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  1. Nea Bafra

    PAOK Players on Loan

    Kids don't get chances at PAOK unless we are desperate. Just let the guy go somewhere and play
  2. Nea Bafra

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    He can't help his incontinence
  3. Nea Bafra

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Find one post on here of me talking about fixing, the paper roll or Marinakis. You are so blinded by your hatred and your delusions of grandeur that you've turned yourself into raving lunatic. Congratulations
  4. Nea Bafra

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    You're sounding hysterical again. Clearly your faux veneer of intelligence is slipping. Are you off your meds? Is the tin foil hat not working anymore? Do you find yourself wandering the streets of Toronto screaming at the pigeons about Tsipras and Savvidis? I implore you, seek the medical help you so clearly need before it's too late.
  5. Nea Bafra

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    JVC, why are you here? In the PAOK section? Why are you not having this discussion in the PAO forum? You remind me of Ben Shapiro who wants to debate anyone more important than himself so when they don't engage with him they can say it's because they are scared of the size of his almighty brain. You are being irritating, you have been told you are being irritating and yet you keep on about it. You are the definition of a troll. Take your toxicity to your three leafed section.
  6. Nea Bafra

    PAOK Fans Gyradiko

    Happy thanks giving mappes. I am thankful to find similar like minded black and white idiots to talk s%$#! about football with.
  7. Nea Bafra

    EL–GS-R4: Vidi FC - PAOK (08-Nov-18, 19:55 EET)

    we will always have a problem with teams like this while we have such average decision makers. no coach can plan for that.
  8. Nea Bafra

    EL–GS-R4: Vidi FC - PAOK (08-Nov-18, 19:55 EET)

    Coach can't make those decisions for the players so I think it's safe to say that today everyone screwed the pooch, coach and players.
  9. Nea Bafra

    Toumba Stadium

    Leave me out of this. It's all Pashali
  10. Nea Bafra

    Toumba Stadium

    sorry to burst your bubble, however I'm only going on the work I do and the renders and 3D imaging is usually one of the first things produced for a client. i'm assuming snr and jr don't look at too many architectural drawings so would need pretty pictures to have the project explained to them.
  11. Nea Bafra

    Toumba Stadium

    if they haven't been done already then we arent as far along as they say
  12. Nea Bafra

    SL–R9: Atromitos - PAOK (03-Nov-18, 16:00 EET)

    goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool varela what a turn and cut back
  13. Nea Bafra

    SL–R9: Atromitos - PAOK (03-Nov-18, 16:00 EET)

  14. Nea Bafra

    PAOK in Europe 2018-2019

    you're scottish, he's not gonna want your liver. the rest of them, yes be careful
  15. Nea Bafra

    PAOK in Europe 2018-2019

    this is how he gains your trust 😉