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  1. PAOK International Players (National Teams)

    Pelkas, Limnios and Koulouris have been called by Skibbe for the friendlies against Switzerland and Egypt. Of those only Pelkas deserves to be on the team. Also he forgot to call up Paschalakis.
  2. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Are you kidding me? Do you even know what you are talking about? The ref is the person officiating the game and the match report is the official document of the game. It's up to him to decide if the game is played or abandoned. Unfortunately in Greece the refs are of poor quality.
  3. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    No, but it should be suspended forever.
  4. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Today was the Superleague hearing concerning this match. Kominis the ref of the game refused to appear before the judge even though he was asked to do so. PAOK asked to have the hearing postponed, but that was turned down by the judge. At the end of the hearing the judge ordered Kominis to supply answers in writing by Monday. Decision is expected on Wednesday or Thursday. It will be interesting to see the verdict in the case. The match report has more holes than a swiss cheese and that's why PAOK wanted the ref to appear before the judge.
  5. Ivan Savvidis - PAE PAOK owner/president

    Today Savvidis sold Donskoy Tabak (which also owes SEKAP in Greece) to a Japan Tobacco for $ 1.6 Billion. In a press release Savvidis's company Dimera Group (which also owes PAOK) announced that they will now focus on more investments in Greece.
  6. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Of course it's Amorgos. He is free to post anything he wants as long as it does not break forum rules.
  7. When are you people going to realize that the coach does not make the calls. Managers that do.
  8. If there is Superleague next season the TV deal will be a mess. I doubt if there will be a collective deal. Each team for itself. This will be very bad for small teams that will end up without contract. I also see PAOK breaking up their deal with NOVA for next season.
  9. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Savvidis and Melissanidis managed through a combined effort to convince the majority of various "enosis" to vote for Grammenos in order to defeat Girtzikis in the EPO elections. Savvidis delivered 50 % of the enosis, Melissanidis 30% and the rest voted for Olympiakos supported enosis. The original effort to oust the Olympiakos controlled EPO included Alafouzos, but that went out of the window fairly early in the process. After that he joined hands with Marinakis to promote his propaganda on his TV station. And of course now the Savvidis - Melissanidis cooperation is dead after the latest events. Officiating has improved due to the fact that they cleaned up most of the corrupted refs, but there were few that still remained (Aretopoulos, Kalogeropoulos, Kominis) mainly because the referees are controlled appointed to games by FIFA. As for Grammenos he really did not have enough time to do anything substantial. He tried to fix up the national team by taking them out from the Karaiskaki Stadium, but that is now will not last long either. He will not last long. He was hated by Olympiakos from the beginning and now that the PAOK - AEK cooperation is finished we will go back to Olympiakos controlled EPO.
  10. FIFA and Greek Soccer

    Nice 2 to 5 year ban would fix most of the issues in Greek football.
  11. What exactly happened in the last two games at Toumba? The stadium was a church at both games. As for Larisa, the pitch is better to grow potatoes instead of playing football.
  12. That's where it's heading in my opinion. For decades Athens considered northern Greece a second class region. Different country if you will. I am afraid it might eventually happen.
  13. EPO is reacting to the media hysteria in Athens where they are portraying Toumba as some jungle. After this if I was PAOK I would not allow the Greek national team to play at Toumba again. And that goes for the U21 team as well which claimed Toumba as their home for the past few games.
  14. SL–R25: PAOK - AEK (11 Mar 18, 19:30 EET)

    Do you know who the EPO leader is and how he became the leader of EPO? And BTW the reason I asked you how long you have been following Greek football to see how much of the Greek football past have you witnessed. So I ask you. For the past 23 years have you seen any improvement?
  15. Ivan Savvidis - PAE PAOK owner/president

    Fairly good article on the reason why there is an organized war against PAOK and the owner of the team: http://www.periodista.gr/politiki/article/91775/spame-tin-omerta-etsi-estisan-ton-iban-sabbidi-etsi-theloun-na-stisoun-ton-alexi-tsipra