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  1. C'mon lets go!!!! No reason why Zeca can't emulate the great feats of Tziolara of recent times! Just been watching Rocky 3. C'mon!!!!
  2. I think they should start grooming a RB for when Toro calls it a day, or for when he is subtly told his time is up.
  3. KPaps doesn't make top 5 CB's for Ethniki now. Sokratis, Siovs, Manolas, Retsos & Mavropanos.
  4. Siovas hs earned a starting spot. Manolas on the bench. No player owns a Greece starting spot, its a privillege.
  5. Prefer to play Italy or Bosnia Lazo, instead of Faroe Is...they beat us twice.
  6. Ethniki will keep improving as Samaris and Zeca keep clicking together, as they are in great form. The engine room has been the weakest link in this team for the longest time. Also, we need the injured players back on deck and to keep Marouras/Kolovos on one wing and Donis on the other as well. The team looks happy to be around each other. I admire Ange A for trying 3 defenders at the back, changing up the systems. He also made the perfect substitutions in particular, against Bosnia-Herts. Positive signs ahead.
  7. Ange A was quoted mentioning he would of picked Florin Darmishaj for both recent matches. Would he of chosen Mitroglou, Koulouris and Darmishaj, or just the two strikers? Koulouris has great scoring form this season. Mitro may have missed out altogether.
  8. Don't wear nylon if one is to go to the Greece vs Italy match. The gel and hairspray in the place, don't carry flammables. This could be a cause of climate change.
  9. As Kyriakos now ranks behind Retsos and perhaps Siovas, along with the big two others, Koulouris and Darmishaj would rank in front of Mykonos as a starting striker at least. They do more off the ball and have more agility. Hey re Elate, g'day maik!
  10. Hellas came back from two big king hits to fight back, thats is to be admired. 4 2 3 1; 9 Koulouris 17 Kolovos 10 Fortounis 11 Donis 22 Samaris 8 Zeca 23 . Koutris 15 Torosidis (c) 19 Sokratis 4 Manolas 1 Vlahomidos 24 .Darmishaj . 14 Bouzoukis . 5 .Retsos . 13 Barkas . etc.
  11. Kosta Fotune looks like the guy who walks into a bar with a chick, and her ex-boyfriend is there and they all cross paths and she says hello. For one, he is not captain material. He is not up to doing this, with that much discomfort, after every game for the ethniki. What he says the ethniki will hopefully do, but what they end up doing, are usually two different things. Players talking into a microphone are usually of no value, it is like trying to get a middle aged guy to go clubbing and take ecstasy tablets, weekly. Players grow a personality when they get older, way after retirement.
  12. Panayia was mama. She calls out to Him, where are you? He says woman, I'm is going about my Father's business...as a 12 year old. He rocks...rocka my man.
  13. Rocka baby!!! the One that really matters Isous Xristos! We will qualify.
  14. I hear Kone is making a move next year into the Asian market. Might come back into calculations....Ange A.
  15. Play Stefanos Tsitsipas up front, he is in red hot form. He also reads poetry.
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