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  1. Panaitolikos won't give tickets to us. Just like Panionios the next matchday. But our fans will show up and find a way to watch the game anyway.
  2. The draw is on Monday December 16th at 13:00 EET.
  3. Mystakidis will end his loan with Volos very soon instead of in the summer and probably return to us. Would be better for him and us if we can sell him. His contract expires in the summer of 2020.
  4. FT 2-0. Well played and deserved win but a little bit unlucky.
  5. Now Xanthi is putting the parket bus in first gear. Pfff. We must not allow them to get in the game. Kill it and score the 2-0.
  6. Thought only his arm was offside. And you can’t score with that according to the rules.
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