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  1. Looks like his coach has also confirmed that there was an offer made. This is REALLY for real. Great move. -edit- Sliti has also confirmed contact, hahaha https://www.transfermarkt.com/naim-sliti/profil/spieler/184491 <-- here's his profile, if we get him then Henrique is surely on his way out. Way too many wingers.
  2. Deligiannidis is also called up for preseason. I figured he'd be simply cut, though it would be nice if he could be used in his actual position to see if he's any good... But yes he's probably called up to play LB in a few friendlies.
  3. I honestly don't know what the exit strategy for the team is - who would want to take him at this point? You're absolutely right; he'll end up in some French jail at some point after trying to get handsy with some mademoiselles in a port city. That is if he doesn't get killed during.
  4. At the same time, others are saying Sliti: https://inpaok.com/574416/o-paok-kitai-ton-sliti/ We live in interesting times! I could see us moving for both if the Henrique rumors from earlier are true.
  5. I wonder if there's any software available that lets you map out the connections between various social media accounts. Saw someone early this morning post "hey, maybe Stoch will come back!" Every time I check back now, more and more accounts are saying we're linked with Stoch. BTW I like Stoch! -edit- these guys are saying a Slovak site is making the claim: https://inpaok.com/574399/konta-se-paok-o-stoch/
  6. The 5mm made no sense. Most recent buzz is that we're looking for "one more" midfielder, this time with a European passport. Basically, we still need an Oliveira-level player to not look like fools in the CL.
  7. Looks like Silva is not gonna happen, straight from li'l George:
  8. #6 for Mihaj (7mm sale clause as well?). Meliopoulos has chosen #14. Vids below: -edit- Meliopoulos clause is at 5mm
  9. Saw one site claim that Kace is being given "a second chance" which seemed very unlikely to me. Does anyone buy that?
  10. Malezas has signed with Xanthi 😞 -edit- Silva holdup apparently/allegedly due to manager...
  11. El Kaddouri and Kace will be joining the team for preseason, at least until they find new homes. Some of our K19s + similarly young who will be joining: Papadopoulos (GK), Talichmanidis (GK), Michailidis (CB), Tsiggaras (CM), Hatzistravos (AM), Gaitanidis (LW), and Markovskii (CF)
  12. Roundup time: Melissas renewed through 2022 Mihaj should be signing today El Kaddouri was passed over for some guy from Nantes I wouldn't be surprised if Zivkovic and Meliopoulos are announced today/tomorrow as well
  13. The Charisis transfer has finally been announced by both teams, good luck to him - hopefully they sell him for a lot of money to a team in a great league in a year or two. Mihaj should be in town on Monday to sign his four-year deal with us.
  14. Word was that Slavia was interested but were concerned about his character. So there goes that interest.
  15. Seeing how lame their announcement video was makes me so #grateful we have PAOK
  16. Apparently we're going to try to renew Mauricio. Seems risky to me. Koulouris has apparently signed; just hasn't been announced yet.
  17. They spanked us back in the day. Hopefully we get at least some tiny amount of redemption here
  18. Him as a free would definitely be good for us. And he'd slot in without a problem
  19. This is likely not credible but apparently some Romanian sites are saying we're thinking twice about Tosca. I didn't mind the player but I think he'd be foolish to come to us (if it were true) - he wouod get very little playing time.
  20. So NFC Volos has four of our guys and counting? Hopefully they'll kick ass there. I doubt Caseres is an option - we don't have room for him, even with Kacheridi leaving. Unless Henrique is sold.
  21. InPAOK is talking about this guy. I don't see the point of this move...unless it's with the intention of a loan? https://www.transfermarkt.com/enea-mihaj/profil/spieler/448920
  22. WHAT?? Is that how the internet works???????
  23. They certainly are. A good example: I saw several pages post today about Nemanja Gudelj. INSISTING that he was on his way to Thessaloniki. A quick twitter search shows that Fenerbahce was the only team with buzz regarding his name. An hour later, those posts were mysteriously missing on those same pages. Lulz
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