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  1. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    When Vellios was out here in Australia, he gave a great death-stare at one of the Socceroo players in one game That must count for something as it was world class. At the end of the day, he and Tziolara must join Mitro on his next trip to Mykonos. Those who want the 3 4 3 or 3 2 4 1 or 3 5 2 team structures, (Sokrati..Kyriak..Manolas at the back), it could well be coming to you next year. Ange will be available in the near future, to turn us into an attacking force with an abundance of flair! Fat Fetfa and Toro will become greyhounds from all the running up & down the sidelines.
  2. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Tziolaris should be all the midfielders, although, fat Fetta is better than slow Tziolara!
  3. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    When they push up in attack, as in the other matches, the front three needed more support. This is the problematic CMF position where Tachtsidis must play higher up or even Bouchalakis with his attacking flair. Either can link with Donis and Mykonos too. Donis might be our best AM or SS, he has made every post a winner. He is lively and the opposite to Fortounis.
  4. Future Players Of The National Team

    Heard he holidays in Mykonos like Kosta.
  5. What is harder to repeat three times: Ognjen Vranjes or Sokratis Papastathopoulos?? Also, are there ride-on mowers in Herzegovina?
  6. Hmm, I noticed I don't get lovehearts..not in the loveheart club..going to colour my hair like Messi does, so there!
  7. Jose's goal and great form in both matches should allow him to start next match Lazo. Samaris does Not have a mortgage on a Greece jumper either, I agree about him. Taxi should be in CM
  8. The Cypriots want to beat Greece at anything possible. They won't throw anything. They will fight tooth and nail. They feel they owe us nothing. They don't.
  9. Re Boxou man, Samaris at Benfica has warmed the bench and has shown nothing for a very long time. I am not too fussed between Kourbelis. or Siopis. I went for Kourbelis slightly ahead. Bouchalakis and Pelkas give us options of flair in the middle. These guys have current form. One criticism was that Tziolara and Jose were too deep-lying and there was not enough support for Fortounis, Donis and Vellios.
  10. I would go with: Karnezis Toro (c) Manolas Sokratis Stafylidis Jose Tachtsidis Donis Fortounis Lazaros (big comeback) Mitroglou Vellios Karelis; Mantalos Gianniotas Pelkas Bouchalakis; Kourbelis; Kyriakos Tzavellas Bakakis; Kapino and Anestis. No room for: Tziolaris, Samaris, Siopis, Maniatis (arab) Retsos (for now) I would also like to see Donis on the right.
  11. No, I would run out with the 12 players and see if the ref notices. We have to win by 2.
  12. Zeca, your a little beauty. Now your officially Greek re!
  13. Uncle Spiros says, if his thia had balls she'd be his thio, that's the final breakdown of all this. Go Ethniki and,,,, Tziolaris!!!