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  1. ausgreek

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Play Stefanos Tsitsipas up front, he is in red hot form. He also reads poetry.
  2. ausgreek

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Ange A can try Taxi in that role cause he could play further up the field, even AM. Or a more athletic metro-sexual like Galanopoulos, with beard though.
  3. ausgreek

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Done with the old guard except for Toro, for now. Vlahomidos Toro (c) Manolas Retsos Koutris Galanopoulos-(metro beard) Fortounis Chatzigiovannis Donis Lamprou Koulouris
  4. ausgreek

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Lamprou and Chatz on the Wings, Donis as SS rather than Fortounis at AM. Why look at more of the same slow stuff?
  5. ausgreek

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    imagine Zeca tells either of Holebas, Vllafanez, Bouchalakis or Kone to get out his country 🙃
  6. ausgreek

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Whom ever out of Kourbelis, Samaris, Taxi, or Tzioli$ grows a long metro sexual beard and looks and talks like Pirlo will be our answer. Galanopoulos has that so he is in front.
  7. ausgreek

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    Only that Mourinho ho ho ho, would criticise Retso, Chatzigiovanni, Bakak, Donis etc that they are young and take everything for granted and have everything handed to them-like Pogba and others were accused of. He will bring back Tzioli$ (c) and Tzavella (vc) for sure. He will call us keyboard warriors too, fancy calling us that!!!!!😉
  8. ausgreek

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    Aerolinas jumbo jet 747..first class
  9. ausgreek

    FIFA World Ranking

    Tunisia 26, Iran 29, Serbia 29 also, Morocco 40 KANGAROOS 41 Greece 43..we gotta start taking this seriously from now on going forward I'd say.
  10. ausgreek

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    Again I overheard Elena the glamour, next door, talking to Sia and Despo, they are unanimous in their thinking, that Man Utd, are finally going to be lead by a decent manager, without distractions now that Mourinho has departed, that manager being Pogba! The EPO should think seriously about aquiring the services of Eric Cantona to refine Fortouni's chopping down skills-I don't mean trees either. Kosta has a serious skillset when compared to Kourbelis, or any other of recent times at DM. He is not quick enough to play as box to box so its either AM, DM or bench. I still would prefer to see Donis as SS. Fetfa is good, like a Subaru WRX, got everything, but Donis is like a Ferrari with leather interior and a sic radio station playing a George Laz remix. If I wore a skirt, I know which one I would want to sit my pretty little ass in.
  11. ausgreek

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    These managers keep towing the same line and how many has there been that went out the back door? Answer is: Many! Must do something different to get a different result. Do the same, you get the same. The manager revolving door will continue with this non-philosophy. Play a speedier AM, actual Wingers and back more youth. Angelino A should consider making a statement and drop Mykonos, Mantalos, Karelis (till he does something), and Bouchalakis doesn't seem fast enough. Fortounis must move deeper-lying to stop attacking raids and pass from out the back to the midfielders. That is his thing now. He is not quick enough, I've seen enough and he isn't going to get quicker. Donis can play as Second Striker this way and there would be two up front this way, along with Koulouris, who does more off the ball than Mykonos. Once a player is potentially a champion player but hasn't delivered after 10-15 games at the highest level, its not going to happen, move on. Next time our strength, being the CB's, let in a soft goal, drop the culprit to the bench also. Players like Retsos and the like, will be ready to pounce on a starting opportunity. Some player feel they have a right to be in the team. That is not putting the National Team first.The manager won't get the ass if he shows strength, only if he makes stupid substitutions.
  12. ausgreek

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    I have already stated this Ange bloke is on countdown before, and I still have the same opinion. I just need to look at his team and substitutions only once, thats it for me. He will be out after Euros, no question.
  13. ausgreek

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    We have rising star. Alefantos!!
  14. ausgreek

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Possible middle leg and front third of the Pirates: Bouchalakis Zeca Villafanez Klonaridis Donis Mykonos Villa needs to sort out is paperwork and Klona is quick, Fortounis is slow.
  15. ausgreek

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    The 'Italics' will park the bus and the Alfa Romeos. The Pirates will park their wog-chariots and the ball won't get past the halfway. We play 5 4 1, in a 4 2 3 1 formation, unless we change to 4 3 3. It won't happen.