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  1. There is this middle eastern chick that's a hottie, long legs, but it is evident that she has some facial hair in the moustache region. How do I offer friendly advise although, not offend I wonder..I hate seeing her not fulfill her true potential. My suggested call up would be to get inspiration from the only person that can squeeze out a solution like no other, plays the big moments like Salpingitis or Gekas used to and score pressure goals in their heyday...you know who I'm talking about Rockafella baby!!
  2. Samaris, and Tzioli$ are plodders, looking for the coins they dropped on the pitch. Not going to break a game open or save a situation. Siopis and Zeca play like someone is trying to steal their girlfriends and are right in the thick of the action. I prefer the latter two. Actually, I prefer a Latte!
  3. a dementia ward in Thessaloniki is looking for a resident Angelos something..Anastasi???
  4. Deano, Samaris and the two CB's are not who they used to be. Only international class player is Zeca, who is of origins elsewhere.
  5. Anastasiades pulled names out of hat to play them in different positions on the field, along with his subs. He lied to everyone that he had a knowledge of Greek football. He had No Idea about the players and Greek football. He was an old hack! Part of the criteria that must be in the next interviewing process for a prospective coaches, is to name 3 best Greek players for every position, and to write out 2 hypothetical teams he would choose and what subs he would use in different situations. Just to give the EPO an idea how he thinks.
  6. This is Taxi's moment..like for like for pace with Fortounis. There is Bouzoukis to consider on the bench.
  7. My colleague Lucia says we need an Italian to sort out our mess..I agreed seeing that Italy is formerly Greek, he would be like signing a local again. Otherwse we can make a play for Trump/Pence in future.
  8. If they bring Tzioli$ back those responsible can eat s%$#!.
  9. Great call on Samaris, Deano. I remember when I played team sport, in my day it was in another code, although, soccer/football has become my favourite sport in the last 8-10 years. I would look around before we play a match, and I would subtly indentify a team mate who I feel glad is in my team along side me and I would gain confidence from that. Who would Greek players basically turn around and say I am glad he is alongside me today in this match cause he gives 100% so I will play better as well? If this man can be indentified, He should be the DM in the team cause He can be a match winner or game changer. This is your DM player. Socceroos, for their lack or World Class talent, would indentify their recently retired captain Jedinak as this guy. He intimidated classier opposition players. A screener defending your CB's and goalie, someone that can make a difference. Who is that for the Galanolefki? This is Not Samaris, not a game changer, as Tzioli$ was not either..what a passenger. Could it be Siopis or Galanopoulos or a recycled Taxi with an extended go at it? The young guys like Masouras would rise to the occasion and improve plenty. I saw some highlights of Lazaros Lamprou to see what the hype is all about, he is outstanding, a natural goalscorer. If your good enough, your old enough. Like your inclusion af Galanopoulos too. I know who the right person is for RB, the player identified that gives 100% in this position. Then just back him, who are we willing to see develope in this position? What concerns me also, is that Fortounis plays wholeheartedly with the captain's armband. If Toro comes back, I would keep Fortounis as captain cause its more important your AM is firing over your RB to be firing. It would be great if they are all firing, true. So, if Toro is kept out, or play but not as the captain will Sok and Manolas cope with this and play at their best? We might have to endure some more pain, even with a new coach. No more excuses for these experienced players, they got their way with another coach coming in.
  10. It reflects very badly on people of Greek nationality that on the sporting landscape at least, that they can play like cowards especially against Italy. Its not what our ancestory was founded on. Should replace the coach and blacklist 6-8 players, including the main Centre Backs that have been making alot of noise lately, along with the Right Back and Centre Forward that didn't get picked. Time to usher in a new dawn, with initial pain during this World Cup cycle.
  11. Yes, he re-signed for Yokahama. Well, the next best is Nikopolitis I guess.
  12. I wonder if Ange P will have Oudou as an assistant or go for a former 2004 winner instead..hmm.
  13. A coach like Pep Guardiola would command Everyone's respect from the top to the bottom. Someone like Markarian, Skibbe, Tsanas, Anastasiadis or Ranieri would have to try to man manage Sok, Toro, Mitro, Fortounis and Manolas. Another coach like that group would not command respect from any of them. Or, the new coach can not pick them and have an u23's team. EPO might have to raid their money boxes and get a real coach instead of a hologram coach or this will continue. Before signing any contract, the next coach shortlisted must have their word that they will give him a fair go, by having a meeting over afew Frappes, and discuss philosophies going forward, or we won't defeat Faroe Is. again. Thats the reality these days.
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