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  1. θα έλεγα 300 (now who's being salty? THIS GUY)
  2. Seems our GK might get his first cap with the Ethniki on Sunday. Very overdue. Also, no reason for Mitroglou to start there. He's been terrible, for ages. Give Koulouris some serious game time, Angele
  3. pash

    Other Teams/Leagues Discussion

    Haha Olympiakos gets a slap on the wrist for that riot. We got fined more for flares earlier this season. Got to keep things close, I guess?
  4. A loss by both us and Aris will lead to some interesting tiebreaking scenarios. Let us avoid that, shall we?
  5. Shakhov and Canas on for Jaba and Mauricio, respectively
  6. Very nice goal by Biseswar
  7. pash

    Current PAOK Roster - Latest Signings

    He's also claiming in an interview with inPAOK that there's nothing going on. We shall see I guess
  8. pash

    Current PAOK Roster - Latest Signings

    We'll see. Words are wind, as GRRM writes. If he does see the door, I'd much rather bring back a loanee (even if it costs some cash to break the deal) than to see us buy another guy who played in Ukraine. We also do have depth in that position even without him.
  9. pash

    PAOK Technical Director (Mario Branco)

    Makes me think Branco was hired specifically with this in mind. At least this is much more orderly than Michel leaving entirely. I wonder how much of a relationship they'll really have with him going forward. Still a big loss. I like the guy.
  10. It didn't seem like he was seriously injured, judging by the reports. They were going to check him out today and I bet he'll be training normally. Fortunately, we're also done with most of our hardest games before the break. Hopefully he'll really push Matos.
  11. Here's the lineup: Ρέι , Γλύκος , Μάτος , Κίτσιου , Κρέσπο , Μαλεζάς , Χατσερίδης , Σάκχοφ , Βέρνμπλουμ , Κάνιας , Μαουρίσιο , Μπίσεσβαρ , Ελ Καντουρί , Ζαμπά , Άκπομ , Μπαλογιάννης , Τζοβάρας, Τσιγγάρας So Balogiannis is a CM (unless Lucescu tries to shoehorn him into the fullback role again). Tzovaras is a forward (I think a striker), but I'm not sure which position Tsingaras plays. CM? DM? Either way, I doubt any will get more than a few minutes.
  12. Yeah, we should have accepted the automatic loss and subsequent points deduction instead. AEK played theirs, right?
  13. Ergotelis shouldn't be a problem. Keeping in mind our absences (Pelkas, Karelis, Pashalakis, Limnios, Prijovic, Tosca, Warda, Varela), here's who I'd play: --Rey-- --Matos--Kacheridi--Malezas--Crespo-- --Wernbloom--Shakhov-- --Jaba--Biseswar--El Kaddouri-- --Akpom-- I'd also be very happy to see Kitsiou get the start over Matos. Not sure who our youth team strikers are, perhaps they'd get a run (or a few minutes) as well?