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  1. Apparently we will loan Melissas to NFC Volos as well.
  2. Following today's Super League 1 meeting it appears that the TV coverage for the games has settled as follows: NOVA: AEK, AE Larisa, Asteras Tripolis, NFC Volos, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, Panionios ERT: Aris, Atromitos, Lamia, Panaitolikos, AO Xanthi PAOK TV PPV: PAOK WITHOUT CONTRACT: OFI If OFI does not sign up with someone at the last minute, they will probably be selling their home games on game by game basis. As far as international coverage is concerned, the NOVA team will be most likely split between Sport Plus and ANT1 Group (Antenna Satellite/Pacific). Sport Plus already has the Olympiakos and Panionios games scheduled for this weekend.
  3. I am sure they will contract somebody to do the production and provide the servers. I hope they find somebody else to do the play by play. Kolkas does not cut it for me. Maybe he'll do the half-time show.
  4. Here is a full announcement by PAE PAOK concerning the PAOK TV broadcasts: Το πρωτάθλημα της Super League ξεκινά κι ο ΠΑΟΚ παίζει εντός έδρας. Και ποδοσφαιρικά και τηλεοπτικά. Ο αγώνας ΠΑΟΚ-Παναιτωλικός θα είναι ο πρώτος στην ιστορία του ελληνικού ποδοσφαίρου που θα μεταδοθεί ζωντανά από συλλογική ψηφιακή πλατφόρμα, το tv.paokfc.gr με την επιλογή του Pay Per View. Ο νταμπλούχος ΠΑΟΚ, άλλωστε, είναι ο μόνος σύλλογος που είχε φροντίσει να είναι έτοιμος για τη μετάβαση σε μια εποχή αμεσότητας στη σχέση με τον κόσμο του. Το PAOK TV προσφέρει στους φίλους του Δικεφάλου τη δυνατότητα να παρακολουθήσουν την αγαπημένη τους ομάδα, να συμμετέχουν ενεργά στη συνεχή προσπάθειά ισχυροποίησής της και στη διαμόρφωση των κανόνων του ανταγωνισμού. Το ΠΑΟΚ-Παναιτωλικός είναι το πρώτο βήμα σε ένα νέο, κοινό ταξίδι. Μια full HD τηλεοπτική μετάδοση με εννιά κάμερες, pregame και postgame ενημέρωση έρχεται στις οθόνες σας όπου κι αν βρίσκεστε. Στο σπίτι, το γραφείο ή ακόμα και στις διακοπές σας. Η αναμέτρηση θα μεταδοθεί σε όλο τον κόσμο αποκλειστικά από τοtv.paokfc.gr στην τιμή των 4,99 ευρώ μέσα από μια πολύ απλή και ασφαλή διαδικασία που ολοκληρώνεται σε τέσσερα βήματα. A) Επιλέγετε το Live Event του αγώνα B) Επιλέγετε την επιλογή Pay Per View Γ) Ολοκληρώνετε την πληρωμή (Paypal, πιστωτική κάρτα) Δ) Απολαμβάνετε την πιο επιτυχημένη ομάδα της Ελλάδας την τελευταία τριετία στην οθόνη σας. Για την καλύτερη εξυπηρέτηση των φίλων του ΠΑΟΚ, η διαδικασία αγοράς και πληρωμής για τον αγώνα ΠΑΟΚ-Παναιτωλικός θ’ ανοίξει την Τετάρτη(21.08) στις 09:00 και παράλληλα θα λειτουργεί call center (+30 2310954099).
  5. It will be the same as the games PAOK TV was showing last season, which means it will be through their site: http://tv.paokfc.gr/ According to their press release the production will be a professional coverage with 9 cameras. The price for the Panaitolikos is 4.99 Euro. I expect 8.99 Euro for the derbies. Hopefully they will eventually offer a package subscription for the whole season.
  6. VS MATCHUP: P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki - Panaitolikos Agrinio COMPETITION: Super League 1 - Round 1 DATE: 25-August-2019 TIME: 20:00 EEST (17:00 GMT, 12:00 CDT, 03:00 AEST next day) CITY / STADIUM: Thessaloniki – Toumba Stadium (Capacity: 28,703) REFEREES: TELEVISION: PAOK TV PPV €4.99 - http://tv.paokfc.gr/ (worldwide) PAOK – Panaitolikos history Superleague 2018-2019: 2:1 (Akpom, own goal) - Attendance: 15,168 2017-2018: 1:0 (Prijovic) - Attendance: no fans 2016-2017: 2:1 (Biseswar, Rodrigues) - Attendance: 11,515 2015-2016: 0:0 - Attendance: 8,964 2014-2015: 1:2 (Mak) - Attendance: 6,936 2013-2014: 1:0 (Lucas) - Attendance: 11,922 2011-2012: 3:0 (Vieirinha, Papazoglou, Spadacio) - Attendance: 9,975 Alpha Ethniki (Amateur/Semi-Professional) 1976-1977: 2:1 (Orfanos 2 ) - Attendance: ? 1975-1976: 4:1 (Guerino 2, Sarafis,Anastasiadis ) - Attendance: ? GAMES: 9 WINS: 7 TIES: 1 LOSSES: 1
  7. Since nobody wants to give PAOK a TV contract for their home games, it appears that PAOK decided to go the Pay-per-View route. Starting with the Sunday's game against Panaitolikos the TV coverage will be on PAOK TV worldwide for the price of 4.99 Euro.
  8. Exactly. He should be happy that he is not behind bars for sexual advances against minors. The sooner we can unload him, the better. Let somebody else deal with his problems. I believe after the Slovan games there will be some transfer movements, including sales/loans of PAOK players and I think Warda will be one of them.
  9. Depends which European championships they are talking about. If it is the senior championships from last year my bet is on Belibasaki or Kyriakopoulou.
  10. Most likely Sunday at 21:00 EEST. The Aris game will switch to Saturday. We are one week away from the kick off and half the teams don't have a TV contract. Including PAOK. What a joke of a league.
  11. Apparently a Greek female athlete that won a medal at European Championships tested positive for a banned substance and is facing a 1 year ban from competition.
  12. Apparently the proceeds (around 250K Euro) from the Aris - Molde game were stolen from the house belonging to the cousin of PAE "O" Aris majority share holder Theodoros Karypidis. That's one weird story if you ask me. I'll wait for yiankos to give us full explanation.
  13. Now that PAOK is in the Europa League, the main goal is to eliminate Slovan Bratislava and qualify for the group stage. Assuming we eliminate Slovan it appears that PAOK will be seeded in Pot 3 of the 4 pots for the group stage draw purposes. PAOK can move to Pot 2 if this happens: Four of the following matchups in playoff rounds of Europa League and Champions League need end as follows: FC Riga eliminates FC Copenhagen AIK Stockhpolm eliminates Celtic Glasgow Maribor Branik eliminates Ludogorets Razgrad Glasgow Rangers eliminates Legia Warsaw Apollon Limassol eliminates PSV Eindhoven FC Aberdeen eliminates KAA Gent Spartak Moscow eliminates Sporting Braga RC Strasbourg eliminates Eintrach Frankfurt ----------------------------------------------------- Club Brugge eliminates LASK Linz Young Boys Bern eliminates Crvena Zvezda Beograd Dinamo Zagreb eliminates Rosenborg Trodheim
  14. Tragic defensive mistake and poor decision by the goalie as well. Now two goals are needed in the next 15 minutes. With little luck it's possible. I still can't believe this Molde team managed to score 4 goals against you.
  15. Aris can score 2 more goals. And fairly easily too as Molde is nothing special. Just can't concede one.
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