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  1. Anyone have any thoughts on Tosca?
  2. pash

    SL–R4: PAOK - AEK (23-Sep-18, 20:30 EEST)

    He should, but Lucescu is very conservative. If Vieirinha can play even half a game, then he'll be on the field.
  3. pash

    Former PAOK Players/Coaches

    Thought it would be appropriate to add this thread. I'll start things off by noting that Vieirinha played all 90 minutes in Wolfsburg's 1-3 victory of BVB in the German Cup final, as a fullback. Hugely deserving of the win, it was a good game.
  4. pash

    SL–R4: PAOK - AEK (23-Sep-18, 20:30 EEST)

    He was incredibly lucky during the first half of the game with Chelsea, and I think he's looked shaky the whole preseason. But, again, I don't think it's a lack of skill. His celebrations are nothing new, the camera crews in Greece know by this point that if PAOK scores, that they should immediately show him because he gets so pumped up. It's pretty great stuff. As for the AEK match - if there's one thing I'm confident on, it's that Canas will play the game. Wernbloom was the sacrificial goat for Chelsea. Here's my lineup, though I fear that El Kaddouri will play instead of Biseswar. --Pashalakis-- --Matos--Varela--Crespo--Vieirinha-- --Canas--Mauricio-- --Limnios--Pelkas--Biseswar-- --Prijovic--
  5. pash

    SL–R4: PAOK - AEK (23-Sep-18, 20:30 EEST)

    He has gotten tested a lot more this preseason, but I am not convinced that he's not any good. I think most of his issues so far have stemmed from some sort of arrogance/sense of entitlement. Some time on the bench might serve him well.
  6. pash

    SL–R4: PAOK - AEK (23-Sep-18, 20:30 EEST)

    Big chance for Rey to step up. Alexandros may be getting complacent; he's been much worse than last season. I want these guys to compete like hell with each other.
  7. Agreed on all points. I don't care if the other games are more important. We have depth for a reason, there is no need for us to completely embarrass ourselves in the EL.
  8. He's spat out truth bombs. We've been atrocious and don't deserve even the respect we've gotten.
  9. Why? He's clearly done his homework. Isn't s%$#! talking our team. Doing a clear play by play. Do you just not like how he pronounces Pashalakis' name?
  10. Yes, Vieirinha also very poor. Pelkas nearly invisible, reduced to just trying to shove his way to the ball...but he has a huge height and mass disadvantage vs their defenders
  11. BTW the commentator on the bleacherreport stream is excellent
  12. Halftime. Our players are such pussies. Once they started trying to attack (with only about 7 minutes left in the half), we had a massive improvement. Jaba EASILY is our best player of the half. Mauricio, Hatseridi tragic. Whole team has been completely incapable of passing the goddamn ball. Get Prijo in for Shakhov, Biseswar for El Kaddouri, and depending on who tires first, Pelkas or Jaba for Limnios.
  13. Is that really so defensive? We're basically playing our three most aggressive midfielders there (though you all are probably tired of hearing me say how much I hate seeing him as an attacking mid). If Pelkas scores a goal he will achieve God status. -edit- the "him" is Shakhov
  14. pash

    Cup–GS-R1: PAOK - Aris (26-Sep-18, 19:00 EEST)

    LAOLA1 is still advertising the Greek Cup, but it might be a holdover from last season. I don't see a schedule posted on their site to confirm. Incidentally - I just saw that they had CL games. Interesting!
  15. Playing a pair of false nines is....interesting. You know what this looks like? The old W-M formation of the prewar years. --Pashalakis-- --Vieirinha--Varela--Hatseridis--Tosca-- --Shakhov--Mauricio-- --Jaba--Pelkas--El Kaddouri--Biseswar-- Pretty attacking lineup, though I'd prefer Vieirinha just sit out with Kitsiou playing there.
  16. Seems Lucescu also tested Pelkas as a center forward. Pelkanggidis?
  17. $2.00 on bleacherreport live Great defeatist attitude, boys! Let's roll over and die!
  18. Sounds like he completed most of his training today and may make it in time for this game. Don't say I didn't warn ya!
  19. Chelsea reportedly planning on a big rotation for this match. Of greatest importance to us, is that Hazard may not play. One can only hope!
  20. pash

    PAOK Players on Loan

    Koulouris scored his third league goal in their win vs Lamia. He's really started off strong; good to see that when given a chance a Greek player can actually score. Chatziisaias also played in that match, with Giannoulis taking the wingback position (they played a 3-5-2). For Giannina, Mistakidis started in their win vs Smyrni. Klaus had (his debut?) playing time as a sub in the 80th minute, taking GM27's place.
  21. pash

    SL–R3: OFI - PAOK (15-Sep-18, 18:15 EEST)

    I'm going to repeat what the commentator said during the broadcast - good atmosphere with both team's fans being pretty chill. This is how every game should be in Greece.
  22. pash

    PAOK Disciplinary News

    Not sure why anyone's surprised; he gets very animated every time we score a goal. Honestly his celebrations are some of the most intense. We'll survive with him sitting out a game. Looking forward to Rey stepping up.
  23. pash

    PAOK Disciplinary News

    We've received a ban for our next European match due to "racist" displays in gate 4, in the game vs Schalke. I believe it's just that gate that's closed off. edited for spelling
  24. pash

    SL–R3: OFI - PAOK (15-Sep-18, 18:15 EEST)

    Oh come on, after that initial screw up, Canas wasn't that bad. The Wernbloom bad touch was bad, but OFI immediately lost possession so no harm. Karelis looked decent. Had a great opportunity in the dying seconds that he ruined by shooting on his first touch. It was over by then anyway though. Would have liked to see Akpom there personally.
  25. pash

    SL–R3: OFI - PAOK (15-Sep-18, 18:15 EEST)

    Warda coming on for Jaba