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  1. Wooow. Slavko Vincic, the ref against 020 and Pana this season, was arrested with several others as he is reported to be involved in trafficking in women, weapons and drugs........
  2. See my post of May 17th in the topic PAOK - Olympiakos. I predicted players would drop like flies and why. And I am not even a PhD, hahahaha.
  3. Here the beaches are overcrowded too with just a sparkle of sun. We'll see how this develops.
  4. https://netnix.tv/ They are saying: Watch live Greek TV free. All channels in one place. No clutter, no hassle, no ads. There might be some regional blocks. I have one overhere. Maybe interesting if there will be a regular season one day.
  5. Did not know Gene Rossides to be honest, but after reading his achievements his death must be mentioned here: Gene Rossides, architect of the 1974 US arms embargo on Turkey, dies (link)
  6. Suicide to play football in Greece in July with the heat. It's already 40 C in Greece. Recovering will also be a challenge. According to famous physiologists you need at least 72 hours to recover but you need to travel too. Playing at 02.00 in the middle of the night might be an option but professional football is played for spectators. The NOVA's of this world sure want the games to be played at prime time. Players will drop like flies. The players of PAOK and Olympiakos will be playing 12 months without a real break. The players of the likes of OFI, Panaitolikos aren't used to play twice a weak for a long time and in the middle of the summer.
  7. Congratz, Andrea! But you weren’t 15 points clear like PSG or CLub Bruges so the decision to not grant your Omonoia the title is right I think. Succes anyway in next years CL, whenever it starts.
  8. Rodrigo Andres Battaglia, a 29 year old Argentine midfielder from Sporting Lisbon, is linked to us. Abel knows him from the season he was a loanee at Braga. Should cost 8 mil. Don't think so these days.
  9. Florian Schneider, one of the founding fathers of Kraftwerk, died at the age of 73 from cancer. A big loss as he was an inspiration for many others in music.
  10. Vasilis Samaras, the oldest former player of PAOK, died at the age of 95: https://inpaok.com/641908/efyge-o-megalyteros-tou-paok/ In 2015 he was honoured in an almost empty Toumba: https://www.paokfc.gr/nea/20151110-paok-story-vasilis-samaras/
  11. The season in France is over and the French FA decided that the standings right after the corona-outbreak will be also the final standings for the 2019/2020 season. Therefore Koulouris is relegated with his club Toulouse. Law suits are expected as some teams claim they would have been able to avoid relegation or achieve european football (like Olympique Lyonnais).
  12. Sorry to hear that Bafra. "The last dance" is also available in the Netherlands. Just watched the first episode yesterday with my sons and wife.
  13. Just heard our prime minister in a press conference and I am obliged to work from home till at least May 20th (extended as it was till April 28th sofar). No events till September 1st. This means no Eredivisie till that day. No festivals. Nothing. Think I am going to watch the movie of last years game and fiesta. Best thing to do right now. Good old times. How are you all doing, feeling and spending your time in this situation, re alania?
  14. My team of the decade: --------------------Paschalakis------------------ Matos-------Ingason--------Crespo------Lino --------Ivic------Misic------Vieirinha------ —————-Biseswar----------Mak———————- ------------------Lucas----------- bench: Glykos, Giannoulis, Priojovic, Mendes Rodrigues, Oliveira, Muslimovic, Salpingidis
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