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  1. Can we make Yiankos his own thread for the sh1t talking with other clubs supporters?
  2. The protocol in the forum on abuse should be interesting here. I think our wriggly friend has let Yiankos get under his skin
  3. too many bloody americans, not enough Austrians
  4. We deserved to lose. Well done to Aris.
  5. OK, it's about to be Christmas here in the future. Wanted to wish all my fellow PAOKtzides a safe holidays full of food and fun. See you all on the flipside.
  6. seedorf davids hasselbaink van gobbel gullit rijkaard kluivert biseswar it's a good list to be on
  7. watched the Greek NT game. both PAOK players played well
  8. 5 bux says abel plays an unchanged lineup lamprou doesn't even make it to the bench
  9. I feel for Lamprou, just another one in the long list of players we have bought only to warehouse them for some stupid reason
  10. Sorry lads, just got back from the mother land. My match report for this game only - it was sh1te - it was amazing - it was sh1te again oh and the atmosphere in the ground was amazing match report over
  11. @pash that adorable baby just got herself a new fanela
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