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  1. Well he is not a spring chicken. Today he turned 34. How much can he keep it up at high level. Specially after a serious injury that he had.
  2. The last two game he ran out of steam half way through the game. I would prefer he starts on the bench and then come in in the second half to give the team some spark. He needs to be in better shape once we enter the playoffs. Same goes for Mauricio.
  3. Yes Matos and Akpom will sit this one out. Logical choice. pash I think Vieirinha will play LB and Crespo possibly will replace Varela as CB.
  4. With a win and possible AEK win or tie against Olympiakos we might find ourselves ahead in the standings again.
  5. Tough draw. Would have preferred Aris or Olympiakos, but we should be able to qualify if we play to our abilities. We will play Panathinaikos 3 times in the span of 12 days.
  6. Don't understand why we are sitting back and not trying to get a 2nd goal.
  7. One of these days he will connect with one and it will be a beauty. I think Esiti has been one of our best players today.
  8. After reaching 7 cards player sits out two games.
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