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  1. It would not surprise me if the delineation of responsibilities is such that these guys spend nothing on that. Like, is the Super League responsible for anything that happens outside of the Super League? This is not a judgement I'm trying to make, just noting that the EPO is probably the one who should be paying attention to the development of the game in the country. In addition to providing guidance on training, etc etc. Just as the DFB did so after Germany's epic disaster a decade or two ago.

    For comparison's sake - I believe in the NFL, fines all go towards charitable causes. I *THINK* PAOK does something similar to any fines it collects from its own players, too. But those numbers pale in comparison to what we pay to the league.

  2. I can't blame the players for not beating them by like 8 goals. These things happen. What makes me happy is just knowing how well we manhandled them. Had Olympiakos applied more pressure, we had more "in the tank" with which to slap them around. The future is looking pretty good.

  3. True. As long as we go from strength to strength, there are worse things than feeding teams like Porto. But, Oliveira is 7mm EUR on transfermarkt (which is usually at least in the ballpark as far as market values are concerned)...for us to give them Jaba + money + a resale clause on Oliveira is vastly, vastly overvaluing Oliveira IMO. But as we've said before - stylish wingers are very easy to find.

  4. I agree, though I think you're still a swell guy.

    Doesn't surprise me that he still believes in Shakhov (who has really stepped up his game). Before I thought it would be a hard choice between him and Canas, but right now there's no question.

    Also (and this is for future transfers that we don't have a topic for, so I'm writing this here) - I read a few day ago that the administration is contemplating offering a player + cash for Oliveira. Perhaps Pelkinho will go to where he first got good? Then again, some rando on Instagram today claimed that we were going to offer 6mm for Oliveira for 50% of the rights, so, everything could just be pie in the sky. I say we wait to see if he stays good before blowing our wads.

  5. Yeah, they are - that's where them having the significantly larger market comes into play. Would you rather have $2 from a million people, or $20 from a thousand?

    Portugal is a much better goal to strive for though - I think we SHOULD try to match them, at least as far as the league's level (and monetization) go. There's no reason why their league should be so so so so much better than ours, given how similar the countries are. Differences between their TV payout and ours is where you can start talking about inefficiencies (or deficiencies) in the Greek market. If you want to compare the two, and say Greece is leaving money on the table, than I think you're right...but Greece's economy is in much worse condition than Portugal's, which is something that my comparison doesn't take into account. I really don't keep abreast of things like advertising rates, but I'd imagine the effect of costs being passed up - from things like mass unemployment and noncompetitive commodity pricing policies - contribute to a lower bottom line and less ability/willingness to accept higher advertising fees. Like, you can take virtually every possible economic problem in the textbooks and Greece is probably experiencing it.

    Plus since we're on a Greek forum, someone should be coming in any second now to say that bribes or some other conspiracy theory are actually responsible. I doubt they move the needle that much, myself.

  6. I brought up population to elucidate the point about the market in Poland being larger in absolute terms (thus correlated to a larger pool). The second comparison I made (per-capita wealth) shows that even if Greece had the same population, Poland would still have a more valuable market. In other words, Greece is screwed in two ways - it has many fewer people (1:3.5 ratio), and even if the populations were equal, Poland would still be more wealthy (albeit only slightly more so).

    If you were to strictly talk about countries that were more comparable in terms of population - like Belgium - the per-capita wealth situation becomes more bleak. Belgium is light years ahead of Greece and Poland. Wiki isn't always the best source, but checking there I can see that their per-capita allocation of GDP (nominal) is around 47k vs Greece's 21k (224% higher). This is a massive difference. Just to add to the comparison - if you were to compare Kazakhstan's ratio relative to Greece, you'd see Greece is about 200% higher. In other words....the average purchasing power of a Greek is closer to that of a Kazakhstani than it is to a Belgian.

    Now, this is all grossly simplifying the issues at play. The TL;DR to what I'm trying to say is that Greece is screwed both in terms of competitiveness for each potential customer, AND in terms of sheer market size. Long story short: we ain't gettin' a pay day.


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  7. In absolute terms, Poland has a larger market than Greece. Both in terms of nominal GDP and purchasing power, Poland is ahead - even when you account for their population, which is 3.5 times that of Greece (I'm referring to a direct per capita comparison of economic capacity). Elladastan is way, way behind - even if the league was well run and competitive, the teams would not be able to command a comparable allocation of TV monies.

    I don't see any reason to drop to ten teams. We end up playing more games, and oversaturate the market with derbies. I think 16 teams with no playoff is the sweet spot. 30 games + a reasonable length for summer break - wam, bam, thank you ma'am.

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