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  1. Varela also called up for Cape Verde. Should be hearing about a few more soon.
  2. I figure this would be a worthy new topic - somewhere we can talk about our players in regards to their national teams. I'll start things off by noting that Kace just scored in a friendly vs France with a terrific free kick.
  3. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Oly lost to AEK, sounds like their coach is getting sacked tonight. Would have preferred a draw but I think once Oly get their act together they'll be more dangerous, so this might be the second best result for us.
  4. PAOK Players on Loan

    Lamprou scored again in their 3-0 win vs Larissa. Panionios is back ahead of us based on superior goal differential.
  5. I agree, I think they've gotten over their fitness issues (though it's hard to tell for sure, when we haven't played a particularly high-pressure team). Zambrano is a stud.
  6. And that's game. We still need to get better at breaking down these defenses. I didn't think Giannina was much of a threat, though.
  7. Good game by Pelkas, who is now replaced by Limnios
  8. Haha awww Mauricio, that woulda been out of this world -edit- and now Pelkas with a decent long range shot
  9. I kinda figured they'd do a 4-4-2, honestly. Shakhov is warming up as well. Sounds like Limnios is already suited up and will be the first sub.
  10. Oh my God Vellidis with the save of the season
  11. Limnios and Koulouris warming up -edit- and Mak
  12. Dokari Prijovic, damn it
  13. Canas is injured. I don't think Cimirot has been bad - I just think that in a game like this, it's overkill to have two DMs. I'd even take Shakhov over him right now; someone who can muscle his way through these guys.
  14. Right now, our biggest problem is breaking down the parked bus. Very little offensive threat by Giannina (apart from that last attempt). If we don't score before the half, I say we pull one of Mauricio or Cimirot and put Biseswar on.
  15. Great dribbles by Pelkas, draws a foul in a good position and also a yellow for the Giannina player
  16. Wow, that shoulda been a goal. Beautifully done by Pelkas/Prijovic/El Kaddouri
  17. 1.99 EUR, it's of so-so quality IMO. Better than an illegal stream, but I think Laola is better (though Blackhawk disagrees with me). I'm sure aklautoi will be streaming it, but you need to make a (free) account to watch on that
  18. I'm streaming the PPV on paoktv
  19. El Khaddouri has been called up for Morocco. Apparently this was earlier than expected, as he's only played a handful of times for us. Good for him!
  20. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

  21. PAOK Players on Loan

    I was going to write "in celebration he grabbed a titty" but you win this one, friend
  22. Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Regardless of whether or not PAO will mount a serious challenge, it always gives me immense joy to see them fail.