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  1. Didnt watch the game , waiting for the highlights but to hear talk about the ref that is very strange because Rizzoli is one of the best , did the WC final in Brazil, there is a reason they put him in for the game. Ill wait to see and comment further. Great away result, we just have to beat the minnows now and it should be ok
  2. I also dont understand the bad talk about the ref. I thought he was generous to us on many occasions. I know it hurts but that was definately a yellow card on Taxi . I cant comment on the injury time as i stopped watching after they tied it because i was certain they were gonna pop in another one.
  3. That was some serious parkage of the bus, they could only hold on for so long. All in all im very surprised with this result. A tie away against Belgium is very very impressive. Well done to the boys.
  4. not too many people watching this one? any streams ??
  5. Alexandros Tziolis - Heart of Midlothian

    I just read that Hearts forum and all i can say is either A) The quality of soccer in the Scottish league is well below the GSL or B) Most posters on this forum that continuosly bash Tziolis dont know much about soccer. After watching the clip of him i can see why the Hearts fans were having orgasms , the guy ran the show , beautiful control passes etc
  6. Justin Trudeau

    We have a great relationship with Cuba. Have you ever been there? The Cuban people love Canadians. What was wrong with Trudeaus comments, everything he said was true, they have like 98% literacy rate and free health care under Castro. I am reading that he is skipping Castros funeral which is not good considering Castro came to his fathers funeral and was a pall bearer. When most of the western world followed the US with the sanctions against Cuba , Trudeau the elder said NO.
  7. 2-1 PAOK at half time. Will be tough for them to hang on for win. Liberec also ahead 1-0 at the half
  8. NCAA Basketball

    I follow NCAA because i like betting . Found out there are 2 Greeks playing this year . Konstandinos Mitoglou (yes thats his name!) on Wake Forest and Ioannis Dimakopoulos on UC Irvine . I dont they are Greek Americans, both are raised in Greece
  9. Hi Kosaca, As a referee for 18 years (im not FIFA though lol) i can tell you that FIFA doesnt care for and has instructed refs not to bother with throw ins. Especially at the pro level , yes when we referee 10-15 years olds we call the foul throws. Even when i do Men games we dont even bother calling them, it just slows the game down. And im telling you thats why it wasnt called in that situation , dont think that the refs 'missed' it. As for the ref Eriksson , he is terrible , he was the same guy that thought Karagouni dived in 2012 against Russia in the box when even Collina after said it was a penalty.
  10. I dont know if we started out as favourites by the bookmakers, but i just checked now on bet365 and we are slight underdogs. The best bet for this game is Under 2.5
  11. Mascot Sensitivity Phenomenon

    ^^ While we are it at we should change the name of the Minnesota Vikings. Some Scandanavians could get offended :(
  12. So lately in the news there is major backlash about Sports team mascot names. Indians is offensive, Redskins, Braves , Seminoles etc etc should all be changed Now it has hit Canada, some people are calling for the Edmonton Eskimos to change their name. Well i think that any of you who are from Sparta should head over to Lansing Michigan on Saturday and protest the name of the Michigan St Spartans, who knows maybe they will consider changing their name !!!!
  13. lol these guys are dropping like flies. Luckily i dont get to watch these guys alot. This is painful to watch. Atrocious soccer. Wont be long before the Estonians equalize
  14. I have been following the lines on this game on bet365 and we went from -120 to -105 and now we are +100 just before gametime. The bettorsare not giving us much credit, this game has tie written all over it.