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  1. Now contact with fans in Australia, New York, Germania and Zambia.
  2. They are bringing a Tribute now to all that died (Tembi, Katsouris etc.)
  3. All the teams are making their entrance later on. Even the paleomachoi of 1976!
  4. Congratz guys. Must be at least 35K inside. Never never never gonna forget this one.
  5. 0-4 ta koritsia. Protathlima!!
  6. The women can clinch the title too today. A win against and in Larisa is enough.
  7. Kalimera and happy birthday PAOK !!! I know the perfect birthday-present: Σήκωσέ το !!!
  8. YEAHHHHHH. I have tickets for the match on Sunday!!!!!!!
  9. Not in Greece. And also everybody wants to be there when it happens.
  10. Oly won the game against Pana on paper. 3-0 for the Reds. Pana got a 5 point deduction this season. Does not change a thing for us.
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