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  1. According to inpaok.com already 1000 pay-per-views are bought within one hour!
  2. That's why we did not succeed against the 020: papapaok did his thing too late: https://inpaok.com/587709/agiasmos-ston-paok-pics/
  3. Jairo scored twice today for Hajduk Split against Gorica. FT 3-0. Koulouris again very important for his club providing the assist for the only goal of the match against Dijon + a header on the crossbar.
  4. Looks like Cosmote TV will broadcast this game in Greece. Don’t know yet about other countries.
  5. I thought Blackhawk mentioned the revenues somewhere but I can’t find it at this moment but according to this https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/news/newsid=2616279.html?iv=true it is also better for us if the higher seeds get eliminated in order to get more money out of the 10 year coefficient ranking as most of them are also above us in that ranking. Therefore Astana better kick out BATE, though it doesn’t effect the seeding. But the main goal is to eliminate Slovan, as our scrutinizer mentioned.
  6. As we have to play in Bratislava on August 22nd I guess the game against Panaitolikos will be delayed to Sunday or Monday.
  7. Ok. These 11 countries already lost 23 of the 49 participating clubs. And at least 3 more to follow as there are the following ties in play-offs EL: PSV - Apollon AEK - Trabzonspor Partizan - Molde And then there might be other upsets involving clubs of one of these 11 countries. For sure are in GS CL or EL till Christmas: 3 clubs: Turkey, Austria 2 clubs: 1 club: The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Norway 0 clubs: Denmark, Scotland. Worthwile mentioning is that Switzerland just dropped to #21 but they are with three clubs in GS.
  8. After this weeks Q3 we have: 10 Turkey 6.600 9.700 6.800 5.500 1.600 30.200 4/ 5 11 Austria 3.800 7.375 9.750 6.200 1.400 28.525 3/ 5 12 Netherlands 5.750 9.100 2.900 8.600 1.800 28.150 4/ 5 13 Czech Republic 7.300 5.500 5.500 6.500 0.900 25.700 1/ 5 14 Denmark 5.500 8.500 5.250 4.875 1.375 25.500 1/ 4 15 Cyprus 3.000 5.500 7.000 6.125 3.250 24.875 2/ 4 16 Greece 5.400 5.800 5.100 5.100 2.100 23.500 3/ 5 17 Croatia 4.500 5.125 5.125 5.750 1.875 22.375 2/ 4 18 Serbia 4.250 2.875 6.375 6.000 2.375 21.875 2/ 4 19 Scotland 3.000 4.375 4.000 6.750 3.625 21.750 2/ 4 20 Norway 7.250 1.375 4.000 5.375 3.250 21.250 2/ 4
  9. Krima. There was a small chance till ten minutes before the final whistle. But it wasn’t meant to be for the Cypriot AEK.
  10. Nice to make that goal at such a psychological moment. Just before HT so Austria can feel down. And will start the second half depressed!
  11. As I represent the Dutch section at Phantis I can assure you that Sierd de Vos was just making a joke. Nothing more nothing less. He is the best commentator in my opinion. Always good informed about the teams but always with a touch of humor. He often covers the games of Barcelona, and is a real Messi-admirer. When he made 36 goals last season in the Primera in 34 matches and 12 goals in CL he said that he is a joke of a player because he was just fifth best player according to FIFA and Modric is much much much better scoring the massive amount of 3 goals in the Liga ..... And he is always talking about the WAG’s of the players in the same way as he did about our kerkida. He is encouraging the viewers to look at our computers during halftime and search for (name of the lady) but that we first have to be sure that the children are in bed because she is so poor she can’t afford clothes. Of course he always says it with a big laugh. If this kind of humor is felt as racism ........ then Greece is real poor.
  12. That is the area code of the town where that club that eliminated us comes from. In Rotterdam we have even a brand of clothes with our area code 010: "010 isn't just a code". Therefore Feyenoord-fans wear these shirts with pride.
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