlies, to try out guys that normally wouldn't play. This never happened but it was a really sound idea.
  14. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    The national team should not be an academy. That should be done at the local levels. You first get a shot with your team then the national team calls you up, not the other way around. Some of the guys mentioned above have potential but we need to be realistic. Having said that, I still think the young guys deserve more of a shot than someone than Vellios or Maniatis.
  15. FIFA World Ranking

    Overall, when the qualifiers started, most of us thought that we would finish second or third. Our goal was second which we accomplished. We had a bad draw and got Croatia, which by many experts, is one of the best teams in the world. Their biggest strength is opposite our biggest weakness, midfield. Skibbe's selection for that game were poor but he did lose 4 starters due to injury/suspensions. Beating Croatia was always going to be tough no matter who we played. I seriously doubt that there is a team in the world who loses 4 starters and not lose a step. In terms of call ups, while I don't agree with Tsiolis/Tzavellas, I do agree with 15 out of the 20. Skibbe identified Zeca as a potential call up and he was amazing. Donis, Retsos made their debut as well. What I am saying is that in his lineup, there are probably one or two guys I would change, but not the entire lineup. We are not that deep.