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  1. Dutch Eagle

    PAOK in European Competitions (General news, Rankings)

    All games will start 22:00 EEST. That is the new kickoff time for the second matches of the day. First matches 19:55 EEST. And for CL and for EL.
  2. Dutch Eagle

    PAOK in European Competitions (General news, Rankings)

    Next game against Benfica on August 21 according to UEFA. No kickoff time yet. Return on August 29. Also no kickoff time yet. Better schedule than AEX who has to play the 22nd and 28th with MD 1 of SL in between.
  3. Dutch Eagle

    CL–QR3-L2: Spartak Moscow - PAOK (14-Aug-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Yep. Ton Vlachodimos. I’m watching Fener - Benfica on the telly on the background. He is playing rather well.
  4. Dutch Eagle

    CL–QR3-L2: Spartak Moscow - PAOK (14-Aug-18, 20:30 EEST)

    PAOK ke ta miala sta kangela! Indeed me tin psichi. Prijo will bring us to CL. Having a bad day but progressing is fine with me.
  5. Dutch Eagle

    CL–QR3-L2: Spartak Moscow - PAOK (14-Aug-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Another huge chance waisted.
  6. Dutch Eagle

    CL–QR3-L2: Spartak Moscow - PAOK (14-Aug-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Thanx for reminding me of epsilon, Yianko
  7. Dutch Eagle

    Stefanos Tsitsipas

    He couldn’t make it on his 20th birthday and lost 2-6, 6-7. He is the new #15 at today’s release of the ATP-ranking.
  8. Dutch Eagle

    Greek Cup 2018-2019

    The draw: Η κλήρωση έγινε ξεχωριστά για την κάθε μία από τις τέσσερις ζώνες στις οποίες έχουν χωριστεί τα σωματεία με γεωγραφικά κριτήρια. Οι αγώνες θα είναι μονοί και θα διεξαχθούν στις 26 Αυγούστου, δείτε αναλυτικά τα ζευγάρια: 1η ζώνη Απόλλων Παραλιμνίου –Θράκη Φερών Άρης Αβάτου – Εθνικός Νέου Κεραμιδίου Ερμής Αμυνταίου – ΑΕ Καλαμπακίου Δόξα Νέου Σιδηροχωρίου – ΑΟ Καρδίας Αναγέννηση Πλαγιάς – Ηρακλής Πολυκάρπης Καβάλα – Γιαννιτσά Προκρίνεται άνευ αγώνα ο Μέγας Αλέξανδρος Τρικάλων Ημαθίας 2η ζώνη Οικονόμος Τσαριτσάνης – ΑΕ Μεσολογγίου Μακεδονικός Φούφας – Νίκη Βόλου Τηλυκράτης – ΑΟ Σελλάνων Αστέρας Ιτέας – Θεσπρωτός Παλληξουριακός – ΑΕ Ξηροβουνίου 3η ζώνη Διαγόρας Βραχνέικων – Αιολικός ΑΕ Ερμιονίδας – Δάφνη Δαφνώνα Θύελλα Καμαρίου – Κηφισιά Κόρινθος – Καλαμάτα Κιθαίρων Καπαρελλίου – Πανσαμικός 4η ζώνη Αντίμαχος – Θύελλα Ραφήνας Ηρακλής Ελευσίνας – ΟΦ Ιεράπετρας Εθνικός – ΑΟ Παλαιοχώρας Χαλκίδα – Επισκοπή
  9. Dutch Eagle

    2018 European Championship

    Petrounias won his fourth consecutive gold medal at the European Championships.
  10. Dutch Eagle

    Pantelis Hatzidiakos ‒ AZ Alkmaar

    Hatzidiakos just scored the 2-0 in AZ’s first game of the League in The Netherlands.
  11. Dutch Eagle

    CL–QR3-L2: Spartak Moscow - PAOK (14-Aug-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Our team is already on its way to Moscow. Lucescu has these 21 on the plane: Ρέι , Πασχαλάκης , Γλύκος , Μάτος , Κίτσιου , Βιεϊρίνια , Κρέσπο , Βαρέλα , Χατσερίδης , Μαλεζάς , Σάκχοφ , Μαουρίσιο , Κάνιας , Μπίσεσβαρ , Πέλκας , Ελ Καντουρί , Λημνιός , Ουάρντα , Ζαμπά , Πρίγιοβιτς , Ακπόμ .
  12. Dutch Eagle

    Stefanos Tsitsipas

    Another final for Tsitsipas. He has beaten last years US Open finalist and this years Wimbledon finalist Kevin Anderson with 6-7, 6-4 & 7-6 (9-7). Next opponent will be probably again Rafael Nadal, who plays his semi against Russian Kachanov. Tsitsipas has already won this tournament against 4 opponents of the ATP top 10. Could be 5 in a row.
  13. Dutch Eagle

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    So. This happened last Thursday in Q3 EL between Sturm Graz and AEK Larnaca. What do you think followed after this: A: The game was abandoned and Sturm Graz lost on paper? B: The game was resumed? C: AEK left the field in anger? D: The assistant-ref was shown a yellow for diving?
  14. Dutch Eagle

    State Of Mind Of Our European Opponents

    Spartak had problems with Anzhi Machatskala. They just won 1-0 thanks to a goal by Ze Luis (assist Promes after a corner they had probably practiced before) in 70’ after Anzhi was left with just 9 players (red cards for Andres Ponce in 49’ and Dmitri Belorukov in 68’).
  15. Dutch Eagle

    CL–QR3-L2: Spartak Moscow - PAOK (14-Aug-18, 20:30 EEST)

    We have a French referee: 14 August 2018, 19:30 CET - Moscow (Otkrytiye Arena) FC Spartak Moskva (RUS) - PAOK FC (GRE) Referee: Ruddy Buquet (FRA) Assistant Referee 1: Guillaume Debart (FRA) Assistant Referee 2: Julien Pacelli (FRA) Fourth Official: Jérôme Miguelgorry (FRA) UEFA Referee Observer: Oğuz Sarvan (TUR) UEFA Delegate: Oleg Harlamov (EST)