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  1. You should thank Dutch Eagle. He's the one that found it.
  2. Turkish fake news have Trabzonspor offering PAOK 1 mil Euro for Limnios.
  3. BTW we will be missing the following players due to cards in this game: Giannoulis, Ingason, Matos, Augusto
  4. There was a discussion with Wernbloom to end his contract one year early. Wernbloom demands to be paid 60% of his wages for the remaining year of his contract in order to agree. Not a bad deal if you ask me.
  5. WOMEN"S HANDBALL GREEK CHAMPIONSHIP WINNERS: Season Champion 1982 Aris Nikaias 1983 Aris Nikaias 1984 Aris Nikaias 1985 Aris Nikaias 1986 Athinaikos 1987 Athinaikos 1988 GE Veria 1989 GE Veria 1990 GE Veria 1991 GE Veria 1992 GE Veria 1993 GE Veria Season Champion 1994 ASE Douka 1995 Anagennisi Arta 1996 Anagennisi Arta 1997 Anagennisi Arta 1998 Anagennisi Arta 1999 Anagennisi Arta 2000 Anagennisi Arta 2001 Anagennisi Arta 2002 Anagennisi Arta 2003 Anagennisi Arta 2004 Anagennisi Arta 2005 Anagennisi Arta Season Champion 2006 Anagennisi Arta 2007 Ormi Patras 2008 Ormi Patras 2009 Ormi Patras 2010 Ormi Patras 2011 Ormi Patras 2012 Ormi Patras 2013 PAOK Thessaloniki 2014 OF Nea Ionia 2015 OF Nea Ionia 2016 OF Nea Ionia 2017 OF Nea Ionia Season Champion 2018 OF Nea Ionia 2019 PAOK Thessaloniki 2020 PAOK Thessaloniki
  6. They just collected all the web streams that are available into one place, which is quite convenient. You will still need a VPN to unlock geo blocking in order to watch some of those streams. The only football games available will be the games shown on the ERT channels if they renew the contracts for next season. As it is the New Democracy government wants to close down the ERT Sport channel eventually.
  7. Rumors are that Olaf Rebbe will be our new Technical Director once the contract of Mario Branco expires at the end of June. https://www.transfermarkt.com/olaf-rebbe/profil/trainer/15009
  8. Both men's and women's handball championships have been suspended and the teams that were in the 1st place in the table were declared as champions for the 2019-2020 season, which makes PAOK's Women's Handball team the Champions of Greece.
  9. AEK will finish second. Specially if they get their wish and foreign refs and VAR are not used during the playoffs.
  10. The only reason the season is continuing is so Olympiakos can add another questionable title, but mainly for AEK to take the 2nd place and the CL spot for next season. They could care less for relegation/promotion teams.
  11. Our yellow friends got a transfer ban for the next two transfer periods from FIFA. And of course they are blaming Ivan Savvidis and PAOK for that according to a laughable Super3 press release.
  12. I watched the two games against Arsenal in 1997 recently. Much better outcome.
  13. Rumors surfaced that Marseille is willing to pay 7 mil for Giannoulis.
  14. Don't think so. Kyriakos Kyriakou said PAOK TV will still be around even if PAOK enters collective TV deal. It will just be like in the past. Showing the games outside of Greece and presenting us with videos from training, etc.
  15. I voted for Kresic and Matos respectively.
  16. Olympiakos has officially asked CAS to rule on relegating PAOK and Xanthi from Superleague.
  17. Looks like the Saudi team we sold Prijovic is late paying PAOK the 10 mil transfer. Rumors say we already sent the matter to FIFA. Wonder if we can claim the player again if they refuse to pay the remaining 3.5 mil that they still owe us.
  18. Let's get Adolf's perspective on the matter:
  19. I have heard of it but did not see it. I'll give it a try.
  20. Rumors (possibly fake news) are that Besiktas is planning on making a 7 mil Euro offer for Giannoulis.
  21. Shelter in place for Illinois is in effect until April 30. That means we are staying home at least until then. I am able to work from home so that is good. Now that the weather is getting better it would be nice if they started relaxing the order to stay home. The longer it takes, more businesses will be hit hard. I expect a lot of local restaurants will be closing for good once this is all done. Thankfully my internet service at home is holding up quite well. Between my work, my son's university online studies, and constant Netflix streaming we sure are using a lot of data. I was running out of things to watch on TV, but this week Netflix started showing the Michael Jordan series, so I should be good for a while. It would be nice if we had some live sporting events to watch as well.
  22. They are so predictable. This whole thing was planned for at least couple of years. All they needed first was to have Mitsotakis elected as the prime minister. The rest was easy. They already asked EPO to strip our titles and have Savvidis banned from running PAOK. Not only that they also said that they will also pursue the matter in civil courts as well as CAS in order to apply the original EEA decision which was relegation for PAOK and Xanthi. Unless the government in Greece changes in the very near future, I expect that we are going to be stripped of the titles and also relegated. And I am not joking. Their (Marinakis, Mitsotakis, Geoffrey R. Pyatt) goal is to run Savvidis out of Greece and they will use any means possible.
  23. In Greece you can't win a case in court even if you have the best lawyers where things are fixed. The case went through 3 stages of legal proceedings and was never tried. CAS is now our only option, but I think they will not even take on the case. Mark my words. Olympiakos will now demand that we are stripped of the double titles from last season.
  24. Cimirot - Misic would be nice pairing in the PAOK lineup. If he comes in as free transfer it will be a good addition. Recently I read if UEFA does not relax the FFP rules, than PAOK needs to somehow create a 12 million surplus. This would mostly involve sale of players. I can't see us spending outrageous amounts of money for highly priced players .
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