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  1. If PAOK and Aris achieve the same result in the last round of the group stage, than we will have a play-off game between the two teams to decide the group winner. Also we have officially agreed to get 200 tickets to the game. We will never learn.
  2. Current standings:
  3. VS MATCHUP: PAO Aitittos Spata - P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki COMPETITION: Greek Cup – Group Stage – Round 3 DATE: 20-December-2018 TIME: 17:15 GR (15:15 GMT, 09:15 CST, 02:15 AEDT next day) CITY/STADIUM: Spata – Municipal Stadium (2,500) REFEREES: TELEVISION: COSMOTE Sport TV (Greece), Antenna Satellite (USA/Canada), Antenna Pacific (Australia) Laola1.TV (Worldwide) There is no Greek Cup history between the two teams.
  4. Blackhawk

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    And Olympiakos is tearing it up? They all of a sudden became Barcelona. They barely won 3 of their league games with lucky goals in injury time and we should have at least 12 point gap with them. They also eliminated the worst AC Milan I can ever remember.
  5. Blackhawk

    PAOK in Europe 2018-2019

    Didn't come close? We were one tie away from reaching the CL group stage. And why would you not count the games from July and August? What were those games for? The Balkan cup? The team peaked their form for those games and we are paying for it. At least in the league we are getting away with it.
  6. Blackhawk

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Olympiakos won 3:1 and it will be them that will play Europe on February 14 and 21 in between SL derbies. This is good for PAOK
  7. Blackhawk

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Olympiakos is beating AC Milan 2:0. if that holds they progress. Very good for PAOK.
  8. Blackhawk

    Sl–R14: Levadeiakos - PAOK (17-Dec-18, 19:30 EET)

    I like that lineup. Matos and Vieirinha need to sit out few games. Pelkas as well. After the Christmas break start playing Tosca as LB and have Vieirinha play offense.
  9. Blackhawk

    Sl–R14: Levadeiakos - PAOK (17-Dec-18, 19:30 EET)

    Akpom and Warda have to start in this game. Even if that mean s switching to 4-4-2 formation. Something that Lucescu should do anyway, since out previous formation is so predictable.
  10. Blackhawk

    PAOK in Europe 2018-2019

    To recap our European campaign this season. The minimum goal set for this Europeans season was reached. We made the group stage of Europa League. Don't forget that is something we did not do last season! Also we came very close to make group stage of Champions League. Overall, I would say our campaign was satisfactory, but the Europa League campaign was a disaster. We scored only one goal at Toumba!
  11. Blackhawk

    EL–GS-R6: PAOK - Bate Borisov (13-Dec-18, 19:55 EET)

    Too little, too late. Also Vidi is beating Chelsea.
  12. Blackhawk

    EL–GS-R6: PAOK - Bate Borisov (13-Dec-18, 19:55 EET)

    Tosca in for Vieirinha. Warda in for Limnios.
  13. Blackhawk

    EL–GS-R6: PAOK - Bate Borisov (13-Dec-18, 19:55 EET)

    Lucescu out coached by some Belorussian nobody. Pathetic.
  14. Blackhawk

    EL–GS-R6: PAOK - Bate Borisov (13-Dec-18, 19:55 EET)

    Pretty much all over.