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  1. Half would still be around this range, which I would gladly take at this point. I agree that Tsimikas is not better, however
  2. Unrelated, perhaps the Italians are more trustworthy! https://www.areanapoli.it/calciomercato/napoli-si-tratta-giannoulis-puo-arrivare-in-saldo-piace-mykolenko-ma-c-e-l-everton-tsimikas-modesto-spara-alto_382545.html My google translate may be off here but it seems they're saying 6-7mm would make him theirs (which I'd agree with - we are NOT getting the buy-out clause triggered). It implies that Fiorentina is also still interested (who knows if that's the case). If Napoli comes knocking, it's a no-brainer on both sides IMO.
  3. It's amazing how official something sounds when it's stated so matter-of-factly haha
  4. How is this the case if we allegedly bought him like four weeks ago?!
  5. Hmmm... https://inpaok.com/653380/erchetai-to-volos-tv/ Can't imagine they're gonna have many fans here but I'd pay to see our away games (if this were to exist this season). Would be fun if Savvidis just spun off PAOKTV as an online-only player, snapping up rights here and there. I'd say it would never fly (I mean, it shouldn't as it's a real conflict of interest) but it's not as if terrestrial television isn't already a cesspool of exactly those kinds of conflicts.
  6. Is there an actual worry about the turf not being ready? It feels like three or four weeks should be more than adequate (they started like the day after the team left for training right?)
  7. He also had been very vocal about never playing for another Greek team...
  8. Ninua has deleted all of his tweets since July 1st, probably because his agent slapped him. Here's another tweet to replace that:
  9. They all do, I believe all the big Turkish teams are under third party administration of their finances. The Turkish league is about to implode (which will make them extra desperate for this CL money, as it could make or break their season).
  10. Saw a few retweets of Turkish sports sites saying there's a good chance that the game will be played on neutral ground, though a recent post by inPAOK seems to say otherwise. I guess we'll see.
  11. Doesn't UEFA's own TV deal preempt PAOKTV's ability to show this?
  12. For sure, and against better competition. Sadly I can't see us finding someone from out of the country to play against. And you're right about Giannoulis - I bet they're safeguarding him in case of injury. Hope we make some good money off the kid
  13. Plays with confidence, I like what I see. The build up to the cross was pretty good, you must admit!
  14. Goal "Akpom," off a deflected shot by Esiti Pelkas finally coming on
  15. As good as done IMO His previous tweets also imply he was in Turkey, speaking with Besiktas (eagle emoji, black and white, etc etc). Maybe he just got confused and accidentally signed with us? haha
  16. Thank you! I was sitting on paoktv's main site wondering why nothing was loading
  17. The question is, will our players be effective in it? It worked a bit for Tudor because she of our guys just had enough talent to brute force it. It remains to be seen how this group will react. Personally I think a 3-4-3 may play to our strengths better but hey, I'm no coach!
  18. Here's an interesting article. It sounds alarmist at first (especially considering the headline) but the point is just to say that this will eventually be considered similarly to other particularly virulent strains of the common cold. Vaccines will come, and better therapies will absolutely be developed. https://www.npr.org/2020/08/09/900490301/covid-19-may-never-go-away-with-or-without-a-vaccine As a digression, while I despise the right-wing argument that this virus is nothing but a political ploy of some sort, I've noticed that on places like Reddit that any claim that this isn't the end of the world is immediately downvoted into oblivion. There are people across my state who think we should still be in lockdown, and our rate of positive tests going up from 1.7% to 2.0% is an unmitigated disaster. Ultimately, a strict lockdown that will go on for years will both destroy many people's lives and fail to control the disease. Remember, all: the lockdowns so far have only existed to "flatten the curve." These were never intended to wipe out the virus, and going by the above article it seems it'll be around forever. Trust in science to eventually open the doors to a return to normalcy through a combination of vaccines and therapies. These are coming, I guarantee you. Anyone who has an extremist outlook on this is thinking emotionally, not logically. In other news, Brazil has hit 100,000 deaths, as they failed to enact the basic steps needed to control this (much like most of the United States). Obviously that's a place that needs to actually act like adults and lock down, like much of the south here in the US.
  19. Didn't he break his shoulder during the season? God it would suck if this is somehow what ends his career. Lots of talk about Ferreira wanting to use a 3-4-2-1 formation. Those still suffering from PTSD may remember that this was Igor Tudor's preferred formation, with Mak and Pelkas behind Berbatov or Klaus. Could we see Jaba taking the Mak role? The negative here is that we have a plethora of wingers who will go essentially unused, as long as Giannoulis and Matos/Soares look good. Limnios would of course be a good option as wingback as well.
  20. We'll look exactly as we did last summer so regardless of who it is, we'll lose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  21. Yeah it hasn't been confirmed but I am pretty sure it's him. He has not been in any of the training videos since they left Thessaloniki. I don't think the team is going to announce it at all (I'm sure they have medical privacy rules there), but perhaps he will reveal it on his own time a la Stoch.
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