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  1. Let's crush these guys. My lineup:








    Rests a few dudes, and gives some much-needed time for Jaba. Pelkas is back to training normally so I expect Lucescu to push to start him.

  2. I completely missed that Deligiannidis scored the first one, and Korovesis scored the third. Lulz @ greenies

    -edit- Koulouris also scored twice vs Aris, btw. He's already at 11 goals in the league. The guy is unstoppable...

  3. All sort of rumors regarding Prijo and England. Some of which are Championship sides. I can't see him ditching for the second division, but a mid table side might sway things. Savvidis (and his oddly monochrome new instagram account) say he's not for sale, but if someone were insane enough to offer to cover the clause, then it would be money well earned for us.