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  1. During the last minutes of the game the reporter said PAOK want to play two more friendlies. And also that it is difficult to find opponents as 1. travelling abroad is difficult for us but also for foreign teams, and 2. most Greek teams are yet to start their pre season training.
  2. Indeed. Whar I also like is the fact that ever since the goals of OFI in the first half we have played 6.5 games without conceeding a goal.
  3. Good goal Koutsias. Bad assist though. The kid is just 16 !!!
  4. Don’t like the new look of the site, btw. To noisy.
  5. Can’t see it on my account. Is it at pre season or matches or .......? edit: looking at our youtube channel is also possible.
  6. Used to be like that but now the draw is after the game. So every club that proceeds will have its own coefficient.
  7. You play at home unless there are COVID-19 related airtraffic problems that prevent the awayteam going to country x. As Greece is also one of the neutrals (good joke BTW: Rizoupoli is also one of the 7 Greek appointed venues that are appropriate according to UEFA) I see no problem playing at Toumba.
  8. Nika Ninua, a 21-year midfielder from Dinamo Tbilisi will sign a three year contract tomorrow when he arrives in Thessaloniki.
  9. Rapid Wien. Defenitely. Besiktas Viktoria In that order of preference.
  10. The draw for Q1 CL is tomorrow at 13:00 EEST. Omonoia is seeded and will meet An unseeded team: Group 3 Seeded Ludogorets (BUL) CFR Cluj (ROU) Omonia (CYP) Unseeded Budućnost Podgorica (MNE) Ararat-Armenia (ARM) Floriana (MLT) The draw for Q2 CL will be Monday at 13:00 EEST.
  11. Symeon Papadopoulos has signed for Volos with a free transfer.
  12. Did not see Warda. Wasn’t he our second player who tested positive?
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