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  1. Maybe my man..Victoria yeeros is great..there used to be a carpark across the road from there, and we used to eat there at the rooftop level on Sundays, years ago. Now its a highrise building. There is Illawarra rd Yeeros too but Victoria is d'bomb. Geradiko at Bexley is excellent too, glad I'm not vegan!
  2. Ethniki are a young and talented enthusiastic team, they have a good structure and culture atm. They will continue the modern style of pressing higher up. This also improves our attacking game as well as creating immense pressure for the opposition. Another thing, the Geradiko sells yeeroses either chicken or pork, both including chips inside, whereas, an actual Yeeros shop has lamb, beef or chicken. Why are they different ??
  3. Agona has Vrousai injured. Either he or Masouras for one spot I think. Retsos!!!! Is in u21's.
  4. This new system of picking the squad 4 days before the match is the new in thing cause its always like that nowdays. Yep, all about preperation.
  5. Lets set up fat Phil with Despina my neighbour re maik!
  6. Thats quite controversial as per usual there Laz, you music engineer.
  7. A tall guy 188cm a DM & German. Don't need Tziolara now.
  8. This is around the time,where Grammenos and other senior EPO officials must educate Schippo about bringing on the right players for the right reasons late in matches. Firstly, he could suggest Markarian's style clanger when he brought on Tzioli$ late in the match for a red hot Fortounis, chasing the match with a chance to level it, a couple of years ago.
  9. Pavlidis and Donis can fly the flag as the strikers for now.
  10. Deano, its a big call but when Fortounis comes back you have him on the bench as Mantalos is captain? Also, Masouras at RB..maybe he can excel there..hmmm.
  11. We find people suggest players and captains and so on but they don't all fit into the squad design, a certain amount of players for every position and getting the balance right. Now we know what the coaching staff juggle every time these games come around. For instance, playing Mantalos at LW, all of a sudden you have Donis, Masouras and Limnios, 3 LW's on the shelf. In many cases though, injuries usually prevent some of these problems as some players are not often available anyway. They forgot Donis's shirt size cause he hasn't played in so long apparently.
  12. All being available, the front half of the team perhaps like this: Starters: Limnios Pavlidis . Fetfa Kourbelis Fortounis Galanopoulos Front half subs: Koulouris . Donis Bakasetas Mantalos/Vrousai/Bouzoukis Masouras Vasiliadis/Androutsos Zeka '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' If Mantalos became captain. he gets in as a winger, Limnios or Fetfa sit on the bench. Now there are too many wingers so, Masouras or Donis may well miss out. Donis can play as striker too so, Bakasetas or Vrousai misses out if Masouras stays. Given this would be part of a 23 player squad. Can't pick too many cause they also add CB's, fullbacks, goalkeepers. Would you change anyone around Deano?
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