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  1. Lineup that I expect (but probably will not see): ---------------------- Zivkovic ----------------------- Matos - Ingason - Crespo - Giannoulis Limnios --- Misic --- Augusto --- Stoch ----------- Pelkas ----------- Swiderski --------
  2. Paschalakis, Giannoulis and Limnios get the start for the NT against Bosnia.
  3. Not a bad game for the NT. At least they are trying. Bosnia is suspect defensively. If we had any decent forwards we could be easily leading this game.
  4. Looks like only the player's relatives are attending the game today.
  5. Cool. That way you can pay the 69.99 annual subscription in 10 monthly installments. Too late for me as I paid the full amount already.
  6. According to reports he was picked over Vlachodimos because during practices he was enthusiastic and fully concentrated on the task at hand, while Vlachodimos was not.
  7. Sure they will get a volume discount. 124 Euro.
  8. ESPN+ or TUDNXtra if you are in the US. https://www.facebook.com/Greeksoccerontv/
  9. El Kaddouri injured only 3 minutes after entering the game. What a joke. Paschalakis and Limnios to start against Italy. That's too bad.
  10. Highly doubt it. PAOK friendly press and mainly PAOK fans don't want any of their player to play for the NT as long as it run incompetent and corrupted people. We don't need injuries to our key player in a meaningless game. Personally I don't care if Paschalakis starts, but I don't want Limnios and Giannoulis who are in great form currently to play in the upcoming two games.
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