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  1. I just read that Nikopolidis may be joining a Super league 2 team, he wants to coach full time...
  2. He is considered one of their top players. A Portuguese friend of mine raves about him, how he single handedly kept them in some games...
  3. He also mentioned the price. He is trying to include a player swap to offset the cost, Roma want the cash.
  4. I think Benfica is going to sell him, looking for a profit. They are also linked to the backup goalie from Barca, can't see them spending 20 million on a gk and then having Vlaho on the bench...
  5. I think Sok said what he did because his concerns were not being addressed elsewhere. Apparently, they were initially frustrated with the hire and they did make it known. Working for someone that you do not respect is not a good thing for anyone. Explain to me how they can have a camp for two weeks and not know anything about how Italy/Armenia were going to play.
  6. The only thing I worry about Postecoglou is that he likes to play attacking football and we don't have the players for that. The last time someone tried that was with Ranieri and we all know how that turned out. I don't blame the senior players for acting the way they did, they are professionals, being unprepared for a big game in not acceptable. Asking Siovas to play left back 1 hr before that game when he never played that position is crazy.
  7. Nikopolidis stepped down - does anyone know why?
  8. Imagine never playing a position and your coach, 1 hour before game time tells you that you are up. Naturally, you will struggle. The annoying thing is that he held a camp for 2 weeks beforehand to get his team ready. What were they doing?
  9. That's probably a big reason why they make mistakes, not the only reason, but they seem that they do not know what they are doing at times. Unfamiliar with what they are supposed to do. The commentators on ESPN where saying that it seems that Greece is still adjusting to the coach's style.
  10. From HellasFooty (twitter account) Some interesting behind the scenes details about the ethinki have emerged today.‬ ‪Siovas was told just one hour before the game that he will have to play left-back. He explained to Anastasiadis that he has never played in that position before so the manager changed formations.‬ ‪During the game vs Armenia the Goalkeeper coach and the physio almost got into a fight (!). They had to be seperated by players.‬ ‪Basinas made the decision to bring on Siopis and Kolovos, with Anastasiadis later being upset that they subbed off Pelkas.‬ ‪A complete lack of organisation and as one ethinki player was quoted saying "These things only happen in Sunday League football" Yea, time for a change!!!
  11. Sok - Does not look like a diva. Manolas was rooting for the team the whole game, you kept watching him on the sideline, standing half the time!! They care, that's why they said what they said.
  12. In the interview Sokratis gave, it sounded like he had already spoken with Katsoranis how he felt. This was a long time coming. It must be tough for guys like Sok, Manolas - coming from clubs you have world class coaches/facilities to a place where it is nowhere near as structured.
  13. If I remember correctly, we lost on tie breakers for 1st place. Don't remember if there was a knockout "playoff" game afterwards.
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