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  1. If he tells them to piss off we might have a chance.
  2. In Australia, specifically at Queensland's Gold Coast, sporting franchises habe, and continue to throw good money after bad at sporting franchises to succeed because of potential commercial benefits for corporates and sponsors. These teams are perenial failures consistantly. The mindset for players are that they are at a holiday strip and just accept big dollars to play there but completely under-achieve whilst there. No matter what sport it is. I feel the Ethniki have become the like one of these sporting franchises and Greece is a holiday strip like Gold Coast. The epo should concentrate on choosing players that are goat herders and farmers, as opposed to those that frequent cafes, that have 6 monthly botoxes and are pill poppers. Greece have to get rid of unisex toilets to stop confusion as well.
  3. ausgreek


    So, Skibbe put the best players on the field...Tzioli$ his love child, Mantalos and Bakasetas as wingmen. No Fetfa etc..Man we have amnesia nowdays!
  4. Don't know who I rate lower now, Tziolis or Samaris. I'd prefer a tired Zeka ahead of both.
  5. The highly criticised players from the Lietchenstein match were Samaris for wayward pass and slow with ball at his feet, Bakakis not having the skill at this level even though he does alot of running and Manolas for not spotting the opposing player slip through that gap, and Manolas got outpaced by the faster player to score. Finally, I hope everyone is Finally over Manolas and his continuous garbage cause he is a name only, a light of other days. I hope Skip plays younger players sooner rather than later.
  6. Hope to get half the team back in the near future...Fortounis, Mitro, Donis, Retsos and Kyriakos.
  7. And with all of Kone's experience should be v.c...it is just the natural next move.
  8. In reality the team from the diaspora may seriously end up as winners.
  9. I think I will watch replay of the last grand final Sydney Olympic won..great days!
  10. Dean baby, if Toro, Sok and Manolas don't aim up in these two games, Skip will ask Valkanis and Winter to carry their bags to the bus stop. I don't know why, I would like to see Grammenos and Alefantos have a wrestle.
  11. Van Skip is going to compress the defence cause there were too many gaping holes that teams were punching through. The structure will be typical of the Greek teams prior to 2014 World Cup, stubborn defence and one goal results in next the two matches. Manolas, Sokratis and Zeca screening should look more effective this time around.
  12. Hope Fetfa starts at RW..Vrousai is good cover at AM and Wing. Koulouris wil score this match.
  13. Did anyone notice the cameraman was Tzioli$, I think he will get a run at some stage.
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