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  1. ausgreek

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Possible middle leg and front third of the Pirates: Bouchalakis Zeca Villafanez Klonaridis Donis Mykonos Villa needs to sort out is paperwork and Klona is quick, Fortounis is slow.
  2. ausgreek

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    The 'Italics' will park the bus and the Alfa Romeos. The Pirates will park their wog-chariots and the ball won't get past the halfway. We play 5 4 1, in a 4 2 3 1 formation, unless we change to 4 3 3. It won't happen.
  3. ausgreek

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Was at Meet thu Greek's in Brighton le Sands (in Sydney for the Canadians), the other night with Elena,. Moments before I made my move towards her thigh, I asked her which Ange was better suited to the Pirated team, as she has a keen interest in Football, I said Ange A or Ange P ? She said Ange C!! I thought who is Ange C then? She said it was Angelos Charisteas. She went a step further with, time to consider Donis or Koulouris as striker ahead of Mykonos too. I think I just scatched the surface! here!
  4. ausgreek

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Ange A should therefore have these four wingmen; LW: Donis, Masouras; RW: Lamprou, Chatzigiovannis. Back the youth as the "others" are no better. No, Antonis, Oikonomidis, Petratos and Aspropotamidis are not available for the Pirates squad.
  5. ausgreek

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Right now, we are not the Pirates, we are the Cruise Ship attendants assisting the holidaying patrons floating around in the Mediterranean.
  6. ausgreek

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Need one midfielder with height, Siopis and Galanopoulos are terriers but we need a dobermann in there too. Ah, the good ol'days of Tzioli$ heading in goals from corners.
  7. ausgreek

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    As for Tzioli$, Toro, Samaris, Fortounis, Mantalos, Mykonos and Angelos, they remind me of a Toby Keith song on Youtube "I'm not as good as I once was". One of my favourites. This is so them.
  8. Picking the right players in the right positions is not brain surgery, or rocket science. I'm telling you that respectfully. It is not impossible coaching them. At this level, they are man managed mainly instead cause they are the elite. This coach not learning from previous other coaches' clangers is no excuse. I honestly think he is on countdown to the end of the next Euros. First impressions count and tbh, his are not flattering already.
  9. Jimmy boy, the last three coaches proved time and again their systems failed. This guy started with no wingers in the squad. The jury is out on Angelos already and if he doesn't identify shortfalls, as his predessessors , the countdown has already started, till he is out the door. For me, there are people on this forum without coaching aspirations, that succeed in other areas of life that would perhaps do a better job quite frankly with the same resources..
  10. Its important to have a marketing genius, and presentation is part of that. Baskets can be that person and take up a spot in the 23. A similar role to Usain Bolt. He would of attracted yummy mummies from all around NSW at the Mariners had he accepted the $150k.
  11. Although, the lookalike Clint Eastwood or nowdays Chris Pratt of the Ethniki has been undoubtably Alex Tzioli$! He had Skibbe in a trancient state.
  12. Its about creating and Finishing Off half chances that the top players do. You can't coach speed into someone.
  13. with Lazaros and either of Fetfa or Gianniotas or Mantahtis, we would of won 2 or 3-0
  14. I know he cannot call anyone in, it was tong-in-cheek. He is too experienced to make what I call, 'this error', from the start. It is probably a brain-fart, and Ange is talented.
  15. ausgreek

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    If fans want a 3 5 2 - for real, then Ange Postacoglou has the balls to implement it, as long as it is carried out to the letter, the defence should be acceptable. Anyway, see what Ange A has to offer now that he is there. We know already he offer 4 2 3 1. Its not as if 4 2 3 1 is overl successful for the Pirates. Should try something else like 2 up front.