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Status Updates posted by pash

  1. I am going to use this emoticon all over the place now.



    1. JimAdams


      It's been a few days, you should be done by now. Can we all see how you plastered this emoticon all over your room's walls? 

    2. pash
  2. Χρόνια πολλά κούκλες μου!

    1. JimAdams


      Χρόνια πολλά αγαπούλη!

  3. Can I report my own posts for being too good?

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    2. athinaios


      Actually I thought of issuing you a warning but I misplaced the button. :)

      Lazarus, can we add "self-deprecation" as a reason to warn someone?

      My own punishment is to imbibe something horrible, like retsina.:1eye:


    3. pash


      Retsina is the nectar of the gods AND YOU KNOW IT

    4. pash
  4. Amorgiggles University. Make it happen.

    1. Bananas


      Happy to donate.  What courses are offered ?

    2. Bananas


      AM - acronym for Amorgiggles.

      1. AM101 - How to be a one eyed AEK supporter.
      2. AM102 - How to lose avatar bets to Bananas.
      3. AM103 - ???
    3. pash


      I don't know how it happened so quick, but now Amorgiggles U not only has a table tennis department, but it's team is ranked 268th in Cambodia. #progress

  5. I only spit the illest rhymes.