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  1. Dutch Eagle

    2018-2019 Greek Cup

    Again there will be games postponed. This time because of the games in the SL that are postponed to Monday October 29th. Our game against Ergotelis is postponed to a day not known yet as we are scheduled to play again on November 3rd for SL against Atromitos. And so there is not the obligatory 3 days gap between the fixtures. We have another problem as our schedule is stuffend already with our EL-games. Maybe we can play on the day the Ethniki plays for the NL and order our internationals to stay as qualification for the next stage is most unlikely 😈😈
  2. Dutch Eagle

    Other Greeks Abroad

    Savvas Mourgos scored the openings goal for FC Dordrecht in the league game against AZ (Alkmaar) B in the second tier in The Netherlands. Mourgos is a former Panionios-player. He moved to the youth academy of Arsenal in 2010 and signed for Norwich City in 2017. He is playing as a loanee right now. For the record: the game ended in a 1-1 draw.
  3. Dutch Eagle

    PAE PAOK General News

    Good for me. I will go to the theatre that Sunday as my eldest son invited me and my wife months ago.
  4. Dutch Eagle

    SL–R7: Aris - PAOK (21-Oct-18, 19:00 EEST)

    Pelkas out for 7-10 days. Will miss Sunday for sure. Might also miss the Vidi game.
  5. Dutch Eagle

    PAOK Fans Gyradiko

    This Dutch/New Zealand band is touring in The Netherlands. Therefore they appeared in a Dutch show to draw attention. Never heard of this band that plays a mix of folk, blues, funk and psychedelic trance, with influences of jazz, ragtime, American Songbook from the 30’s en filmmusic from the 40’s. But the name of the band got my attention rightaway 😎
  6. Dutch Eagle

    PAOK International Players (National Teams)

    And he stayed on the bench all the game. Tosca played the whole game. FT 0-0 btw, despite the red card for Romania in 45’.
  7. Dutch Eagle

    PAOK International Players (National Teams)

    Romania - Serbia for the Nations League today. Tosca in the starting line-up, Prio on the bench (again).
  8. Dutch Eagle

    PAOK Fans Gyradiko

    There are victories and victories but a victory against Germany with 3-0 is so super sweet. Oranje made it possible tonight.
  9. Krima. Of course there are miracles but ....
  10. I’ll try. I’m not watching as I watch The Netherlands vs Germany right now, so I just mentioned the goal as I saw it popping up on my livescore app. And indeed 1-1. Damn. BTW: Norway defeated Slovenia with 1-0.
  11. Grigoris Kastanos 0-1 41’.
  12. Here we can post news that probably will not last long in conversations or thread/topics but are worthwile to mention.
  13. Dutch Eagle

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    2-1 for Koula. They somehowe managed to gather 14 players.