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  1. FIFA World Ranking

    CF and captain of the Pirated Pirates team Deano! That would be the best way to play both Mantalo and Fortouni. What was Skibbe's fear of playing Mantalo as an 8 anyway (cause one of them two would have to advance further from the other behind Mitro and it would be Fortouni most likely). Skibbster could of done that when it mattered, already. I also think Donis has upstaged everyone and should probably play anywhere he wants, maybe AM/SS position.
  2. FIFA World Ranking

    My thio Theofani will be a personal trainer to Tachtsidis as Alefanto suggests for him. Frappe, backgammon then two laps around the oval. Pame. Elephant man suggests Mantalos and Fortounis as the first two chosen. Does he suggest if they both start, where they both play? They have both been there and Mantalo has been on the wing and not that flash playing there either. Today, my first two chosen for the Pirates are Donis and Mitroglou. Thin on midfielders? Dm: Kourbelis, Siopis K Paps Petsos Cm: Zeca, Mantalos? Bouchalakis, Tachtsidis, Charisis, Samaris Am : Donis, Mantalos, Fortounis, NInis, Villafanez
  3. FIFA World Ranking

    Who feels that the Ethniki are too inexperienced when you take out Tzioli, Tzavella, Maniati, Torosidi and Karnezi? I think there is enough experience there with Sokratis captain.
  4. FIFA World Ranking

    How did Chile, Italy, Netherlands, Wales and the Pirates miss out although Socceroos got in ? Wonders never cease. Some older posters might shed some light on the subject that haven't been on for a while, in particular.
  5. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Kosta was putting in a great shift there dealing with two young glamours. Looks like he has Skank's form.
  6. FIFA World Ranking

    Chile out, Azzuri out, Pirates out, Netherlands out, USA out; Socceroos in. Congrats!
  7. Someone should ask Skibbe and Tziolara why one testicle is larger than the other. We need answers!
  8. Three DM's during the moments where we need full on attacking players. Skibbe has reached an amazing level of stupidity which is unexplainable. I am mesmerised at the level of incompetence this man has shown. He often fails to make the right decisions when a match is in the balance. Fetfa and Holebas still strike me as x factor types as is Donis and our CB's. Faroe Islands are really Iceland.
  9. We are in good company' Italy are out. Why do they wear blue? Skibbe cannot make quality clutch decisions during matches to suit the circumstance. He must go.
  10. Isn't the one goal in Croatia worth two though? Not sure on that issue.
  11. If the Pirates can go up 2-0 in regular time, it could go to extra time and maybe penalties. 3-0 would be better, as would 5-0 - in our way.
  12. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    l'd like to see Charisis in your lineup with Androutsos, Manthatis and Anestis in that squad.
  13. I've decided my man crush on Alephanto is unhealthy and I'm passing the admiration of him, over to my thia Yota. He must be the late Mitropano of the Greek football world.
  14. The Alephant is spot on, by George! Tziolaris must start at AM in order to give us the attacking edge. Samaris, Tziol, Maniatis and Orestis need a spell.
  15. The usual culprits in Kourbelis, Androutsos, Manthatis ,Pelkas, Lamprou, Limnios, Vlahomid, Siopis, Bouchalakis. Reconsidering Fetfa and Ninis too. Give new ones an extended run. The others did not work obviously.