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  1. Just think of it as the bullshit flowing through an extra filter before it reaches you!

    Henrique has confirmed he's in talks for an extension, but adds that other teams are interested. He's hedging against us doing what we've done several times now (jerking him around).

  2. A few places said that the Shakhov news was premature and that they're still discussing things, but I don't buy that. Add to that the fact that Pelkas made a farewell post on instagram today (for Shakhov and Varela) and that's all the confirmation I need.

    In light of Shakhov leaving, there have been some suggestion that we're looking to instead renew Canas. The player himself has reportedly said that it's up to PAOK, though to be honest that's always been the case. He will probably also want a pay increase, and at the end of the day, the team needs to figure out where to put that cash - more money towards a player who will be fourth choice (but firmly ensconced in the system), or someone with more upside/who will compete for a starting role? I think I know where Branco will want to go with that.

    Regarding El Kaddouri, I read that we're willing to let him go for either 1mm now, or a loan followed by a mandatory purchase next year.


    One week until the window opens! Wheee!

  3. Hah, transfermarkt just updated values in the Greek league.


    Biggest mover is Jaba, who is now valued at 8mm (doubled from his value this winter). Oliveira is now at 9mm, which only will make Porto more confident of not selling him for less than that 12.

    Akpom also doubled - to 3mm - and is tied there with Swiderski.

    Surprisingly, Limnios is now worth 3.5mm. Good on him. Slow and steady wins the race, right?? Biseswar also got a nice little bump there (2.5mm).

  4. The deal with Varela fell through. Seems he's following Al-Ahli on the old instagram these days. Or, as Savvidis notes:




    Porto rejected the 5mm offer we had made for Oliveira, I'm sure the team will try one more time but as Yiannaki says, he's probably not coming back.

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  5. Hopefully the bids come in hot and fast!

    Another guy's name popping up. Looks like he's soon to be a free agent. https://www.transfermarkt.com/douglas/profil/spieler/58426

    Keep in mind that with the rumors of Savvidis really opening up the pocketbook, every agent in the EU is going to be pushing for a big money move for his guy. The vast majority of them will obviously be bullshit. What's funny is that some of these dudes are being reported even after Savvidis says they're not looking at them.

  6. New offer reportedly made to Shakhov, bringing his earnings up to about 800k/year. I doubt that Maccabi or BATE will ultimately be able to outbid us, but I did hear before that he wanted something closer to a million per yer. Since he's a free agent, someone may still be able to put a more lucrative offer out there. Reportedly they are giving him until the end of the week to decide, though we all know that stands for little.

  7. What is especially important is for Atromitos and Aris to make it to the group stage. The other three should be able to at least hit the EL. Beating up on weaker teams in the EL is probably going to net those two more money than they get out of ticket sales each season.

  8. The rumor for Henrique is that the extension would be for one additional year, through 2021. Seems signs are good that this will be done. Presumably Branco will only do this if Lucescu wants to keep him, otherwise... Why bother?

    Lucescu wants Malezas for another year as well, "for his personality in the locker room"

    Gilberto, who was rumored as the Matos successor/backup, confirmed that we had contacted his agent but he wants to stay in Brazil

    More places are saying that we will still try to keep Oliveira, but, as they say, this is a difficult situation.

    Pelkas confirmed he is staying next year, not that there were any credible rumors to the contrary...

    I still haven't heard any good rumors about wingers. Apart from that Liverpool kid a month so who we can't possibly afford.

    This guy was also rumored as a buy at DM, but I don't see the point when we still haven't announced Meliopoulos: https://www.transfermarkt.com/eduardo-henrique/profil/spieler/216118

    And for fun, one Instagram account claimed that our summer window will be "the biggest transfers ever" in Greece, but I very much doubt that.

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