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  1. -54 Points (Federation Decision)

    Ok honestly , i dont even know where this team is from. Maybe northern Peloponisos? Anyways thought i would start them up since nothing about them. What do you got to do to get punished -54 points??
  2. Another Mass Shooting in the US

    I believe they want to change the amendment where they have the right to bear arms. If they fake all these mass shootings , they turn around around and say we need gun control etc etc. eventually taking away the peoples right to bear arms. Alex Jones, Jim Fetzer , Jim Marrs look them up on youtube with false flags they explain it well.
  3. Another Mass Shooting in the US

    Just saw the topic , have not read any posts. All i say is this... False Flag look into it.
  4. Other Greeks Abroad

    Came across a guy P Dimitriadis who plays for Girenspor in the Turkish 2nd Division. But it appears he is a Swedish National. If you guys have more info on this guy ...
  5. Giorgos Samaras - Real Zaragoza

    Well both Samaras and Sifakis got the start today . Samaras got a yellow in the 76th. Cant believe the downward spiral this guy took after the World Cup.
  6. National Anthems

    The old Soviet anthem by far was the best. I remember listening it to it back in 80's and 90's before they would play Canada in Hockey. I think when the Soviet Union collapsed Russia had a different anthem and then after awhile they brought back the old Soviet one with a few changes to it.
  7. After the 2016 disaster i thought we headed to the bowels but the team has rebounded and did quite well this campaign. But some things never change, scoring is a problem and we lack that midfielder that can control the game. As for the game today it was a decent effort, clearly Manolas and Torosidis were missed last game. Giannotas showed something for the time he was on. Even without the 2 gifted goals i think it was not possible to beat this Croatian team with this squad. The Croats were clearly the better team.
  8. So what im supposed to believe is this. We beat Gibraltar (basically guys who after the game have to start the night shift at their real jobs) 4-1 and 4-0 and yet somehow we will pop 3 against Croatia who have a few guys who play on top european football clubs. Makes sense to me!
  9. Orestis Karnezis - Watford F.c.

    Its not impossible to stop a penalty. Karnezis couldnt stop one even if a beachball was used. What are his career stats? 0 for 12??
  10. Well i was worried about this one getting out of hand and it did. Didnt watch the game but was able to watch Sunday and now theres no point. Karnezis being a back up at Watford this year showed , what a tragic mistake to start the thrashing. It appears Maniatis was useless in that position and was exploited regularly. Would be interesting to see Karnezis PK stats it gotta be 0 for 11 in his career. There seems to be some optimistic guys here thinking its possible on Sunday lol
  11. Orestis Karnezis - Watford F.c.

    Karnezis was a back up at Watford from the start. He got in the game today im assuming Gomes got injured. And .... he couldnt stop a penalty which gave Everton the win . What else is new.
  12. Need to keep this first away game as close as possible to have a chance Any loss of 2 goals or more (2-0, 3-1) we can forget about it. Im very worried about their midfield that they will have total control .
  13. Road To Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Its tough but it can be done. Never mind Italy im glad we avoided the Swiss.
  14. UEFA Nations League

    WTF is this?
  15. In reality Mitroglou doesnt even need to play to get a result in this game, but after the Faroe Islands disaster i wouldnt take any chances. As a striker he should not be getting a caution. After 2 goals i would take him off.